BTS: Geis Ch. 03

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Chapter Three:

This chapter opens on James and Kendall at the couch. James is seated half-naked, with his pants missing and his hard dick pinned between Kendall’s pale breasts. Kendall is topless, wearing only lacy panties with matching garters. Her ass cheeks show through the panties, the fabric sliding slowly between her cheeks as she hugs James’ hard dick with her bosom.

Holding him in place with her breasts, Kendall looks around the set for me. “Where is he?”

“We could always use your pussy as lube,” James suggests, and Kendall rolls her eyes before grinning up at him.

“I bet you’d like that, pervert.”

James gives her a crooked grin back. “I bet you would, too.”

Kendall shrugs and takes to stroking him, gathering saliva on her pretty pink lips and spitting into her cleavage as she moves. She wiggles her breasts, rubbing her saliva between them. James, however, remains almost completely dry. “We might have to use my pussy if we don’t get lube in time.”

Moving suddenly and without warning, James thrust up into Kendall’s cleavage, driving his dick up into the underside of her chin. His pubic hair scrapped against the bottom of her breasts, and Kendall, staring down at his suddenly leaping dick, recoiled and laughed. “Oh! Well, would you look at that.” Tilting her head to one side, and still smiling, she kissed his cockhead and purred. “Mm. Well, hello there, big guy.” Her lips parted, and she darted her tongue out to taste him while staring at him. Precum gathered at his crown, and Kendall made a point to suck him clean while stroking him with her breasts.

Watching her, James groans in response. “Fuck, that feels good.”

Smiling around him, Kendall sucks her lips off of his dick and licks them. “Well, thanks to KC’s story, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to practice.”

James grins. “Speaking of which, do you even remember what happened in chapter three anyway.”

Holding her breasts around him and stroking him as she teased her own nipples, Kendall hums thoughtfully. Periodically, she licks his cock while thinking. “Mm. I think it was the chapter where I tit-fucked you for the first time,” she said, and she smiled at him again. “If I remember correctly, you were made because I hadn’t waxed my pussy yet, and so you refused to fuck me. Instead, you used my tits to get off.”

“Oh yeah,” says James, scratching his chin. “Good times, good times. Weren’t the first time we titty-fucked, though, was it?”

Kissing him again, Kendall shakes her head. “Oh, no, definitely not. We did a lot of screen tests first to make sure we were compatible.”

Twitching against her wet lips, James stares her in the eyes. “Which we are,” he says, and Kendall, sucking him, shrugs. James laughs in response. “You didn’t seem to have any problems coming last time.”

Sucking off Porno of him again, Kendall sits back to stroke him, using her breasts to collect the saliva she is leaving on him and stroke it into his skin. “Hard not to when you’re being hammered with nearly a foot of cock.”

James twitches and grins. “Speaking of which, you’re all smooth and waxed now.” He emphasizes the point by thrusting up into her cleavage again. This time, his cockhead leaves a bit of precum on her chin. Kendall, grinning, regards his hardened dick by staring down hits length between her cleavage. “Which means you’re good for fucking.”

“That is true,” Kendall purrs, and she strokes her way off of his body and stands. Staring down his length, she holds him by the crown and croons. “Hmm.” She strokes him down his length and stares at his cockhead. “You could stand to be a bit wetter.”

James gives a crooked grin while he watches her. “It would definitely give them a better show.”

Bent over, with her plump bottom pointed at the camera, she looks over her shoulder at you. “Is that thing even on?” Her thighs glisten with her want.

James leans over to look at you, too. “I don’t know,” he says, squinting in your direction. “I think so.” He sits up and fixes his eyes on her again. “Why?”

Holding him by the shoulders, Kendall steps carefully out of her wet panties and tosses them to the side before straddling him. “Because, I’m not going to fuck you without the camera running,” she says and, holding her ass cheeks for you to see, she guides him carefully into her. She eases herself down on him, hanging her breasts in his face as she squats onto him. Her eyes close as she settles on him and, once situated with his crown inside of her, she takes him to a quarter of his length before moaning. “Oh! Fuck, that’s good.”

Grinning up at her, James cups her breasts and gives them a gentle squeeze. “Yeah? You like that?”

Opening her eyes as if remembering him, Kendall glares down at James as she tightens and flexes around him. Releasing her ass cheeks, Kendall takes hold of his shoulders again for support as she lowers herself onto him. She takes him to half his length on her next stroke before lifting her hips and removing him to the crown. Her pussy juices run down his length, she has left him so wet, and she is shaking with an approaching orgasm while staring down into his cold blue eyes. “What the fuck do you think, James?”

Watching her pant above him, James reaches around and takes her by the ass. “I think you need it deep.”

Kendall goes wide-eyed and grips his shoulders tight as he moves her, yelling, “James? No. No!” Then, without restraint, she is pulled down onto his big dick. James meets her by thrusting up into her, leaving her speechless and wide-eyed as she whines and drools on him. Holding Altyazılı Porno him by the shoulder, Kendall falls into him, burying her face into his fat neck and screaming in climax as she waterfalls all over his big, hairy balls. Her entire body shakes on top of him, with her toes curling as she loses her footing.

James laughs. Meanwhile, Kendall cries against his chest. “God damn it, James! Fuck! Fuck you! I told you, damn it. You’re so fucking big!” Panting, gasping, she wipes her mouth and beats gently against his chest. “You’re so fucking deep right now. Fuck!”

Still holding her by the ass and still grinning at you, James lifts her on his dick and sets her back to riding him. This time, Kendall rides him more smoothly, smiling as she finds a rhythm on him, taking him in wide, heavy strokes, riding him from his mid-length to his root. James doesn’t meet her thrusts and just holds himself steady, his thick cock sturdy enough to keep her open and Kendall willing to do the work for him.

“Ain’t complaining now,” he says. “And didn’t hear you complaining last time.”

Kendall whines against him, a smile on her face. “You’re so fucking arrogant,” she says, clawing gently at his chest. “This big dick is just wasted on you, you know that?”

James frowns up at her and, lifting his right hand, smacks her hard across the ass. The blow leaves a red welt where it hit but does nothing to slow her. Instead, Kendall coos and, if anything, picks up speed. “I think I like you better in the story.”

Kendall laughs, her body shaking as she rides him. With James’ big hands fixed on her hips now, he is lifting her and dropping her back down on his dick. Kendall stops, swiveling her hips on him as another orgasm tears through her. Pussy juices gush down his thick shaft as she settles on him long enough to gather her wits and laugh. “I bet you do,” she says, and leaning forward, she kisses him on the cheek while riding him. “You like it when I ride your dick like a good slut and beg for your cum, daddy?” Breasts crushed between them, Kendall picks up speed, riding him harder and faster and forcing him to lose grip on her.

“Fuck, Kendall!”

Kendall laughs in his face, kissing his chin. “What, daddy? Do you like it when I ride you like this? Do you like it when I call you daddy and beg for your big fat cock? Mm. I bet you do. I bet you want me to be a good little slut for you, don’t you?”

Staring down into her ass, James grunts and slaps her across the ass. It is a glancing blow since she is moving so quick on him. “You are a fucking slut,” he growls.

Smiling, staring him in the eyes with her face inches from him, she moves slowly as if she is going to kiss him. “Am I, James?” She bites her bottom lip, and James lifts his head to meet her, staring her in the eyes as Brazzers they quake together. Just before their lips touch, however, Kendall leaps from his sweaty body and latches onto his glistening dick with her breasts. She falls into position between his legs, stroking him on the way down and slamming her breasts into place against his hairy pelvis.

James groans in mixed pleasure and disappointment, his neck stretched and lips puckered as he glares down at her. “Kendall? The fuck?!

Laughing, Kendall tightens her tits around him and strokes him with full bodied movements, moaning and licking him as she does. “You’re plenty wet now,” she purrs, and she nuzzles his pussy slick shaft. “Or did you forget? Did you forget I only did this to lube you up and start thinking I was going to let you flood my little pussy again?” Kissing his crown, she strokes him fast and vigorously, her body shaking from the force of her movements. “Mm. I bet you thought I was going to beg you to seed me, huh?” She smiles against his shaft, her sweat mixing with her pussy juices on his dick. “But I’m not our slut in real life, James, just in the story, and I’m not going to let you cream pie me today. No. You only get a facial, a thick, hot facial for a woman who isn’t your slut!”

Watching her, James’ glare fades his jaw tightens. Her shakes and, with his dick twitching, spews across her face. Kendall moans, slowing the movement of her breasts and milking him onto her face with slow, tight strokes. Semen explodes out onto her, sticking to her hair and soaking her cheeks. She holds her lips open to taste him, mewling as she does. “Mm. There we go. Big boy. Come for me. Give it all to mama. Give me a nice, thick load. There we go.”

As James finishes, Kendall does, too, and she stops with him between her breasts. Holding him there, she licks his sticky crown, purring as she tastes him and staring him in the eyes. She is soaked in his semen and seems happy for it. Her face is soaked, but she is smiling through it. “Mm. Look at that. Now, you gave me what I want.” She laughs and shrugs. “Maybe you’re the slut, James, a big-dicked slut who can’t keep it out of me. Ever thought of that?”

Panting and dazed after climax, James grunts and glares at her. “No, cause it don’t make no fucking sense!”

Sitting back and pulling her breasts from him, Kendall shrugs and stares down into her bosom where his semen has gathered. Holding her breasts together, she turns to the camera to show you her bounty. Then, extending her tongue, she drinks from it with a moan before winking. “Hope you liked the show, pervs,” she says, and she stands, grabbing her panties on the way and leaving little pools of semen as she exits the set.

James watches her in stunned silence on the couch. I return shortly after and find him with his hard, half-erect dick still slick and slimy across his bloated, hairy belly.

“I brought lube. Where’s Kendall?”

James glares at me and stands, shuffling off camera with his big dick swinging and dribbling semen.

“Hey, where are you going.”

The camera goes dark.

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