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The phone only rang twice. ‘Hello’ she said.

‘Carol, it’s David, do you fancy a bit of company lunchtime? There could be two of us.’

‘What do you mean?’ She asked

‘Well, were you serious when you said you fancied a threesome?’

You can sense the grin when someone replies and I could see the smile spreading across her face. ‘Why not?’ came the reply.

‘I’ll see you about 11:30 then. Be good.’

‘I’ll be better when I see you.’ And the phone clicked off.

An image of Carol formed in my min. She was 55, about 5’4″ and painfully thin with no breasts to speak of. You could encircle the top of her thighs with two hands. And, although she was not bow legged (in fact her knees touched when she stood with her feet together) it was still possible to get your hand between the top of her thighs and play with her sex.

Now for the second part, a suitable companion. I had to see if Andy was available. Andy was 25 and had been involved in a fairly serious accident a couple of years previously which had affected part of his brain and left him unable to work. The courts had awarded him a substantial settlement in view of the future consequences for him but he was, to a certain extent dependent on his parents. To give them a break from him, he attended a day centre from 11 to 3 pm twice a week collected and returned by a minivan. He hated it so as soon as possible he left the centre and walked the 200 yards round the corner to the nearest pub. This is where we met as my wife and I ran the pub.

Andy’s brain damage, while not very serious seemed to have damaged the part of the brain which held inhibitions and that is how I found out quite quickly that he was permanently randy. Some time later we left the pub and had gone on to different careers. Mine was selling insurance which gave me a goodly amount of free time during the day. Knowing this was one of Andy’s days for visiting the centre I parked across the road and waited for the transport to arrive.

I saw him jump out of the minivan and waved to him. He saw me and came over beaming. ‘What you doing here?’ he asked

‘How soon before you can get away, and for how long?’ A quizzical expression crossed his face. ‘I have someone we can go and visit for a bit of fun.’

‘I need to be here for a while but can get out in about half an hour.’ He said.

‘So, about 11:30?’ He nodded and I added ‘I’ll see you then.’ He went into the centre and I got back into the car. With a load of paperwork to do, I sat and filled out forms until there was a tap at the window. I motioned Andy to get in and started the engine.

Whilst he buckled up his seat belt he asked ‘Where are we going?’

‘I have a friend, Carol is her name, that I met at the new pub we ran. She’s great fun and a week or so ago she mentioned to me that she fancied a threesome. You up for it?’

‘Yes, that’d be good.’ The look on his face said it all. Ten minutes later we pulled up outside Carol’s block of flats. I pushed the button and announced myself to Carol and she buzzed us in. She was at the door of the flat dressed in her usual black slacks and white blouse, no bra and her feet bare. I kissed her quickly on the lips and said ‘Hi pet, this is Andy.’

‘Hello Andy, she said and put her face up to his puckered her lips and waited for him to kiss her. He did the same as me and then she turned around and we followed her inside. The flat was tiny, a small sitting room with an adjoining kitchenette, one bedroom and a small bathroom with the toilet next door.

I could sense the two of them sizing each other up. Both has scars on their faces, Andy’s Sex hikayeleri from the accident, but Carol would never say where hers came from. My suspicion was an abusive ex-husband from little comments that were dropped from time to time but I never pressed the point.

Carol led us into the sitting room and I sat next to her on the sofa while Andy took the remaining chair. An awkward moment ensued. Quite where do you start something like this? So, I put my arm round Carol and pulled her to me pressing my lips to hers. She responded eagerly, her tongue insinuating its way into my mouth. Whilst we kissed I unbuttoned the top of her blouse, exposing her little breasts to Andy’s view. Tiny they may have been, but the shape was exquisite. Small size meant no sag, even at her age and her aureoles were pink and small with little buds of nipples which had already become firm.

Andy had crossed the room and kneeled in front of her his hands easily encircling her breasts. He bent his head and took one of the nipples in his mouth and sucked eagerly. Carol’s arms went from round me and I felt her hand go down to my crotch feeling for my zip. Her other hand was doing the same to Andy. Remember I said he had no inhibitions. Her stood up and in one quick movement had unzipped his trousers and pushed them down along with his underpants. His cock sprang out, already half erect. The knob end had come out of his foreskin and it was even now 6 inches long.

Carol caught hold of it and said ‘Why don’t we go into the bedroom?’ Nothing needed to be said. Andy had to hold up his trousers with his hands and he walked and half shuffled behind us to the room next door. Immediately he started to finish undressing and I guessed we were going to have to overcome his eagerness before we went too much further.

‘You’re going to have to make him come quite quickly.’ I whispered in Carol’s ear ‘Otherwise there will be no controlling that cock.’ She nodded and I finished unbuttoning her blouse then helped her shrug it off

Andy had laid on the bed and she laid down beside him and took his swollen member in her hands. Meanwhile I undressed and, having done so unzipped Carol’s slacks, removed them and her panties. She spread her legs and exposed her vagina to Andy’s gaze. She did not depilate, but the hair on her mound was fine fair and quite sparse so the full details of her cunt were easily visible. Her mound was well formed and there was just the merest hint of her inner lips visible. The inner lips had gone red and there was a glistening at the entrance indicating that she had started to get very wet. Andy put his hands between her legs and I saw him insert two fingers into her willing cunt.

She lowered her head to his cock and the bulb disappeared into her mouth. He started to grunt and push and I could see his cock start to pulse. Carol lifted her head and continued to run her hands rapidly up and down the shaft. Within a few seconds his cock erupted, the first shot of semen spurting a couple of feet in the air landing on Carol’s face the second not so high and landed back on his stomach. His cock continued to pulse semen for several seconds, the white fluid running over her hands.

She put her hands to her mouth and licked the thick, white fluid off her fingers and used her tongue to mop up the drop on his belly. She lifted her hand to her face to wipe off the cum that was now running down her cheek but I bent down and licked it off her face for her. I moved my lips to her mouth and, when my tongue flicked into her mouth I could still taste the salty tang of his cum. Her hand went to my cock which was already erect and Sikiş hikayeleri pulled at it to guide me inside her. Her cunt was wet and I slid into her easily. I pushed her legs together and straddled her, my cock still inside her cunt. I lifted up onto my hands so that both she and Andy could see my hardened penis sliding in and out of her.

Lying down, Carol’s small boobs disappeared entirely but her hardened nipples stood out like pebbles. Andy leaned over and again took her nipple in his mouth and I could see Carol gasp as he teased it with his teeth. She had taken hold of his cock again, which I could see was already starting to starting to harden. I eased up my strokes and let her bring him back to erection. Within 5 minutes his cock had gone back to its full length of 8″ so I pulled my penis out of her and motioned for him to take my place.

He needed no second bidding, almost diving to get between her legs an unceremoniously pushed his swollen member into her. Fortunately she was extremely well lubricated and his cock lid in easily. She had the presence of mind to put her hands on his hips and stopped the full going length into her. ‘Gently.’ She said ‘There’s no rush.’

He pushed up on his elbows and I could see all but the last inch or so of his cock was inside her. He got the message and started to stroke long and slow, almost pulling out and then gently pushing home until within a few strokes his cock was pushing its full length into her.

I lay beside them and watched as she closed her eyes and gave little gasps each time his cock was pushed all the way. Andy was young and inexperienced but had a high libido. Within two minutes his breathing became laboured and his thrusts more insistent. With one last thrust he pushed almost all the way into her and I could see his cock pulse as he emptied another load of semen, this time into her willing cunt. He then pushed in and out a few more times as his cock released its last few drops. When he pulled his cock out of her I could see it shining with her cunt juices and his semen.

As you may have guessed, I like the taste of cum and bent down between Carol’s legs to clean her up. The outside of the vagina was streaked with her juices, astringent and feminine tasting and then, as I pushed my tongue into her slit I could taste the mix of the semen that was now starting to run out of her cunt. As the juices ran, I lapped them up, flicking my tongue over her clit. She gasped every time I hit the bud eventually I turned all my attention to it.

She began to buck, each time she did so I pushed that little bit harder with my tongue on her clit. Then, every time she relaxed a small stream of pee was squirted from her cunt. I allowed the urine to flow, lapping it up as she did so. Eventually she pushed one last time her cunt pulsing pushing out a stream of pee. I lifted my face and watched the stream arc out over the bed and onto the floor. Then I cleaned he up licking the remainder of the urine from the outside of her cunt.

Andy looked amazed. ‘I’ve never seen a lady do that before.’ He said

Carol turned to him ‘Did you like it?’ she asked.

He nodded. We looked at one another as we could both see that his cock was starting to erect again. Where on earth did he get that kind of stamina? I nodded to Carol and she knew what to do next. She leaned down and took his member in her mouth bringing it very quickly to full erection. Meantime she spread her legs so I could insert a couple of fingers into her still wet vagina. I coated my fingers in the lubricant pulled them out and used it to wet the roseate hole of the anus. Very quickly I Erotik hikaye was able to slide my finger into her asshole.

Carol sat up and I laid down on my back, allowing her to straddle me and lower herself onto my cock. With very little effort my swollen penis pushed all the way into her ass. This we had prearranged as Carol had also confided that wanted to be double penetrated. As I had no previous idea how big Andy’s cock was going to be it had been decided that the smaller penis would go into her ass, the larger into her cunt. Mine is barely 7″ fully erect, Andy’s over an inch bigger with a greater girth.

When my cock was fully home she motioned Andy to squat between her legs. Mine were spread as far apart as I could get them. He positioned himself and I felt his cock slide into her cunt, only a small membrane of flesh dividing mine from his. He started to thrust, his cock sliding up and down inside her fortuitously massaging mine in the process.

This time he took a little longer slowly pushing in and out of her. I could move only a little, his and her weight combining to prevent me from thrusting as I would like to have done. I closed my eyes and ran my hands up and down Carol’s body savouring the feel of her slim form and cupped her tiny breasts, played with her hardened nipples and allowed myself to enjoy the sensation of Andy’s cock rubbing against mine.

Eventually I felt my climax build and obviously, so did Andy, as his thrusts once again became harder and more energetic. The knob end swelled as my cock began to jerk, exploding jet after jet of semen into her ass and then just as I did, I felt his cock pulse as once again her cunt received yet another load of his cum.

At that point everyone relaxed, Andy pulled his cock our of her cunt and as mine deflated it slipped out of her ass. We rolled apart in a tangle of arms and legs, thoroughly sated.

Slipped my arm under Carol’s head I cradled her while she relaxed on her back, one of her legs thrown over mine, the other over Andy exposing her well used cunt to the world. I ran my hand down her belly, over the sparse mound of pubic had and into her very wet hole. I lifted my fingers and licked them, savouring the delicious mix of cunt juice and semen.

‘I need to pee.’ Said Carol pushing herself up and disentangling herself from the mix of and legs. She looked at Andy and asked ‘Do you want to watch?’ He nodded enthusiastically and both of us followed her to the small bathroom down the hall. Carol climbed into the bath legs apart and crotch thrust forward. We both stood and watched.

A couple of yellow droplets formed at the edge of her cunt and dribbled into the bath. The dribble became a steady trickle and then a perfect stream of pale yellow fluid arced from her cunt and splashed down into the bath. I put my hand in the flow whilst Andy watched then bent down and allowed it to run into my mouth savouring gulps of the warm, salty liquid. The flow slowed once again to a trickle and ceased. Once again I used my tongue to clean her cunt.

After we cleaned ourselves we retired to the lounge and Carol made us a cup of tea. Looking at my watch I said to Andy ‘Unfortunately we have to deliver you back to the centre very soon.’ So we made our goodbyes to Carol and left so I could return him and I wanted very much to come back.

On the journey back be talked about what we had just done. ‘Good fun?’ I asked. Andy was never one for much conversation so he just nodded. I waved and watched as he went into the day centre, started the car and drove back to Carol’s expecting a further session, After all, I had only cum once and was still in the mood for more. When I got there, she had company, a small, dumpy redheaded female of 30.

‘This is Mary.’ Carol said introducing her. I thought the afternoon spoiled, but I was wrong………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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