Come to the Back Door

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This is my first attempt at writing and I would appreciate feedback. Please be gentle. I hope you enjoy the story.


My e-mail was simple “Park around back, strip and come to the back door”. I knew what she wanted, what she needed, what I wanted, what I needed. A relationship based on trust, energy and the unknown.

I sat at my desk when I heard the knock. I sat there for a minute, letting the tension build. I got up and walked to the door and opened it. There she stood in all here glory, naked as the day she was born. It was a little cool outside and her nipples were jutting out – asking to be touched. I let here stand there in the light, framed by the door. I stepped aside and she walked it several steps and stopped.

“Bend over and hold your ankles. Spread your legs.” She was a little slow to respond, so a smack on her bottom hurried her along. What a site! Her vagina was glistening with anticipation and her rosebud was puckered tight. I reached between her legs and gently ran my finger up her moistness. I felt the heat emanating as she shuddered from the touch. I continued to slide my finger up to her delightfully exposed rosebud. As my finger slide across it, it clenched. I almost climaxed, but managed to get under control, barely.

The shorts I was wearing, without underwear, were tented and had a spot from pre-cum. I knew that this was a delicious game and soon it would be her turn. But now it was mine to enjoy.

I backed away to take in the whole picture. alt porno What a view, white legs spread a little past should width, blond hair hanging to the floor and the breasts sagging naturally. She was not the “goddesses” you always read about but a normal woman that took care in her looks. She was 35 and a touch over-weight (not unlike me). When she stands up, her D-cup breasts sag some but they have a great feel and weight. I loved to put my hands under them and lift. Her butt was a little wide but firm with beautiful white globes and just a little crease where they met the thigh. She had a little layer of womanly padding around her middle, not enough to hang over anything she wore. She was exactly what I needed and wanted.

I digress. I stepped back to her and led her to a padded stool. “Drape yourself over this and hold the legs.” Again she was a little slow (planned, I think) so I swatted her a little harder. She quickly draped herself and held tight. I got my velcro straps and strapped her arms and legs to the stool.

She was now at my mercy, spread in all her glory, helpless to do anything. I, again, rub her now soaking slit and brought my fingers to my lips. I almost blew my load, but with great fortitude, didn’t. It was now time to get busy.

I proceeded to spank her delicious butt and watch it jiggle between swats. ( I don’t believe in spanking for punishment, so the spanking only stung). I did this for several minutes and could see her juices flowing down the inside of her thighs. hd abla porno I ran my fingers up them and again tasted her excitement. She was practically vibrating.

Next came my fourth favorite part. I put my finger into her slit and got it soaked. I slid it up her crack and slowly pressed in into her anus. What a tight feeling as she first resisted but slowly relaxed. I slid in and out for a few minutes. When I finally pulled out, it looked so cute and open, wanting more. I was glad to oblige by putting in a butt plug, not anything big, just a little bigger than my finger. It has a tapered base connected to a flat disk to keep it in. Just below the ring was a loop to be able to move it in and out. She moaned when it went in and moaned when she clenched around the base.

My third favorite was her breasts, they hang so soft and pretty. I designed a harness to hold they straight out in front and leave her nipples free. I have some nipple clamps, but have weakened the spring so they gently hold the nipples firm. They are connected with a chain and I hand a light weight to give a constant pull. Later, as the excitement build they will get more engorged and sensitive. They have no teeth so they came be pulled off withour tearing anything.

The next part is obviously the second best. I drop my shorts and walk in front of her. She can’t see anything but my feet. I lay down and straddle my legs on either side of the stool. She lifts her head up and looks directly at my engorged dick. She licks her lips rokettube porno as I slowly position it. I help lift her head up and let her slide those red lips over it. With great will power I don’t blast away. I lay there fro several minutes enjoying the velvet sensation of her mouth and tongue doing their magic.”Enough” I pull away and she moans the loss. Not too much because she knows the final pleasure.

I step behind her, reach down and get the chain between her nipples in my left hand. I reach my right hand down to her clit which feels like it will explode. Slowly I position my dick between her lips and flex my knees. As hard as I am it rubs up and down getting the tip wet and mixing her juices with my pre-cum. The action also puts movement into the chain connected to her nipples. The combination almost makes her cum, but I stop just in time. I slowly penetrate until I am buried with my balls against her flooded thighs. I start moving in and out and that motion works the same magic on her tits and clit. She is now moaning non-stop and suddenly screams “Please, I can’t take anymore! Finish me!” That triggers my brain into overdrive and I speed up my thrusts, trying to get deeper and deeper. I’m grunting, she’s moaning as I feet the pressure build. She can feel my dick swell with building climax and clamps down with her muscles. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” That’s all it took as we both exploded. I pulled the chain with my left hand and pulled the butt plug with my right as our universes are centered in one spot. Explosion after explosion rocks our world until I collapsed on her back in total exhaustion. She was completely limp and just hung over the stool.

Slowly, I roll off her to the floor, too weak to stand. I remove the straps and she collapses in my arms. We lay there for a long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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