Brod: The Bachelorette Pt. 02

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Sarkopheros Says:

The wait is finally over. After 315 days, ten long months, I have two new Brod stories for you, each almost 10,000 words in length.

That’s 315 days since the last story of any description, however, which was Hyper Jae: Stroke! Part 2. It’s been 421 days since the last Brod, which was The Bachelorette, Part 1. Over a year ago. However, the changes that necessitated the hiatus have been mostly dealt with, and I can write again.

Finally, if you’re not familiar with my writing, expect monstrous cocks measured in feet, bathtubs full of jizz, cum inflation, cervical penetration, and hentai physics.


To my readers: any scenes where I should not have been able to see or know what was happening are textual recreations of the stories I heard and videos I saw after the events of the party.


The hot, sticky gunk from deep within my tormented balls welled up around my forehead. I could feel it soaking into my hair. By the time I burst from the container, my Mohawk would surely be flaccid. Unlike my monstrous yard-plus schlong.

I heard creaking around me. It reverberated through the liquid now pressing against the skin I’d oiled up earlier.

Pressure built up. Were it not for my plugged ears and nose, my own jizz would have been gushing into my sinuses.

KRRRNNNGHLL. The creaking increased in pitch. GRRRRNNNGH. Groaning wood. TAK-TAK-TAK! I could vaguely hear their voices, even in here.


THUMP. THUMP. THUMP. Bass pounded through the club. The formerly-pink lighting had turned to a warm white now, giving a clear view of the dozens of women milling around a raised stage.

Klink! “Elizabeth! Elizabeeeeeth!” crowed a voluptuous white woman with a complexion as pale as the girl she was yelling at. Her brown hair framed a pair of bleary blue eyes as she tapped her glass to Liz’s. “You’re … sure … you want one dick forever?” She cackled and then wobbled backward, spilling champagne on her halter. “Uh oh!”

Liz looked radiant in her low-cut, scarlet-red dress. She wore her hair much longer than what I remembered in college. She’d also put on weight—in the right places. Just like her mom. Those Glass genetics weren’t lost on her. She laughed and put her hand on the drunk lady’s shoulder. “How many have you had?!”

“I’m just getting started. What about you?!” She poked Liz’s glass. “That’s about … pffffh … six or seven? And you’re supposed to be my blood.”

“There’s a whole fucking bar! A whole bar!” screamed Elena, her belly flat now—though she later told me that she’d still been leaking dribs and drabs of my spunk that morning. “Calm down, Tori. There’s at least one elephant of liquor!”

“Liquor isn’t measured in elephants!” said Riley, collapsing against Elena’s side.

“Ma’am, please get down!” yelled the sharply-dressed man at the ritzy bar against the wall. Atop that bar, a slender black woman in yellow was flailing about in what she probably thought was a dance.

“Ssschhfuck you!” she hollered. “We rented the whole venue! That includes the bar! Whooooo!”

The bartender sighed. “Get down!” he yelled. “My boss ain’t paying your medical bills if you fall!”

“Claudette, get down!” yelled Riley. “Look, the cake’s here!”

“Cake!” screeched Claudette, hopping down and miraculously not breaking her ankle despite her pumps.

“Cake!” agreed Tori.

Soon, dozens of rowdy women were chanting “Cake! Cake! Cake!” as the giant cake—and myself, of course—were wheeled out onto the stage. They’d had to unbolt the pole and put it in the back to make room, but now I had the peninsula-like stage all to myself. …Not that I could tell.

“Who’s in there?!” gurgled Tori. “Is’e hot?”

Elena and Riley looked at each other and grinned.

Claudette sat in one of the cushioned red seats and clapped. “I wanna see a cute butt!”

Slowly, the women began to find seats around the stage.

A couple minutes passed as they chattered, watching the cake. Nothing happened … that they could see, anyway.

Tori looked over at the tan Filipino girl next to her. “Hey. Gloria, right?”

The girl sighed and nodded, putting her phone down.

“Itsh a party! A party. Where isssh your party?” she slurred.

The girl pushed her glasses up her nose. “I’m here for Elizabeth,” she said, adding a cold smile.

“Jeez. Calm down. Hey, you think he’s alive in there?” asked Tori.

Gloria put her phone away and rolled her eyes.

GLORGLH. A liquid rumble.

“The hell was that?” asked Tori.

GGRRRMBBLLHH. The cake’s surface rippled. A white jet shot out from the side.

Elena leaned in toward Riley. “Did he ever tell you what his act would be?”

Riley looked at Elena. “You remember we were both basically unconscious after he got done with us, right?”

Elena shrugged and sat back in her chair.

GRROOORRGGLLLH-RRRMMBBBLLLH! The stage was vibrating. FFSSST! Another jet of white. Two, three.

“Why Casibom is the cake shooting frosting?” asked Claudette, staring at the splatter near her feet. “This is abnormal. Your baker sucks.”

BLUH-BLORCH! A white explosion. Chunks of cake and the chamber’s lining flew away in a shower of dessert and frosting. The white became a radial tsunami, spreading out in a ring.

Water-balloon-sized globs of my jizz were thrown everywhere. They splattered against the women, exploding with heat and goopiness, coating them thickly in my seed. Sperm hit the ceiling, splattered against the couches an empty chair (not that they were terribly clean in the first place) and covered the tiles. A seminal rainstorm splattered the bar and bottles of liquor. Fortunately for the bartender, he’d worked my events before and was already hiding behind the bar.

My seed hit the ceiling and actually caused a few of the lights to go out. The stage was absolutely covered. All around, the women were now painted a uniform white.

“AUGH! What the hell is this stuff?!” cried Tori, standing up so fast she knocked her chair over. My spunk rolled out of her lap and down her legs. She swept it from her eyes.

Claudette spat out a mouthful. “I think it’s … jizz…?” She smacked her lips. “Yeah, that’s sperm. This is too much sperm.”

Elena and Riley both cackled like maniacs, actually licking my spunk off each other’s faces. While cackling. It was kind of weird. But they’d gotten much more acquainted when I’d been with them.

“This can’t be jizz! This is more than like … the whole NFL combined could do! This is like a bulgogi video!” protested Tori, blinking.

“I think you mean ‘bukkake’,” said a nearby olive-complected woman.

“AAAIIIGH!” shrieked Gloria, tossing globs of spunk from her hands. “What the hell?!”

That’s when Tori finally noticed the shape in her peripheral vision. Me.

One by one, the women turned to look up at me as I strode to the front of the stage. A wall of muscle over six feet high, deltoids bigger than my head, barrel-like biceps, legs like oaks, all bare. The stage lights made my muscles glisten as I stood above them, ankle-deep in my own sperm. My Mohawk was limp, draped over the back of my head, but I doubt any of them noticed. The oil had kept most of the spunk from sticking to me, allowing it to slough off my skin.

And, of course, there was the main event. Jutting from my body for over three feet, thicker than their thighs, with a glans bigger than a cantaloupe, was my monstrous, pulsing, golden erection. Beneath it hung a pair of medicine-ball-sized nuts, slipping against my thighs. Marble-sized droplets of crystalline pre dripped from my tip.

All Tori could manage was “Uhhhh…”

“Oh my god,” whispered Claudette, her jaw slack.

Even Gloria was speechless, biting her lower lip as she looked at me.

A blonde’s jaw dropped. “Well now I want to get married!”

“No!” cried Tori, her hand pressing against her chest with a squilsch! “That’s not real! …Is it? That thing went into my aunt?! I thought she was lying!” She absently sucked some of my seed off her fingers. “Oh.”

“He was smaller when he fucked mom,” offered Riley. Her pale arm was around Elena’s shoulders as the luscious brown girl rolled her tongue up her neck, quite shameless in her hunger for my spunk.

“Yes, it’s real,” I chuckled, walking toward the edge of the stage. My cock bobbed in front of me, hot-dog-thick veins pumping along its meter-plus length. Splat-splat went my feet. I stopped. My monstrous organ jutted out over the edge of the stage by two feet. Glittering, golf-ball-sized globs of precum fell from my tip, splashing down in the puddle below.

“Brod!” Liz managed to scream and laugh at the same time. “Brod! You got Brod!”

“Only the best for my sister!” said Riley.

Claudette looked down at her martini glass. It was full of pearly, steaming-hot spunk. Somehow, the olive remained. She shrugged and put it to her lips, taking a long sip. I saw her green eyes get huge, and she upended the glass into her mouth, guzzling greedily, some whiteness spilling into her cleavage. And she was hardly the only one in the audience doing that.

Tori’s brow scrunched together. “Wait, you fucked her, too?! But you’re such a prude!”

Liz looked at the floor. “There’s no such thing as a prude around Brod,” she muttered.

“I remember when he fucked a bunch of fresh little nuns,” chuckled Elena.

Liz nodded.

I smiled and surveyed the women. I counted 26. “Ladies, I’m curious. How many of you know who I am?”

About half raised their hands.

“Alright. For the rest of you, my name is Brod Kanayama. And I’m the most virile person in the world.” I stated it plainly to them, smiling—though I doubt they noticed. All of their eyes were popping at its glistening magnificence.

“No shit, that thing could kill a whale,” muttered Claudette, slicking spunk from her arms.

“Riley and Elena could have Casibom Giriş gotten any random dancer. Any dude with abs. But when it comes to Liz, they didn’t want to settle for anything but the biggest and best.” I chuckled. “We’re gonna have one hell of a send-off to your single life, Liz. You know, I knew her in college.”

“In the biblical sense,” noted Elena.

I saw Elizabeth squirm down there, cheeks flushing red.

“Now, there’s two questions that everyone likes to ask me when they first see my cock. One of two. ‘Is it real?’ Or, ‘How big is it?’ ” I waggled my finger. “I need three volunteers.”

Tori’s hand shot up immediately, followed by twenty others. I pointed to her, Claudette, and the blonde from earlier. The latter looked like she was in great shape. Where Tori was a voluptuous, chubby young woman, and Claudette was slender and long of limb, the blonde was of average height but plainly did her squats.

They all climbed the portable steps that had been butted up against the stage. Their feet splatted through the spunk. All of them were still quite drenched in jizz, skin glistening, hair matted and hanging in thick tendrils.

However, I could still tell they were all wet in more than one way. I could smell it on them, even through the cloying reek of my jizz.

“Well hello. You’re definitely a Glass,” I said, reaching out, my meaty hand gripping a handful of Tori’s even meatier ass.

“I’m their cousin,” she said. “Tori!” She smiled blearily and held out a hand, giving me a supremely awkward handshake. More of a finger-shake, really. I could smell the vodka on her breath. “And if thish thing is reeaaalll,” she slurred, “then I want the same treatment you gave the rest of my family.” Tori collapsed against my side, wrapping one arm around my waist and kissing my pec. “Ooh!” She put her free hand on top of my cock, tracing her fingertips through its white coating. Her eyes got huge.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to fuck you in front of Liz and fill that womb till you can’t move,” I growled at her.

She bit her lip before opening her mouth, but all she managed was, “O-oh … oh…”

“What about me?” asked Claudette.

The blonde nodded. “Me too! Please? I know like three girls that you fucked, they say it’s absolutely amaaaazing!”

I wrapped a beefy arm around the blonde and squeezed her firm bubble butt. “What’s your name?”


I smiled. “Well I’ll fuck you too, Amy. You know I’m going to ruin you for any other guy, though, right?”

She drew a circle on the base of my cock with her fingertip, her blue eyes meeting my brown. “Oh, who cares about them? My friend said she came twice just from you entering her!”

I grinned. “I’ll fuck you, I’ll fuck every woman that wants some,” I said, addressing the crowd now. Phones had begun appearing. “Not one of you will leave with a flat belly if you desire. But Elizabeth? You’re getting fucked last.”

I saw her bite her lip and absentmindedly caress her stomach.

“…But no one’s getting fucked quite yet. Mariam?”

Out from the back jiggled about six feet (thanks to heels) of busty brown Indian accountant. That orange dress barely restrained her enormous tits. Mariam had Dr. Ghali’s long neck and prominent nose and cheekbones, but she was a bit taller than her mother.

“Hey, Riley! Elena! And Elizabeeeth!” she squealed, stooping over the edge of the stage to greet them. Her tits wobbled dangerously.

“Mariam! You’re working for Brod now, too?” asked Liz.

Mariam nodded.

“What’s that like?”

She shrugged. “Messy.”

Liz nodded to me. “What do you do for him?”

“I’m the money girl. And now stagehand.”

I laughed. “Ladies, let’s have our reunions after the show, huh?”

“Right!” Mariam straightened up and grinned at my three volunteers. She held up a yellow ring, then let it unfurl—a rolled-up tailor’s tape measure. Then she handed it to Amy.

“Okay, Amy. Hold that against my base.”

She pressed the end to my cock, touching against my trimmed pubes.

“Tori? Pull that toward the tip,” I said.

She took the tape measure and began to straighten the bright yellow strip along the topside of my cock. As her hand kept moving down and down my length, her jaw got progressively lower and her eyes larger. “God damn!” she cried out. Her knuckles slid through the layer of spunk on its surface before she was at the tip. “38 inches long!”

The crowd gasped and murmured.

“Now I want you to measure around the fattest part,” I said, tapping my cock about two-thirds of the way down.

Tori looked at Claudette, who took the tape measure and wrapped it around my cock’s fattest point. Oh, my, did they smell sweet. Looking down, I could see clear trails being drawn through the white muck covering Claudette’s inner thighs. I could smell the deliciousness of Tori’s cunt. Amy pressed her body against mine. She smelled sweeter. Not to say that Tori smelled bad, just different.

“Over Casibom Yeni Giriş 31 inches!” gasped Claudette. “My waist isn’t even that big!”

More than one woman was rubbing her thighs together, rapt and at attention. Even Gloria was watching, though her phone remained in her hand. Her other hand was squeezed between her thighs.

“My cock is also very, very strong, ladies. Now. The three of you, I’d like to you to line up in front of me, facing me. Stand with your legs wide apart.” I mimicked the stance, my feet maybe a yard apart. “Get right up against each other. Claudette, you get in the back, please.”

They looked at each other. Amy shrugged. They began to do it, lining up facing toward me. I gently pushed them backward until Amy’s ass was against Tori and Tori’s ass was against Claudette.

“Good. Now, ladies, please grab onto me any way you can. In just one second. You’ll see what I mean.” I squatted low and began to walk toward them, my heavy balls dragging along the stage. It felt kind of nice. My monstrous cock slid into the hall of legs they’d formed. Straightening my back, I began to hip-hinge, standing upward. My pulsing monster pressed up against them, between their legs.

“Ooh!” cried Amy. She wrapped her arms around my waist, her face mushed up against my broad chest.

Tori yelped and wrapped her arms around Amy’s waist like they were on a motorcycle.

As her own weight pressed her mound against my cock, Claudette moaned and grabbed my shoulders. She was the tallest and had the longest arms, able to easily reach past the other two.

I put my hands on my hips, not touching any of them, then I stood up, lifting their feet from the ground. Soon, all thirty toes were suspended above the floor. Three hot, wet pussies kissed my cock hard. I grunted, grinned, and turned to the audience.

They began to whoop and cheer. I could see them still filming and/or taking pictures. I had to wonder what the captions said? I stood there, hands on my waist, 38-inch cock as sturdy as a Doric column, easily supporting the weight of three full-grown women above the ground. I flexed my abs, my cock angling up, bouncing them up and down, effectively doing cock-curls with 350+ pounds of horny lady.

“Aauugh! Mmmph!” I heard Tori cry. She bit her lip and clenched her eyes shut. I felt her thighs tighten around my cock. Skllrrrt! I heard the delicious, messy noise of squirting cunt juice and saw it spraying out under her. Skllrrrrt! Skllrrt! “Oh God! Oh God! Brod! Brooood!” she cried. “No wonder my family loves you!”

“And I love all of you Glasses.”

Claudette had an idiotic grin on her face, and I could feel it as her hips ground up against my pulsing cock, inch-thick veins pulsing between her dark thighs as her dress got even darker. Then she let out a very loud, very odd squeaking noise and bit her lip, burying her face in Amy’s hair as her toes curled. Sklllrch! Sklllllrch!

Amy panted, her tongue lolling out as she began running it over my chest, mewling happily as she kissed the thick sheets of muscle. My cock started drooling even more profusely, clearly enjoying the weight and thighs on top of it. I kept bouncing all of them on my cock eyeing Amy, the last holdout. I didn’t have to wait long.

“Motherfucker!” she screeched before biting my chest, digging her nails into my back, and rolling her entire body in orgasm. Those three hot pussies were now gushing and spasming all over my cock, giving it a fresh coat of pussy nectar. The delicious, spicy-sweet musk of women in ecstasy filled my nose.

I slowly squatted and pulled my cock out from under them. Tori nearly collapsed, grabbing Amy’s shoulders for support. Amy slumped against me, and Claudette awkwardly waddled away before falling ass-first into the jizz, splashing herself with a fresh coat. “Whoops!”

“Pppphhhhlaudette!” gurgled Tori, falling to her knees. “Oh wow.”

Claudette pouted at her and squeezed her knees together. “I came.”

Tori stared at her. “Me too.”

Claudette squeaked again, fell back on an elbow, and spread her thighs apart. Her stomach and hips rolled under her dress, which was riding steadily up her body. “Oooh! It’s not over!”

Amy rubbed her hand over where she’d bitten me. It was sore and red. “I’m sorry, Brod. Forgive me?” She put her hands around my neck and pulled my face down to her, mushing her lips to mine, giving me a sloppy, drunken kiss. I tasted tequila. We parted lips and she stroked my face. “Are you sure you don’t want to get married?”

I gave her ass a squeeze. “You’re gonna piss off like. Every woman,” I told her.

Amy sighed and pulled away, tracing her fingers over my stomach. “I know I can’t have you.”

I eyed her departing bubble-butt. “You can tonight.”

“My ex will go ballistic,” she laughed.

I smiled and raised my voice. “Ladies, you’ve been very helpful. But it’s time to let a few others have a turn,” I said, reaching down to help Tori and Claudette up. Claudette took my hand. Tori grabbed ahold of the edges of my cock-head and hauled herself up. The girls descended the steps. More ladies in the audience screamed. A lot of them had gotten out of their seats and were crowded around the bottom of the stage, drinks in their hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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