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I was going out with Jenna that night. She preferred to be called Jen, because it sounded hotter, and Jenna did everything she could to be hotter. And it worked. She had long blond hair, a thin figure, perfect clothes, and was much more attractive than I was.

I was brushing my hair, thinking about this. I didn’t bother to straighten it. I had long ago realized that the things other girls did to look perfect made me look like I was trying too hard. I put on a pink t-shirt and a pair of very, very, short denim shorts that made my butt look cute. No bra, no panties.

Was that trying to hard?

Anyway, I was going to follow through on it.

Jenna had invited me out because I was still a virgin, despite my best efforts. I was smart, submissive, and, despite not being as nice to look at as my friend, still slightly above average when it came to my body.

“Tony and a bunch of his friends are getting together. The other guys are single. Tony asked if I had any slutty friends I could bring along, and I thought of you.”

I was nervous, but I wasn’t angry about it. She read me pretty well: I wanted to get fucked, badly. The need for it was so strong, I was starting to hate myself. I’d hear guys saying nasty things like “Split her open” or “Fuck her silly.” Things I should have really been mad about, but I found myself nodding internally.

Yes, split me open.

Yes, fuck me silly.


I was already out on the sidewalk when Jenna pulled up outside my apartment. We were living the townie life, staying behind while everyone else started college. She was too stupid, and I was too poor.

She looked great, as always. She wore skintight jeans and a nice top–black, long sleaves, lace around the collar–much too nice to ruin at an outdoor party, but that was part of the statement. She had in pearl earrings, and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She looked like she was about to go for a run through a gala.

Too bad her car was shitty, a Honda Civic that was sixteen years old.

I got in the passenger seat.

Her nails were done too.

The car smelled like a pine tree.

“I sent Tony a picture of you and he showed his friends. They’re interested.”

“All of them?” I asked.

She pulled away from the curb.

“Not all of them. I think Stephen was. Stephen has a big cock.”

She reached over and dug her nails into my thigh.

“I hope that doesn’t scare you.”

There wasn’t an awful lot that scared me. Jenna grew up in an apartment, but I grew up on a farm, mucking through pig shit and hearing horse piss falling like a rain storm. I’d seen dead animals. I’d killed a few. I played along though.

I gasped and told her to stop it, and she pulled her hand away from my leg.

We drove for about ten minutes to a campsite on the outside of town. Tony was her boyfriend. He owned an RV and had it parked on a site near the river. No one else was using the area that week and all the other sites were empty as we drove through the woods. We found the place pretty quickly, a small fire shining light on a ratty RV, and four guys sitting around drinking beer out of cans.

Jenna stopped her car. I got out after her, careful to stay a step or two behind. She went into the light, and Tony rose to greet her. She swung her arms around his neck and they kissed. He reached a hand up her shirt and squeezed her breast. I wondered if she had come without bra and panties like I had. Tony was cute; I’d come to a party naked, just as a favor for him.

She talked as if she did that kind of thing all the time. She always had a story about flashing Tony on the sidewalk while cars went by or sucking his dick in the grocery store. If Jenna was to be believed, he made her walk a block to the post office and back with come on her face any time she lost a bet.

If she won, he spanked her.

When Jenna and Tony stopped kissing, görükle escort she introduced me to the guys. Stephen, Mike, and Brandon. They all looked like they were about two or three beers in, wearing nothing better than shorts and t-shirts. Jenna looked overdressed, but I had pretty much nailed the vibe.

We sat down. The boys got quiet with the two of us there, which surprised me. Someone passed me a beer and I started to drink. There was a radio playing classic rock. Someone suggested that we have a chugging contest. By then I was halfway through my first beer. I was game for it, but mainly because I knew the boys needed more.

We all stood in a circle around the fire, that way we could all watch to see who bailed first and who all stuck it through. We popped the tabs and chugged.

It was cheap beer, but it was cold. I had always been a natural at this kind of thing, even though I didn’t drink that often. I heard one of the boys splutter, then Jenna coughed. Me, Tony, and Brandon finished our beers without stopping. The others had to catch up. Jenna took a second break, then a third.

Stephen nodded at me and said, “Nice.”

I tried to be smooth, but I only blushed and nodded. Not a short “bro nod” but a head bob, like I was in the bathtub listening to a CD.

“Looks like Jen loses,” Tony said.

Her face was red. She finally polished off the last of her beer.

“I don’t know what’s up,” she said.

“Loser strips,” Mike said.

The others laughed, including Jenna.

“I think he’s right,” Tony said. “You should do it.”

She looked at him, the same sly look she always had when she was on top of her game. The drinking contest meant nothing–in the end, Jenna would take off all her ritzy clothes, and all eyes would be on her.

She took a step closer to the fire and started to sway in time with the music.

First her top came over her head. She rubbed her chest up against Tony, dropping all the way down to his hips before rising again. A cheer went up among the boys and more beers were passed out. She undid her bra, wiggled her ass in front of Brandon’s face and he gave it a smack.

Tony pulled her into his chair. He cupped her breast, put his tongue in her mouth. She raised her legs in the air.

She looked at me.

“Get my shoes for me.”

My face warmed, and something sunk in the pit of my stomach. All the other boys watched to see if I would go through with it while Tony went back to kissing her.

I undid her laces. Her left leg was high enough that I get the shoe off while standing. The second I had to kneel for.

Tony forced Jenna up out of the chair and took her pants off. She had panties, but he didn’t bother to see what they were before tossing all of it off toward the RV. He fingered her for five, maybe six seconds before fishing out his cock.

They fucked standing up. The other boys were silent. Stephen and Brandon were close enough I could touch them, but before anyone else made a move, Mike stepped forward, taking his pants off as he went.

He tried for Jenna’s ass. His cock wasn’t even that big, but she started to squeal before he could get the tip in. Her face was red and her eyes were watering.

“You might have to go one at a time,” Jenna said.

“Yeah, wait your turn,” Tony added.

He had his hand around her neck and was grunting with each thrust.

“I could take it,” I said.

Mike turned to look at me.

“I could probably even get two of you, if you wanted. That’s why I’m here, isn’t it?”

I took a step closer to the fire. I touched Mike’s chest and guided him back toward Stephen and Brandon.

He looked down at me. He was nearly two feet taller. But I met his gaze and ran a hand down his side, lifted up his shirt.

“It’s cute, isn’t it?”

I turned to my side so he could see my butt, then turned back to face him.

“You can fuck it, like bursa merkez escort you tried to do to her, but you have to be nice first.”

He reached down and squeezed my butt, leaned closer to kiss me. His grip was firm, but he could have been a better kisser. His tongue brushed against my teeth more than once, and everything was a little too wet, but it didn’t matter. I wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled him close, whispered, “I want you on your knees.”

He did as I asked. I turned around so my butt was in his face and shimmied out of my shorts.

Mike pulled my cheeks open. He started with timid little kisses that were no where near the hole, but after a moment he began to gnaw, lightly, with his teeth. I sighed, quietly. I didn’t want to give too much away too quickly; he would have to work if he wanted more noise.

“You need to be nicer than that,” I said.

I looked down at him over my shoulder. He stopped kissing and sucking long enough to smile, then started to lick my rim, then he pressed his tongue inside. For that I was willing to give a moan, and Mike pressed his tongue deeper. I felt his nose press between my cheeks. The same wetness that made him a less than desirable kisser made him great at licking my ass.

I leaned back into him. I reached around and put a hand on the back of his head. He seemed confused at first, but responded well. He started pushing his tongue in and out rapidly.

I asked Brandon to get me a beer and I drank it while Mike rimmed me. When there was a little bit left, I brushed Mike’s face. He stopped and looked up. I handed him the beer.

“Rinse out your mouth and fuck me.”

He took the beer. Swashed some around, spit it, then swallowed the rest. He was quick to follow orders. He grabbed my ass and pushed me up. I had to stand on tip toe to give him an angle he could reach.

It was hard to get him in, even though my ass was wet. I felt his head splitting me open. It eased in, bit by bit, burning a bit more with each passing moment, then there was a pop and he was inside, filling me, sliding in a little more. I gasped, and he could tell I was in pain, but it seemed to make me more attractive, not like Jenna with her panicked shrieking.

“Are you okay?” He asked.


He wasn’t convinced. My eyes were watering. I grabbed his hand, which was nearly twice the size of mine, and put it on my hip.

“I’ll get over it,” I said. “I need you to break me in.”

That did the trick.

He started to thrust into me. He could only get it in halfway, but he kept pushing, further, further. I kept pulling away from him unconsciously, so he grabbed me by both hips so I couldn’t move. It was burning so much, but I wanted it to keep burning. My nipples hardened. They started to rub against my shirt.

I looked back over my shoulder. He was further in, nearly all the way. His cock was slick with blood and spit.

“Can you take more?” He asked.

I nodded. I braced myself and leaned backward. He slid in a little further, then he gripped my hips tighter and pushed. I felt his coarse, recently shaved pubic hair rub up against my ass.

“I want you to break me,” I said.

There were full-fledged tears in my eyes now, and more than a few had streaked down my face.

“I don’t want the next time to hurt as much.”

He started to thrust again. Long, slow thrusts, each time burying his whole cock in my ass. The burning was so intense that my knees started to buckle. I nearly fell, and Mike stopped.

He pulled out.

“What are you doing? Did you finish?” I asked.

He squatted and put his hands on the back of my knees. He lifted me up, then repositioned his grip. His arms were beneath my knees and my legs were bent around them. I was in the air, like a kid on a swing. I could feel the empty space in my gaping ass.

Mike lowered me bursa escort bayan back toward his cock. It went in easier this time.

By then, my pussy was soaked. Everyone could see it, glistening in the firelight, stretched tight by my postion in Mike’s arms. I wanted to reach down and rub my clit, but I couldn’t. Instead I held my ass cheeks open so Mike would have an easier time.

I looked at Brandon.

“I need you in my pussy.”

He didn’t react. He just stood there, stunned by what he was seeing.

I looked from Brandon to Stephen. Stephen seemed shellshocked. Maybe he really did have a crush on me. Maybe watching another man split me open was too much for him. Maybe I wanted to drive him a little further over the edge.

“Come on Brandon–“

I gasped. Mike thrusted extra hard and it felt like his cock had reached into my stomach. I moaned and closed my eyes, biting my lip.

“I’ll bleed over your cock too, Brandon. Come on, Mike needs help holding me up.”

Brandon put down his beer and took off his shorts. He came over. His cock was bigger than Mike’s, but somehow less pretty to look at. Probably because it wasn’t shaved.

He squeezed my breasts, pressing me back against Mike’s chest. Mike began to thrust faster, then he slowed. I felt his come in my asshole, and I thought he was going to stop, but while Brandon sucked on my nipple, Mike took a deep breath and started to fuck me again.

Brandon rubbed his finger over my clit while opening my lips with his other hand, then he grabbed his cock and guided it inside of me. He started to fuck.

The sensation was almost unbearable. I closed my eyes, and I gripped myself tighter, digging my finger nails into my ass. Their cocks rubbed the wall between my uterus and my colon from opposite sides.

Neither of the boys were on the same rythm. One was constantly pulling away while the other pushed in, with me caught in the middle, rocking forward and back, my tits bouncing up and down, nipples rubbing against my shirt. My mouth was hanging open. I knew I looked stupid, being brutally fucked by two cocks at the same time, helpless in the air, but I couldn’t help it.

This was how my first orgasm came to me. Two cocks, slick with my own blood, with one other boy watching. I begged. I’m not too ashamed to admit it. We probably all do the first time, even if we only beg silently, like a prayer, for the feeling to continue, for the one giving it not to give out.

But the feeling did end. I stopped crying out. I let go of my ass and my arms hung limp, but the boys weren’t done yet. Mike kept thrusting, oblivious. Brandon at least had the decency to lean me forward, to lift my arms around his shoulders, before continuing.

I felt Mike come again, and for a while I was alone with Brandon, that familiar empty feeling in my ass, the space between my cheeks sticky and wet. Then Brandon came too, right as the sensation was starting again, right as I wanted him to continue rather than stop.

He let me down.

My bare feet touched the dirt, the grass, the dead pine needles and twigs. Everything from the waist down was wet with all sorts of fluid, and everything else was slick with sweat. My shirt was stuck to me. I sniffed my armpits, felt a small twinge of embarassment before realizing that hardly mattered compared to the rest.

I looked at Brandon’s cock. It was limp.

Tony was still grunting, and I heard a loud sloshing sound.

I turned around.

Tony had set Jenna down in one of the folding chairs and was fucking her throat. He had a tight grip on her pony tail, and with each thrust he pressed her tiny little nose against his stomach. Her eyes were watering, her makeup was ruined, and thick strands of spit hung between her mouth and Tony. One dangled down from her chin between her breasts. Her hands were coated in it. So was her cunt.

“Damn, Tony’s ruined her,” Mike said.

“She couldn’t have taken two of us like you did,” Brandon added.

“I bet I could even take three.”

I glanced over at Stephen, and he turned a bright red.

“Will someone grab me another beer? I want to go into the RV and find somewhere comfortable for four of us.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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