Camping Bi the Hot Springs Ch. 02

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(This story is the first installment in a series of bisexual encounters between couples. If this type of material offends you, or you are not allowed to view it in the state or country you live in then please close it now. This story is a work of fantasy, although quite real in nature for some of us. If you like it you may share it with others via this website. Please do not post this story to any site unless author information is posted. I only want to post stories on quality sites like this one.)

Still basking in our pleasure we continued our hike up the trail, to our campsite next to the hot springs. When we got to the springs we set up our tents, and filled up our air mattresses.

Seeing that Renee was still dripping with desire, I laid her down on our air mattress and started licking her nipples while I inserted my already hard cock into her pussy for a nice slow grinding fuck. From the moaning in the next room of the tent we knew that Bill and Rhonda had the same idea and were acting on it. I moved my way from Renee’s nipple to her ear and started to nibble on it and whisper how much I loved her into her ear when I felt her orgasm hit and her pussy started to stroke my cock with each jerk of her orgasm. Eskort It did not take long for me to go over the top myself, and I came deep inside of her just as her orgasm was finishing its peak. Satisfied for the moment we looked at each other and kissed and fell asleep with me still inside of her, and listening to Bill and Rhonda hit their peaks also.

I woke up to the wonderful feeling of Renee and Rhonda’s tongues on my cock, which was now rock hard again, and Bills tongue licking my balls and a finger sliding in and out of my ass. Not being one to lay there I pulled Rhonda over so that her pussy was right above my mouth, and started nibbling on her puffy lips, slowly making my way up to her now protruding very excited clit. It did not take me long before she was cumming all over my tongue and fucking my face very hard. Renee meanwhile had decided to take advantage of my hard cock and was now bouncing up and down on it while sucking and licking Rhonda’s nipples. I was just about to wonder what Bill was doing when I felt something very hot and hard slip into my ass and slowly start to fuck me. By now I was so over stimulated that I shot my load two minutes after Bill started fucking my ass, and when I came Renee came, and then Rhonda started flooding my mouth again for the third time. Not wanting Bill to be left out I started flexing my ass and he soon was filling my ass with what seemed like gallons of cum. When he pulled out it made a funny sucking sound and we all started laughing, enjoying the moment we had just experienced.

“Wow, what a rush,” Renee said, “but now I really need to try out those hot springs, before we wear ourselves out.”

We all heartily agreed that we would all enjoy feeling the warm water and relaxing with conversation, and sharing what we had just felt. So, we grabbed a bottle of wine and four glasses to head over and relax in the warm bubbly water.

As we were walking up to the hot springs we spied a couple already in the water, having a good time. The man was really pounding in and out of the woman like he really needed to cum and the woman was screaming, harder Jim, HARDEEEEEEEERRrrrrrrrrr, as she came in a thunderous climax, and from the look on his face he was cumming also. We started clapping as soon as they were finished, and you would have thought the world caved in they jumped so hi, but their faces soon beamed with smiles when they saw that we were all very naked and had obviously just finished some fun of our own.

“Come on in, the waters fine,” the man said, and climb on in we did. My name is Jim and this is my wife Rhonda.

“Hi my name is Nathan, and this is Renee, Rhonda, and Bill,” I said introducing us, “I see you had the same idea we had, and we are more than happy to share this spot with you. We brought some wine, and I am sure that the couples can share a glass. We were going to talk about what we just did with each other by our tent, if you don’t mind hearing, I am sure that we would all love to see what you think about it too.”

All of us agreed and each one of us gave their impression of what had just happened in their own way of telling. When we were finished Jim had this big smile on his face, and his wife Rhonda (whom I will call R2, since we have two Rhonda’s), was really flushed with excitement and you could see her hard nipples protruding.

“I will let you in on a little secret,” Jim said, “my wife has always wanted to see me with another man, and I am sure the thought of me and two men is really driving her wild, do you mind if I suck your cocks while she watches?”

Bill and I looked at each other and then at the girls, who were now smiling broad smiles, and said; “By all means!”

To be continued if you wish…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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