Canton Visit Wins New Friends

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Vacation! What a glorious word. It was the summer of 1982, late August and I was going on one week vacation.

I was the last of the staff photographers taking vacation this year and I was going to realize a childhood dream. I was going to Canton, Ohio and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

I grew up as the only girl in a football loving family, so besides the dolls and dresses and the tea parties, I was the scat back on the family seven man football squad.

We watched pro football at our home, growing up, and dad considered the college game amateurish, but raising seven kids in the 60’s was tough and no one ever got to go to a pro game or the Hall of Fame, until the four oldest children had left home. I was the fourth oldest child. The family went to the Hall of Fame the year I started at college, in 1970, so I never got to go.

I left on Friday morning, the weekend after the Induction weekend in Canton, because I knew I would be able to find a room at a discount, and the best rooms at any of the Motor Lodges on US Route 30. It was still very hot in August and I wanted to get a room at the pool, wherever I stayed.

The ride from southwestern Ohio was long, but the traffic in and around Canton at rush hour Friday was not too heavy and I found a nice lodge with lots of shade trees and a big pool with diving boards. There were plenty of rooms and I got the best one connected to the pool and outside patio area. There was no room service, but many restaurants within a mile would deliver.

I stripped down and decided to go and relax at pool until it got dark, before I decided what to eat. I had a one-piece white Speedo that helped trim my tummy and hugged my round ass sweetly. I could snug the gusset into my pussy, if I wanted to share my camel-toe, but my shaved mound revealed nothing, after my first dip in the pool. My breasts were only contained by the Lycra and my nipples thrust out to absorb the heat from the setting sun.

I must have dozed off, because a splash of the pool water that reached me, and the battle cry,”Cannonball!”, snapped me back to an awakened state. There were three guys, in there early twenties, splashing and cavorting in the water. They were splashing toward three women that were walking toward me.

Just like the guys, there was one small woman, one medium woman and one tall woman, all now right at my lounge seat. So I spoke up and asked them to join me. Smiling they had started to drag more chairs over to the circle, where I was sitting.

The tall girl was Penny, the small girl was Cici and the one who had the presence was Donna. She was two inches shorter than me, with blond hair and a tan complexion, a solid round set of tits, wide hips and the legs Escort of a tennis player, arms and shoulders, too. The other girls were as pretty and as well-built, but Donna was the one that had the plans for fun and pleasure.

The four of us hit it off immediately, as we shared information about my where from and my Canton vacation plans, like I was the schoolmate that popped in for holiday. Soon the guys finished swimming and came over to meet the new chick, and find out what we had decided to order for supper delivery.

The tall guy was Hank, he was an FBI agent and engaged to Cici. Mark was the shorter of the three and he and Penny were a mismatched item, since she was an inch taller than him in flats, and Paul was Donna’s man. Paul was an artist, sculptor and a photographer. All three girls were executive secretaries at the Timken Plant, and always scheduled vacation the week after the Hall of Fame ceremonies.

Mark was in construction, with his family, and the Lodge was a property that they owned, so the gang would come here in the evening to swim and eat on the patio, so he went inside and ordered a mess of Chinese food from a place two blocks away. I welcomed their invitation to share a meal, but Mark would not accept any money for my share. We spent the evening eating, drinking wine and telling very funny stories. The wine made them funnier, I think.

I was going to be at the Hall of Fame when it opened, so I begged off to bed early. Donna said I should meet them in the afternoon, at a local golf course and Paul gave me directions from the Hall to the Golf Club. I said I didn’t play, but Paul said neither did Penny or Cici. Donna and the guys would be on the links, while Penny and Cici would swim or play cards, while waiting for me. Then we’d meet everyone for the last holes. I agreed and everyone squealed their delight, the girls, anyway.

The Hall of Fame was everything I had expected. I spent hours roaming the halls and following the history of the game that I knew so well. I stayed into the late afternoon and got to the golf course expecting them to be gone. Penny and Cici were sitting, sipping ice tea until I arrived and walked the few hundred yards back down to the 18th tee where the foursome was just finishing the 17th hole.

Donna shouted her hello and screamed that we were going clubbing tonight and it was Mark and Paul’s treat so far. Donna was a tremendous athlete and was a champion golfer. The guys seldom won, but never stopped trying to win one from Donna.

Mark was all done in 9 holes, Paul lasted 13 holes, this time, and Hank always pushed her to the final hole. He had beat her once, and as payment she was forced to give him a good blow job. Cici didn’t care, in fact she was a little moist that her Hank had beaten the Amazon woman, and claimed a blow job from her.

It was the last blow job Donna would lose. If she won, the bets were always clubbing, dinner or a special show or concert. She beat Hank with a 15 foot putt from the fringe for a par to halve the hole and win the match, whatever that meant. The plans were made and Paul and Donna would meet me at the Lodge at 7 to pick me up to go to the club.

The club was modern for 1982 and the dancing was open and free. I danced with Paul, Hank, Mark and a half-dozen other men, while we were there, before Donna pulled me out on to the floor to dance with her. She moved so well that I was wondering if she was trying to seduce me, so I asked her directly.

“I am so glad you noticed,” she said,”The guys are easy, but I’ve been wanting to ask you if you are game for a threesome?”

“Donna, Fishy and ..?” I started, waiting for her to add the last name, when she blurted out,”Paul,” and he appeared behind me rubbing up against my ass as we danced.

“You called?” Paul said above the music as he bumped and thrust on one side, while Donna bumped and thrust on the other. I had become a Canton Sandwich, as we three danced and thrust each other to the writhing rhythm of the rock and roll.

We grabbed our things and said good-bye to the rest of the group, as we took off out the door and Paul jumped in the car and we sped back to the Lodge. I necked with Donna the entire way back, petting her and feeling her up like a hot teenager. She did the same to me and we had to straighten our clothes for the 20 foot walk from the parking to the door of the room.

Once we were in the room, Donna and I were on the bed, in a passionate embrace, while Paul slowly removed his clothes, watching us make love the entire time. Once naked, Paul sat next to us and began to remove whatever he could as we thrashed about passionately. As he removed Donna’s clothes I was stricken by her total beauty and her majestic tits that stood proudly from her chest and her full dark bush that covered her pussy entirely.

She mounted me and began to hump her bush against my shaved mound, driving me wild with sensations, as Paul worked over my head and neck with his practiced hands. Donna sucked my tits as she humped me and the friction against us both brought us off quicker than Paul had ever seen her get off. I wailed my pleasure as the orgasms racked my pelvis, and I humped Donna’s pussy harder as I came.

Donna had lifted herself up to drive her cunt into mine, exposing my nipples to Paul’s pinching and twisting fingers. the second orgasm hit Donna and me together and we hugged hard as the waves washed over us one after the other. I hadn’t paid attention to Paul’s cock yet, but it was getting my attention now.

Paul’s cock shaft was the size of a beer can, only the head of his cock was added on and bigger still. When I felt his cock against my cheek, I opened my mouth wide and was barely able to fit the fat head into my stretched jaw. I pushed and the head popped in and my tongue went wild licking and sucking the ridge and the slit where the sweet treats are delivered. Donna had climbed off of me and was massaging my mouth and throat.

“Paul wants you to deep throat him, Fishy, and I am going to help you get it all in,” she said, “So open wide and relax your throat, while Ieat your pussy.”

Paul was at my head facing my feet and feeding his cock in my mouth and into the back of my throat, with a slow deliberate pumping that allowed me to breathe easily and swallow on his thrust. The rippling of my throat muscles usually brought the men off fast, but Paul had a fat cock and staying power. The two of them worked me in that position to two orgasms on Donna’s mouth. Once, it felt as if Paul was fucking Donna’s mouth down my throat, out my cunt into her sucking mouth.

Paul then swapped places with Donna, and filled me wider than anyone had ever before. Donna stroked and comforted me as she lined that fat beast up with my hole, and told Paul to push in gently. The fat head was stretching me to the limit, when it popped through the tight ring into my cavernous cunt.

All the guys had said I was cavernous, but Paul had me filled up completely, with just the head so far. He sensed my comfort and began to slide the thing in me an inch at a time. I tried to throw my legs up, back and open, but Donna held my legs down so Paul was on me missionary style and spreading me wider with each thrust. Then his cock flipped my switch and I began to buck and hump on his cock, trying to suck more in, although we were pushed pubic bone to cunt.

I screamed my orgasm and Donna filled my mouth with her juicy, flowing pussy for me to lap and suck as I was being crowned Paul’s fuck queen for the night. He continued his relentless plundering of my booty as I came and came, held tightly in Donna’s loving arms. Finally, I felt the monster in me growing a size larger and I came a gusher right along with Paul and Donna, who had her own fist up her cunt fucking herself.

That is how we all fell into blissful sleep. I stayed the rest of the week at Donna’s home, since they could come to the pool anyway, and Donna had a spare bedroom for guests. I met so many wonderful people that week and for the next few years, until Paul and Donna moved to California, we were sharing all the seasons. That same year I went to my first Browns’ game at the Stadium.

That Thanksgiving weekend is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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