Caught in School Ch. 4

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Karen and I continued watching the pornography channel. Gretta had gone to see if she could help aunt Hannah. Gretta and I sat side-by-side, naked from the waist down. She reminded me of Ms. Pelvicthrust. Though her figure was almost completely opposite of Ms. Pelvicthrust’s, they still both had amazing bodies, and I had been naked from the waist down next to both of them.

In the history of my life, I’ve had sex with 4 women. My ex-girlfriend was very, very tight, but she said it hurt, and had to finish me off with her mouth. She was very inexperienced, and was really not even in the same league as the other 3 beautiful women.

The second was Ms. Pelvicthrust, who I could tell was very experienced. But, with experience and much practice in short periods of time comes looseness. She had big tits, and some baby fat, but she was extremely sexy with her boobs half exposed and nipples that were pointy and dripped milk.

The third woman, I must say, was on the top of my list. She was my own mother, who was sort of tight, since my father had been dead for 9 years. She also had the physical shape and appearance that was as close to perfection as women got, in my mind. More plusses are that she always has time for me, and she lived in the same house with me, which meant that was as much time as possible.

The fourth woman was my aunt’s friend. She was sexy, and Latin, and had orgasmic screams that could make a man cum without getting his dick out. She was good, and amazingly tight. Her figure, however, was far too plain to be on the top of my short list.

The point is, that I would love to add my sexy fit cousin to that list. Karen was a physical education teacher (gym class) and the cheerleading squad and swim team assistant coaches. She made enough to sustain herself, but loved her family, so she built an apartment house on their vast property, and pays them a low $50 a month. Here she was, sitting next to me, in the same clothes she wore when she was born, bare-ass naked.

The next porno starred some generally too fakes of women, that didn’t particularly appeal to my tastes. I spent most of the time looking at my cousin, and listening to my cousin. She spent most of the time looking at me, looking at me look at her. I could see the lust in her eyes. We were in a room with locked doors and unlimited access to porn. We were naked and horny. I was hoping this was going where I thought it was going. I was waiting for her to say something, playing hard-to-get; I wanted her to make the first move, just to be sure.

“Uh… do you think it would feel better if we did it to each other instead of doing ourselves? What I mean is, if we switched. Just kind of borrowed each others’ hands?” She said, falling in with my line of thinking.

“Hmmm, I don’t know. Watching you is definitely better than looking at myself, so I guess it might. But, we’ll never know until we try,” I said, hoping I had played my cards right. It turns out I had a royal flush, because instantly, almost simultaneously, we switched hands with each other. Soon I was pushing two fingers in and out of Karen’s dripping cavern, spelunking and exploring for all my worth. Her hand was gripped tightly around my shaft, lubricated by her own juices.

Her soft feminine fingers worked their tingling magic, feeling up and down my length, pumping my cock like milking a cow. My fingers went in and out like beating a drum steadily. Soon, I quickened my pace, and added another finger. I reached around with my other hand, pulling her closer to me. The skin on the sides of our butt cheeks squeezed together, warming our naked bodies.

With my other hand, around her waist, I began pinching and playing with her swollen clit. She used her other hand to cup Escort Bayan Gaziantep my balls, sometimes rolling them between fingers. She pushed with me, riding my fingers like one would ride a cock. She soon came, spasming and slopping my fingers in and out of her fuckhole at an amazing speed. During this image of glory, I felt my balls tighten in her right hand. I soon came onto her cute painted nails, while she was still recovering from her own orgasm.

With this new lust, she played my penis back from its third orgasm. I didn’t think I could stand too many more today, but for what the look in her eyes showed, I really wanted to be up. I willed myself into an erected state, with a little help from my beautiful naked relative. With hot lust in her eyes, she rolled over and mounted me, her petite breasts jiggling sexily. Her engorged lips swallowed my wiener with a slurp. I didn’t have to push very hard, but I could still feel pretty big in there, it was quite tight. It wasn’t as tight as Gretta’s or Hannah’s or even my own mother’s, but it was by no means as loose as Ms. Pelvicthrust.

She rode my sausage in a sexy amateur circular motion, in a way that she only thought about her own pleasure. I grabbed her bucking hips, and guided her into a more experienced motion, slowly pushing her down onto my crotch faster and faster. I felt her lips squeeze around my cock. I hoped she was on the pill, because she didn’t make any motion to dismount my steed. Soon I was shooting stream after stream, feeling each jet as it left me. She went slowly and lightly up and down as she panted with exhaustion from our sexual escapade. She rolled over and went to sleep.

Since I knew they were all deep sleepers, I also knew I could reclothe her without disturbing her much needed rest. After I had reclothed her, and shut of the T.V., I went downstairs to see how dinner was coming along.

Hannah was chopping some meat into little slices. To do so, she had to bend over, and the view she gave seemed to melt in your mouth and put sweat in your palms. The bottom of her full-figured ass was exposed and looked to me like two globes of heavenly flesh. Her juicy tight pussy was also clearly visible beneath the short sundress. Other than her, my mother was busy carrying herbs and other ingredients, measuring them, and whatever else aunt Hannah needed. Her nipples were quite visible through the greyish floral design. I liked what I saw, and in here, I saw just about everything I liked. Gretta was setting some tables. The loose fitting sundress she wore showed so much cleavage that the tops of her dark aureoles were visible.

I watched them, and helped around the kitchen for about a half hour until the steaks were cooked and sautéed to Aunt Hannah’s satisfaction. Karen Connie and Cynthia came down to eat. Either Connie or Cynthia must have woke Karen from her nap, because she would have been out for a while. Karen looked lovingly at me throughout the meal, and to not be too obvious, I only returned them every once in a while. I also gave and received loving looks from most of the rest of the hot women at the table too. Damn was I glad I hadn’t turned down Cynthia’s offer, I would have missed the greatest Christmas Vacation of my life.

Then I went back into the T.V. room, and so did everyone else, waiting for a half hour to go to the pool. With only 5 seats, and 7 people, two people had to have laps for seats. I was quick to offer my lap as a seat. The two people left standing were my mother and Cynthia. I would have enjoyed either of these women on my lap, but I would also have enjoyed the new experience of Cynthia. But, it was my mother got to sit in my lap. Under the cover of her sundress, I unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out the flap. While we were watching, auntie had the controller again. I had faith in my aunt to pick porn again. My faith was not misplaced, since Hannah must have also enjoyed our little expedition. It was the 7:00 hour, and another porno was just beginning. She asked my mother if it was okay to watch, and she said it was okay with her.

It was a ‘With Sex’ production, which is a company that is completely parodies of movies and shows etc. This one was called “Aladdin… with Sex”

It wasn’t cartoon, obviously, but it had all the same characters. There was Aladdin, an Indian fellow with a striking death gaze stare, wearing nothing but a loincloth. There was a monkey around his neck. He ran and snatched a fruit from a sexy lady wearing semi-transparent dancers clothes, and a semi-transparent veil. She had a long red ponytail, big dark nipples, and a completely shaven pubic area, just like Connie. She had the guards stop him, and throw him into her house. He was locked down and guarded there.

When the woman got back from work, she had all the guards leave except a muscular female guard that resembled Chyna from the WWF, wearing nothing but a leather dominatrix strap suit, that just covered her nipples, pussy, and ass crack, and not much else. She was holding a big fake-looking sword. The woman began to ask Aladdin questions, and eventually, this dialogue popped up:

“I’m sorry, I needed that food to feed me and my monkey.”

“Your monkey shouldn’t me fed, he should be eaten!” And then Abu the monkey jumped out the window. “Now I’ll show you how to eat a monkey.”

With that, she pulled up his loincloth and began slurping on his erected penis. The muscular lady came over and began licking his balls. They pushed him down to the ground. When the dancer woman was still sucking his monkey, The muscular lady got up, and with a quick snap her dominatrix suit fell to the ground. Her tits were huge and obviously fake, the aureoles around her nipples were as big as the bottom of a teacup, and her pussy, too, was totally shaven. She lowered her pussy onto Aladdin’s face, grinding it into his lips. The dancer lady Ripped down her see-thru pants and mounted his big cock.

At this point, Hannah found it appropriate to ask my mother if she wouldn’t mind if they all could masturbate freely. With encouragement from the rest of the women there, she agreed it was necessary. To my disappointment, Gretta volunteered to switch places with my mother so there would be no awkwardness.

Everyone began stripping off his or her clothes. Since I’ve already seen all these women naked, I don’t have to explain to you what they looked like. After we were all in the nude, my mother sat in the empty spot left by Gretta and Gretta mounted me, letting my cock enter her for the second time today. She whispered to me, “Don’t pull out, I’m just as protected as everyone else in the house.”

That was a relief to me in two ways. 1-that I didn’t have to concentrate on pulling out, and 2- that there was no way Karen was pregnant, and that nobody else here could get pregnant either. Maybe that’s three, but who really gives a damn?

So I rubbed my hand over Gretta’s hard Latin nipples as she rode up and down on my cock. Now Aladdin was fucking the dancer woman doggie-style as the dominatrix massaged his butt cheeks and licked the dancer woman’s asshole. This was a new idea to a few of the ladies in the room, and they discussed it quietly as they masturbated.

I looked over at aunt Hannah squeezing Cynthia’s nipples as they masturbated on each other. I could see drops of Cynthia’s beautiful cum on Hannah’s leg. At this sight, I began fucking Gretta more roughly, and we soon both came simultaneously, in a fury of ecstatic spasming. She rolled off me and landed facing my mother in her lap. I felt exhausted and left the room.

Yeah, I know it sounds crazy to leave that kind of situation, but I couldn’t survive that kind of constant sexual attention much longer. I got myself a drink of lemonade, and lay out by the pool. The setting sun’s rays through the window-roof were calming, as I sipped my lemonade. It was soon only lit by fluorescent lights. 1 by 1 the other ladies joined me.

We continued playing the same kind of splashing, rubbing games, except this time all the women of the house joined in, and this time they played more roughly, like they were implying sex in a profound way. I untied tops, yanked down bottoms, and got my own trunks pulled down. It all was in a playful manner, even though all the womens’ nipples pointed out so hard it was as if they were going to burst, and my erection was throbbing.

After we had all tired ourselves out, we marched away from the pool to our bedrooms. As I got there, my cock was still hard, and had no plan of going down for the excitement of what was bound to happen next. And it became even better when my cousin Cynthia said, “Last night I didn’t want to embarrass you, but I usually sleep naked. I woke up feeling hot and sticky and uncomfortable.” To which I replied with a caring permission to sleep naked, and an invitation to also sleep naked, so she wouldn’t feel alone. All the rest of the girls thought this was a great idea, and all decided to join in the fun.

Hah, this was going to be so awesome, getting a hand job from my hot naked cousin while my other hot naked cousins slept not 10 feet away. I thought I might even be able to get away with a hand job from two different girls in the same night. But, I still planned to go with Cynthia first.

Before I could though, I really had to pee. I thought baseball, and hairy men, and broccoli on my way to the bathroom, willing my cock go down. Peeing with erections has got to be one of the hardest things to do. It was normal size when I got to the washroom, and let loose into the toilet bowl. After that satisfying spray left me refreshed, I proceeded to return to my own room. On the way, though, I noticed the Latin scream I so recognized coming from her room.

When I looked in to my aunt Hannah’s bedroom, what I saw was shocking and very VERY arousing. I saw my big-titted aunt, on her knees by the foot of the bed, sticking a big floppy rubber dildo between Gretta’s butt cheeks, and rapidly licking her sweet Latin pussy. Gretta screamed and bucked her hips into my aunt’s onslaught. So that’s why their pussies are tight, they’re essentially lesbians! I worked up my acting abilities, and opened the door.

“Oh my God, aunt Hannah! I’m so sorry; I didn’t know you were a lesbian! Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just…. Aunt Hannah, you’re so beautiful.”

Aunt Hannah turned to me and when I finished, she got the wickedest smile. “Yes, Peter, I love lesbian sex, it’s true. But I’m also uncontrollably attracted to men. And so is Gretta as you know. Gretta’s told me you’re very good at sex. Would you like to show your auntie?” As she said this, she went into a hands and knees position on the bed. I never could say no to my aunt.

As I lowered my member into her love hole, Gretta took a handful of my ass cheek. I pushed into Hannah’s pussy, as she let out a scream. I couldn’t even fit my length into her. She was even tighter than she looked, she almost felt like my ex-girlfriend’s virgin pussy. In my third thrust into her tight ravine, I pushed myself all the way in. Gretta was massaging my butt cheeks and lowered her tongue into my aunt’s butt hole, licking the light lining of hair. I held tightly onto Hannah’s hips as I bucked her hard. My balls tightened again, and I let my sperm flow into her insides. I fell asleep in their bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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