Bump in the Night

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I wasn’t sure what the sound was at first that brought me out of sleep, I lay on my side staring at the dark bedroom waiting. There it was again; like a soft thump. I glanced at the glowing numbers on the digital clock on my nightstand; good God it was almost 2am.

I pulled back the covers gently, slipping out of bed. Not only did I not want to alert whoever or whatever made the noises, but I didn’t want to wake my husband Carl.

Why would a grown woman investigate strange sounds in her house, and not send her husband? That was easy, you don’t sent Clark Kent to the rescue. Well, he isn’t quite Clark Kent…ok he is. Carl is a good man; a solid provider, a good father, and a loving husband of almost twenty years. Neanderthal man he isn’t. I would shit myself if there was an aggressive bone in the man’s body.

You could just think of a five foot two man, one hundred and fifty pounds, standing in his pajama pants telling you to stop or he’ll what…scream like a little girl?

I passed my robe on the chair and slipped through the half open door of the bedroom, out into the hallway. I paused in the dark and waited again. There it was, that soft thump again, and it was coming from downstairs.

I slipped down the steps, making sure to pass the fourth one, knowing that thing creaked like a church floorboard. Once downstairs I glanced around and caught the flicker of light coming from the living room.

Was it a flashlight? Did we have a burglar? I slid the umbrella off the coat tree and slowly advanced on the archway leading from the main hall into the living room. Fearing the worst, I peeked just around the archway opening.

I damn near dropped the umbrella on the floor. The flickering wasn’t a flashlight, but our big sixty-two inch high definition, wall mounted television. I caught the brief flash of people moving across the screen, some kind of movie, but my attention immediately focused on the sandy haired head poking above the couch.

God dammit it Darrin, I thought. Nineteen years old and brain dead; he was up watching television in the middle of the damned night. I took one step into the living room and froze; I watched Darrin reach out and lift a small bottle from the end table, and then what looked like squirt something into his lap. With a small thud he dropped the bottle back onto the glass top. Ok, that explained the sound.

Now to give the boy hell for scaring the shit out of me, I thought. I took one more step, and froze again; as this time my eyes locked on the television screen. I stared wide eyed as a massive cock slid between two fat pussy lips right before my eyes.

I admit, the cock was fucking huge; but I was stunned to watch as a young man not much older than Darrin himself, shove his dick into a platinum blonde with huge fake tits; who had to be at least my age if not older.

I could only stare as the young man began to pile drive into the older woman; and you could clearly tell by the look on her face that she was enjoying every stroke.

There was no sound coming from the television, which puzzled me. That was until Darrin turned and reached for the small bottle again. This time I saw the small headphones he was wearing covering his ears.

It was evident he was happily listening to this older whore taking a pounding, which meant he never heard the sound of the bottle on the glass table.

I watched as he squirted a second time. What the hell was he doing? Ok, I was half asleep, and my brain wasn’t totally working. I took two more steps and looked over the back of the couch; was that ever a mistake.

I got the second shock of the night as my eyes fastened on what had to be at least eight or nine inches of fat cock. It glistened with baby oil, and Darrin’s fist was pumping up and down it.

My nineteen year old son was masturbating to porn, on my living room wide screen television; and this forty year old mother did the unthinkable. I froze and watched that fist glide up and down that cock with a wet slurp.

When I saw his cock twitch in his grip, I felt the most astonishing thing; the gusset of my night gown was suddenly soaked as fluids leaked out of me. Jesus, I couldn’t be getting turned on?

I glanced up at the television, and felt a new rush of fluids as I realized the couple on the screen had changed positions. The young man was now kneeling behind the older woman, and had mounted her like some animal. His hips were slapping away at her shaking ass; and I could faintly hear her screams as the sound leaked out of Darrin’s headphones.

Carl is a wonderful man, I would never say otherwise. Like I said he didn’t have an aggressive bone in his body, and that extended to the bedroom. Let’s be realistic; women love the romantic passionate sex; but there are times, just some times, that every woman wants to know what it would be like to just be taken and fucked senseless.

I stared at the screen watching raptly as this young stallion just jack hammered into the poor woman’s pussy, and then I heard Darrin grunt. The sound Eskort Kız brought my eyes back down, and I was frozen to the spot, watching; as the thickest, longest rope of cum erupted from the tip of his cock.

It shot straight up and then splashed across his chest and belly, while his body heaved on the couch.

“Fuck” I whispered softly.

I felt a wrench in my own gut as I watched my son orgasm before my eyes. Horrified at my own reaction, I stumbled back from the couch and beat a hasty retreat to my bedroom.

Sliding under the covers next to Carl, I listened to his soft breathing as I continued to hear my son grunting thru his climax. I couldn’t help it, I swear to God; images of that monster spewing its load filled my mind as my fingers filled my aching pussy. It wasn’t more than two minutes and my body was wracked by a violent orgasm.

Guilt and shame ate at my mind the entire next day. Going to bed that night, I lay awake, unable to fall asleep. I tortured myself with what a bad mother I was, what a horrible wife I had become; until I heard the soft thump again.

I felt like a moth flying straight to the flame. I knew it was wrong, I knew it was forbidden. I knew that no good mother watched her son jerking off. I also knew every time I stood behind that couch and watched Darrin unload; it sent a fresh wash of juices down my thighs.

By the fourth night, I tried to get Carl to help relieve that ache between my thighs. Twenty minutes of gentle loving in the dark, hearing my husbands’ soft sigh as he came; did nothing. If anything, it made the burning only greater.

It was the fifth night, a Monday; that Darrin upped the stakes. I don’t know how he knew, but I must have made sounds or something. It was really beside the point; he just knew I was there.

Standing behind the couch, my hand down my soaked panties; I shook with fear when he spoke.

“You can sit down mom” Darrin said softly.

I almost ran from the living room in fear…almost. Like the transfixed moth, I drifted around the corner of the couch, and slowly eased down at the farthest point from him.

I didn’t know what I wanted to look at more; my own son’s hand gliding up and down his oil slick cock; or the older woman on the screen getting pounded into the wall by a stud half her age.

Darrin never took his eyes off the screen, which settled my nerves just a bit. I noticed one of the headphone covers was on an ear, while the other was down on his cheek. That must have been how he heard me, I realized.

I could feel the ache between my thighs as I watched Darrin stroke himself. God how badly I wanted to reach down between my legs and ram my fingers up my hungry pussy as I watched him.

I trembled as Darrin grunted softly. Then I felt a huge gush of fluids as he came.

“Mom” I heard him softly moan.

I quickly rose from the couch and beat a hasty retreat. Burrowing into my covers, trying to burn that single word out of my mind; my son had orgasmed, thinking of me.

Yes, I did it again. Lying there beside my unsuspecting husband, I frigged my soaking wet pussy until I pulsed with pleasure, softly moaning my sons name as tremors wracked my body.

I was horrified; I had become a base creature; I had masturbated to thoughts of my son; right beside my husband. True I hadn’t had sex, but in my mind I had been as unfaithful as any woman could be.

The next two nights I closed the bedroom door, and hugged my pillow when the sounds of Darrin in the living room drifted up in the night. It was three nights later, Friday night, that Darrin once again upped the stakes.

We had just finished watching a movie together; Carl mentioned heading to bed, and Darrin rose from the easy chair.

“I’m heading to bed too” Darrin said to us.

“Night Dad” I watched as he stepped over to me.

Darrin leaned down and I felt his lips on my cheek, right at the corner of my mouth, just brushing mine.

“Night mom” he said softly. “Watching television alone…isn’t as much fun.”

I sat stunned as he walked from the living room. Dear God, had he just invited me? Could he be so brazen as to invite his mother to a masturbation session, where she was the object of the fantasies?

As I prepared for bed that night, I don’t think I mentally registered the fact that instead of my usual nightly over-sized shirt and panties, I had put on one of my lighter night gowns.

It wasn’t until I heard the thump, had slipped from my bed, and descended the stairs. When I entered the half lit living room, the flickering light from the television suddenly highlighted the thin baby doll I was wearing, and I suddenly realized my matching panties were gossamer thin.

I started to turn and leave when I heard Darrin.

“Please” he gave a soft plea.

I turned and slipped around the couch, slowly sliding into the cushion. I left one foot dangling on the floor, while my other leg was bent with the foot on the couch. That simple move opened the gap between my thighs, giving him an unobstructed view of my ultrathin panties.

I glanced over and saw a half flaccid cock in Darrin’s grip. I watched with fascination as it hardened and filled out before my eyes. I swore I could see the veins pulse on that thick shaft.

“Me?” I whispered.

“Yes you.” Darrin grunted back.

“Oh my God” I couldn’t suppress the half moan.

Nor could I stop the hand that slowly glided down my belly; the fingers dipping inside the waistband of my panties. I couldn’t even tell you what the movie was about, as I stared at his throbbing cock; feeling my fingers slide across my slick lips.

“Darrin” I gasped.

It was like parts of me I didn’t recognize, were awakening inside me. I stared as this virile, strapping man; jerking a fat hard cock; one that had gotten hard…from me.

My fingers found my opening, and slid deep inside with a wet sucking noise. My hand began matching his motion, fucking myself in time to his pumping fist.

“Oh Jesus” I moaned as my belly tightened.

“Fuck mom” Darrin grunted.

“Yes baby” I moaned.

At the same time I watched thick wads erupt from his cock, I felt my own fluids flow out to soak the couch. I shuddered and trembled as I watched white cream coat his hand and drip down his shaft.

I wanted to turn and rub back to my bedroom, but it was as if my hand was glued between my drenched thighs. I could hear the wet sloshing as my fingers slowly slid in and out.

I was stunned to realize he was still rock hard; God he had just blown his hot cum all over his fist and that monster looked as hard as a steel pipe.

Darrin slowly shifted on the couch, turning to partially face me; by now my entire vision was filled with that enormous cock, watching his cum slick fist pumping up and down. I shivered as I felt the incredible urge to bend over and run my tongue the full length of him, tasting his cream.

“You’re still hard” I stated the obvious.

“Because of you” Darrin panted.

I could see his eyes riveted between my thighs, I wondered how much could he really see. Without even thinking clearly, I reached down with my other hand and tugged the gusset of my soaked panties to the side. He now had a clear view as my slick cum covered fingers plowed in and out. I was never much of a shaver, and worried about the dark curls of hair that hid part of his view.

“Is that better?” I husked.

“Yes” Darrin grunted back.

“I don’t shave…” I said hesitantly.

“Good” his voice this with lust interrupted me.

The movie was totally forgotten as we sat barely feet apart, pleasuring our bodies together. I had never seen a man masturbate or even orgasm before; Carl was always squeamish when I asked. Darrin seemed to delight in showing his body off, and at this point who was I to argue.

I saw his cock pulse and then jerk in his grip. My walls tightened around my probing fingers as I realized he was getting close a second time.

“Are you going to cum again?” I whispered.

“Yessssss” Darrin hissed back.

“Cum for me baby” I heard myself coo. God what had I become?

“Cum for your mother” I couldn’t stop myself.

“Oh God mom” Darrin grunted.

Grinding my hand into my clit, I watched as the vein at the base of his cock pulsed. His cock gave a giant lurch in his grip and then the first rope of hot seed erupted. I stared as it arched through the air and landed with a soft splatter on the couch between us.

Before I had even realized what I was doing, I reached down and scooped my fingers through that slimy puddle. Bringing my hand up, I slid the fingers inside my mouth. The smell and taste of my son sent a shock wave through my body.

“Oh fuck” I grunted as I erupted a second time.

My orgasm was so violent; I felt juices erupt from between my thighs and splash onto the couch cushion. Dimly I realized I was squirting for the first time in my life as my orgasm roared through me.

“Darrin…oh God Darrin” I moaned; as wave after wave rippled through my belly.

The two of us sat there, pouring out our cream as we stared at each other. It was the most erotic thing I had ever done; and it felt like my orgasm went on and on.

Slowly my body eased back to earth, and I saw Darrin leaning back on the couch, his entire groin covered in thick white sperm. I slid my fingers free with a soft sucking noise and rose from the couch. Without a word I adjusted my panties and started for the door.

“Thank you” I heard Darrin’s soft voice behind me.

I didn’t answer, instead a climbed the stairs to my bedroom, and slid under my covers next to my softly snoring husband. I wasn’t sure whether to be horrified or not, because as I drifted off to sleep that night, there wasn’t an ounce of guilt or shame in me. Only that satisfied glow of my lingering orgasm.

The next night Carl stayed up later to watch a basketball game, and I reluctantly went to bed by eleven. I was disappointed my night visit would be interrupted; and realized for the first time that I would rather see my nineteen year old son naked than I would my husband.

The next day was Sunday and Carl headed to the golf course with some of his buddies, while Darrin spent a large part of the day with friends. Having the house alone should have relaxed me. Instead it only made me more restless. I cleaned and did some laundry, pacing the house at times. Doing a load of laundry I happened to lean against the dryer, and the vibration sent shock waves through my pelvis.

With horror I realized what was wrong; I was horny. Not just horny, I was stark raving mad horny to where I almost fucked the dryer. I was beyond redemption when Darrin came home first, all I wanted at that point was to drag him to the couch and get some relief. By the time Carl was home I was nearly in a state of frenzy.

When Carl entered the kitchen to ask about dinner I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I sidled up to him and gave him a sultry kiss, reaching down to cup his cock and balls between his legs.

“Come on baby let’s have some fun” I whispered in his ear.

“Jesus Christ Ann” Carl literally stepped out of my grasp.

“It’s the middle of the day, and besides Darrin is here.” He almost spit out.

I just sighed in frustration and turned back to the stove, I heard Carl walk away muttering about what had gotten into me.

It’s not about what has gotten into me; but about what hadn’t I thought. I stirred the noodles as my mind frayed from need.

I wasn’t more than ten minutes later when two powerful arms wrapped around me from behind, I gave a small squeak as those strong hands first cupped my full breasts and then tweaked my nipples.

“Like that mom” Darrin’s hot voice filled my ear.

“Darrin…what are you…” and then I felt one hand slide down my belly and cup my steaming sex between my jean clad thighs.

“Oh God…you shouldn’t” I gasped.

“I’ll bet mommy is soaked” he hissed in my ear.

“You can’t…your father…oh God” I moaned as his fingers pressed into my hot groove.

“Promise you’ll come down tonight” he commanded.

“Darrin…I…I…oh Godddddd” I moaned as he pressed harder.

“Promise” his voice rumbled behind me.

“Yes…I will…” I gasped

“Wear your robe: and nothing else” he told me.

God I had never been manhandled like this before; and every nerve in my body was going nuts. As I felt a wrench in my gut, I gave in.

“Yes…I will” I grunted back.

Suddenly he was gone, my body freed. I gripped the edge of the stove and tried to steady my legs, as I fought to catch my breath. I knew I was in trouble tonight, and vowed to myself to stay in my bed.

Needless to say that promise went out the window quickly. Carl was snoring softly as I slipped out of my bed. Stripping off my night shirt and panties, I slipped on my robe and softly headed for the stairs.

When I entered the living room, I didn’t see Darrin on the couch. Sliding around the corner, I glanced up at the screen. My mouth must have hung open as I slid onto the couch.

There before me was a dark haired woman kneeling. I immediately noticed the resemblance to me as I watched her pumping with both hands, the enormous cock of a young man standing over her.

I watched with rapt attention as the young man reached down and took her by the hair. His hips lurched forward and he drove that dick down her throat and began to fuck her face.

“Mmmmmmmmm” heard the woman moan.

I glanced over and saw Darrin’s headset sitting on the couch; he had to have turned up the volume for me to hear so clearly. When the young man spoke, I knew it had been intentional.

“Suck it mom” I heard the young man say through the headphones.

I realized with shame my son was watching incest porn and thinking of me. I started to rise off the couch, when I felt it shift. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Darrin slide onto the couch. Not down at his usual end, but literally right next to me.

God help me, I shuddered; he was totally nude as he settled onto the couch next to me. Finally tearing my eyes away from the young man throat fucking his mother, I turned to my son.

“Darriii…” I froze.

My eyes locked to his massive cock as it rose like a telephone pole from his lap. Up closer it was even bigger. God damn was it thick, and I could see the veins running down the shaft.

I felt a warm gush of fluids matt my pussy hairs under my robe as I sat there like a rock staring. God I shouldn’t be reacting this way, I thought. But it was like watching a detached version of me; especially when Darrin silently reached out and took a hold of my wrist.

Like a mute I sat there without resisting as he brought my hand over his lap. I swear to God it felt like I had no control of my body, as my fingers wrapped around that huge dick.

“Stroke it” his voice was deep and commanding.

“Darrin, I shouldn’t…” I tried to say.

Then, with horror I watched my hand slide down to the base of his prick, and draw slowly back up. The texture of him against my palm sent a shiver through my body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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