Cathy Tells Me About Daddy

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Public Sex

It is best to read these stories in the order they were written. All participants were over 18 and their names are changed to protect their privacy. My goal is to assemble the many different conversations my wife, Cathy, related to me during the course of our marriage about her sexual history with her parents, Harry and Mary. Cathy would tell me about random events in no particular order when she felt the need. We had been married 3 months before she ever mentioned any of this to me. The following recounts the first day she talked to me about it. The event she talked about follows chronologically the first 2 postings.

It was a hot summer afternoon in July. Cathy and I were sitting in the living room of a man whose ad in the local adult newspaper we had answered. His claim to fame was a 9″ cock which was just what we were looking for. Our first 2 threesomes were with bi men but this time Cathy and I wanted a really well hung guy to fuck her while I watched.

After a couple of phone conversations, we decided to meet him. His name was Paul and he had his own house not too far from where Cathy and I lived. Cathy let me do the talking when we met potential partners like this having agreed ahead of time that she would go along with whatever I decided. She looked great sitting there on a recliner. Cathy was wearing a long, one piece dress that was split up the side. Her tanned legs were crossed and were exposed up to mid thigh. The top tied behind her neck and she had no bra on so Paul had a nice view of her awesome 38C chest.

Fuckable was the look Cathy was going for when were getting ready and she definitely nailed it. There was no doubt Paul was up for it from the way he was looking at her while we talked. As far as I was concerned, everything about him sounded fine except for one thing which kind of threw me.

Paul’s ad said he was retired but we hadn’t really thought about exactly how old that would make him. As it turned out, he was 62 and had white hair. Cathy was 47. He was in good shape but just seemed old to me so I thought I better talk to Cathy before I gave him the OK to fuck her. I asked Cathy to join me in the kitchen for a minute.

“Is he too old for you?” I asked. “He seems fine otherwise but I wanted to check with you first.”

“Oh, no Baby” she replied. “I am cool with older guys. I married you didn’t I!” she laughed.

“OK you got me there. But he is 10 years older than me. I bet he can fuck for an hour. So you are ready for this?” I replied.

“You will have to remind me to tell you about the time I fucked a guy who was 35 years older than me. I loved it” She loved to tease me with tales of her past lovers. This one definitely was one I was not going to forget about reminding her to tell me.

“Let’s do this!” Cathy said turning her back to me so I could untie her dress behind her neck. “And remember you just watch!”

Letting her dress fall to the floor, I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed the back of her neck. “You are so fucking hot!” Looking at her standing there with nothing but her white thong and high heels on I knew this was going to be a great afternoon.

“Here’s the plan. Give us about 2 minutes to get naked and then come back in the living room. I hope he fucks you silly!” I said as I left the kitchen.

“So do I Baby” she laughed. “Get going!”

I gave Paul the thumbs up sign when I walked back in the living room. “Cathy took her dress off so let’s get naked. She will be back in a minute.” I took one of the dining room chairs and placed it in the middle of the living room.”Why don’t you sit here and I will watch from the sofa.” Paul was out of his clothes in no time and sat on the chair. His cock was beautiful and already getting hard. Cathy was going to love it.

Cathy walked back in a moment later and slowly walked up to Paul. His eyes never left her tits and as soon as she got within arms length he reached out and cupped them. He kissed one , then the other as Cathy sat across his lap.

His cock was fully erect now and Cathy was slowing rubbing her satin covered pussy against it. She looked over and smiled at me.

Her hard nipples and flushed cheeks left no doubt that she was enjoying Paul’s attention. I sat quietly on the sofa, watching everything and listening to their moans as their passion built. Cathy looked so sexy and I loved how she was enjoying herself. The hotter she got the more I liked it.

Soon Cathy stood up and removed her thong. Paul was already hard as a steel rod so she just bent down and licked the very big head of his cock for a minute before positioning herself over him. Cathy gripped his cock with one hand to hold it steady while she placed it at the entrance to her very wet pussy. Then Cathy slowly sank down on it, taking the full length on the first try. She gasped in pleasure as it filled her and immediately started to ride up and down on it, taking the full length on every stroke.

Paul held her tits together so he could lick and suck her nipples while she Antep Bayan Escort fucked him. They both were lost in passion. I checked the clock. It was 2:45 when they started fucking. I wanted to be sure to keep track of how long they fucked for Cathy. Paul turned out to be more assertive with Cathy and soon told her to Kneel on the recliner so he could fuck her from behind.

Cathy was ready for anything he wanted at that point so she just stood up and got on the recliner. She positioned her ass high for him so he could easily enter her from behind. Paul surprised me by kneeling behind Cathy and eating her very wet pussy. Three minutes of that was enough to bring Cathy to her first orgasm. Then Paul stood up and grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him as he shoved his cock into her.

The sound of his balls slapping against her ass filled the room. Paul was fucking her hard and fast, just the way she liked it. Cathy was moaning with pleasure and urged him to keep fucking her hard. Paul was sweating now but showed no signs of slowing down. I loved it too!

I looked up at the clock to check their progress. It was 3:10 and Cathy was about to have her second orgasm. Paul gets an A+ so far I thought. He was dripping sweat now but kept up the pace until Cathy came. Paul told me to get a mat he had in the closet and put it on the floor behind him. I jumped right up to get it. I couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do next.

As soon as I unrolled the exercise mat on the floor and sat back on the couch, Paul pulled out and told Cathy to lay on her back. Cathy just nodded and did as she was told. She was in a zone I had never seen her in. So hot and so turned on. Big cocks really are what she loves I noted. Once she was on her back Paul opened her legs and again took the time to bury his face in her pussy.

Not that Cathy needed any additional attention at this point. He just loved to eat pussy. Cathy’s arms were up over her head and her head was rolling from side to side as she had her third orgasm. That’s a record for 1 fuck I noted. The time was 3:35. They had been at it for 50 minutes.

Paul took her ankles and put them on his shoulders as he got ready to pound her from on top. He leaned forward until his cock was in the right position and thrust into her. He supported his weight on his hands and knees while he pumped his hips up and down driving his cock into Cathy hard and fast. The additional weight of his body behind the strokes made it even louder as balls slapped against her ass.

Cathy lifted her head up so she could kiss him while they fucked. She was in Ecstasy. Paul pounded her relentlessly with his huge cock until he started grunting in a way that I can only describe as savage. Soon he said he was going to come and their bodies started to spasm from the force of their combined orgasm.

I sat silently taking in the the most erotic scene I had ever seen. It was 3:51. They had fucked for an hour and 6 minutes. Cathy had 4 orgasms. From the dreamy look in her eyes as she lay spreadeagled on the floor after he got off her, I knew big cocks would be the number one thing we looked for in any new lovers. She was glistening with sweat and come was slowly oozing out of her pussy. Now it was my turn.

She was telling Paul what a great fuck that was as I got on my knees between her legs and started to lick the come out of her pussy. I stopped long enough to agree with her that Paul was awesome. Using my fingers, I got most of his come out of her and licked her clean. Paul went into the kitchen and came back with a couple of beers.

We sat and talked for another 30 minutes about how they each liked fucking each other and made plans to meet again. After finishing her 2nd beer, Cathy started to get dressed and we prepared to leave. I shook Paul’s hand and told him how much I enjoyed watching him fuck Cathy. Cathy joked with him that if he ever wanted to go bi, I would probably like fucking him more than she did. What a day!

The ride home was fun. Cathy asked me how I liked watching. I had to tell her it was way more exciting than even I thought it was going to be. I told her how erotic she looked riding on that big cock. In no uncertain terms I told her I would love to watch her fuck any time she wanted. Then she took the conversation somewhere I had never imagined.

“You know how I said I fucked a guy 35 years older than me?” she asked suddenly seeming more serious.

“You can bet your ass I was going to ask you about that!” I said. “Who was it? Santa Claus” I laughed.

“No asshole. It happened to be one of my Dad’s friends, Larry Winters, who happened to be quite the stud” she bragged.

Not having a calculator handy, it took me a minute to figure out she must have been 18 when she did him. That was the age she had told me she lost her virginity. “Wow, your Dad’s friend. So he was your first then? Did your Dad know?” I asked.

“You and I have shared things I never shared with anybody before.” Cathy started. “I feel like we can tell each other anything. It’s been so hot exploring fantasies with you that I want you to be the first person I have ever talked to about this. I know I can trust you.”

This was becoming a serious conversation. “Of course you can trust me Cathy” I said. “This has been so exciting for me having someone to be able to say anything to. Whatever it is just the fact that you trust me that much makes me love you even more.”

“Well here goes. To answer your question he wasn’t my first. He was my second. And yes my Dad knew because he was my first.” Cathy said quietly. By this time we were just sitting in the car in our driveway talking. She sat there looking at me to gauge my reaction expecting the worst.

I took her hands and squeezed and looked her right in the eyes. “Cathy that is the most intimate thing anybody could ever talk about. I love you and I want to hear everything. Let’s get in the house.” I replied and kissed her. She smiled knowing it was going to be OK.

We took a shower together and decided to lay on the bed before we started talking again. My mind was racing wondering what she was going to say. Did she like it? Was she forced? How many times? Did her Mom find out? There were a million questions running through my mind. I went downstairs and brought back a beer for her and laid down next to her ready to listen.

“Let me tell you about the night Larry fucked me. There is so much more to talk about. Like how it all started. What we did. How Mom helped. It’s just too much to talk about all at once. So just let me talk about this one night for now. We can go into the rest of on other days.” Cathy said calmly. Her mind was made up to share all this with me so the least I could do is let her tell it in her own way.

“It was during spring vacation in my senior year. For the first time, my Dad and I had the house to ourselves since we had started fucking on my 18th birthday. Mom had arranged to to take the boys to her sister’s house in Pennsylvania for the spring vacation. Before she left she told me that Dad had something special planned for me that week and that I would like it. I was intrigued because up to that point, every new thing I was taught how to do had turned out to be really exciting.

“Mom piled all the boys into the car after school and left that Friday afternoon. Dad was at work so I had the house to myself until he would be home at midnight with my “surprise”. He had been very careful not to let on what he was talking about so all I knew was to be in the living room wearing nothing but my little short robe that barely covered my ass and high heels when he got home. Instructions like that were a daily occurrence for the last 4 months from Mom and Dad because he always had specific ideas about what he wanted me to do each night.

“Waiting for him to get home seemed like forever. I was excited thinking about what he wanted. I remembered some of the previous surprises for me like when he taught me how to take him anally or to swallow his come or to masturbate for him while he watched. I couldn’t imagine what other kind of sex there was that we hadn’t done already.

“Finally a few minutes after midnight his car pulled in the driveway. I positioned myself on the sofa facing the door with my robe open enough to almost fully expose my breasts and my legs crossed wearing those “fuck me” pumps Mom had bought for me. When he came through the side door was I shocked when another man walked in right behind him.

“I remember quickly trying to close my robe and trying to figure out how to look respectable enough to meet somebody when I was wearing next to nothing. Dad laughed and said it was OK. This was his friend, Larry, from work and that he knew about us. I stood up and walked over to shake his hand. Needless to say, he was staring at my tits when he said hello. Dad kissed me deeply and patted my butt. Larry managed to say I looked even more beautiful in person. I was getting more relaxed already.

“Dad sent me into the kitchen to get them some beers. By that time I had already drank 4 but I wasn’t going to tell him that. When I came back into the living room they were both sitting on the sofa and Dad motioned for me to sit between them. Daddy started telling me that Larry and him were great friends that shared everything. Larry had the same problem at home with his wife being unable to have sex that had originally spurred Mary to talk to me about helping her in the bedroom with servicing Daddy. The trouble for Larry was there was no one else at home that could help his wife take care of him.

“Daddy went on talking about how he and Larry talked about how hard it was not to get what you needed at home. Neither of them wanted to screw around with other women until Daddy told him how Mary had solved his problem. He said Larry was getting so horny listening to Daddy talk about how wonderful I was in in bed that Daddy finally decided to share me with him. So that’s the surprise for me. Daddy wanted me to have sex with another man.

“I’ve been telling Larry how beautiful you are Baby. Why don’t we start with you taking off your robe and letting Larry see that hot little body of yours. I was already in the mood for some serious sex so I had no problem obeying. There were plenty of times that I went back to my room after fucking Daddy 2 or 3 times that I felt like I wanted more. The look on Larry’s face as I stood up and dropped my robe reminded me of the first time I stood in front of Daddy naked. Pure lust.

“The bulge in his pants was huge. “Isn’t she gorgeous?” Daddy asked Larry. He only nodded his head not taking his eyes off me for a second. “Baby, why don’t you give a Larry one of your great blowjobs? The poor guy hasn’t had sex in 2 months so he will probably shoot a gallon or 2” They laughed. I would love to Daddy I replied. Should I do it right here?

“Right there is fine Baby. I want to watch you do him. Make sure you swallow it all now Baby. I told him how good you are at that. Larry had already opened his pants and pushed them down to his ankles. His cock was hard and looked bigger than Daddy’s. Thicker too. I knelt between his legs and held his cock at the base while I slowly ran my tongue up to the tip. Larry moaned when I sucked the head into my mouth and started sucking him. I saw Daddy Take his cock out while he watched and start stroking it. 2 guys was going to be fun I thought to myself.

“Daddy was right. Larry was ready to come in about 2 minutes. At first he thought I was going to take it out of my mouth when he said he was going to come. Then he saw me take it deeper instead and knew I wanted him to come in my mouth. A gallon was an exaggeration I thought as he spurted time after time. A cup maybe. A little escaped out of the side of my mouth but I swallowed almost every drop on the first try. I looked up at Larry who seemed like he was going to pass out from the intensity of his orgasm. After 3 mouthfuls, I took his cock out of my mouthful and squeezed a few more drops out so Daddy could see me lick them off.

“Daddy didn’t waste any time. Come over here Baby. I want to fuck you I remember him saying. Knowing what He liked I got up and stood between his legs with my back towards him. I bent over and hugged my thighs. Daddy liked to hold my hips and thrust up into me when he was sitting like that. His hands pushed my hips down each time he thrust up so he could fuck me really hard and fast. Larry watched as we fucked. Daddy turned to him and said in a few minutes he can fuck me too.

“Baby you looked so good swallowing Larry’s come I want to come in your mouth too. Get ready. Now! I quickly turned around and got my knees and sucked his wet cock into my mouth. He moaned as he shot his load and filled my mouth with his come. Up until a few minutes ago I had always thought that was a huge amount of come but now, after Larry, It was no big deal to swallow it all.

By this time, Cathy needed another beer. I got up to go back downstairs and let he look at my erection just in case she had any doubt about what my reaction was to what she was saying. I hurried back with the beer and got back into bed with her to hear more about that night. Listening to Cathy share these details was even more erotic than watching her fuck had been.

“I remember the 3 of us being totally nude standing in the middle of the living room. I was kissing Larry while Daddy was behind me. Larry had one hand om my tits and the other fingering my pussy. Daddy was grinding his cock against my ass. Even though Daddy had just fucked me, I couldn’t wait to fuck Larry too. I was learning that my appetite for sex was far bigger than even I had imagined.

“I was stroking Larry’s cock while we kissed and got is fully erect again. I turned to face Daddy and kissed him. Can I fuck Larry now Daddy I asked. Daddy kissed me back and said that he and Larry were going to fuck me all night. Being alone in the house with 2 horny men excited me in a way I had never felt before. I wanted to fuck all night too.

“Without a word Larry positioned himself behind me so he could start fucking me. I reached back between my legs and gripped his hard cock. In a second he was ready to enter me. I remember turning back to see Daddy’s cock in my face. Sucking Daddy’s cock into my mouth at the same time Larry started fucking me made me come. There would be no stopping me after that.

“They took turns on me after that. Trading places between fucking me and getting their cocks sucked. Larry was even bigger than Daddy and fucked me really good. The last vestiges of any inhibitions I had left were totally gone. I would do anything they wanted and even started telling them what I wanted. Daddy was so turned on by my slutty behavior I decided to take it a step further.

“One of the porn movies my parents had me watch back when they first started teaching me about different sexual things had a scene where a woman got fucked by 2 men at the same time. One in her ass and the other in her pussy. At the time I remember thinking that must be impossible to do but tonight it came to my mind and suddenly seemed very possible. I had this overwhelming desire to do it.

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