Caroline’s Mom Ch. 10

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The phone rang and Caroline answered it. Her face seemed to turn white. The fear in her face was quite obvious. As she walked toward Rachel and I the tension built.

“Allan your parents are coming for a visit. What will we tell them?”

Rachel spoke almost immediately. “Tell them the truth.”

Both of us were shocked, neither of us believed that my parents would approve of me sleeping with Rachel, much less me fathering her child. Nor would they approve of me living with both women. And I was sure they would not approve of me fathering children with each of them.

She continued. “You are my man, and now you are Caroline’s too. I am wealthy and you are over 18. The only thing they can do is accept it. If they don’t, I will support us and they will have to live with it. I don’t think they will disown you or give up their son. It might take some getting used to for them. I think they could accept you being with Caroline, but not you being with me. I have no intention of hiding from your parents or anyone else. I am proud to be your woman.”

The women began preparing for my parents visit. Rachel told me that she intended to announce that both my women intended to make my parents grandparents. The thought of this made me nervous. The confrontation was not something that I was looking forward to. Rachel guaranteed that it would work out. It was early in the after noon and both women left me alone as they started to prepare for the impending visit.

My parents wouldn’t be here until Saturday. That left me two days to prepare, for their arrival, and the impending confrontation. The women seemed to be taking it in stride. The cleaned and decorated. They primped and cooked. The both prepared as if the were trying to impress their future in-laws. Which in a way, I Ankara travesti guess they were.

That night we talked some more and went to bed.

Rachel whispered “Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew we were pregnant and you could tell your parents that Caroline and I were going to be having your babies. If they had waited another month to visit, we might both have been able to tell them that we are pregnant with your child.”

Caroline whispered. “Lets get busy making our babies; I’m wet already just thinking of calling your mom and telling her that I am pregnant.”

Rachel whispered. “Don’t worry about Saturday, it will be fine. Just fuck us now.”

With that the women threw me onto the bed and started to undress me. I put up a mild struggle, just so that they would know that I felt they ought to ask before having their way with me. But I didn’t really want to win this struggle. Caroline straddled my face then lowered her dripping pussy onto my mouth. Rachel squatted on my stiffening penis and managed to get it inside of her. She clenched and unclenched her internal muscles until I was very hard then began to ride me. Mother, and daughter, were both, riding me, The daughter, on my mouth, the mother, on my cock. Then I heard Rachel yell switch. The both changed places. Rachel dropped her cunt onto my mouth, and Caroline’s slid down the length of my hard penis. Both women rode me hard and seemed to be trying to work me as hard as they could. Then I heard the word, switch again. Then I heard them chuckling and they began to chant.

“Round and round her goes in who he cums nobody knows.” This continued for thirty minutes and then I erupted into Caroline’s hot clasping, cunt. Caroline fell onto her back and raised he legs to keep the sperm from dripping Konya travesti out, and increase her chances of pregnancy. Rachel immediately took my organ in her mouth to clean it up and get it hard. She whispered how she needed my cum in her pussy to inseminate her too. After I hardened, Rachel rose to her hands and knees.

“Do me doggy style”

Following her wish, I knelt behind her and entered her. She was very turned on and began to talk to me.

“Fuck me, make me your bitch.”

“This bitch is in heat get her pregnant.”

“Fuck me hard and deep cum in my bitch cunt”

It did not take long before I flooded her womb with my seed. As I finished, I heard her say.

“I love being your bitch and I think you got your bitch pregnant that time.”

We napped for a while, and got dressed to go shopping for the impending visit. Both women insisted that I get a haircut and dress in nice clothes for my parents visit. They felt that this would show the good influence that living with them exerted on me. We went to a very upscale men’s shop. The salespeople were all very attractive women. My women made it obvious to them that I was their lover and that the liked it that way. Both groped me in front of the salespeople keeping me very hard. The tailor was also a very attractive woman. She came into the fitting room to mark my slacks for alteration. Both Rachel and Caroline were there with me. The woman knelt at my feet to alter the cuffs on the pants. She could not take her eyes off of the bulge inside my pants. Rachel saw this and walked over to us.

“Should I take care of this to get it out of the way or would you like to?”

The young woman looked at my bulge, and licked her lips.

Rachel unzipped my pants, and asked.

“Do İzmir travesti you want to taste him, he is delicious?”

Rachel fished my hard cock out and offered it to the woman. The young woman just seemed to sit frozen until Rachel pushed her head forward then her mouth opened and she began to devour me with great hunger.

Rachel said. “That’s it, suck him. Make him squirt in your mouth.”

Before long I spent my load in her mouth. She swallowed it all without missing a drop. She began to orgasm as I emptied my balls into her gullet. We paid our bill and left a generous tip for the tailor.

“I can’t believe you did that, Rachel.”

“I thought you deserved a treat, and she was hungry for it. Did you see how she gobbled it so quickly?”

Saturday morning I picked my parents up at the airport in Rachel’s car. My parents knew I moved out of the frat house and figured I was living with a girl. They sort of expected it to be Caroline, since she had answered the phone. They both approved of this since they had always hoped Caroline and I would marry. When we reached the house, it was Rachel who greeted us, and kissed my like a lover. I could feel the storm clouds brewing. Rachel invited them in and asked them to have a seat. Caroline entered and sat down after giving me a lover’s kiss.

Rachel began to speak.

“I know this is not what you expected, but Caroline and I are both in love with Allan. We both want to be life partners with him and bear his children. In fact we are both trying to make you grandparents now. Caroline and I are both taking no precautions against conception; in fact we are doing everything we can to ensure it. We would like your blessings. But with or without your blessings we love your son and will be his wives.”

With that my parents looked at each other and then at me. Then my mother spoke.

“You have given us a lot to think about. I think before Bill or I say anything we should think about it. Could you take us to our hotel now we are very tired.”

To be continued…

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