Brown Sugar Injection

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It had been nearly a week since Henri had told me to take care of Marcus’ needs. That had been an intense 4 hours, putting me through some changes that I was still mulling, trying to decide what was best for me.

Just after I had my morning coffee, I got a text from Marcus, saying: “Clean that pussy out, I will be coming by in a few hours.”

I hadn’t expected him, but he did say as he left, last time, that he would be stopping by often. I was ready for my morning shower, so I cleaned myself out, shaved the places that I shave, not wanting to offer a stubble, showered and was wearing a wraparound bath towel when he pulled in.

When he came to the door I invited him in saying: “Hello baby. Do you need a shower?”

He answered that he had one just after he texted me and he was good. He then said: “Have you missed your Black Snake, baby?”

I couldn’t lie and said: “Marcus, I have been thinking about that, and about having your body on mine ever since you left the other day. You sure know how to make someone want more of you.”

He pulled me to him, removed my towel, letting it drop to the floor, cupping my ass in his big hands and pressed his hard cock against my belly, and nipped my ear lobe. I pushed back from his waist so I could unfasten his belt and slacks.

As his slacks fell to the floor, I unbuttoned his shirt, and he took it off, then sat on the bed and took off his shoes and socks. I helped him remove his undershirt, and then he stood and I helped him out of his boxers. It was there, and it was ready for action; the cock that had possessed me, and now owned all of my attention.

He moved to the middle of the bed, and I followed, putting his cockhead in my mouth. I licked around it, sucked the head, then bobbed up and down to get it wet all the way to his hair. Raising off it, I asked him: “Baby, will you fuck my mouth, please. I want to feel you in my throat.” I put his hands on my head and let him take me.

He pulled my face onto his cock and as he stroked me onto it, he got it deeper into my throat. After several strokes he began holding my head with it deep inside, until just before I would gag. As he fucked my face he said: “This is what you need to do for me. You need to take this all that way to your belly. Your throat needs this, and this is how it wants to get it. That slow easy way of sucking it is for after my dick spits into your belly.”

I thought that he might want to use me, and to make me fuck him the way that he wanted it, more than to please me, and now I was finding out. I was going to get the cock that I had been wanting, but I would get it his way, and only his way. I was his to use.

Marcus didn’t take long to get his first ejaculation. I could feel his gut tighten, and knew that he was close. I tried to regulate the strokes but he kept his hands on my head pushing me down, pulling me up until he began to cum, then he just held my head down, emptying his load into my belly. I could feel him pulsing, spurting as his cock owned my throat.

When he finished cumming, he let my head come up, off his cock and said: “That is what I needed. You are one good bitch, sucking that up, out of my nuts.” Now I will give it to you like you want it. It is time to fuck.”

He rolled to his side and pulled me to the bed. Laying on my back, he lifted my legs over his hip and reached for the Astrolube, and put some on his cock and pushed it into my ass. Holding my chest with one hand, and my head with the other, he stroked back and forth, getting all the way into me, and it stretched me, a lot.

I said: “Marcus, baby, this doesn’t feel good. You’re too big, baby, go easy, please.”

He pushed even harder and said: “You will be wanting me to keep on. Just let your ass open up. Let it be my man pussy, and take this bursa eskort bayan cock like it wants to. I need to pull it out and get up on you so it can take me better. I will give you more of this later.

He pulled out, moved my legs apart as I drew my knees up, and got over me. I wrapped my legs over his waist as he sunk his cock back into me. He worked it in deeper, and as he started to stroke, he put his arms under my legs, doubling them back onto my chest.

He had me now. He was fucking me and using hard, pelvis slamming strokes that overtook me. I could not control how he was making me feel. After just a few of those hard, deep strokes, I lost it, having a hard orgasm that shook me. He was fucking me to unconciousness, and he knew it.

Sometime during the fucking, he had let my legs fall back to the sides and was holding my ass up, as he continued to destroy my pussy. I put them up, on his back, crossed my ankles, and held his upper arms, and began to fuck back to him. I was finally liking what he was doing to me, and wanted all that he had to give me.

I moaned: “Baby, I am yours. Take my pussy. Fuck me all day long. Give it to me.”

He was pounding his cock into me, and giving me a tortuous pleasure that few could understand. I took it all, and moved my ass, trying for even more. As far as cock and pussy were concerned, this was the best of the best. It was not lovemaking. It wasn’t even “just screwing”. This was fucking, and taking whatever he had to give.

I wailed: “Oh my god, baby, you are killing me with this. Split me wide open. How will my ass ever close up again. Unnnggggg, fuck me!”

Through all this I was thinking of what to tell Henri. He had told me to fuck Marcus that first time, and then he had told me to entertain him whenever he needed it. I wondered if he knew how badly Marcus’ cock had taken over my ass. How I could no longer say no to his advances. His long, thick cock was deep inside me, and nothing could make me refuse the ride that he was giving me.

Marcus now knew that he owned my ass and said: “Bitch, this is what I am going to give you every time I put you in the bed. Your ass is shaped to my cock, and it won’t feel right unless it can feel this black snake all up in you. You are not just another white boy loving some black cock. You are my white boy, and my black cock is the one that your pussy craves.”

Having cum in my throat, he was able to keep pounding his cock into me, and now I was about to have another orgasm. I begged: “Baby, please, push it deep and stop so I can feel your thickness while I get off on this. I am cumming, and I need you to let it happen. Please push me into the mattress and hold me there.”

As he began to feel my shakes, he did just that, burying his cock deep in me, and laying his weight on my body. I felt totally owned by him, and shook and trembled as my orgasm played out. I had wanted black cock, since that first one years ago, and now I was getting it, taking even more than I had expected. This was fucking like it was supposed to be done, pure jungle fever for me, and I was loving it.

As my body relaxed, Marcus raised his chest off mine and got back to pounding into me. As he battered my ass pussy, I knew why I liked black best of all. No white man could deliver both the size, and the ability to pound me for as long. I was black cock owned, and Marcus held the key to getting my ass. If someone could make me have a harder, longer orgasm, I don’t know if I could stand it.

After what seemed like nearly an hour of steady fucking, with me having several orgasms, Marcus finally tensed up, drove his cock deep and began to cum for the second time today. I fucked back to him, rolling under him, trying my best to give this man the ride that he deserved. My ass bursa merkez escort was his to enjoy., and I was enjoying giving it to him.

When he had finished cumming, he pulled out and got off the bed. He said: “I am gonna clean this thing up, and then we can smoke a joint.”

I let him use the bathroom, and when he came out, I stepped in to grab a quick shower. I had been sweating, had his cum running down my leg, and my ass was a mess with all the lube that was smeared on it.

Finishing the shower, I went into the living room and sat on the sofa beside him. We lit the joint and shared it, and began to have some conversation.

I asked: “Do you fuck everyone that hard? Baby, you split me, and now I don’t think my ass will want any cock but yours. What am I going to tell Henri?”

He pinched one of my nipples and told me: “You are my bitch. What Henri wants don’t matter. You can fuck him, but your ass is mine. When you do fuck him, you will be thinking that you are using my ass to get his nut. Every time he puts his cock in, you will be thinking of my big cock, and thinking of how I can tear your ass up. You can love him all you want, but when it comes to getting the best fuck you will always want me to get on you and put the meat to your ass.”

He was setting the course for my sexual future, and I wasn’t disagreeing with any of it. I wondered what I had done to myself.

As the weed brought the buzz, I pondered something, and decided to play it with Marcus to get his take on it. I said: “Baby, do you do this to white girls too? What would you do to a good looking, skinny white girl that has never had the pleasure of black cock? Would you take it easy with her, and let her know you a little?”

He replied: “I can fuck the white girls too. If they never had black cock I would ruin them for anyone else, but they would like what they get. You got someone that needs some of this?”

Answering him, I said: “I have a friend, the daughter of a woman that I used to fuck, that has said she wants to spend some time with me. I have told her that I am bi-sexual and that I have been fucked by Henri and you. She has been very curious, and told me that while she has thought about it, most black guys she knew would want to turn her out, and she don’t want any of that mess, and she don’t want to be “thug fucked” by some young guy that doesn’t appreciate a good fuck.”

He said: “Those young punks don’t know how to get the good stuff, and the fuck up everything they find. I think they have watched to many porn videos and think they have to fuck like in the porn movies. You bring that chick around me and I will show her how to take black cock just like I showed you.”

Knowing her as well as I do, I would like to let her meet you, while she is “my date”, then I would let her know that I could ask you if you would want to show her and that she wouldn’t become some street punk’s property.

He agreed that if I know her like I do, then he could take it slow. He added: “In the meantime, I have your white ass to pound. We are going to fuck some more. Go get the lube and bring it out here, baby.”

Returning with the Astrolube, Marcus was standing, and took my wrist, walked behind the sofa, and told me to bend over it. He dripped some lube on his cock, and used his cock to swab some around the opening to my ass. He put his cockhead at my hole, and pressed against it, then, holding my hips, he went to the bottom.

The shock of the penetration made me put my hands back to try to push his thighs back. He pushed them away, and then slapped my ass hard, hitting first one cheek then the other, saying: “This is my hole, bitch. Give it up to me. Take my meat and grind it up. You can’t move enough when you are in the bed. bursa sınırsız escort bayan Put some fucking on me.”

With his cock still at the bottom of my hole, I began to twist and grind my ass back to him. When I was moving good, he began to stroke that beautiful weapon in and out of me, taking what I had to offer, and more. His forcefulness was erotic in itself, and that, along with his great cock were bringing me to another orgasm.

As we fucked, I pushed back, away from the sofa, until I was just resting my hands on it, using it to hold myself up as Marcus fucked me hard. I had only dreamed about getting this kind of sex from a Black guy, and now I was living the dream.

As he fucked me, Marcus said: “Bitch, one of these days, I am going to bring a couple of homies with me. I want to show them what a hot ass you got, and show you that they can’t fuck like I can. We will keep a hard cock in you all night long, and fill you with a bucket of cum.”

I replied, a bit frantically: “No baby. I don’t want anyone else. I just want you and Henri to fuck me. Please?”

He slapped my ass hard and asked: “Whose ass is this, bitch? Who owns this ass?”

I wailed: “You do, Marcus, but I don’t want to share it with others. I want to keep it for you.”

He slapped my cheeks again, and said, roughly: “This is my ass, and if I want to share it, you will give it up. This ass will take any of my brothers that I want to have some of it, and when they are done you will tell me thank you. That is how it is, bitch. This is my ass now.”

He stopped stroking, and had just the head of his cock inside me. He just stood behind me, not letting me take more in. I was trying to get him to fuck me, and asked: “Please baby, fuck me. Give me more of your cock. I want it, I need it to help me cum. Please, baby, fuck me.”

Holding me still, he asked: “Whose ass is it? Who owns this ass?”

“You do, baby. This is your ass, please fuck me. I am yours.” I begged.

He said: “I need to wipe this thing off and give it to you dry so you can remember whose cock you love best.”

“No Baby, please don’t, just fuck me. I love your cock.”

He pushed it back into me, and we were fucking again. This time he was using full strokes, not too fast, but hitting bottom with each stroke and pulling back until I thought he might pull all the way out.

After several minutes of that, he said: “I need to tame this hole. I need to show the opening, whose cock owns it. I done claimed the bottom of it.”

He held me firm, pulled out, and hit it again, pulled out and hit it again, not stroking inside, just plowing the opening, not needing to use his hands to find it. Then he said: “Reach over there and hand me my phone.”

I got it from the arm of the sofa, and when I handed it to him, he set it to take a picture and got one of my asshole, that when he showed me later, showed my ass gaping wide open. Then he got several pictures of his cock at my ass, showing how deep he could put it.

Laying the phone down, he started fucking me hard again, making me cum, and then he pulled out and shot his cum all over my ass cheeks and my back. As he finished, he pushed me forward, and I laid over the back of the sofa, fully fucked, unable to walk. I was truly black cock owned. I knew well, just what made the white women come back for more, and knew the full meaning of “Once you go back, you can’t go back.”.

Marcus told me that he needed to shower and leave. We went into the bathroom, got the water running and then I gave him a good soaping and washed his body for him. His cock had finally gone soft and felt so heavy in my hand.

I enjoyed sex with him, even though there was no suggestion of lovemaking, and even though he made me sore inside. I just loved the power that he put into fucking me, and that while doing it, he could make me feel so feminine. If this man wanted me to get in bed for him, I was there to give it up to him. Now, I knew that I truly would do anything for him, so long as he would fuck me with that big cock. I had gotten my Black Cock Injection. I was owned by him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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