Caught and Punished

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I had come home early from work, tired and with a headache. I asked to leave early in order to get some rest before I gave you a ride to some party. I didn’t hear the noise at first but as my bag hit the floor I heard your cries. “Daddy! Oh Fuck Daddy!” My headache was quickly forgotten as I rushed up the stairs to your room thinking you are calling me for help.

I came through your open door to see you in a tiny miniskirt and white tank top—with your tits hanging out—and pushing a vibrator in and out of your pussy in front of your laptop. You looked up and saw me standing there.

“Shit!” You cried as you slammed shut your laptop and put it on your lap trying to cover your vibrator that was still buzzing. You had thought of the possibility of this happening before. Had a thousand excuses planned but as you looked at me you couldn’t remember a single one. Two things had thrown you off. One I was home earlier than expected and it was clear I heard what you were moaning, two there was an outline of a big boner in my pants. Your mouth hung open at the sight of my hard cock the only possible cause of it being you.

“What kind of fucked up boyfriend asks you to call him Daddy and whore yourself out?”

“It’s not like that.” You argued.

I walked up to you and grabbed your laptop pulling it out of your hands. You moved to grab it back but my pants moved past your face and you shivered seeing my dick throb. You quickly covered yourself with a blanket.

I sat in your desk chair and opened the laptop. I saw the website. “A fucking cam site?”

“Daddy it’s not what you think!” You’re scared.

“I’d have to be an idiot for it to not be what I think.” I put the laptop down. The webcam was still on. Someone typed I think that’s her Dad. He goes to your college and was recording you cam session, he thought he could get a free blowjob from it, when he Bayan Escort Gaziantep realizes who I am he doesn’t stop recording instead he gets his dick out.

I ripped the blanket from you and threw it on the floor. I sat on the edge of the bed. “Come hear.” I ordered pointing to my lap.

“Daddy. The Webcam’s still…” I slapped your cheek hard, there was a red hand print and the next day it turned into a big bruise. People from your college who saw the video smiled at you when they see the bruise.

“Get on my lap now.” I ordered. You sat up and slowly sat on my lap, scared.

“Not like that. Fucking dumb cunt.” I mutter as I pushed down on your head, forcing your ass into the air as the rest of you hangs down facing the floor. Someone screen capped your tits hanging down to the floor. Not a flattering image. The first spank was hard and made you cry.

“That hurts!” You moaned.

“That’s the point.” I said smacking your ass again. “If you have so much free time to be a slut I’m going to make you my slut.”

“Okay Daddy.” You replied the reality of the situation hitting you when your reply made my dick throb under you.

I smacked your ass again and you cried out. Tears leak out of your eyes and I smacked each cheek hard not trying to be gentle or caring how hard I hit you. I put my full strength into smacking each cheek and you had bruises the next day and had a hard time sitting down for a week. “Count them.” Smack.

“One.” You start.

“One what?” I said threateningly.

“I don’t know what you want.” I smacked your ass then hit your pussy.

“Yes you do. You were just saying it when I got home. Now count!” I yelled.

“Two Daddy, and three.”

“Good.” Smack again. I kept smacking till you counted twenty. Then I stopped. You shook in fear like an abused puppy expecting another hit while your pussy drooled onto my pants. My hand lowered to your ass and slid downward. I felt your pussy and pushed a finger roughly inside. Your body shook cumming around the one finger I thrusted in and out of you violently.

“You like when Daddy hits you?” I asked.

“Yes Daddy.”

“Good girl.” I said as I pulled my finger out too soon in your opinion. A shiver crawled up your spine when you realized you wanted your Daddy to keep finger fucking you. I stuck your finger in my mouth tasting your juices. “Mmm tastes like slut. Just how I like it.” I shoved my finger into your mouth and you sucked it clean. I pushed you off my knees and back onto the bed. “It’s time you taste something else.” I started to pull open my pants.

“Daddy no. I’ve learned my lesson that’s too far.” You said, I smacked your other cheek in reply.

“If you’re still back talking then you haven’t learned anything yet.” I said as my pants fell to the ground and my big hard dick popped out. I wrapped my hands around your throat chocking you as I shoved my dick down your throat. You had gotten half a breath at most and had a bad gag reflex if something entered that hadn’t been invited. You coughed your air out as my dick went down your throat and my hand’s squeezed around it so I could fuck your mouth better. “Now that’s what I’m fucking talking about. A nice wet throat to fuck.” I moaned as I made you cry and ensured you had no voice for a couple of days. I fucked your throat hard pushing in and out for a couple minutes till you turned blue. Then I pulled out and you went back coughing and gasping for air. You laid on your back and didn’t try to fight me as I climbed on top.

“Daddy, don’t. Please.” You managed to wheeze. I didn’t listen though only thinking about how I had thrown out your birth control when I found it in your purse.

“I have to make sure you don’t have time to be a slut.” I replied as I ripped your skirt off and tore open your top. I then slid my hard dick slowly into you as I clamped my mouth over yours. You tried to tighten your mouth shut by my tongue snaked its way in. My dick was bigger than most that you had and I wasn’t going in gentle. I fucked you hard. I thrusted in and out of you repeatedly. It wasn’t about your orgasm though despite the couple you had it was about the fact that I hadn’t had a pussy in so long. I was taking your very tight cunt and I was going to mark you as Daddy’s girl. My dick hit your cervix on each thrust and I was making you shake as I inched to my goal not wanting to hit it too soon.

As I fucked you I pulled and pinched your nipples while leaving hickey’s on your upper body. Your neck and shoulders were covered and only a turtle neck would hide them. I was rough on your tits while I pounded your pussy. A few times you came just from my rough treatment of your nipples. You hit me back wanting me to stop but I would just slap your tits or your face and thrust harder. I wanted you to have bruises so people would see what I did. I didn’t care what they thought if my daughter was already a slut.

I was getting close. I closed my eyes and grunted. “Fuck yes. This tight pussy is amazing. God I wished I’d done this sooner.” My orgasm was knocking at your cervix and I came. I thrust one more time pushing balls deep inside you as I sprayed a huge load of thick hot cum deep inside you. I shook on top of you and passed out for a couple minutes from the pleasure. You were too weak to push me off so I only guaranteed the pregnancy since it was close to that time of the month. You would have to carry your Daddies rape baby.

“That’s a good girl.” I said crawling off you. “Now clean up I have a game to watch. If you bring me a beer and suck me off during the game maybe I’ll let you cum before bed.” I left you there alone to cry in horror over what I just did to you. Your vibrator laid on the floor still buzzing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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