Brother to Brother Ch. 08

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Chapter 8- First comes love, then comes their new life.

This is the final chapter of the Brother to Brother series. I would like to thank all of you for supporting my story and falling in love with the Carter and Aiden as I have. Stay posted for the continuation of The Chase. Also, I will be writing a new series based on a character from one of my other stories, so look out for that. Thanks for your support and feedback.


Aiden looked at me like I had gone insane, “Whoa, slow down Carter. Now tell it to me again.”

I took a deep breath then repeated myself, “Well I’ve been thinking a lot about how you’re going to college, I’m starting my internship and how our time is running down. And then it hit me, why don’t we move in together?”

He shook his head, “Because it’s not that simple! We can’t just move in together like some modern-day couple. It’s crazy! Carter, you know that I love you, but even you know that this will never work!”

I grabbed his arm and reassured him, “And why wouldn’t it? I already have an apartment and I’m signing the lease next week. You’ve seen the pictures, it’s beautiful and more than enough space for me! I even looked up your school and it’s a few blocks from my place. “

He shook his head once more, “And what do we tell people? That we’re a pair of brothers who are shacking up? And what about rent? A place that beautiful has to come with a hefty price tag! I-I just…”

I rubbed his arms and looked into his eyes, “We won’t have to tell anyone! As far as they know, we’re just two brothers living together…that’s it! Mom and dad would be happy that you’re living with, your brother and not some stranger. And as for rent, I already called up the landlord and when I told him that my brother was moving in with me, he was thrilled! Turns out he’s a big family man and he even lowered the rent a little because of you! Look Aiden, you can try and find as many reasons as you want that tell you this wouldn’t work…or you can get on board with the idea and with me.”

Aiden looked at me, flashed me his famous smile, then leaned in for a kiss. He ran his fingers through my hair and spoke, “Okay. I’m on board. You seem to have this whole thing figured out and I believe in you…I believe in us.”

I hugged him tight, not able to contain my joy. I kissed him on the cheek and exclaimed, “I’m so happy you’re agreeing to this…Now all that’s left is to talk to mom and dad.”


Our parents arrived shortly after Carter and I finished talking. We greeted them, exchanged small talk and asked how things were this weekend. Just then my mom looked over at me and asked, “Aiden, you look like you have something on your mind? What is it honey?”

Mom always knew when something was up. I took a deep breath and confessed, “Well mom and dad, I have some news. I decided that I’m going to accept the admission for that Art school in the city and I’ll be starting there in the fall.”

A smile appeared on my father’s face as he rested his hand on my shoulder and spoke, “Congratulations son. Your mother and I, and your big brother over there sure are proud of you.”

Mom chimed in, “Yes we are sweetie. We always knew you had a talent and we’re just happy to see you pursuing your dreams!” She then looked over at dad and admitted, “Geez honey, what are we going to do? Pretty soon both our boys will be leaving and we’ll have an empty nest!”

Just then Carter spoke up, “Well mom, that’s actually what I wanted to bring up to you two. See Aiden’s school is only a couple blocks from my work and the apartment I’m renting. And so, I came up with the idea of Aiden moving in with me. I mean that way he won’t be alone in the big city by himself and I can take some of the ease off.” I looked to see our parents nodding as he continued, “Plus, you’ll be saving a couple grand every year that you’d put towards getting him a dorm room. This way he’ll be staying with family and he’ll be able to save up.”

I interrupted, “And once I start making some money of my own, I’ll help Carter with the rent, groceries and other expenses.”

Dad broke his silence and agreed, “That would be a significant savings. Now Carter, have you talked to your landlord about all this?”

Carter nodded and explained, “Yes sir, I have. He was thrilled to have two brother’s living in the unit, being the family man that he is. He even lowered the rent a little!”

Dad shook his head in agreement then replied, “Well. It looks like you two have really thought this through. We trust you, both of you. And Carter, I know that you’ll take care of your little brother here.”

Carter and I had huge smiles plastered on our faces when my mom chimed in a last time and asked, “Aiden, honey. You’re sure about this?”

I took a little time to think to myself about whether or not I actually wanted to go through with this. And as I looked over to Carter who had the biggest smile on his face, I knew that yes, I was sure about all of this. I looked over to my mom and confidently said, “Yes ma’am, I’m sure.”

Dad stood up and placed himself between me and Carter, putting his arms around us and asking, “Honey, when did bursa escort our boys grow up? It seems like just yesterday they were playing the backyard. Now they’re going to be living together: Carter’s going to be interning at this law firm, Aiden’s going to be a Art school. The time sure does fly!”

Our mom joined the embrace and noted, “Well we did raise them right. I trust my boys.”

We shared a hug, kissed our mom on the cheek and went upstairs. We stood in the hallway, still in disbelief at how everything was turning out. I looked around, saw that no one was there and gently pushed me against the wall, giving me a sweet kiss.

He pulled away, making sure that it went unseen and commented, “And think, next week, when we’re moved in, we won’t have to worry about anyone seeing us. The place will be ours: no interruptions, no distractions. Just you and me.”

I resisted every urge to kiss him again and replied, “That’s the way it’s always been.”

He put his arm around my shoulders and walked me to his room, “And that’s how it will always be.”


To say that moving out of my parent’s house is bittersweet would be an understatement. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Hell, part of the reason that I chose a school so close to home was so that I wouldn’t have to move away. But as I packed up that last box and looked around at my old childhood room that was now empty; I almost felt like putting everything back in its place. I knew that I needed to be strong about this: I needed to let Aiden know that I had no doubts…I needed to be the rock in this situation to keep us both grounded.

It hit me hard when I closed the trunk, kissed my parents goodbye and drove off down our old street. Aiden was calm, but noticeably happy.

He took me by the hand and reassured to me, “Let’s start this new chapter.” And from then on, every doubt in my mind subsided.

As I pulled into the street of our new apartment, I looked down and completely forget that I was holding Aiden’s hand the entire ride there. I parked the car and leaned over to him, gently waking him up.

He opened his eyes and sighed, “Are we here?”

I nodded, “We just arrived.”

He stretched his arms, “Alright. Wake me up when you’ve unloaded everything.”

I laughed and nudged his side, “Get your lazy ass up and help me with the boxes…half of them are yours!”

He teased, “Someone’s bossy! Is it too late to go back to mom and dads?”

I retaliated, “It sure is. Now you’re stuck with me.”

He opened the door and shook his head, “Just my luck.”

We walked into the apartment and spent a good twenty minutes just walking around in disbelief that this place was actually ours. It took a few hours, but eventually the once empty space was turning into our new home. After running around in room after room and unpacking box after box, Aiden and I finally had the chance to just together and take a breather.

He took a breath and shook his head, “We did it. It took a little while, but this place actually looks great.”

I rubbed his arms and confessed, “You know, I was actually pretty scared when we left mom and dad’s…I was worried that we’d get here and I’d just want to go right back and forget everything.” I leaned in and kissed him, “But know now, for sure, that everything will work out in the end.”

He nuzzled his face into my chest and licked gently took my nipple in his tongue. He looked up to me and asked, “God, I forgot how good your skin tastes. How long as it been since the last time we…played?”

I let out a sigh as he ran his tongue along my sensitive nipples and down my chest, “5 days, four hours and too many minutes.”

He made his way down, kissing my abs, “That long? Fuck, Carter, we need this. Both of us.”

I quivered as he gripped my cock in his hand, “You’re telling me! I love mom and dad for helping us pack up our old rooms this past week, but we had no time together!” He started to slowly jerk my cock as I exclaimed, “God, I can cum right now if I really wanted to.”

He stopped and looked up, “Please don’t. Let’s make all the waiting worthwhile.”

I bit my lower lip as he continued, “So, I take it we’re going to play a rousing game of who sucks who.”

He squeezed firmly and raised an eyebrow, “Who says we need to take turns?”

I gave him a wink, “I like your thinking, little brother.”

Aiden then got up and lied down on the new carpet in our living room. I stared at him for a little bit, admiring the specimen of man that was lying down stark naked on the floor of our living room. For the past week, I was forced to see him only as Aiden: my brother, but as he lied down with his cock in the air, throbbing for my mouth and as he bit down on his lower lip, telling me just how horny he was, I now saw him as the love of my life.

I pranced on him and eagerly took his cock in my mouth, sopping up the long strand of pre-cum that stained his shaft. I was so overwhelmed at being able to finally taste his thick uncut cock that I let out a soft moan as I felt him engulf my cock with his mouth. I slowed down for a minute and took everything in: the sweet taste of Aiden’s bursa escort cock and the manly smell that came off his body. Suddenly our actions intensified and I had to pull off Aiden’s cock for a little to let out my load moans as I felt him sucking me. I was in heaven, as my eyes rolled back and I felt close.

I pressed on Aiden’s chest, telling him to stop as I commanded, “Aiden, I-I can’t…Please fuck me.

He sat up behind me, running his hands along my torso and lightly pinching my nipples. He gently ran his tongue along my ear, nibbling it as he whispered to me, “How bad do you want it?”

I let out a moan, and cupped his ass, “I want it so bad! Please, little brother, make love to me.” And without a reply, I lied on my back and threw my legs in the air. I started to jerk myself as Aiden spat on his hand and smeared it all over my puckering asshole and started to loosen it up. It only took a little toying until I was ready, and Aiden certainly knew. But he chose to keep fingering me just to toy with me. God, he was going to make me work for it.

After a few deep fingers and a little bit of begging, he finally lined his cock up to my ass and slowly slid it in. I threw my head back, letting out a load moan as I finally felt him inside me. When he was all the way in, I placed my palm on his abs and looked up at him, commanding, “Give me your all. Don’t hold back.”

And he took those words to heart. Almost immediately, Aiden was pounding me with full force, leaving me swaying on the floor, shouting out in ecstasy. My breathing resulted to short bursts as I felt him pressing up against my sweet spot time and time again. He was giving my aching ass exactly what it wanted, and based on the looks he made, he wanted it too. Aiden stared directly into my eyes the entire time, letting me know that he was in control, and that as he thrust into me, I was all his. I brought my hands around his back and pulled him close to me, begging for embrace. We took a break from our moaning and screaming, bringing our lips together into a passionate kiss. He then slipped his tongue into my mouth and I could feel him panting as he held me tightly. I rolled my eyes back, ran my fingers through his hair and enjoyed the feeling of him inside me.

We had been going at it for about 20 minutes, not losing any speed or intensity. Aiden had found that perfect rhythm and was fucking me with full force: jamming his thick cock inside my ass repeatedly. I found myself panting and moaning, throwing my arms behind me and feeling my dick flail about. I wished that we could do this for hours, but as I looked up, I saw that Aiden was close. He tried to hold out as long as he could, but with one final thrust, I knew that he was going to blow. I caught my breath and instructed, “Cum in my mouth!”

With one motion, he slid out of my ass and bought his pulsating cock to my mouth, resting it on my tongue. And just as I felt the tip on my tongue, he let out a load moan and streams of his cum painted my tongue and blasted inside my mouth. I quickly tried to swallow, but it proved to be too much. I savored the sweet taste of his seed as he tried to catch his breath.

He shook out the last drops of cum and spoke, “That’s five days-worth of cum; five days of not being able to touch you like I wanted, not being able to be held in your arms or touching your skin. Promise me we won’t ever go that long again?”

I licked the cum off my lips and let out a deep sigh, “I promise that with you here, we’ll never have to go that long ever again.”

He leaned down on me and I felt the sweat on his skin. Placing his tongue on my mouth, I felt him trying to taste his juice, but there was none left. He looked at me and playfully asked, “Carter, please tell me you’re not too tired. I really want you to fuck me right now.” He corrected himself, “No, I need you to fuck me right now.”

I flashed him a wink, “I guess now it’s payback time.”


You’d think that after over thirty minutes of raw, passionate love, I’d have my fill, but that certainly wasn’t the case. With Carter, there is no pause or stop button. There’s just something about the way that he looks at me, touches me and begs for my affection just with the intensity in his eyes. When I was fucking him, I saw how much he wanted it: how we craved for me and I just wished that he could give me the same satisfaction.

I allowed us to catch our breath, then I lied back in the same position that he was in. I lifted my legs up and spread my cheeks wide as he brought his head down to my ass and started to lick around. The feeling of his warm tongue was enough to make me roll my eyes back in pleasure. I moaned as Carter dug his face in my hole and went to town.

I brought my hand to the back of his head and played with his hair, “Carter, you don’t know how good you make me feel.”

He then gave my ass a final lick and pulled away, giving my cheeks a little nibble. He knelt and I intently watched as he smeared his cock with spit, smoldering at me. Leaning into me, he aligned his dick with my ass and brushed his lips against mine, asking, “Are you ready for me?”

I pushed his head to mine, forcing bursa eskort a strong kiss, and as our lips touched, he pumped his cock into my ass. I let out a loud moan as I felt his cock inside and firmly held onto the back of his head as he started to thrust. He interlocked our fingers, pushing our hands to the floor and letting me know that he was in control as he started to fuck me hard and rough. I just lied there, and felt him push his dick further and further into me, then pulling all the way out.

Carter kept his lips on mine the entire time, allowing me to moan out and yell his name with every stroke. It was like sweet encouragement to him as I begged him to fuck me harder. His lips were like static as my entire body became sensitive to the touch. Slowly, sweat started to drip off his body and onto me, cooling me down from the motions. There we were on the living room floor: I was pinned down holding hands with him, my legs flailed in the air and my toes curled. I could care less if the neighbors could hear how intense we were; part of me actually wanted them to hear and know that he was mine, and I was his. Soon it all got to be too much: he leaned in warned me that he was close. I bit his lower lip and instructed, “Feed me” as he gave me his final thrusts and pulled out. His cock looked like it was about to erupt as he quickly stuffed it into my mouth. And sure enough, it would: once he was in, he blew his creamy load all over. His dick pulsated in my mouth and I felt streams of his cum shoot the back of my mouth and ooze down. He let out his last loud moans as I greedily sucked all of his seed and cleaned his cock dry. He pulled out and smiled as my eyes practically begged for more.

He slowly raised me up and we stood there, holding onto each other for balance. He gave me a sweet kiss on the cheeks then assured me, “Now, there’s nothing that can stop us; there’s no holding back. It’s just you and me.”

I chimed in, “That’s how it’s always been and will always be.”

He nodded and offered his hand, “Come lay with me in our bed. I know we just finished, but I’m dying to hold you close.”

I grabbed his arm in mine and leaned in close, “We just can’t get enough of each other.”


And he was right. We walked to our bedroom and lied there, holding one another in each other’s arms. He had held my hand tightly, wrapped his legs in mine and nuzzled at my neck. As I felt his warm skin, and his soft touch, I knew that this was all I ever needed.

It’s been about 10 years since that first night of the kiss: the kiss that started it all, and Aiden and I have not lost how we feel about each other. I’d love to say that things have died down and cooled off, but they haven’t; we’re just as intense, and passionate as we were all those years ago and I don’t see it dying down anytime soon.

But as our love stayed the same, things have changed. Aiden graduated from the Art University in four years and found a wonderful career working as an art consultant for a prestigious museum in town. We’re all extremely proud that he followed his dreams and is able to do something that he loves. As for me, I worked my way through that internship and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But it wasn’t in vain; about three years after I started there, I was offered the role of Partner at one of the top law firms in the state. There, I work to help those in need…and I can’t picture doing anything else. Our jobs keep the two of us busy, but at the end of a long day, it’s good to come home to him and hold him like I always have. We even took a little time off to travel the world at one point in time and we often talk about going back to those amazing places. But no matter how much money we make or where our careers take us, we know what matters and how to embrace that. We still make a point to eat at that diner every week in that same both, reliving our first date together. And every time we walk in, Miss Carly’s face lights up and warms our heart. She’s older now and we often tell her that she should stop working and enjoy her life, but she refuses. She says that as long as we keep coming back, she’ll keep working. And we haven’t stopped going back.

One of the hardest aspects of our bond is that it has to be kept a secret. Aiden and I have talked about just coming clean and not worrying about what anyone would think; but that’s easier said than done. So even until now, the full picture of what we are is still under wraps. To our parents, friends and landlord, we’re just two brothers. But to Miss Carly and those who see us out together, we’re the strongest of lovers. From time to time, it tears us up to have to keep quiet, especially to our parents. But we just can’t ruin our family with our lives, so we figure that some things are better left unsaid. Aiden continually brings joy and happiness to my life with the way he looks at me, holds me and even begs for more. And I can’t picture even just a day without embracing him and making love to the boy that I fell in love with all those years ago. He’ll always be my little brother, but our relationship is more than family ties. In simplest terms, he’s the one; he’s the one person in the world that I was meant to end up with. There’s a reason why we only played with each other as kids, and why we…”play” every single day since we’ve been together. It’s because that we were meant to end up together: Carter and Aiden, brother to brother.

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