Caught Ch. 05

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Brian’s return to work on Monday was filled with mixed emotions. He was looking forward to seeing both Evelyn and Maria, although he felt more than a little ambivalent about both of them.

The first one he encountered was Maria. She walked into the office kitchen while he was warming a cup of coffee. When she entered the room he looked her way and gave her what he thought was a friendly smile that did not betray their intimate knowledge of each other.

“Good morning,” she said as she placed her boxed lunch into the refrigerator.

“Morning,” he said as neutrally as he could.

She grinned at him and went to the door where she looked both ways before returning her gaze to him.

“Stop worrying,” she said with a chuckle. “I told you already we’re good! You don’t have to look so guilty!”

“I look guilty?” he asked with concern.

She laughed softly and shook her head a little.

“Not really,” she said. “You just look like you’re afraid of what I’m going to say; or do.”

“Oh,” he said as he usually did when he was uncomfortable.

At that moment Evelyn walked in wearing her fall full-length coat. Like almost everything she wore, it was high-end and looked great on her.

“Morning!” she said as she went briskly to the refrigerator.

“Hi,” Maria said happily and then left the room.

“Morning,” Brian said with half an eye on Maria as she left.

After she finished placing her own lunch in the chiller she went to the doorway and looked both ways.

“Maybe sometime later today we could chat?” she asked in a whispered voice.

Brian’s heart immediately started to race. He always became edgy and fidgety when he spoke to her. When she said she wanted to chat, his stomach went aflutter.

“Sure,” he said as evenly as he could manage. “Let me know and we can meet, well, somewhere.”

“The back office?” she suggested.

“Great!” he said as his mind began to wander.

She knew he had written several steamy passages about the character from his story named Yvette that took place in that room. She also knew he had modeled Yvette after her.

She smiled and a warmth that began in his stomach spread through his whole body. Ironically enough, that warmth made his nipples pucker into hardness and made his penis shrivel right up into his scrotum.

He blinked to bring himself back to reality and watched her for a little too long as she walked toward her desk.

“She’s really something to look at isn’t she?” a voice behind him said.

He turned to see Mike, the shop foreman grinning at him.

“Yes she is,” Brian agreed.

“You think she’s wearing a mini-skirt under that coat?” Mike asked lecherously.

“Is today a weekday?” Brian replied straight-faced.

Mike grinned and walked toward the door leading to the factory.

Brian sighed and went to his own desk.


The entire day passed without him receiving a message from Evelyn. By quitting time he decided they would not have that chat today after all.

He gathered up his belongings and left through the side door to the parking lot. As he passed the big bay doors he saw that the factory was mostly quiet. Only a skeleton crew worked the afternoon shift and they usually confined themselves to the far side of the building.

He meandered on toward his car when he heard a hissing from behind him. He turned and saw Evelyn standing in the deserted back office with the door half open. She was beckoning to him and hissing to get his attention.

He turned back and entered the office. She swiftly closed the door and locked it behind him. The lights were off so the only light came through the window from the westering sun. She wore her full-length coat still but it was unbuttoned to show her beige sweater and black suede mini-skirt. She was also wearing black suede boots that came almost to her knees.

“I’m so glad!” she said breathlessly. “I was afraid I would miss you before you left!”

She looked at him anxiously and had a wide-eyed expression on her face he hadn’t seen before.

“Me too,” he said as he tried not to let his imagination run away with him.

She softened her expression a bit and then bit her lip. She glanced at the floor for a moment and then back at him.

“What’s wrong Evelyn?” he asked. “Are you okay?”

She gritted her teeth a bit and glanced to the side for a second.

“Yes,” she said, looking him in the eye once more. “I’m fine, I just have, well, I need to, uh, tell you something. It’s just really hard because it’s, well, it’s kind of embarrassing.”

She turned to the side once more and a worried look crossed her face.

Brian decided not to speak. He thought she would have an easier time of it if he didn’t interrupt.

“You see,” she began in a little girl’s voice, “I did something; something that I really shouldn’t have.”

She had been looking at the floor throughout that whole sentence and she looked up now with hopeful, almost Travesti pleading, expression.

Brian simply looked her in the eye and tried to look supportive.

“You know when you told me you were getting some late night phone calls?” she asked in a tiny voice.

He nodded, trying to look like he did not already know what she was about to say.

She continued to look at him but she looked like she might be fighting back tears.

“Well,” she said sadly, “those calls, well, I was the one. It was me!”

At this point one tear dribbled from her left eye and flowed slowly down her cheek. Brian very much wanted to wipe it away for her, to hug her and tell her everything was fine. He knew though that she needed to get this out. She needed to tell him about it and he needed to ensure she did not guess that he already knew.

“You called me?” he said simply, trying not to give anything away.

She nodded slowly and a second tear fell down her cheek.

“I didn’t expect that,” he lied. “I wouldn’t have guessed it was you.”

She stared down at the floor and then looked up to meet his gaze.

“Are you angry?” she asked. “Do you think I’m a terrible person?”

“No,” he said softly, “you’re not a terrible person. I think you were just, well, you needed a release I guess.”

The hopeful expression returned to her face and she leaned back against one of the desks.

“You know,” she said hesitantly, “I was the one who called you, and I was the one who, um, I was the woman who, well, it was me you met in that, um, we did it in that office!”

“Yes,” he said with a slow nod of his head, “I see that now. I see why you’re so upset.”

“Do you?” she said desperately. “Do you really?”

“Well,” he said, “yes, I can see why you’re feeling, well…”

“Like a slut!” she finished for him.

“You’re not a slut,” he said sternly.

“Aren’t I?” she said as the tears began to run down her face more quickly. “I met you twice and we had sex; twice! If that doesn’t make me a slut, I don’t know what does!”

“It makes you someone who knows what she wants,” he said. “It makes you someone who isn’t afraid of taking chances.”

“Taking chances?” she exclaimed. “I’m taking chances with my marriage!”

He exhaled a long breath knowing he could not disagree.

“And do you know what’s worse?” she said, her crying threatening to undo her completely. “The worst part is I’d like nothing better than for you to take me! Right here and now! Just take me like you do in those stories of yours! I know you want to. You’ve written about it enough times. And I want you to!”

Despite her saying she wanted him she had retreated to the furthest point in the room away from him.

He stayed where he was.

“I want you too,” he said quietly. “But I know you’re not ready for that.”

For the first time during this conversation she smiled slightly.

“What?” she asked quietly as she brushed the tears from her face.

“I want you,” he said, “more than you know. But I know you can’t take that step just yet. You might never take it.”

She sat in one of the chairs and buried her face in her hands. Brian moved to stand beside her chair and hugged her shoulders toward his waist. She threw her arms around his hips and cried with gasps and coughs that made her shudder from head to toe.

He stood beside her and did not move as she expelled the anger and shame that had built up inside her.

After about five minutes she raised her head slightly and swiped at her face with her hands.

“I’m sure I look hideous now after that,” she mumbled.

“Never,” he said with a gentle smile. “I could never see you as anything but beautiful.”

She smiled up at him and swatted at his stomach with her open hand.

“You’re a terrible liar!” she said with a chuckle. “But you sure know how to make a girl feel good.”

He chuckled and pulled her to her feet. He placed his arms on the small of her back and hugged her. She returned the embrace and put her head on his shoulders.

“I better go!” she said softly. “If I don’t go now, I’m going to rip your clothes off and take you right here. Then I’m going to feel even worse!”


[Open Doc]

Yvette sat on the edge of the desk in the deserted back office with one arm leaning back and her head toward the ceiling. Her mouth was open and she was panting heavily as Stuart lapped at her vagina with relish.

She had opened her blouse and pushed her bra upward so she could caress her own tit. She gently cupped it with her palm while occasionally squeezing the nub of her nipple between two fingers.

Her legs hung down over Stuart’s back while his hands gripped her buttocks with both hands. His face was soaking wet with her juices and he pushed his tongue and nose up and back against her mound from perineum to clitoris.

Her hips gyrated against his face and she moaned out loud whenever he touched a particularly sensitive Antalya Travesti spot. She moved her hand from her breast and clinched his hair, mashing him against her mons.

Her thighs clenched around his neck and she lay back completely on the desk. With both hands gripping his hair she ground against him and started a low keening as her orgasm built.

Just when Stuart thought he could take no more of her pulling his hair she suddenly stiffened and cried out loud. Her legs and hands held him stock still as she shuddered and he gritted his teeth while he waited for her to come down.

When her muscles finally relaxed he pulled away from her and took a deep breath as he looked up at her from his kneeling position.

He liked the view.

Her thighs were splayed open and her pussy glistened wetly. Her belly was heaving and her pert tits stood up almost straight from her chest. She looked down between her thighs while gasping for breath and a weak smile crossed her face.

“God I’ve missed that!” she exhaled.

Stuart chuckled and wiped her juices from his face with his elbow.

“Me too,” he said with a grin. “Now I gotta go, so you can give me a blowjob later!”

She smiled and lay back to stare at the ceiling.

“With pleasure!” she said. “My husband tries hard, but he’s got a lot to learn about how to lick pussy.”

Stuart shrugged and went to the door. He grinned and looked back one more time to take in the sight of her. Her black blouse was opened and her matching bra pulled aside to expose her right breast completely. Her grey knee-length skirt was raised to expose her neatly trimmed triangular bush. Her black panties hung off her right foot just below the ankle.

He left the room with a smile while she lay prostrate on the desk.

She looked at the closed door for a long time and absently tweaked her clitoris and left nipple. Before too long she sighed as a small orgasm rippled through her and still she lay back with no intention of going anywhere soon.

[Close Doc]


It was the next day and Evelyn grinned wryly as she finished reading the new chapter. Brian emailed it to her about an hour before quitting time.

She well knew this story was no longer about two fictional characters; it was about her and what Brian wished to do with her.

As she thought this she admitted to herself that she enjoyed the attention. She knew also her husband would be horrified that one of her co-workers had these thoughts about her. He would be doubly horrified to know they were written into an erotic story. She didn’t want to contemplate what he would think if he found out how all of this made her feel.

She sat back in her chair and rubbed her eyes with the backs of her hands. Her eyes weren’t really irritated, even though it was common after viewing a computer monitor for long stretches of time. She only used the gesture so she could lean back, close her eyes and indulge in a small fantasy of her own.

In it, Brian had comforted her as she cried in the back office. He had lifted her to her feet and hugged her. Then, instead of releasing her and watching her leave the room, he had refused to release her. She struggled a little; she certainly couldn’t allow him to manhandle her without any resistance. During their struggle the back of her skirt was raised as she tried to make him let go. Instead of loosening his grip, her struggles seemed to egg him on.

He pulled her closer to him and buried his face into the nape of her neck. She could feel his hot breath against her throat and she gasped. Her protests went unheeded as he gripped her lower back and buttocks firmly. She realized then that her skirt was now completely raised against her back. His hands grabbed her backside, his palms secure over the globes of her ass and his fingers squeezing and flexing her flesh.

Soon her gasps of protest became wordless gasps as she thrashed around trying to free herself. She felt the front of her blouse being pulled open and heard two or three buttons pop out and fall to the floor. One of his hands was now on her breast, pulling at the cup of her bra til her nipple was exposed. He moved his face to her chest and took the pink nub into his mouth while pushing his other hand under the waistband of her panties.

She began to feel helpless as his fingers crept inexorably toward her pubis. With a sense of shame she realized she was now dripping wet. When he pulled her blouse and bra over her head she not only allowed him but helped it along by pulling her arms away from the garments as soon as they cleared the top of her head.

With a pent up passion she didn’t know resided in her she threw herself at him, kissing him furiously as he pushed her skirt and panties to the floor.

The chill in the air caused her to break out in goose pimples. Now naked, she stood back from him for a moment, eyeing him with hunger.

She launched herself into his arms and molded her body against his. Bursa Travesti He unzipped his slacks and his erect cock popped out. Without waiting, she gripped it and pushed it against her vagina. She wrapped one leg around his hips and put both hands around his shoulders.

When it slipped in she sighed and kissed him once more.

He put his hands around her back and raised her slightly to perch on the edge of a desk. She wrapped her other leg around him and then he was humping her. There was no other word to describe it. It was animalistic. It was primal. It was nothing but a bestial coupling where both of them howled their desire.

When he came he stayed lodged inside her and she sighed when the semen dribbled from between her lips and plopped onto the desk underneath her.

With a start Evelyn opened her eyes and took in her surroundings. Serena was at the next desk over, working on her tasks and oblivious to the torrid fantasy that played through her co-worker’s mind.

She blinked a couple of times and took a deep breath. She realized her nipples were hard and pushing against her bra painfully. Her panties were damp and there was a yearning in her belly she knew she would have to satisfy sometime before she slept that night.

As she left for the day she went to the back office on a whim. She opened the door and surveyed the dimness with the glow of the sun softly illuminating the room through the drawn blinds.

In her mind’s eye she saw herself in here, perched on the edge of the desk at the far wall with her legs spread wide while Brian pushed himself into her. She stared at the desk and felt her nipples harden again. Unconsciously her right hand cupped her breast under her coat. She squeezed it gently and stepped fully into the room.

When the door closed behind her she saw movement in the corner of her eye. It was Brian sitting at the desk in the corner furthest from the door. He was leaning as far back as the chair would allow and he stared at her with wide eyes. His zipper was open and his hand was wrapped firmly around his erect cock.

Her own eyes went wide with shock. She swallowed hard and felt a trembling in her limbs.

Without thinking about it she rushed over to his chair and straddled his lap. She planted a desperate kiss on his lips and felt for the hard penis in his hand. She pushed its head against her pubis and pulled her panties aside. Awkwardly and with a few failed attempts, the head finally poked between her lips.

She mewled softly as she drove herself downward. When it pushed into her fully she stopped moving, just to savor the feeling.

Brian nervously undid the buttons on her blouse and reached for her breasts. He softly cupped one tit and urged the bra cup to the side to expose her nipple. He took it into his mouth and she shuddered at the touch.

Her hips started moving, almost of their own accord. She drove herself up and down on his shaft quickly. She sat up straight and closed her eyes. She felt his hands on both her breasts and smiled to herself at the sensations.

He grunted and raised himself from the chair. Holding firmly to her buttocks he kept her tightly against him and placed her on the edge of the desk.

His eyes bored into hers as he fucked her.

“Yes!” she thought, “That’s what this is! He’s fucking me! This is not making love. This is not having sex. This is fucking!”

The words in her head made her nipples pucker and her loins tingle. She never used language like that but there was no other word for this act, this thing they were doing.

“Fuck me,” she whispered with a desperate look in her eye.

“Yes!” he grunted.

“Fuck me hard!” she said, just a little louder.

“Yes,” he groaned, “I’ll fuck you!”

She put her head back then lay back completely on the desk with her legs wrapped tightly around his hips. By now her blouse was wide open and her bra was pushed upward to reveal both her breasts. She cupped them with her hands and squeezed as he thrust into her again and again.

“Oh yes, fuck me!” she cried.

He grunted one last time and went still with his cock buried all the way inside her. She felt him shiver and squeezed her legs around his buttocks.

The only sound after that was their heavy breathing.

After a long moment Brian opened his eyes and looked straight into hers. He saw fear in there. He softened his own eyes and kissed her. A tear dripped out of her left eye and rolled down her cheek to the table beneath her head. She gripped his shoulders and pulled him close. She returned his kiss even as more tears squeezed out of her eyes.

They stayed in that dark office not moving. It was a long time before they dared to lift themselves off the desk. They didn’t want to return to the real world; not yet.


“Hello,” Brian answered his phone on the third ring.

“Let’s get something straight!” Evelyn said hotly. “I’m not leaving my husband, so don’t even let that idea occur to you!”

He blinked in surprise and held the phone away from his face for a moment.

“Okay,” he said dubiously.

“Are we clear on that?” she said in a stern school-teacher voice.

“Yeah,” he said, starting to lose his patience a little.

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