Coastal Desire

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The evening sun was setting low in the west. Before me, the Mississippi Sound was painted in its light, and so were the distant clouds, massive towers that were stained in reds and oranges, along with various other colors that I really couldn’t describe. The sand beneath me was cooling and would only get cooler as night descended. Shrimp boats were sparse, but there were a few. Their lights were beginning to shine as twilight approached. And yet, I found no peace. My favorite spot on this deserted span of beach here in Long Beach just didn’t sooth my restless soul this evening. I looked back at my house that sat dark and quite vacant amongst the live oaks. My wife had conveniently went off on a weekend shopping trip to Mobile with her girlfriends, leaving me with our boarder, a college kid that she’d once taught at the university here in town.

However, he had since moved on from her class but that hadn’t mattered to Ella. She basically worshipped the kid and had begun mentoring him. She even got him in the Marine Biology Program, which meant that he would probably be staying on far longer than she had originally let on. I normally wouldn’t have minded a boarder, at some point. It was just the two of us and the house, one she’d inherited from her parents, was just too big for us. However, I made enough at the car dealership to cover it, along with the boat charter business that I started with my friend, Trey, a couple of years ago. We’d started out with one boat and worked the Sound and near-shore waters out around Ship Island, which lies about twelve miles from the harbor at Gulfport. Now, we had three and we mostly fished farther out, miles beyond even the barrier islands. The point is…I made enough money. Hell, she made a lot from the university and from the local high school where she taught Biology on the side.

That had made no impact on her whatsoever. She’d wanted Finn Porter to live with us, period. I knew better than press the issue. Besides, we could’ve done worse. I’d heard horror stories since we’d started considering renting out the spare rooms, especially the guest house out back by the pool. That was where Finn was staying by the way. The kid was nice enough. Okay, he was as gentle as a damn kitten. He was respectful to everyone, including me. In truth, I sort of felt sorry for him, a little. I knew the kid had no home. His mother had died when he was young and his father was serving time for drug and weapons possession, and in addition there was that potential homicide the police were investigating up north, near Memphis. Basically, he wasn’t getting out anytime soon. He had no other living relative, so to speak. Possibly an aunt over in Meridian, but she never returned any of his calls. So, the kid was alone. I guess that was why Ella was so crazy over him. But that wasn’t what bothered me about the kid.

I don’t know why I’m calling him a kid. He’s twenty-three. I’m twenty-six. Ella is a year younger than me. That means that Ella and Finn are within the same age bracket, but that’s not what bothers me. From what I’ve gathered about Finn since he moved in…well I’ve determined that he was probably gay. I believed that because of the way he and his friend Tyler behaved around each other. There’s definitely attraction there in their constant flirtations, and those flirtations have never let up. So, that’s why I didn’t feel threatened by the ever-growing closeness between him and Ella. I simply believed that he would never fall for her.

Now whether she was in love with him…well I’m still not sure I want to know the answer to that. And then there was Summer, the third member of their merry band of troublemakers. I say that lightly. They’re not troublemakers in any bad sense, but they to do push the boundaries, especially when it comes to our house rules. Ella merely laughs it off, of course. There is nothing these three can do wrong in her eyes, especially when she sees herself as a potential fourth conspirator, so to speak. Anyway, I mentioned Summer because I’d originally thought that she and Finn were an item. They were just as flirtatious with each other, but I was later told by Tyler that they were just friends. Nothing more than that. He even said that she was only into girls. I guess he was wrong. Everyone seemed wrong about everything here lately, a thought that slithered into my mind now after I’d witnessed what I just did.

“I wonder if Ella knows the truth about them?”

I glanced down the beach and spotted a flock of gulls that were flying my way, but farther out over the water. A heron stood not far off in the shallows, waiting for an evening meal to swim by. All of this beauty was marred by what I was feeling now, feeling for Finn. No, I wasn’t bothered about Finn because of Ella. I was bothered because… because of my own desire…no… because of my raging need for him.

I guess I should explain. Ever since I was a kid, certainly since I was old enough to know what love was, and what lust was… I knew I liked boys…well to a degree I should say. Sure, I had my crushes on girls. xnxx I even dated and fooled around with them when I was a teenager, like most other boys my age did. I’d watch porn with my friends and like them I’d sneak dirty magazines into my room and hide them for later when they visited or slept over. However, I’d always keep two stacks of magazines. One with women that I’d share with my friends and one with men for myself. I didn’t like boys per se, not like one would think judging by this confession of mine. No, I had plenty of guy friends and I wasn’t attracted to any of them. I just found cocks very alluring. That’s not a strong enough word for what I felt. I loved cocks! I loved seeing them. I love imagining how they’d feel in my hand and in my mouth, and later over time, in my ass. I just never like the guys they were attached to. It wasn’t till my freshman year in college that I got the chance to actually experience a guy, one I actually was attracted to. I guess I should confess that we just sucked each other off and didn’t fuck. Go figure, right? Well, he ended up chickening out before I did. Anyway, I still remembered that nigh fondly, despite the fact that I didn’t get the whole experience. It was just as well, for by then I’d met Ella and had fallen in love. I’ve never confessed my sins from that night to her. I’ve never revealed that part of me to her, even after we’d discussed our sexual fantasies. After graduation, we married quickly and quietly at a small church here on the Coast and then I went to work for my father at the dealership. She went to grad school here and began teaching. That brings us to the present. Like I said, I now manage the dealership. She on the other hand is now working on her doctorate. We lived and continue to live a normal life together. We’re happier than we’ve ever been. But things quickly changed for me personally about six months ago. A gay customer made a pass at me during a test drive and that was all it took to bring my buried desires raging to resurface again. I tried to fight it, but I couldn’t. So, I had no choice but to start managing them again. By that I began turning to porn, to erotic stories, and finally to collecting nude pics and storing them in a secure gallery app on my phone. That was fine. I was doing well simply by having sex with Ella and masturbating to my pictures of cocks when I wasn’t. I lived my gay lifestyle in my mind. I never dared to risk chat rooms or even considered outright cheating on her. I loved Ella. I loved our life together.

But then she brought Finn home, and with him came my own personal brand of hell. As soon as I laid eyes upon him, the fire burned through me like an inferno. I couldn’t get enough of that youthful body, which was lean and perfect. The smooth, flawless skin, kissed by the southern sun. The boyishly blue eyes that stilled my heart every time they met mine. The long, unkept blonde hair. I was in love. I was burning with it, and with pure, unadulterated lust. Just seeing him would arouse me. I had to learn which clothes to wear and not wear around him. The last thing I needed was for Ella to see my bulge, and then to start pondering its cause. I began living in fear, fearing that all it would take was one slip up and I’d reveal my secret. Would she hate me? Would she leave me? Would she take it out on Finn, which would devastate him, and her? How would she really react after learning that her husband, the man she long loved with every fiber of her being, fantasized about men, about men and their beautiful cocks, and worse, the boy she brought home? How would our families react?


I turned to see the object of my desire calling out to me. Great! He was making the lust burn even worse now. He wore only those damnable shorts of his, and nothing else. I hated those things because they revealed his tight little ass when he moved a certain way or worse…when he bent over for something. God, that really drove me crazy! The other thing that drove me crazy was that he never wore underwear. The damn bulges! They’ve set many a fire in my loins since he’d begun buying those slim-fitting shorts he likes. I think he does it to torture me. Hell, even Ella regularly blushes from seeing it. I highly doubt she ever said anything about it to him though. I say that because I can’t count the times I’ve caught her heated gaze drifting south. She’s enjoying it too much to say a damn thing. And just when one thought his shorts were bad, it was even worse with jeans. He loved them skintight, probably because they revealed everything to my hungry eyes. Well… he had boxer briefs. In fact, he had a drawer full of them. I know because I helped him unpack. He should have known that we’d know he was freeballing it because Ella did the wash, including for him. That in spite of the fact that I know he knew how to operate the washing machine. I’d seen him do it before, not long after he moved in.

“I was wondering if you were coming home, but then I saw your truck in the garage…”

“I just needed some air, that’s all.” I smiled forcefully, trying brazzers to no let on that I’d walked in on him and his two compadres having sex in the guest house. I still couldn’t get the sight of his exquisite body out of my head, of seeing him nude and lying on the bed. I couldn’t shake the image of Tyler straddling him with his lovely cock inside Finn’s mouth. I especially couldn’t get rid of the image of Summer, riding him slowly with his cock buried deep within her shaved pussy. Yes, she was shaved. Every part of her was baby smooth skin, skin I wanted so desperately to touch and to kiss, to taste… I shook the thought away to be only distracted by that cock again, pressing against the thin fabric of his shorts. A wet spot was visible where the head was, remnants of his time with Summer and Tyler. I couldn’t help but wonder which one received the last load of his delicious cum. Delicious? I haven’t even tasted him, yet. How did I know if it was delicious or not? “Had a rough day.” I cringed. I heard my voice and the emotion that came out raw within it.

He looked at me quizzically. “I can see why this would be your favorite part of the beach.” He observed but didn’t break eye contact with me.

“Want something to eat? Ella left leftovers in the fridge.”

“I’m hungry.” He smiled. “But not for food.”

I felt my stomach lurch as he squatted beside me. He was close enough for me to see that bulge of his grow larger, even as it lay sideways, giving me a heady profile of its length. My mouth watered, and I knew he knew it did. The way the shorts were stretched, I could even see his balls. I fought like hell to not reach out for them.

“What then?”

“We saw you watching us.” He said and blushed. “I saw you.”

“Sorry…I didn’t mean…”

“The truth is I like Tyler. He’s a good lover, but he’s not the one I want.”

“What about Summer?”

“I like being with her too and I can see a future with her, if I share her with her girlfriends.”

“Would you consider sharing her?” I was super turned on and I knew he could see me harden in my shorts. Damn it! I forgot I’d worn the tighter fitting ones.

“Let me elaborate.” He said. “There’s one girl in particular that she’s been seeing…well she’s falling head over heels for her.”

“What’s the problem?”

“She’s married.”

“Oh….” I began but fell silent. My heart sank. “Ella?”

“I’ll leave that up to your wicked imagination.” He said. “Right now, let’s focus on the one who I really want.”

He placed his warm hand on my leg and as soon as it made contact, I jumped. I shuddered. I know I held my breath for the longest time.

“Relax, I’ll be gentle.” He smiled.

“I can’t…I love…”

“Ella?” He smiled. “Why do you think she asked me to live with you two?”

“I don’t understand.” I breathed as his hand inched beneath the hem of my shorts, sending warmth flooding across and through my thigh. My cock was straining against the seams.

“Did you read her text?”

“What text?”

“The one she just sent you.” He motioned to my phone that protruded from my pocket.

I wore cargo shorts, short ones at that. It’s pockets weren’t designed for modern phones. I took out my Samsung and saw that she’d texted me, only minutes ago.

I want you to spend some quality time with Finn tonight. I’ll be home in the morning. Try not to overdo it, will you. P.S. You need to change the password on your secure gallery. You don’t want just anyone seeing what’s on it, do you? Oh, by the way, I’ve added some interesting pics that you might enjoy, but later, after Finn has been properly fed. Do feed him. He doesn’t eat properly, as you no doubt know by now…Ella.

“Oh, shit!” I nearly dropped the phone in the sand.

“You’ve read it, now come back to the house with me.” He beckoned as his fingers caressed my balls through my boxer briefs. “I need to be fed.”

“I don’t know…” I began but was silenced by his kiss. It was a quick one so as to not risk being seen. I knew many people who traveled Hwy 90 every day and many of them lived here in Long Beach. “Okay.” I managed to say.

He withdrew his hand and offered it to me. “I know you’re hungry too.” He said with a heated look that made me tremble.

This wasn’t me. I was strong. I was my own man. And yet, here I was, putty in Finn’s hands. Together we walked back to the highway and then safely crossed. It was only seconds till we were at the front door. I barely had time to open the door and step inside before he jumped me, kissing me hard as he wrapped his arms around my neck and pressed his perfect body against mine. He pushed me against the door, and it was our bodies that closed it. Already his hands were pushing at my polo, desperate to feel my hungry flesh beneath it, the flesh of my stomach and abs. Okay, I worked out too…well by working out I visited a gym a couple of times a week and swam the rest. I’d always been a good swimmer and found that it toned my body well.

Finn lowered himself to my waist and began kissing my naked stomach sikiş izle and unbuckling my jeans. Meanwhile I yanked my polo off and tossed it. I wouldn’t need it anymore tonight. I trembled as he pulled my shorts down, revealing my arousal. It strained against the fabric of my boxers. They were so tight that he could virtually see and even feel everything. He ran his fingers over my hardness, relishing in how it felt under the silky material. He then licked me slowly, very slowly, and I shuddered from the instant heat of it, and in the way if felt as he let it linger over my cock’s head. It was like the boxers weren’t on at all, for I felt every inch of his tongue.

“I’m going to taste you now.” He crooned before gripping the hem and pulling them down, slowly and quite teasingly. He began kissing every inch of skin that the boxers exposed, till finally he reached my head. I was already coated in pre-cum. I knew it wouldn’t take much to unleash the pint-up load I’d been storing since our brief make-out session on the beach…well if one would even call it that. It was more like an intense moment of seduction.

He kissed my head, licking the slick pre-cum as it seeped out, a harbinger of what was to come. He had to know that I told myself. Then he did it. He swallowed me entirely. He gagged, but didn’t withdraw, not at first. He kept his nose buried in my pubic hair. I heard him sniffing, and from the sparkle in this eyes as he peered up at me, I knew he was enjoying my musky smell, sweat from a day of work in the outdoors and desire from my need of him.

When he did withdraw, he kept my head in his mouth. God, his tongue was torture! And yet, I yearned for more. He ran his hands across my firm stomach, feeling the heat and the quakes his fingers elicited within me. He smiled and then swallowed me again. This time, he didn’t withdraw but kept swallowing my cock over and over again, working me harder and harder, desperate for what I could give him. He needed to be fed and Ella knew exactly what would satiate that hunger. It was the same that had satiated her and had since before we even married.

I placed my hand upon his head and felt the silky smoothness of his hair. I loved it so much that I buried my fingers in it as I guided his head, even as I began pumping my hips, shoving my still hard cock deeper into his ravenous mouth. I was near orgasm at this point, but I didn’t stop. I wanted him to gag. I needed for him to gag because the load I was going to shoot into his mouth was going to be massive. I knew because I always shoot off massive amounts of it, and it makes Ella choke every time. She loves it though and always comes back for more.

“Ready.” I said in a very husky voice.

He nodded and I released it with a loud moan. He moaned too, and gagged, just as I knew he would. It was so much cum he had no choice but to spit some out. I watched with pleasure as it oozed down his face and then fell across his chest and stomach. He swallowed the rest of it and smiled up at me. I offered him my hand and he took it. I led him to the sofa and tossed him onto it. I was going to make him mine now. Look, here I was, a monster unleashed. Great! I was raging with lust at this point and I didn’t want to play games. I grabbed his shorts and yanked them off, almost tearing them as I did. His cock sprang to greet me and already it was soaked with pre-cum and sweat. Perfect. I got down on my knees and swallowed it in one fell swoop. It felt so good in my mouth, and the taste…yes, he tasted so good that I wanted nothing more than to devour him, heart and soul. I sure hope Ella was prepared for what she’d unleashed. I’m not letting Finn go. He’s mine now…well he will be once I’ve fucked him into submission. He won’t be walking much tomorrow. Neither will I to tell the truth. I’ve been wanting a cock in my ass for so long now…well I’m going to wear him out in way Tyler never had.

I worked him hard and I didn’t let up, even as he pleaded with me to slow down. I couldn’t. I was famished. I needed cum as much as he did, if not more. However, I did slow, towards the end when he exploded in cum, sending torrents of it into my waiting mouth. What amazed me was that it was almost as much as I’d unloaded into him. I swallowed most of it, but a lot did escape down my face too and it landed upon his stomach. I grinned with pleasure before leaning down and kissing his taut stomach, now soiled with cum and sweat. I kissed and licked every inch of him, making my way up to his chest, then his neck, and finally his mouth which I kissed, deeply and eagerly. I couldn’t help but press my body into his and in response he wrapped his arms around my chest and his legs around my waist. God, that felt good! The feel of his hot body nearly sent me into orgasm again, but I held it back. I wasn’t ready for that yet. Slowly we began to move against each other, grinding our cocks as we did. He moved his hands down and gripped my tight ass, pressing me into him even more. The pressure was pure erotic, sensual even. Ella and I had done this but not often enough. With Finn, it was out of this world. I’ll have to do it with her again and no doubt Fill will be in bed with us. I’ll make sure of it. Now that I’ve become his lover, she can as well, if she so desires.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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