Catching Fish Ch. 07

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Monday morning at 9, and Shannon and I are stuck in LA traffic. She told me to bring a beach towel, mask and fins, and wear tennis or hiking shoes – she knew a cool place about 30 miles south. I brought mine in a small backpack with some water bottles…and a couple of apples and some cheese. We had both left our houses for school as usual, but had met at the park and joined up. The first thing she did when she got in my car was slide the seat back. Oh yeah, Kylie had been the last one to sit in that seat. Shannon was going to need more leg room.

She was dressed for school…in her usual beach wear. Old faded polo shirt and baggy cotton shorts, flip flops on her feet and aviator sunglasses on her head. I asked about her shoes, and she pointed to her beach bag. “Gotta look like a school day” she said, with a conspiratorial smile.

“What about you?” she asked. I told her there was no way my teaching clothes would match my beach clothes, so I had them in the back and I would have to change. As we drove (and stopped, and drove, and…), we talked about all sorts of stuff. It started with us talking about Kylie and our Saturday together. I told her how great it had been, and she chuckled and said yeah, she’d heard that. The two of them had spent Sunday afternoon shopping, I figured she knew everything.

The traffic finally started breaking up, and Shannon thanked me for the Victoria Secret gift card. She said Kylie had bought some ‘wild stuff’, while she had spent most of it on a couple of robes and some bathing suits. “Bathing suits at VS?” I ask. She tilts her head down and looks up at me through her brows like I’m an idiot, so I figure the answer is yes.

“I’m going to wear one today…would you like to see?” she asks.

“Sure”. And she lifts her hips and pulls her shorts off. I accidentally start to change lanes as I look down at her naked legs, leading up to her…wait…those weren’t panties. She was wearing her bikini bottoms, and she was showing them to me. Small but not string, they were light multi color splotchy…like a Monet painting. I could only see the bottom half, because of her shirt hanging down, but the sight of her thighs and crotch was making me crazy.

As I get back in my lane and pay attention to the road, I tell her so. She smiles, and digs in her bag to show me the top. Same color pattern, it just looks like a couple of scraps of cloth with strings hanging from it. And then, with no warning, she pulls her shirt off. Sitting next to me in her bikini bottoms and sports bra, I’m trying to act like a lizard and point one eye on the road and one at her. Not much traffic around, but some…and she’s tall enough that anyone could see her if they looked.

And they did. A trucker we were passing honked his air horn and waved…she flipped him off. I stayed a quarter mile ahead of him, and didn’t try to pass anymore cars. It was a good thing, too, because just then she turned to face me a little, caught my eye, and pulled her sports bra over her head. There they were…large and firm and bursting with youth. After staring for a second (OK…maybe 10 seconds), I had to turn away or crash. Eyes on the road Coach, eyes on the road. Nothing you haven’t seen before (and am pretty sure I will be seeing again)…let’s get there alive.

She relents, and hangs the bikini top from her neck on it’s string. Grabbing each side of the back strap, she pulls the front down a little below her breasts, then pulls it up as she settles her tits into the fabric. Just fabric, so you can see the shape of her nipples poking through. There she was, tall and tan and beautiful and almost completely naked in the front seat of my car. The light multi color of the bikini against her tanned skin was stunning. I tell her she made an excellent choice.

“Well, you bought it!” she said.

“Best thing I’ve bought in years.” She smiles, then says I may change my mind when I see some more of ‘my’ purchases. Now it’s my turn to smile.

In the interest of modesty and not dying in a fiery car crash, she puts her shorts and shirt back on, then digs in her bag and pulls out a pair of lightweight hiking shoes and socks.

“We’re almost there,” she says as she puts on her shoes. By now we’re driving down the coast road, and going up and down the hills that are falling as cliffs into the ocean. When we get to the top of one hill, we pull off on the side of the road and park. There are a couple of other cars parked along the road, and what looks like a little trail leading out onto the cliffs. As we get out, I’m thinking I should have stopped to change my clothes along the way.

She knows what I’m thinking, and gives me a challenging look – You saw me change…well? I also have a number of scars from not turning down challenges, and walk beside my car to get some cover from the road. As I take off my shirt, Shannon slowly walks over to my side of the car to watch.

She’s seen me naked…hell, she’s sucked my cock. Yet Travesti I still feel self conscious as I take off my pants. I shouldn’t. 6 foot 2 inches, 220 pounds, and a former college football player – I’ve always stayed active and taken care of myself. Still feels weird.

She’s staring intently at my dick as I start to pull my trunks on. With all that has happened, it’s a bit bigger than normal. Not erect at all…but a little fatter and longer, and she looks at it hungrily. Yep, I’m gonna get some today.

When I’m done we take our bags and head down the trail. Not really a trail, just a foot wide opening in the low brush leading out to the cliff. But halfway there, Shannon cuts across an open area and starts down into a defile leading to the ocean. This trail led down steeply, then peetered out at some large rocks. We cut over the rocks, then climbed down a rocky slope towards the ocean.

On the left side of the defile, the ground rose in a cliff to join those facing the ocean, and on the right it opened onto a small secluded beach, bounded by an outcrop of rocks a couple hundred yards away. It was about 50 yards wide right now, had rocks sticking up through the brown tinged sand in some places, and large rocks out in the ocean. Hard to get to, bad surfing, and poor sand explained why there were only 4 people on the beach when we got there (along with the fact it was Monday morning).

We found a good spot away from the others, put down our towels and stuff, stripped down to swim suits and ran into the water. EEEHAAAA! The day was warm but the water was COLD. We both ruffled and flustered, then Shannon splashed water in my face and took off…playing the age old flirting game of “catch me.” She was fast…long and lean, she lived in the water, and cut a clean wake parallel to the beach. But I grew up here too, was raised in the ocean, and can swim like an otter…so the race was on. It was even for the first 50 yards, but then I started gaining on her. She looked back, saw me gaining…then started sprinting, and pulled away a little. It was obvious she wanted me to catch her – but was too damn competitive to lose a race! She couldn’t keep it up forever though, and before we had reached the rock barrier to the north, I had pulled in front of her and turned to face her.

We both stood up in the neck deep water, out of breath and panting. I walked towards her, she opened her arms, and I pulled her body against mine as she wrapped her arms and legs around me. Breathing hard, we both felt each other’s chest expand and contract, and in seconds Shannon leaned into my lips and started a deep french kiss. Breathing loudly through our noses, our tongues battled and twisted as she rubbed her pussy on my cock.

We were mostly underwater, and at the far end of the beach from the others…so when I pulled her top up and freed her breasts they couldn’t see anything. Large and light colored, they shimmered just under the water. I reached up to cup and mash them as I twisted her nipples, and she leaned back to give me better access.

Damn she has fine tits! Bigger than my hands can hold…and I have pretty big hands. Lighter than her tan, with large brownish nipples, they were plump and firm. As I squeezed and kneaded them, she was rubbing her crotch against me harder. Not faster, but grinding into me…and starting to make little noises. I was hard as these rocks around us, and rubbing her right back.

She stopped moving, and looked into my eyes…then dropped off of me and took my hand to lead me towards the rocky barrier. We swim up to it, climb over, then swim up the other side. We beach on a little alcove hollowed out under the cliff. Sandy area the size of a kitchen, it is completely sheltered except from the sea. Covered at high tide, there was about 10 feet of sand up against the cliff.

Taking my hand as we come out of the water, we walk a couple of paces and she turns and grabs me. Turning me to face the sea, she pushes me down onto the sand and climbs on top. Kissing and groping, her top is soon in the sand next to us. I’m really enjoying playing with her titties, but all she seems to think about is grinding her pussy onto my cock. Now that I’m under her on dry land, she can really bear down.

She gets into this pattern – bear down hard, then brush up and down. Bear down hard, brush up and down. I grab her bikini bottoms from the sides and pull a little, and she gets the idea. She pulls them down over her butt, then lifts her leg up and over to pull them down and off. While she was doing that, I pulled my trunks down to my knees and was trying to kick them off when she climbed back on top.

Looking directly at me, without a word having been spoken since we hit the water, she grabs my dick with one hand and sits straight down onto my cock. “OhhhhHHHH GOD!” In one quick plunge, my cock goes from being cool from the swim to the torchy hot depths of her 18 year old cunt. Squatting over my body, she Ankara Travesti goes up and down once, then up and down again, as she lets her fuck tube get used to my pipe.

Rolling off her feet onto her knees, she squashes her pelvis up against mine – my rigid cock as far up into her as it will go – then makes a small rotation of her hips to stir my cock in her hole…and more importantly for her, to rub her clit against my pubes. Arching her back and leaning forward, my dick slips almost all of the way out, only to be re-engulfed as she sits back down. Circles her hips while grinding down on me, then pulling back up…she repeats the process a dozen times or so.

Soft moans escape her lips as I fondle and knead her tits, her hands balancing her body by resting on my chest. A different look comes over her face (determination? readiness? desire?), and she bears down on my cock and starts to rub her clit against my pubic bone, hard and fast. She does this by tilting her hips forward, hunching her back a little, then tilting them back and pushing her butt out…and it’s a sprint. She’s grinding down hard, tilting 2 or 3 times a second and getting a good workout…when she stops her hard rubbing, and rotates in circles a couple of times while taking some deep breaths. Slide all the way up, all the way down…and she’s back to her pelvic speed rub.

And this is how she fucks me the whole time. Mostly speed rub with some softer rotations, my cock is completely inside her the whole time except during the occaisionally up and down slide. This woman is hot, in total control of her fuck, and starting to breath harder as she slowly speeds up. Concentrating on what she is feeling inside, she doesn’t talk or kiss or stroke me at all…she’s working towards a goal with single minded dedication.

And she’s getting there. Only making little sounds as she breaths like a runner, she keeps trying to grind down on me harder as she rocks quickly back and forth. She is a big, strong girl, and I think a lot of guys could be put off by her dedication to her pleasure…but I’m loving it, just laying in the sand and feeling her use my body to get herself off.

I wouldn’t think I could have lasted this long, fucking my beautiful student for the first time…but the fact that I’m totally inside her most of the time – with little thrusting to add to the friction – has kept me from getting too close too soon.

But not Shannon. She’s in charge of this show, and is doing what feels best, and I can tell she’s getting close to exploding. Cutting out the in-and-out slide and rotating swirls, she is now just grinding her clit on me at frantic speed. Panting like a sprinter, she’s making “Ho ho ho ho” sounds with every breath.

I’m close too, and hoping we can get off together, when I see the first jerk rush through her body and a “HAA” escape her lips. I know that jerk, she’s about to come hard…and that’ll end my time inside her. I try to speed up my orgasm, but there is no way it will work…she jerks again with another loud exclamation, and I feel her cunt squeeze my cock tight during the jerk. Damn, these pussy clenches are feeling like heaven, and my cock starts to grow as I start getting close…but it is not to be.

The jerks through her body are coming faster and faster, her pussy crunching my cock on every one. She starts to hunch forward, eyes glazed and unseeing…and the jerks melt together into a single orgasmic wail. As soon as it starts, she lifts up and off of me, and rolls on to her side as her body and pussy jerk and thrash her through her crashing orgasm.

I roll over with her, and kneel upright between her spread legs. Looking down at my beautiful student engulfed in her orgasm, I grab my cock and start to pump it fast. My hand is my friend, but nothing like her hot little cunt…but it doesn’t matter. I was so close already, it only takes a minute before I join her in ecstasy. I cum like a freight train, shooting my load all over her belly and cunt.

I collapse next to her, and we recover together. Her shaking has stopped, and I roll to embrace her. She allows it, but I can tell she doesn’t need it, so I kiss her cheek once and just lay be her side. Slowly our breathing returns to normal.

She leans in to me and gives me a quick squeeze, then stands up and walks into the water like a naked sea nymph. I thought she was going in to wash off my cum, but she stops when waist deep and dips down a little bit. Oh yeah, I remember – she’s gotta pee after she comes. Soon she straightens up, rubs her belly and pussy to clean off my seed, then walks back to me with a tired smile on her face.

“Thanks Mr. Fish. I didn’t know I needed it that much, but I guess I’ve been crushing on you more than I thought.”

“It was awesome…YOU were awesome…I’ve never had anyone fuck me like that before.”

We lean in and hug, trade a small kiss and then break as we look around and collect our bathing suits. istanbul Travesti I go into the water and wash off before putting mine on, and in a minute we are slowly swimming back to cross the jetty. As we turn to towards the beach I see the folks haven’t really moved, so I’m guessing that alcove is as private as I thought.

Up on the sand, we walk to our stuff, and it looks like it’s all still there. We dry off with our towells, then spread them out and sit on them. I bring out the water and snacks, and we relax while eating our apples and cheese. We lay back on our towels and let the sun warm our bodies.

Even though we are up in a corner of the beach by the cliffs, the sun is still hot and Shannon takes out her sunblock. It’s a kind of clear oil, and I haven’t seen that kind before. She hands me the bottle to do her back, and I see it is SPF 5. Five…really. This stuff is more old fashion tanning oil than real sunblock, but as she lays down on her stomach and undoes the back strap of her bikini, it suddenly makes sense to rub oil over her body.

Smooth skin with slippery oil, I get really into it really fast. Sensing my excitement, Shannon rolls over to her back, lifts her unhooked bikini top, and says “Now my boobs, Mr. Fish. I didn’t get them at first.” Glancing around I don’t see anyone close or paying attention, and I start to massage oil all over her incredible tits. She reaches down my trunks and feels my growing cock, looks up at me with a little smile and pulls down her bottoms. I look around again, with a bit more worry, and she pulls my pants down and starts oiling my dick.

“Shannon, what are you doing?” I ask. “There’s people around, and you’re out of action for a while anyway.”

“No, I won’t be able to cum again for a while, but I’m not so sensitive anymore. And as to the people…fuck ’em.” Lifting her leg around my body so I’m in between them, she takes her oily hand and rubs it up and down her hairy gash. With no foreplay and little warming, she grabs my dick, places it at her hole, and pulls me inside in one long motion.

People or not, I’m fucking this girl. Snug but not overly tight, her pussy muscles squeeze my dick as she spreads her legs wider and grabs my butt with her hands to help me pump deep. It is obvious she is not as into it as an hour ago, but is moving and humping to help me get off. Starting slow at first but quickly speeding up, I start to pound away hard…and she bounces back up at me just as hard.

“Fuck me hard Mr. Fish, I like it hard.” The fact that she keeps calling me Mr. Fish passes through my brain. I guess she gets turned on by the fact she’s my student and I’m her teacher. It works for me too, and I start drilling her ass into the blanket covered sand. Closer and closer I come to my cum.

“Oh Shannon…you’re pussy’s so hot. Damn, I love fucking your hot little cunt. Oh baby oh baby, I’m so deep inside you…” This isn’t going to take long. I’m pounding down into her as hard as I can, and she’s taking it all and bouncing back up. I would have broken little Kylie if I tried to fuck her like this.

And for some reason, the thought of Kylie while I was fucking her friend set me off. I squeezed her tits hard in both my hands, grit my teeth and drilled as deep as I could go…and exploded in her hot and steaming 18 year old cunt.

Exhausted, I rolled off her and gasped for breath. This time it was Shannon’s turn to stroke me as I came back to reality. Finally sane again, I sit up and look around. There is only 1 couple left on the beach, and they are on the far side and looking directly at us. As I watch, the man starts to clap his hands. I guess they enjoyed the show.

“Wait…don’t you have to go pee?” I ask.

“No. That’s only when I come. When YOU come, I go down and wash myself.” We both walk into the water and let the salt water clean us up.

It’s about 2 by now, and Shannon wants to go snorkeling. So we get our masks and fins, and walk out into the surf. Kicking along the surface, we look down and see the sand and rocks of the sea floor. Visibility is good, about 20 feet, and I dive under the water to look under a rock for an abalone. With no peripheral vision while wearing a mask, I didn’t even know Shannon had come down with me till she swam under me, swimming upside down and looking into my mask.

We come to the surface, take a few deep breaths, and back down into that other world. This time, we hang under water and Shannon comes into my arms. Feeling and stroking each other’s skin, slippery and smooth from the encompassing ocean, we stay down until Shannon has to go up for a breath. As I join her, she takes my hand and heads back to the beach. Kicking fast, she’s in a hurry to get back.

As we get to our towels, she drops onto her butt…grabbing me and pulling me down on top of her. Again she pulls my trunks down, and tries to position me between her legs…but this time I’M going to be in control. I scoot down to face her crotch, pull down her bikini, and start to give her some head. By now, I know that Shannon’s clit is where her pleasure is found, and she likes VERY hard pressure, so I start to press my tongue into her as I grab her ass checks to hold her in place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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