Cody and i 4

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My older was standing there looking us with his huge dick in his hands with jeans down around his ankles. He was leaned casually against the door frame with a smug look on his face. Going by the look on his face I knew he seen most of what just went on. I had just fucked Cody (the boy I had a huge crush on) and it turned my brother on.
I couldn’t take my eyes off of my brothers huge dick. It had to be the biggest I have ever seen.

It seemed that time passed very slow. I was looking at him in horror of embaracement. Cody was still on the bed wondering what the hell is going on. My brother came into the room and locked the door. ” Who wants it first?,” he asked again. I trembled in fear of the fact that I was actually caught. After all my planning to make this happen again with Cody. He wasn’t suppose to be home yet. He suppose to have another week of college.

My brother was tall and had messy brown hair like me that allways seem to fall in place if he wanted it to. He was very muscular (not too muscular but, just perfect) I went with him a couple of times when he worked out at the gym. He shaved all the hair oof of his body except his head.

The sight of Cody going past me brought me out my trance. Cody walked over to my brother and nelt down and started licking his dick. Licking his huge hairless dick. Which was starting to turn me on. Man his dick must of been around 9 inches long and it was really thick too. The last time I seen it was five years ago when I acidentally walked in on my brother masturbating his 7 inch dick. I was only 11 then and diddn’t know what the hell he was doing.

Cody greedily licked Nick’s (my brother) huge dick all over. “Come over little bro, theres plenty to go around. I knoe you like suck dick, isn’t that right Cody?,”he said with a grin. He must of picked up the name while watching us. I couldn’t move. I could feal my dick growing hard once again. I was frozen in shock of what was going on here. The guy I had a crush was Sex hikayeleri sucking my brother.

Cody took his dick into his mouth. He took it in deeper and deeper until it was all in Cody’s mouth. Cody was a natural at sucking cock. He proved it to me once before. My brother started moaning and I could tell he was about to cum. He held Cody’s head in front of his dick so he now could escaped even if he tried (which he diddn’t). “I’m cumming! You getter get ready for my cum! Oh yeah!,” he moaned.

Then the first shot was fired and hit Cody on the cheek. Another hit his chin. Then another shot into his mouth. My brother shot two more shot onto Cody’s face. After his orgasm subsided he Nick rubbed his dick all over Cod’s face. Nick then removed all of his clothes fully revielling his god like body. He was so gorgeous. Cody then lid down on the bed his face still covered in Nick’s cum.

Nick came over to me and led me to the bed. He then ordered me to lay down. Which I did right next to Cody. I couldn’t move I still couldn’t get over what was happening here. My legs dangled out over the bed. My brother nelt down between them and started lick my dick. He licked the head of mu dick like crazy. He left the head of my dick went a started sucking on one of my balls. He gently caressed them with his tounge. “Oh god! Suck my balls!,” I heard myself moan.

He took my balls out of his mouth. “Oh you like that don’t you! You want more?,” he asked me knowing what the answer would be. “Yes! Suck my dick!,” I said. He went back to work on my dick. He had the head in my mouth and without a second thought he deep throated like a pro. God it felt so good.

I looked to one side to side Cody jacking off. He stared in fascination one what he was witnessing. He couldn’t take it any longer so he shot his creamy load all over my face. Cody came over and kissed me passionately while my brother head rapidly went back and forth over my dick. I felt my climax rise with Sikiş hikayeleri such force and speed that I diddn’t even get a chance to warn my brother. My bother took in his mouth shot after shot of my cum into. Little drops of cum oozed from the corner of his mouth. God he looked extremely sexy then.

“You like that don’t you Max,” he said to me. I broke off kiss Cody lond enough to say yes. “Well lets see if you are going to like this,” he said storking dick which by now had got his second wind. He lifted up my legs to gain acess to my ass. He positioned him self and his eager dick touched my ass.

He then started to push his giant cock into my hole. I felt his cock sink into my ass at a steady rate. The first couple of inches wasn’t so bad but once he got about 6 inches in me it started to hurt since I wasn’t use to having a cock that thick in my ass. He pulled cum covered cock almost completly out. I then wondered what the hell he was doing. He then looked at me with a grin. And without warning he shoved every bit off his giant dick in my ass. I started screaming in pain so loud that Cody had to cover my mouth with his hand. Jesus! If his dick wasn’t in my ass I would of got up and passed him through the damn wall for doing that.

“You boys allright up there?,” shouted my dad from down stairs. “Where just horsing around dad!, ” Nick shouted back. “Alright just din’t break any bones okay!,” dad shouted back. “We won’t!,” my brother replied with his dick still in my ass.

When he heared the television down stairs go back oof mute he started again. He humping away at my ass. Gradually going from pain to pleasure. Cody was now licking his cum off mu face and was lick my brothers off his also. “My brother has a big dick and great tasting cum!,” I thought to myself. I knew it must of tasted much more better when was hot and freshly shot out of my brothers dick.

By this time my brother was vigorously pounding my ass. “Man, your ass is really Porno Hikayeleri tight!,” he said still thrusting his massive manhood in my hole. It wasn’t that my ass was all that tight it was because his dick was all that big. I could see beads of sweat rolling off his muscles. While licking the cum off my face, Cody’s hands fondled my unerect dick. I then noticed that he had a hard on. He must of been relly horny. Once he got my memner to full attention once again, he climbe on top of me dangling his rock hard cock in my face. He took my dick into his mouth and I did the same for him. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Cody and I would ever be in the 69 position while my brother fucked my ass.

I grabbed hold of his soft ass thrusting his 7 inch dick all the way into my mouth. He took all of my dick into his mouth. Both mine and Cody’s heads were bobing up and down on each others dicks. “You are two hot bastards you know that! Your gonna make me cum early!,” Nick said. Honest to god with all the attention Cody been giving me I allmost forgot about my brothers anal assault. He been fucking my for a good twenty minutes.

After about a minute or two Cody shot his load into my mouth and I shot my load in his. ” Shit I’m cumming! You hot bitches made me cum early! Get ready for this lil’ bro cas this is gonna be big,” he moaned. He trusted his dick into my ass one last time as his body quivered with pleasure. He shot load after load into my ass. He seemed to have an endless orgasm.

After about 10-15 seconds later his orgasm subsided and he took his dick out of my ass and lid down on the bed between Cody and I. “God you guys are a good fuck!,” Nick said in a whisper. All three of us were beat tired. We all lid down on the bed hoping this moment would not end.

Finale my brother got up and grabbed his clothes not bothering to put them. He then headed fo the door. “Nick !,” I said weakly. He turned and looked at me. “Thanks,” I said. He smiled and turned to leave. While doing so I noticed a drop of cum dripping from his now unerect dick. The sight of that made me think back on how good it tasted off Cody’s face and that’s when I knew that I wanted more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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