Claudia’s Second Lesson

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Claudia’s Second Lesson

It has been literally years since I wrote about Claudia and her decision to lose her virginity to me prior to her going off to university, so this piece about her second lesson is long overdue and for that I apologise.

We left off at the stage when my eldest daughter had once again asked me whether she could have her girlfriends stay over at our place after a girls’ night out. This naturally was at Claudia’s suggestion, so of course I told her that it was OK without seeming excessively enthusiastic about the idea. My partner was again scheduled to be working nights on the weekend in question, so everything looked to be fine.

Come the actual evening, Julia’s other friends had all arrived when Claudia eventually turned up. Once again, she was the designated driver as she was the only one to have passed her test. The girls assembled in our lounge, and with the exception of Claudia they began the ritual of having a few glasses of wine before venturing out on the town. There was a lot of girly prevarication about outfits, hair, and make-up while I sat in the corner with a book. I pretended not to take much notice of them and their outfits, but of course I could not stop my mind from racing about what might take place later that night.

Claudia was dressed in a short black skirt that clung tightly to her hips and arse while on top was a low-cut, short sleeved, white T shirt that emphasised her breasts to perfection. Her legs were bare and the summer had ensured that her skin was nicely tanned. High-heeled strappy sandals made the most of her slim ankles and shapely calves, and her athletic thighs looked wonderful in the short skirt.

As she was preparing for her night out, she was quite deliberately bending over in my view so that I could get an eyeful of the crutch of her white panties. When she sat opposite me she would occasionally open her legs a little in order to afford me a glimpse of what was in store for me after she returned with her car-load of drunken passengers. We exchanged as many stolen glances as we thought we could get away with without the others noticing what was going on between us. Time would prove that our efforts to keep our lessons a secret were not 100% effective, but more of that later.

At around 9pm the girls finally got their act together and left in Claudia’s car for the local Wetherspoon’s for more cheap drinks, before their entry to one of the nightclubs in our small town. I wished them goodnight, made sure Julia had her key, and told them I’d be in bed long before they got back.

As soon as they had departed I brushed my teeth and prepared for bed by taking a quick shower. While showering I gave my scrotum a once over with the razor; I normally shave my ball sack and the bottom of the shaft of my cock as Jo much prefers it that way. My pubic hair is always kept trimmed. I settled down in bed with my reading matter and eventually drifted off to sleep.

I failed to wake when the revellers returned, but Julia’s knock on my bedroom door to tell me she was home safe and sound did rouse me. I checked my watch and saw that it was just after 2:30am; I lay there, listening to them giggling tipsily as they sorted out the sleeping arrangements in the lounge. Ages seemed to pass before silence descended upon their room and I simply lay there struggling with a serious erection as I knew very well what was about to take place.

Eventually, I heard slow, measured footsteps on the stairs as Claudia made her way to my room. I turned on my bedside lamp in readiness and then heard her quiet knock at my door. “Come on in,” I softly said, “I have been expecting you.” She was wearing the same fleecy pyjamas that she had worn when she first came into my bedroom a fortnight previously.

She came over to my side of the bed, leant down and kissed me passionately on the lips. We lingered in the kiss, our tongues tangling and wrestling, until she pulled away from me. The pyjama trousers were swiftly removed and I noticed as she began to take off the jacket that she was still wearing the white panties I had glimpsed earlier that night. Off came the jacket and she slid into bed beside me, immediately whispering “There’s a problem. I am on my fucking period; I came on on Thursday, so the flow is pretty heavy.

I sensed tension and disappointment in her voice, so I came back with “Don’t worry. We can still have loads of fun; we will just be having it in a slightly different way than we had intended.” I enquired about what kind of protection she used and was pleased to discover that tampons were her preferred method. I held her closely and in between kissing and nibbling her lips we talked about how I had no problems with menstrual sex, but that intercourse while bleeding often resulted in the bedclothes looking as though they had been used in a scene from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Obviously with Jo due home in the morning at 7:30am that was not going to be something we could Eskort Bayan risk.

Our pillow talk moved on to what we might get up to, and I assured her that oral was fine with me. My fingers by this time had sought out her hardened nipples and her little intakes of breath informed me that they were having the desired effect. It was high time we got down to the main point of the night’s lesson, so I took the bull by the horns and asked her to remove her panties. This she did, and after spending a while paying her breasts and nipples some attention with my tongue I traced a line with it down over her taut, flat tummy towards the triangle of hair that marked her most intimate area. Again, we had sharp intakes of breath from her to indicate that this was not something she objected to.

I positioned myself between her thighs and instructed her to lift her pelvis while I placed a pillow underneath her so that I could more easily access her cunt. With the pillow doing its job I then told her to lift her knees to her shoulders, put her hands behind her knees and spread her legs apart. “I have a feeling that I am going to like this quite a lot,” she softly whispered. With my fingers I tucked the string of her tampon towards her ass and slowly licked and nibbled her outer labia. Her outer lips were dark in skin tone, and quite large and fleshy, as were her inner labia. That is just what I like in a woman. I avoided going anywhere near her clit for what seemed like ages with the intention of increasing her sense of wanting me to bring her off with my tongue.

It all proved too much for her and I felt her hands grab my hair and drag me upwards towards her most sensitive spot. With my lips I fully retracted the hood of her clit and then proceeded to suck on it while flicking at it with the tip of my tongue. This wasn’t proving that simple though as her hips were moving around. My hands which had been playing with her nipples now had to move down and restrict the gyrations of her pelvis. “You could do with being restrained,” I said, and as quick as a flash she replied, “I think I’d like that too, but let’s do that next time.” I did my best to hold her still, but she was a strong girl; those years of athletics had resulted in her being very toned. My jaw was starting to ache a little, so I redoubled my efforts, and after a couple of minutes she grasped my hair again, but this time with increased force and she muttered, “Oh God, I’m fucking coming. I’m fucking coming.”

Her moans and cries stepped up into a higher gear and I could feel the spasms in her cunt through my tongue as she orgasmed. There was no squirting, but I easily detected an increase in her juices, so much so that my beard was dripping with her natural lube. She jerked beneath my tongue as I teased and nibbled at her now highly sensitive clitoris, so I resorted to just kissing her inner lips and taking them into my mouth as she gently came back down to earth.

Eventually Claudia landed back on terra firma and I moved up the bed and put my left arm around her. She lay with her head on my chest and I ran my hand through her hair. There was a lot of tenderness in what was a relationship strictly based around her being initiated in sex, but it was inevitable that some emotions would be stirred by the physical actions. Our conversation turned to orgasms, and more specifically masturbation. Claudia revealed that she usually brought herself off at least twice a day: once when waking and one, or more, times before settling down to sleep. Often they were times during the day when she had to cum because she felt so horny.

We talked about how there were different types of orgasm: working at her clit gave her one kind of experience, and being brought off by my tongue was definitely another. One kind wasn’t better than another, but there was a real, subtle change in the character of each climax for her. I offered to bring her off with one of my collection of vibrators and she thought that would be really interesting. My partner, Jo, is a lover of being given multiple orgasms with a vibrator, especially when her arse is filled with a substantial butt plug, and I related this to Claudia.

We lay there for quite a while, with her in my arms, until she said, “I suppose that it is time to return the favour.” I supressed a giggle and replied, “That is certainly one of your better ideas, but before you do I think we need to discuss a couple of things.”

I talked to her about how in my experience it was a sound idea to tell the man what was going to happen. Delivering a blow job does rather put a woman in control, but she ought to definitely state what is going to happen at the point of orgasm and what the man should do to accommodate her wishes. I related how I once slept with a particular woman for the first time and woke the next morning to find that she had my flaccid cock in her mouth.

She brought me to erection, which wasn’t exactly difficult it must be admitted, and then removed my penis from her mouth, turned to me, and said, “I swallow,” and then turned her oral attention once more on me. Those two words told me exactly what was expected of me and what she was going to do. Had she asked to me tell her when I was about to cum, or stated that I was to give her a facial, then I would have known that cumming in her mouth wasn’t on the menu.

Claudia took the advice on board and softly spoke to say, “Well, I know that it’s my first time, but I am going to try and swallow your load.” I then offered her a further tip and said that it was usually easier if she were to take me as deep as she could at the point of cumming, so that my spunk would go down her throat and not be in her mouth. Spunk was an acquired taste for most women, to say the least, and the almost bleach flavour, coupled with the snotty consistency, did prevent many women from allowing a man to cum in their mouths.

You may well ask where I get my blow job knowledge from. Of course, it is easy to say that a man knows exactly what constitutes great head and what doesn’t, because he is on the receiving end, but my experience is more hands-on. A few years ago I met a chap in an internet forum that dealt with a hobby we shared. We began to message each other outside of the forum during which I learnt that he had a life without sex although he was married. He craved head above all else, and that seemed to stir in me a hitherto latent desire to see what it was like to give a man a blow job. We met on only two occasions and each time I had him cum in my mouth.

To say the least, it was an amazing experience. Even though it was my first time I managed to deep throat him, and he was extremely complimentary about my oral skills. On the first occasion we met, he blew me and I have to say it was among the very best head I have ever had. He stressed that I was not to unload into his mouth and I respected his wishes on that score.

One incredibly important aspect of giving head that I was able to impart to Claudia was that it was her mouth that was to be used, not her hands. The cock needs to be a hands-free zone during a great blow job; if they are to be doing something then it should be paying attention to the balls, as they are too often neglected by women.

Another good piece of advice I passed on to Claudia before she went down on me was to closely examine the cock she was about to fellate and make a plan for how to tackle it. For example, my cock has a slight bend upwards when looked at from my point of view; the natural curve of the throat means that my cock is best fellated when the woman’s head faces my feet. Other cocks, less commonly, have a curve downwards and are best fellated by kneeling in front of the man.

Eventually we got all the preliminary stuff out of the way and it was time for Claudia to put it into practice. Before she got started though, I opened a bedside drawer and selected a vibrator. Claudia positioned herself on my left with her legs near my head so that she could afford me simple access to her cunt, while at the same time she could twist slightly, bend over, and use her gorgeous mouth on my stiff cock.

As she leaned towards my cock I squirted some lube from the bedside table onto my left hand and ensured that her cunt lips were moist enough to allow the vibrator to slide easily around. Remembering the no hands advice Claudia placed her mouth around the helmet of my cock and lifted it away from my belly. I am not circumcised, but I have a negligible foreskin, so that when I am hard there is no noticeable hood at all. Her tongue was exploring the head of my swollen organ by sweeping around the rim before switching to tickling the slit from which my semen would soon spurt. Claudia’s left hand was caressing my freshly-shaved ball sack and for someone giving head for the first time, she was making quite a decent job of things.

One defining character that for me separates an ordinary blow job from a great one is quite simply enthusiasm. Claudia was making all the right noises and there was no doubt about her desire to give me as much pleasure as possible. That was all the more commendable when one bears in mind that she was also coping with me using a vibrator on her. For some people it is simply too distracting and they need to focus entirely on what they are doing and not having to deal with what someone is doing to them. Being able to multitask was something Claudia was capable of and she gave no signs of not wanting to be stimulated.

It is not easy to speak with a mouth full of cock, but the noises that Claudia was making told me that her first vibrator orgasm was not far away. We both knew she was close to coming, but I think we were both a little taken aback by both the suddenness of her orgasm and its strength. She was biting her bottom lip and whimpering when her whole body wanted her to scream out. That would not have been such a good idea with all those ears sleeping a short distance away from us. She bucked and juddered, but she kept my cock in her mouth. To allow for the increase in sensitivity of her clit post-orgasm, I reduced the pressure of the vibrator but kept it in gentle contact with her button of pleasure. I had a plan and it was to relax the pace somewhat, but to nevertheless maintain gentle stimulation of her clit until I could increase the pressure to bring her off again. My goal was really to see whether she was multi-orgasmic.

Claudia was swirling her tongue around my glans and alternating that with sucking my rigid prick. I find that if I am to cum with a blow job that I need to have someone mouth fucking me; I require that quick bobbing up and down motion, and at this stage that wasn’t what Claudia was doing. This meant that I was able to prolong the oral stimulation for as long as possible. Her reactions told me that her clit had become less sensitive and that she had settled back onto the plateau phase of orgasm, so I decided to resume some more purposeful work with the vibrator.

That post-orgasm relaxation phase lasted only a couple of minutes before I set about making her cum again. Her next orgasm was not long in arriving as she had not slipped too far away from her peak of pleasure. I wasn’t using a stopwatch, but within a minute she was again twisting and squirming beneath the vibrator. This time she was unable to continue with her cock stimulation and released me from her lips to utter, “Fuck, fuck, FUCK. My cunt feels as though it is about to turn itself inside out.” Her hands were clenching and her feet too were arched as the intensity of her orgasm rippled outwards from her pelvis towards her extremities. Once again I granted her some respite from further stimulation for a short while.

That rest ended with me shuffling down the bed somewhat and telling her to kneel astride me, her head at my cock, so as to permit me to eat her while she worked on me. This 69 position allowed her to watch herself going down on me in the mirror on the wardrobe doors. It also meant that I would be unable to use the vibrator on her cunt if I was to eat her, so I did the gentlemanly thing and reached for some lube from the bedside table. A generous squirt from the pump-action bottle was applied to her asshole. I set about her clit with my tongue, lips, and teeth while I was able to use the vibrator on her sphincter. With my right hand occupied with vibing her asshole, my left was able to influence her head movements with the gentlest of guidance to the nape of her neck.

Our positions also enabled me to thrust my pelvis upwards and increase the penetration. I was mindful that I was dealing with someone who was sucking cock for her first time and I was very careful not to either put her off, or mar the experience. Claudia broke off briefly to tell me that it felt superb to have her asshole vibed while her cunt was being eaten, but also that the visual stimulation of watching herself working my stiff member in the mirror was taking her to another dimension.

After no more than three, or four, minutes Claudia was about to cum again. Her whimpering increased and her cunt was being ground into my face. I could see her anus pulse with the waves of pleasure that coursed through her. I switched attention from her clit to the entrance to her vagina where my tongue also felt the rhythmic contractions of her orgasm. My nose was full of her strong menstrual scent; this was a big turn-on for me. Her taste was quite musky and in the relaxation that comes after a shattering climax I made sure that I told her about how good her aroma and taste were.

Claudia told me that she was initially apprehensive about my eating her out while she was on her period, but my enthusiasm for the task and her sheer enjoyment made sure those worries soon took a back seat. She also said as wonderful as it was to have me eat her while having her asshole played with, it was now time for me to cum. I was not going to argue with her wants, so I just laid back to savour what was soon going to happen.

This time Claudia set up a different rhythm that was obviously designed solely to bring me off. Her tempo was faster and when I placed a hand on her neck she reached behind and moved it up to the back of her head. Briefly she halted to inform me that she found it hot to be controlled. I was watchful not to overstep the mark but I used a little force to make her take me deeper. She did not object at all, despite once, or twice, her gag reflex being triggered. Soon my orgasm began to build, so I warned her that I was going to shoot my hot cum down her sweet throat. The sexualised invective certainly did not put her off, as her efforts went up another gear. I felt my balls being pulled up into my body and I thrust my pelvis towards her; she took me like a real champ with no hint of drawing back her head. My body arched up to her and my cock shook and pulsed as it sent spurts of semen to the back of her throat. My advice had been taken and my cock was at the back of her mouth in order that she didn’t have to taste my cum too much.

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