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PART 1 – Re-cap:

I bumped into my ex-boyfriend from college at the mall. He happened to be in town for an A/C conference in downtown Syracuse. We caught up over lunch, then we walked out to the parking garage, where he bent me over the trunk of my car and fucked me from behind until we both had explosive orgasms. My husband was on a business trip until the following weekend, so I invited my ex to stay at my house while he was in town, rather than a hotel. He accepted…


I opened the front door to my house, Cameron and I stepped into the foyer, and I turned to close the door behind us. When I turned back, Cameron immediately pulled my tube top down to my waist, grabbed both of my heavy tits and used them to pull me toward him for a deep, passionate kiss. I melted into him, loving the feeling of his hands pulling on my boobs and his tongue in my mouth.

I reached between us, pressed my palm against his already stiff cock through his pants, and began running my fingers up and down the thick shaft. It was tucked down one leg of his slacks, creating an impressive outline in the thin fabric, and I could feel it growing in my hand as I continued squeezing and fondling it.

Still locked in our kiss, I smiled to myself as I unzipped his pants and reached inside to pull out his engorged prick….just like when we were in college….he was always hard….even after cumming buckets just a few minutes ago in the parking garage.

Cameron pushed my back up against the front door and released one of my boobs so he could pull my skirt up and push my panties down past my shoes. I kicked my panties aside, then…still holding his fully erect cock in one hand…I unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his pants with the other hand, so they fell to the floor around his ankles.

I could tell that my vagina was already drenched….I leaned back against the door and spread my legs to give him unfettered access to my throbbing snatch. I used my hand around his rigid pole to pull his hips forward until the head of his cock was nudging the opening to my sopping wet pussy. I released his dick and placed both hands on his hips, pulling him forward so his thick penis would slide into my cunt.

He playfully resisted for a few seconds….teasing me with the tip of his cock rubbing little circles around my twat and clitoris.

Exasperated, I pulled harder on his hips….”C’mon, Cam…put it in,” I murmured.

He laughed…finally relenting and shoving his cock all the way inside me with one massive push.

My God, that felt amazing!

More Sex hikayeleri memories of his huge dick came flooding back…just like in the parking garage….as he began enthusiastically pounding his stiff rod in and out of my pussy. His erect penis hit all the right spots inside my aching cunt, and I rocked my hips into every one of his forward thrusts. This position allowed his thick shaft to rub against my throbbing clitoris, and it didn’t take long before I exploded, as an intense, tingling sensation wracked my entire body.

“Holy shit, Cam…I’m going to cum….ah….ah…aaaaahhhhhh…..fuck, yeah…..aaaaahhhhhh….aaaaahhhhh…. keep going, Cam….ooohhhh, that feels so…. fucking…. good….aaaaahhhhhh….God, I’ve missed this…..hmmmmm….”

As I enjoyed the throes of my climax, Cameron squeezed my bouncing tits and sucked my nipples into his mouth, one after the other….nibbling and pulling on them until they were as hard as erasers. Meanwhile, he continued plowing his rock hard cock in and out of my dripping cunt….making sloppy, clapping sounds with every thrust….his dangling nut sack slapping noisily against my ass.

Suddenly, his breath caught as he grunted, grabbed my ass with both hands, and slammed his stiff prick into me as deep as it would go, blasting several ropes of cum all over the inside of my pussy.

“Yeah…yeah…uhn…uhn…shit, Gina, I’m cumming….uhn…ah…aaaaahhhhhhh….yeaaaahhhhhh…. aaaahhhhhh…. fuck, yeah…. amazing….aaaaahhhhh….aaaaaahhhhh….”

Cameron kept pounding his dick into my snatch as he emptied his nutsack and reveled in his messy climax. I could feel his hot, creamy semen leaking out of my cunt and dripping onto the floor between my legs….and I was in heaven.

My God, it felt great to have a massive cock sliding in and out of my pussy again. My husband’s dick was about 7” long, which was fine….and he did a decent job with it. But having Cameron’s 10” monster inside me again reminded me that nothing beats getting pounded by a huge, thick, rock-hard prick.

With my back still up against the front door, my legs spread, and Cameron’s dick stuffed deep inside me, we both stood there….gasping for air….as we waited for our breathing to return to normal.

Finally, our breathing settled down and Cameron’s softening penis slipped out of my cunt. We grabbed our clothes and headed upstairs to take a shower and clean up. I wasn’t surprised that Cameron got hard again in the shower and, before we were done, had his erection shoved into me from behind….my dangling breasts banging up against the walls of the shower stall….as he reamed my pussy Sikiş hikayeleri until we both climaxed….again.

Once we were cleaned up, we went downstairs and lounged in the living room….completely naked….as we relaxed and watched TV together. I leaned up against Cameron’s shoulder, with my soft boobs pressed against his chest, as we watched a movie and I fondled his still semi-hard penis. I couldn’t keep my hands off it….even when it wasn’t hard…. it was long and thick, and I loved looking at it and playing with….I just couldn’t get enough of it.

Later I made dinner…still naked….and we ate together in the kitchen. Sitting at the table in the nude, my heavy breasts actually rested on the table top, so….as we ate….Cameron fondled my tits and tweaked my nipples….while I gently stroked the shaft of his semi-hard prick under the table.

Cameron’s conference didn’t start until the following morning, so we spent that evening lounging on the couch again, watching a movie while I fondled his cock and he played with my boobs.

As expected, Cameron’s dick became hard again, and I had just slipped it into my mouth when his cell phone rang. He picked it up, glanced at the display and said, “It’s my wife….I need to take this.” With his stiffening prick still in my mouth, I mumbled my understanding, and continued bobbing my head up and down on his boner.

Cameron used one hand to hold the phone to his ear as he discussed the day’s activities with his wife. With his other hand he fondled my soft, fleshy tits and gently pulled on my sensitive nipples, while I continued sucking his growing erection in and out of my mouth, and used one of my hands to massage his balls.

We were doing great at being quiet until his breath began to catch, and his rocking hips became more urgent. I heard him say, “Hold on a sec, hon…”, then quickly put his phone on mute as he let out a grunt and erupted inside my mouth, blasting a huge load of hot, slimy cum against the back of my throat.

“Fuck, Gina…uhn…uhn…aaaaahhhhhh….aaaahhhhhh….hmmmmm….aaaahhhhh…..hmmmm….”

After a few seconds to recover, Cameron flicked his phone back on and resumed talking with his wife, even as he continued rocking his hips….emptying his nutsack into my mouth.

I swallowed his load, then licked the last few drops of cum off the tip of his dick, as I heard him finish his call with “I love you, too”, then toss the phone on the coffee table. I continued to stroke his glistening shaft with my hand, as I smiled up at him….impressed with our subterfuge, and eagerly anticipating the Erotik hikaye fun we were going to have over the next few days.

It went pretty much as I expected.

Each of the next three days, I woke up with Cameron’s rigid morning wood shoved inside my pussy, sliding in and out of me until we both had glorious morning orgasms. Then we’d shower together as he got ready for his conference. I’d soap up his dangling prick and fondle his nutsack until he, inevitably, got hard again….then he’d slide it into my wet pussy, while massaging my soapy tits and playing with my nipples.

Afterwards, he’d get dressed, and I’d make him breakfast…completely nude….then walk him to the front door and give his cock a final squeeze before he walked out the door and drove downtown for his meetings.

When he got back to my house from the conference, we’d shed our clothes and spend the rest of the evening naked….lounging in the living room, cooking and eating in the kitchen, or rolling around in bed. I had his hard cock in my hand, my mouth or between my legs several times before we’d finally fall asleep for the night.

My husband called once….on Wednesday night….while Cameron happened to be pounding his stiff hard-on into my cunt as I lay on the living room sofa with my legs spread, and my boobs slapping against my chin with every one of his forward thrusts.

I took my cell phone off the end table by the couch, saw that it was Mark, and told Cameron to be quiet while I put it up to my ear. Cameron nodded, and slowed down, but continued to slide his rigid boner in and out of my wet pussy, as I struggled to keep my voice even while talking with my husband about how his Boston trip was going. I guess I pulled it off, because he didn’t seem to catch on….even when I had to stifle a moan while creaming all over Cameron’s cock, as a delicious orgasm erupted between my legs.

On Thursday morning, I again woke up to Cameron’s morning wood pounding in and out of my cunt, until we both enjoyed amazing morning orgasms. Then we climbed into the shower together, where I squatted down in front of him, pulled his cock into my mouth, and sucked on the head of his dick until he became fully erect again. He eventually erupted, blasting stream after stream of jizzm against the back of my throat. I swallowed his entire load….yet again….then continued stroking his rigid shaft until I had pulled out every last drop of cum onto my tongue…then swallowed, that, too.

After our shower, Cameron got dressed and headed off to the final day of his A/C conference. I figured I wouldn’t see him again…..unless he had another conference in Syracuse sometime in the future. But the three days we spent together were an amazing trip down memory lane that I knew I’d dine on for a long, long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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