Bus Ride With Pete

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My name is Aisha and I live in Panama. I am 21 years old Hispanic woman I am 5’6″ tall about 120 lbs with long black hair that comes down to my waist, gray eyes and my measurements are 36c 22 36 and at my age I have to work hard to keep it. Panama is a beautiful country and as a tourist you would enjoy our climate and nightlife. As a resident I have a good job and work hard. I am in a supervisor position for my company and like most women in Panama I still wear a business dress to work on occasion.

Another reality of life here is that a lot of people use public transportation. If you make the right busses it a pleasant journey, though the rough roads and older busses can be more like an amusement park ride, but like everything in life you become accustomed to it. If I am running late in the morning or on the way home and miss my usual busses the later ones are always filled to capacity and I generally will have to stand for the entire trip, often in very close proximity to other commuters, it can be very tight. Everyone will push and shove until the bus is so crowded you can barley move and the driver has a hard time even shutting the door. On these busses it is not unusual to packed like sardines.

Last Tuesday, I had to do a presentation to Senior Management. As is normal in these cases I wore on of my best business dresses and really took care to look right. It is in these types of meetings that a woman can have an opportunity to be noticed and if she is good at her job, it can lead to further advancement. So I worked very hard on my presentation and on how I looked for this meeting.

While I love my job there are aspects of our working environment that are less then ideal. Usually we just make do and find ways to survive those things. For example in our office there is a mail clerk named Peter. I think he is someone’s son because he is terrible at his job and he is a complete pervert. He is probably close to 60 years old and still a mail clerk. He is balding with a potbelly and definitely at least a nerd if not mentally challenged. All the women in the office wish he would be transferred to the loading dock or factory because he will do everything he can to ogle us. If we drop a pencil and bend down to pick it up, Peter finds a way to peer down our dresses and look at our tits. I have seen him drop mail on the floor and when he picks it up he tries to look under your skirt. So we try to always Casibom know where Peter is and avoid allowing him these perverted moments.

My presentation was a complete success and with everyone complementing me after, I ended up late for my bus. I was so high from all the complements that I almost floated to the bus stop, but once I arrived my heart sank quickly. There were so many people waiting for this bus that if I was not sharp and fast, I might not even get on, rush hour is always like that. I wanted to get home and share the news with my family, and I knew that missing this bus would put me hours behind and take the joy out of delivering my news to my family.

I noticed that among this crowd was, Peter. He was standing to the side and I quickly moved to hide myself from him, I did not want to get stuck talking to him on the bus. I did notice as I peeked from my hiding place that Peter was openly ogling all the young women. Unfortunately I also noticed that he must have removed his underwear because the outline of his cock was readily visible through his slacks.

I kept an eye on him and watched for the bus, I knew I would have to be quick to get on, and the last thing I wanted was to be left here waiting for the next bus with Peter. I saw everyone begin to inch towards the bus stop and I knew the bus would be here soon, so I picked up my briefcase and pushed my way to a spot where I figured I would get on. I knew there would be no seats but I just wanted to get home.

The bus came to a stop and the doors opened and it was like opening night at a concert. Everyone pushed and shoved to get on, I did too! I was lucky I managed to get on the bus in the tail end of those who made it. I knew that because my movement was stopped right next to the fist row of seats, and only a handful of people would fit between me, and the door. I was wedged in, but I was on the bus. The woman in front of me was older and someone got up and gave her the seat, which caused some pushing and shoving to make room to allow this. The man, who had given up the seat, an older oriental man, was now wedged right in front of me and I could feel another person wedged behind me. It was so tight in there that my arms were actually pinned to my sides by the passengers on either side. The good news was if I fell asleep I could not fall, the bad news was if I had an itch on my shoulder or face, I could not reach to Casibom Giriş scratch it.

The bus doors were now closed and the bus lurched to a start, causing all of us to push into one another and then back again as the bus jostled its way down the road. I could feel the person behind me was a fatter man as his belly was pushing into my back, and by cruel luck the man in front of my was the oriental man who was just tall enough to have his nose pushing against my breast.

As the bus continued on its journey I felt what must have been a cock pressing up against my ass. This is not unusual on these busses, after all if a man is that close and the woman is young, sometimes the man becomes excited and his cock gets a little hard. This has happened to me before, and its normal. Not fun but normal. However this time I could feel the cock rubbing back and forth against my ass, almost as if the man was conscientiously trying to masturbate on me. I was able to glance back and was shocked to see that the man behind me was, yeah you guessed it, Peter. He acted as though he wasn’t conscious of what he was doing, as he was reading a paper wile standing behind.

I turned back quickly to the front and I began to feel Peter’s cock getting hard as he continued to rub himself on my ass. There was nothing I could do, I was wedged in I would have to hope that my stop came quickly or people got off soon I had no other options.

Some of the roads here, as I said earlier are not good and the bouncing and swaying of the bus gave Peter and his still hardening cock the room he needed to rub against me. His cock was now positioned in the crack of my ass, and the oriental man seemed to also take advantage of this as he continued to rub my tits with his face and he now had his cock pressing to my pussy and he was getting hard as well. This was going to be the trip from hell.

Peter kept pushing his cock further and further in my crack aided by the motions of the bus. I felt Peter’s hand sliding down my hips and then I felt my skirt being slowly pulled up. He would soon have the back of my skirt over my ass and then only my thin panties would be between my and that ever-hardening cock. Shit!

I could now feel his pant covered cock on my ass cheeks, as my skirt no longer protected me. I was surprised that such an old man could get that hard, I could not see him, but it felt like a decent size cock. Casibom Yeni Giriş He continued to slide his cock up and down my crack and the oriental man, whose cock was also hard was pushing himself into my front and trying to do the same to me as Peter was on my back.

I was panicking because there was nothing I could do. The busses were very noisy, with everyone talking and the engine roaring, even if I yelled for help no one could hear me. So there I stood with one cock stuck in my ass crack and another hard cock poking the front of my pussy.

I guess just pulling my dress up was not enough for him because I next felt my panties being pulled up and wedging themselves deep into my ass crack and my pussy. I could feel the inside of my cunt begin to get wet and my breasts, being pushed in to the Oriental man’s face had hardened my nipples and I knew if this did not stop, that I too might have an orgasm on this bus.

My mind returned to my ass as I now noticed that there was no material between my ass crack and Peter’s hard cock. Peter must have freed his cock from his pants. The sweat of the day made it possible for his cock to slide easily up and down my crack and at times I could feel the head of his cock as it traveled up and down. The situation in front was just as bad, with the Oriental man’s cock somehow freed of his pants and because of the dress being pulled up in the back the hem in front was now riding just above my waist giving him access to my pussy. Now I had two dicks rubbing me one over my pussy and the other in my ass crack and the bus was bouncing back and forth allowing both dicks to continue to move on me.

As the bus rounded a corner, I could see my stop a few miles down the road and while my mind said hurry my body realized I was not going to be saved from this experience. . In a few more seconds I felt an eruption on my back as Peter’s cock had cum between my ass cheeks.

It was then that two things happened, the bus stopped and opened it door and I was able to quickly get off the bus and straighten my clothes to look presentable. Thankfully the others who had gotten off were ignorant of my circumstances and wandered towards their homes or destinations. Neither Peter not the Oriental had gotten off, thank god.

As I began to walk home I became disgusted with how I had been used by two men on the bus. I knew that in a couple of months I might look back on this and find some enjoyment, but now as I walked home I was mad, frustrated and angry. Feeling the wet stickiness of his cum as it rubbed between my ass and thighs only further inflamed me and I walked even quicker to my home and a hot shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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