Carol and John, Illicit Lovers Ch. 03

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Many thanks, once again, to tangentjoker who edited this story.

This part of the John and Carol story can probably stand alone. But for background, I would suggest you read parts 1&2.

This story is fiction. It is about an incestuous relationship. All the characters are aged eighteen or older. It also contains an episode that some might consider non-consent but I am not sure that it qualifies as such.


Grandma was wearing only a tank top and shorts with moderately high heels. The shorts showed her ass and her long legs to perfection. The heels emphasized their sculptured perfection. The tank top showed off her breasts. They were only the size of large oranges but they looked nice on her. She had dabbed on a touch of perfume. It made her smell alluring.

Grandma hadn’t dated any men since her husband’s death. I remembered him fondly. He had taken the place of my own father many times. Even though Grandma didn’t seem to have an interest in any men she exercised regularly and kept herself trim.

Grandma’s name was Catherine. Usually she went by Cathy. She was about 5′ 10″ and, as I mentioned, quite shapely. She had a pretty face with short blonde hair. I thought the hair was dyed.

Grandma sat at the table with us after hugs from Mom and me. I offered her a drink. She said that would be nice. I asked Mom if she’d like one, too. She said she would but make it weak.

I didn’t make Grandma’s weak. I did Mom’s, though. Myself, I stuck with iced tea. I would have a drink on occasion but I didn’t think this was the time for it.

Grandma took a healthy sip of her drink.

“I almost didn’t come,” she said. “I was having a terminal case of shyness. This is my second drink. I had one before I left the house to give me courage”

“You’ll be OK, Mom,” my mother told her. “John and I were both nervous wrecks at first. We got over it.”

“I think I am about to experience new things, new for me,” Grandma said. “Your father is the only man I ever had sex with. We didn’t experiment much after the first few years.”

Grandma finished her drink. I asked if she’d like another.

“No thanks,” she said. “I hope I’ve had enough.”

Mom had only taken a couple of sips from hers. She stood holding out her hand to Grandma. I stood, too, and took her other hand. Mom picked up Grandma’s purse. We all went to the bedroom together.

The bedroom was dim. There were dark drapes on the windows that cut off most of the light. Mom dropped her robe. I followed suit. I lay on the bed watching but Mom stood close to her mother. Grandma was working at her shorts. She was soon pushing them down her legs. She kicked her shoes off and pulled the tank top off. She took her bra off without hesitation. She stood there clad in sexy panties. My mother was facing her dressed much the same.

“Carol,” Grandma said. “Can we start off like we usually do?”

“Of course,” Mom answered.

Mom pushed her panties down and kicked them off. She turned to the bed table for a vibrator. Grandma pushed her panties off and got her vibrator from her purse.

Both women laid down. Mom next to me, then Grandma. They went right at it with their vibrators. Warming up their clits then pushing them into their pussies.

Mom’s turned her head next to my ear.

“Bring me your cock,” she whispered.

I knelt next to her head. Her lips parted as she turned to suck me. I saw Grandma watching. She seemed entranced as she watched her daughter suck her grandson’s cock. Mom pulled her mouth off me. She turned her head to Grandma.

“I’m making him hard for you,” she told her.

“Go take care of her now, John,” Mom whispered to me. “Fuck her.”

Mom rolled over to face her mother. Her hand was behind Grandma’s head she kissed her with open mouth. It looked like Grandma was responding. At least she didn’t thrust her away and the pace of her vibrator play picked up.

Mom put her hand on top of Grandma’s as it pushed the vibrator into herself. She took over thrusting it into her mother. Grandma, with both arms around Mom, hugged her close.

As I knelt between Grandma’s splayed legs, Mom was sucking on her nipples. A moan from Grandma showed her pleasure. I touched Mom’s hand to let her know I was ready. She pulled the vibrator from Grandma’s pussy and moved aside enough to let me lie on her.

Grandma was wet. She had experienced several mild orgasms as she played with the vibrator. She gasped and raised her hips to me as I slid my hard cock into her. It was an exciting moment. The thrill I feel when my cock is sliding into a woman’s pussy. She felt snug. It had been years since she had felt a man’s cock filling her cunt. Her arms went around me and her legs clasped me. She held me there, kissing me with wet, open mouthed, kisses. Our tongues danced and twisted. Our lips mashed.

Mom was close beside her. As I raised my body slightly and began to pump my hard cock into Grandma’s cunt, Mom played with her tits. She cupped their plump softness and tweaked Escort Bayan Gaziantep the nipples.

Grandma gasped. With quick intakes of breath she thrust her hips at me. Mom was whispering to her.

“Fuck John, Mom. Isn’t he wonderful? Fuck your grandson.”

Mom was kissing Grandma on the neck. Nuzzling her, tonguing her ear. Grandma was responding. She reached for Mom with one arm, keeping the other around me.

“Carol, it’s wonderful,” she gasped as the first orgasms raced through her body.

She held us both as her body shuddered with the pleasure racing through her in waves. I felt the electric thrill in my cock. The thrill that told of impending orgasm. My cum gushed into my grandmother when she was at the height of her own orgasm.

When my softened cock slipped out of Grandma’s pussy, I moved up to lie close to her. I was on the opposite side from Mom. We both kissed Grandma and fondled her tits. Mom slid down the bed and lay between her mother’s still splayed legs. I guessed what she had in mind and started kissing Grandma. Hot kisses; tongues dancing. Grandma responded with moans and wrapped both arms around me, holding me tight.

As Mom’s tongue slipped between the folds of her pussy, Grandma gasped. Her arms tightened on me. But after a couple of moments, she realized what was going on. That her daughter was eating her cunt.

“Carol, NO!” she cried out. She started to thrash about trying to dislodge Mom.

I acted instinctively. Straddling Grandma I pressed my body on hers stilling the thrashing. Mom had her arms around Grandma’s thighs holding herself at her pussy.

Grandma was shaking her head from side to side.

“No Carol, you can’t,” she was almost crying. “You’re my daughter, you can’t.”

I tried to kiss her, but she kept shaking her head to prevent me. I grabbed a handful of hair, to hold her head steady. She opened her mouth as if to scream. I stopped it with an open mouthed kiss. It was a kiss that was not returned but it did prevent a scream.

I felt the point when the lust overcame the anguish. When her lips softened and responded to mine. When I felt her hips try to lift from the bed responding to my mother’s lips and tongue. When the cries of distress turned to soft gasps, and quick indrawn breaths. Even as she shuddered from orgasms that tore through her body in waves the crying started. Tears flowed and wracked with sobs she held me tightly as her lust overpowered her.

Mom patted me on the hip indicating that I should get off Grandma. I rolled off her with my mouth still covering hers in a kiss. A kiss she would try to return, but then break down in sobs.

Mom straddled her mother’s chest, rubbing her pussy on Grandma’s tits. I saw her reach down to spread her labia open so she could rub her clit on Grandma’s nipple.

Mom looked at me.

“Go down on her,” she said quietly.

Then to Grandma she said. “You know you wanted it. We have both wanted it for a long time.”

I had to push Grandma’s legs apart. As soon as Mom had left her pussy she had closed them tight. It took some effort. If Grandma hadn’t been trying to fight Mom while wracked with sobs I might not have been able to.

When they were spread enough to allow me access, I looked up at Mom and Grandma. Mom had a handful of her mother’s hair holding her head somewhat immoveable. She was still rubbing her cunt on Grandma’s tits. Mom was speaking softly. I could only catch part of what she was saying.

“All our playtimes…”

“This is… really wanted.”

There was enough light in the room for me to see Grandma’s pussy quite well. The labia were swollen; engorged with the blood of desire. Her wild hair formed a cap over the center of my desire. It folded down at the sides to frame the lips. They peeked through the tangle and opened to the red warmth of her cunt. The hair was darker than the blonde on her head. Brown with a little gray.

I savored the scent of her pussy. A strong but erotic musk telling the world of her arousal. Probably stronger for having experienced multiple orgasms.

When my tongue slipped between the lips into her heat, I heard Grandma gasp. She was wet, hot. She might have been fighting it but her wet pussy was indicating desire. It appeared that she was ready for more, despite the sobs.

As I sucked her clit, she responded by thrusting her pussy back at me. I was still hearing her sobs even as she clasped her legs over me, to hold me at her cunt.

I sensed something change. I lifted my head to look. Mom was straddling Grandma’s head. She was holding Grandma’s face to her pussy. Grandma, even though she was still crying, was licking at Mom’s cunt.

Grandma’s hands clasped Mom’s thighs. Holding herself up to Moms pussy. I wondered what the crying was all about. Grandma certainly seemed willing. I lowered my head back to her cunt and brought her quickly to an orgasm, then another.

It sounded like Mom was having orgasms, too. It was a sound I had become familiar with.

When Mom rolled off her mother, I pulled back from Grandma’s pussy. She was reluctant to let me go at first. She kept her legs clasped around me and now that her hands were free, she began to caress my head.

Mom laid alongside her and put her arms around her. When Grandma freed me, I did the same.

We held her and told her we loved her. We told her that we were hers now. Hers for whatever she wanted. She had stopped sobbing, but there were still a few sniffles. Eventually she fell asleep. Mom and I got up. Grabbing robes, we went to the kitchen.

It was almost dinner time. I poured us each a glass of wine and we sat at the table. I looked at Mom quizzically.

“I think we got carried away with our passion,” she said. “But I don’t know what set my mother off.”

“All the time she was crying she was responding,” I said. “She was cumming a lot.”

“I know,” Mom said. “That was getting me hot, really hot.”

We sat together at the table together. Neither of us said much except that Mom was clearly worried.

She said, after a bit, “I hope we didn’t hurt her. Screw up her mind.”

We heard Grandma’s heels clicking as she approached the kitchen. She entered fully dressed although her clothing was disarrayed. She marched up to the table and sat.

“I have something to say,” she stated. “I visited today expecting a pleasant time. Perhaps a little light sex play was in order. Even intercourse with my grandson. Instead, I found myself forced into acts I would never consider. Forced by my own daughter. Who then forced me to perform the same acts on her. And my grandson colluding with her. Conspiring to make me behave lewdly.”

“Mom, you were responding,” Mom told her.

“Yes, I did! And that is the most shameful part of it all.” She paused. “I’m leaving. I’m going home to take a hot bath. To wash the shame away.”

She stood and groped through her purse, looking for her car keys. Finding them, she stood and turned to the door. Her face was scrunched up as if she was ready to cry again.

She had only taken a couple of steps when the sobs started. She dropped her purse and keys and turned.

“Oh Carol,” she sobbed.

Mom jumped up and hugged her. They were both crying now.

“I can’t lose you,” Grandma sobbed.

“I love you, Mom. Don’t leave.”

“I won’t, Baby,” replied Grandma.

I watched, bemused. I felt like there was more going on than I understood.

The sobs slackened off to sniffles. The women sat back down at the table. They were both grabbing handfuls of tissues.

Before long Grandma said, “I’m sorry for saying the things I did.”

My mom told her, “Please don’t apologize, Mom.”

“I have to,” Grandma replied. “I need to be honest with myself. I enjoyed it. Everything you did. What you made me do. I liked it. You were right. It is what our playtimes were leading to.

“I was crying because of my shame. I was ashamed for enjoying what I thought of as a lewd act.” She paused again. “I know there’s more. I may not be very experienced with sex but I’m not totally ignorant about it. I hope I don’t act like an ass again.”

Mom reached for her and hugged her. “Mom, we told you. We’re yours now. Yours to love, to be loved.”

I fixed both ladies a drink. Neither one too strong this time. After they had sipped their drinks, we had a light supper. When we had eaten, I asked Grandma if she would like another drink. She declined. I knew Mom wouldn’t want one. She had already had more than she would usually drink.

Grandma excused herself to go to the bathroom.

When we were alone, I asked Mom, “Should we try to go further with her? Try to get her to do more while she’s ready for it? Maybe a video?”

“I think she’s vulnerable right now,” Mom replied. “Let’s see how far we can get her to go. Let’s hold the video until later. If you had showed it to me before I was ready for it I would have been turned off.”

Grandma returned. She had straightened her clothing. I could see her nipples poking through her top. She was not wearing her bra. She appeared to be aroused.

Mom didn’t hesitate. She stood and held out a hand to her mother, another to me.

“You’re the two people I love in this world,” she said. She led us to the bedroom.

Mom stood close to her mother. She undressed her, with Grandma’s willing help and led her to the bed. Mom and I shed our robes and we laid together with Grandma in the middle.

Mom started talking to her.

“I love you, Mom,” she was speaking softly. “I never did that to a woman before. You are the only one I love enough to think about that way. So it was a new thing for both of us.”

Grandma didn’t say anything. She just hugged Mom tightly. She turned then and hugged me.

“And you, John,” she said. “Thank you. You are the first man I’ve felt inside me in years. Only the second man ever.”

“This is your night, Mom,” my mother told her. “We want to make you feel good. We both hope that you will open yourself to a new way of life.”

“I’ll try,” Grandma said. “But please forgive me if I backslide. Help me get over it. Although I hope I don’t.”

“Look at it as an adventure, Grandma,” I told her. “A great adventure for your golden years.”

I was fondling with Grandma’s tits as I spoke. I nipped her nipples bringing first a sharp ouch, then a purr of contentment.

“Yes,” she spoke. “I do like it.”

I kissed my way down Grandma’s body. Her tits, her navel, her sensuous soft mons. Her legs opened for me signaling her acceptance of me as a lover. Even more, it showed her desire.

Mom was kissing her mother’s tits, her lips. Hot wet kisses. I was aware of Mom talking to Grandma.

“Let’s put a pillow under your butt,” she told her.

Grandma raised her hips as Mom shoved pillow under them.

“You’ll like this,” I heard Mom say. “John is very good at it. Just relax.”

Closer, I inhaled her scent. Musky, tart, different than Mom’s but no less enchanting. My tongue flicked out to taste the nectar that had seeped from her. Sweet, yet salty, delicious, sensuous. With her musk flavoring predominate.

As I pushed my tongue between the labia, I felt her gasp. Felt more than heard her because she and Mom were exchanging a hot kiss. My tongue felt for the blood engorged inner lips and ran my tongue up and down them. Feeling the heat, tasting her lust.

When I sucked her clit between my lips, she responded with a sharp intake of breath. Her hips rose to meet my lips. Mom took her hands and brought them to my head. Showing her, without words, how to twist them in my hair. How to hold me at her hot cunt as I sucked and ate her, as I licked at her heat and drank of her liquors.

Grandma’s legs clasped me over my back. That was instinctive as she rose to an orgasm. Mom didn’t have to show her that.

I could dimly hear Mom talking softly to her mother, “Cum for us, Mom. Cum for John. Cum for Carol.”

I looked up briefly. Mom’s hand was at her pussy with a small egg vibrator. She was sucking on Grandma’s tits, loving her with kisses and caresses. With occasional words of instruction, encouragement or love. She was playing in her own pussy with the little toy as I ate her mother.

Grandma was responding beautifully. Orgasms chased each other through her body in waves. She pulled me tighter into her wet cunt, her legs clasped me tighter.

I could dimly hear words, “Oh yes. Yes John, Yes Carol. Don’t stop.”

I felt Mom throw a leg over me, below her mother’s that held my body close. I knew she was cumming, too, from the contagious excitement of her mother’s lust. From the vibrator she was rubbing on her clit.

Grandma was almost ready to pass out from the almost continuous orgasms. She was begging me to stop. I backed away from her pussy and licked at her thighs as she relaxed slightly.

Mom was still cumming when I raised my head. She had soon had enough, for a little while, and put the vibrator away.

We laid beside Grandma. We caressed her again. There were more kisses. We wanted to show her love. She hardly moved for a while. Then she closed her legs and reached an arm out to each of us.

“Thank you my loves,” she murmured.

We laid beside her as she dozed off. Mom climbed over her mother to hug me.

“That was beautiful to watch,” she spoke quietly. She didn’t want to wake her mother.

We kissed then. A hot wet kiss that lasted a long time.

“For tonight, let’s save you for Mom,” my mother whispered. “Let her rest a while. Then we’ll see if she’ll suck you.” Mom spoke after a long pause. “I think I’m being a little slutty with her. And maybe pushing her too fast. But as I told you, she’s vulnerable right now. Willing to try new things. That may not last if we wait.”

Mom and I dozed off, too. Grandma surprised us by waking first. She woke us with caresses and kisses. She was kissing either of us. Kneeling beside Mom and leaning down to press her lips to our bare flesh.

Mom reached for her. She drew her to herself for a hot kiss. I watched Grandma respond. Mom rolled over pushing Grandma onto her back. I watched as my mom made love to her mother. I could sense the lust in the air. The scent of aroused pussies. Two hot naked women, bare flesh flashing me. I watched hot kisses. Hands fondled tits and tweaked nipples. Mom kissed Grandma’s body as she worked her way lower. Grandma was willing this time. Her legs parted for her daughter.

Mom slid between her mother’s thighs to bury her face in her hot wet cunt. Grandma grabbed her hair with both hands, twisting as she had been taught.

I knelt beside Grandma. Rubbed my hard cock on her tits. Watched the nipples harden even more. As she responded to Mom with her first orgasm, I straddled her. My cock was in front of her as another orgasm tore through her. I brought it to her lips as she moaned from the bliss she felt. Her lips parted for me. Her eyes were open, locked on my face. She was aware of my cock in her wet mouth. She sucked me amateurishly, but with enthusiasm. She brought one hand back from holding Mom’s hair and wrapped it around my hard cock.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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