Born to Suck Ch. 12

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We pulled up in front of the farmhouse and as we did, the screen door swung open as my Aunt Claire emerged. Now that I knew what had been going on between her and Sven, I looked at her in a different way; as a woman, not just as my aunt. And I have to say, as I gave her a good visual appraisal, she easily passed the test.

She had on a bright yellow floral sundress that looked really good on her; very bright and cheery. The bodice of the dress hugged her form suggestively while the skirt flared out nicely over her wide womanly hips. It came to about her knees and I could see the smooth tanned skin of her shapely legs that led down into smart-looking white sandals. I looked back up to the top; it was sleeveless with a bit of a scoop neck with three buttons at her cleavage. The top two looked like she had plucked them open to reveal a teasing glimpse of her big heavy tits. As she stood provocatively at the front edge of the porch with her hands on her wide hips, I noticed how big and round her breasts were. They covered the full breadth of her chest and the smooth creamy skin of the upper swells drew your eye enticingly to her deep cleavage. They thrust well out from her body and looked like they would feel nice and heavy in your hands.

She hadn’t worn anything this revealing since I’d been there and I knew that with her husband being at the far side of the ranch for most of the day, she must be doing this for Sven’s benefit. Her hair looked nicer than I’d seen it too. She usually wore it pulled back in a ponytail, but today, she’d let it down and the soft brunette waves cascaded down over her shoulders and framed her pretty face attractively.

“Well, look at you in your new clothes, Joey,” she announced as I stepped out of the truck. “You look very handsome.” That made me blush instantly. I looked up at her and she gave me a dazzling warm smile that just about made me melt. There was something about knowing the sexual secrets about a woman that really changed the way you thought of her. I found it hard to look at her without thinking of Sven impaling her with that monstrous cock of his.

“Thank you mam,” I replied with an impish grin.

“Have you heard from Ben today?” Sven asked as he leaned against the back of the pickup.

“Yes,” she replied and I could see her trying to suppress a smile. “He said it was coming along slower than he thought. They’re going to be there for another two or three hours. He said he’d call when they were getting ready to leave.” Sven looked at her knowingly and gave a subtle nod.

“C’mon Kid, we’ve got groceries to unload,” he said as he opened the cooler in the back of the pickup’s bed.

“Yes sir,” I replied as he passed me bags of food. Between the three of us, we got the bags into the kitchen and Aunt Claire proceeded to tell us what went where. She chatted easily to me and I felt very relaxed and comfortable in her presence. This was the first real chance I’d had to be around her for any length of time and I enjoyed her company; even if she was a woman. That was something I hadn’t been used to. Most of the women in the foster homes I’d been in had always either tried too hard, or been very cold and aloof. I don’t know, maybe it was some kind of “vibe” I gave off, I had always had difficulty with women. With Aunt Claire though, her casual and friendly demeanor allowed me to relax and it was nice to be near her. Of course, I kept sneaking peeks at those voluptuous breasts of hers or watching the way her dress swayed over her round bum as she moved about the kitchen. I could see Sven looking at her too and it excited me as I thought about what he had planned.

We had nearly everything put away when Aunt Claire said, “Oh Sven, I wonder if you could take a look and see if you could fix a shelf in the bedroom closet for me?” Sven had told me to expect her to say something like this.

“Oh sure. What’s wrong with it?”

“It’s uh…’s kind of tippy.” I don’t know whether she was making this up or if there was a real problem and she was just using this as an excuse to get Sven into her bedroom. Whatever it was, Sven’s response told me he was going to have fun with the whole situation. He knew she wanted him bad; and he was going to playfully make her suffer just a little longer.

“Tippy?” he replied. “Maybe it’s a problem with your slot.”

“Wh…what?” she looked at him with her mouth hanging open in surprise.

“Those shelves usually slide right into a slot. If it’s tippy, maybe your slot is too big. Do you think that might be it? Do you think your slot might be too loose?” I had to suppress my urge to laugh out loud after he said that.

“I….I don’t know. I didn’t think so,” she said tentatively and I could see her turning red right before my eyes.

“Well, okay, I’ll probably have to get my hand right in there and see if your slot is tight enough.” Her eyes opened wide as she listened to what he was saying. “For it to work the way it’s supposed to, that shelf should just be able to slide nice and smooth right into the altıparmak escort slot. I’ll need to make sure your slot is just the right size. It should kind of just hug the shelf snugly, but still allow it to slide back and forth smoothly.”

“Oh….uh….okay,” she replied and I could see she was still blushing.

“What about your rod?”

“WHAT?” she almost burst out in astonishment.

“Yeah, your closet rod. Usually the shelf and rod come as complete package and work together. Since you say the shelf’s been a bit floppy, I’m wondering if the rod you’re using is too small.”

“Oh….I….I don’t know.”

“It might be as simple as giving you a bigger rod,” Sven said and I saw the subtle smile lurking behind his eyes.

“I…uh…..maybe that’s it,” she said meekly and turned to put away the remaining groceries. I could tell she didn’t want me to see her red face.

“Okay,” Sven said, “I’ve gotta put away the tools and supplies Ben asked me to pick up. I’ll be back in a few minutes to check your shelf for you, Claire. I seem to remember it being a pretty big shelf.” When he said that, my eyes were automatically drawn to her thrusting breasts, beautifully displayed in profile as she stood at the kitchen counter. “If it’s just a bigger rod you need, I think I know where one is that should be just about the right size. If that’s not the problem, it’s likely that the slot is a little too big. If that’s it, I’ll have to try and find something to fill it up.” Claire turned and I could see a fine sheen of perspiration on her forehead. Her soft lips were parted slightly and I could see her voluptuous chest heaving slightly. She seemed in a daze, unable to speak. Obviously, Sven’s suggestive words had caused her to become aroused.

“C’mon Kid,” Sven said as he patted me on the shoulder, “help me put the rest of the stuff away and then you can play some computer games for awhile.” We left the house and got back into the truck and Sven headed towards the barn.

“Wow, I can’t believe those things you said to her.”

“Yeah, I thought I’d have a little fun there. I think it kind of got her going though. Did you see the look on her face at the end?”

“Yeah, she was sweating and everything.”

“I bet there’s somewhere else she’s sweating too. That’ll make it nice for me to fill up that slot for her.” He looked at me and gave me a quick wink as we pulled over next to the barn. We quickly put away the tools and other stuff we’d got at the hardware store and then I grabbed the bag of drug store items from behind the seat. We went to the bunkhouse and put the stuff away before Sven spoke to me once more about his plan.

“Okay, now go back around the other side of the barn and behind that grove of trees. Their bedroom is the one in the back right-hand corner. Wait by the window for my signal and then you know what to do, right?”

“Yes sir,” I nodded excitedly.

“Good. And remember to be as quiet as you can. Okay, let’s go.” We left the bunkhouse and Sven went the usual way back to the farmhouse while I turned the other way and made my way around the back of the barn. I carefully skirted a treed area, then crossed over the laneway and quietly snuck up on the back corner of the house. I saw some sheer drapes blowing lazily at an open window near the back corner and knew this was the window Sven wanted me to go to. I edged up close to the house and slipped off my boots as Sven had instructed. Standing in my socks, I stealthily made my way beneath the window, then edged myself up ever so slowly until I could peek inside.

As I peered over the edge of the window sill, I saw Sven and Aunt Claire standing in front of my aunt and uncle’s bed, their lips and bodies pressed against each other in a passionate embrace. Sven’s arms were wrapped around her as he pulled her full lush body against his. Their mouths parted as they ended their searing kiss.

“Oh God, Sven,” Aunt Claire said breathlessly as she leaned into the crook of his shoulder and I saw her lips kissing and nibbling at his neck. Sven’s eyes flicked up over her shoulder and looked right at me. Our eyes met and I could see the devilish twinkle in his. He pulled her back slightly and brought his mouth back down to hers as he kissed her deeply. I was looking at them in profile and Sven brought his hand that was closest to me and slid it up her body until he was cupping her large breast. I saw the fabric move as he squeezed and the ample handful of tit-flesh swelled out around his fingers.

“Uunnggghh,” She let out a little groan and pulled her mouth back from his. Her red lips were gaping open as she gasped for air, obviously aroused. “Are….are you sure it’s okay?” she asked nervously.

“You mean Joey?”


“He’ll be fine,” Sven said as I saw him slide his hand up and insert it right down inside the bodice of her dress. I could see the tips of his fingers at the arm opening of her sleeveless dress. I caught a glimpse of her white bra beneath his fingers bursa anal yapan escort and knew that he was cupping her big tit while still encased in her sexy undergarment. “He’s playing computer games and you know how kids are; he’d stay there for hours if you didn’t tell him to stop. Besides, he’s very polite; he’d never barge in on anybody.”

“He is a sweet boy, isn’t he,” she said as I saw her hand slide down over the front of Sven’s jeans.

“He is, and he really likes you too. I saw the way he was checking you out today.” My ears perked up; this was something I hadn’t expected.

“What, really?” she asked curiously.

“Oh yeah; all boys that age need a good-looking older woman to fantasize about. You’re a beautiful woman Claire; I’m sure Joey sees you that way.”

“Really?” she asked and I was happy to see the spark of interest she had in this line of conversation.

“Yeah, take it from me, I was that age once. If he’s not playing computer games, he’s probably jacking off thinking about you right now.”

“I…I never would have thought….” She never finished her sentence but you could see she was thinking about what Sven had said.

“A little innocent flirting wouldn’t hurt either. There’s no harm in that and I bet you’d love it just as much as him. You should just try it, see how he reacts.” I could see that Sven was trying to plant a seed in her brain, to make her think about the whole situation with me being there differently. He and I both knew the truth; it was him that I thought of in that way. My interest in Aunt Claire was because she was involved with Sven; it was the sheer risk and wantonness of their illicit affair that thrilled me to no end. She was a good looking and sexy older woman, there was no doubt about that; but for me, it was the idea of seeing Sven with her that made the whole thing incredibly alluring.

“I’ll tell you what,” Sven said as he withdrew his hand from inside her top and slid both hands down to cup her sumptuous rear. I watched as he lifted her slightly towards him and pushed his swollen crotch against her front. “If you wear something a little sexier than usual at dinner tonight and flirt a little bit with Joey, I’ll fuck you twice today.” This was Sven, the master manipulator, knowing exactly how much people like Aunt Claire and I absolutely worshipped what he was capable of with that tremendous cock of his.

“Mmmmmmm, how can I resist an offer like that,” she said softly as she rubbed her body back against his.

“So, do you promise to do that?” he asked as he reached up and drew his finger teasingly around her parted red lips.

“Okay…okay,” she said and as a reward, he slipped his long middle finger into her mouth and I saw her eyes close in pleasure as she wrapped her lips around the invading digit and sucked. He sawed his finger back and forth enticingly between her pouting lips before pulling it back out of her mouth.

“Good. Why don’t you go and get dressed. You do have that outfit I got for you, don’t you?”

“Yes, and I love it,” she said as she saucily sidled away, stepped into the washroom and closed the door. As soon as the door was closed, Sven turned to me and motioned towards the front of the house. Leaving my boots where they were, I stole around the house and quickly entered the front door, being ever so careful not to let the screen door slam shut behind me. I tiptoed to their bedroom where Sven was waiting for me with the door open. He motioned towards the closet, and as we had discussed, I slipped in and got to my knees, leaving the closet door open a couple of inches. I was opposite one of the bottom corners of their bed and would have an excellent view of whatever went on.

Sven went back to the bed and sitting on the front edge, looked intently towards me. Satisfied that I couldn’t be seen in the dark confines of the closet, he gave me a quick thumbs-up. He reached down and pulled off his boots and socks and tossed them to the side. I watched as he undid the buttons of his shirt, peeled it off and draped it over a chair she had in front of a dressing table. All he had left on were his jeans. Man, did that strong muscular chest of his ever look good. I felt myself salivating as I looked at his imposing masculine body as he sat on the edge of the bed waiting for my aunt.

“What do you think?” I heard her say and looking across past the bed, I saw the bathroom door swing open as she moved past it into the room.

“WOW!” I almost shouted out loud. I couldn’t believe the incredibly sexy woman standing before me was the same Aunt Claire I’d been having my meals with these last few days. She looked absolutely amazing!

Her voluptuous body was encased alluringly in a jet-black satin corset that just shimmered beautifully in the soft afternoon light. The ample swells of her large creamy breasts were threatening to spill over the confining cups of the bra part of the sexy garment. There must have been some serious underwire and reinforcement bursa bayan escort in that thing to hold those babies up the way they were. A thin spaghetti strap over each shoulder helped to hold up the cups supporting those heavy monsters. Her big tits were pushed together and up to create a long deep line of cleavage that I could clearly see from my vantage point opposite her. I gulped as I looked at the impressive mounds of her breasts. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed them before.

She took another step forward and then stopped, her feet about shoulder width apart and her hands on her hips in a provocative pose. Oh man, what a sight. As she looked at Sven with lustful desire in her eyes, I was awarded a perfect view of her pretty face. Like I said, she’s worn her long brunette hair down and she had fluffed it up in the bathroom so it had a wild sexy look to it. She’d put on a touch of makeup and her lips were a bee-stung bright red and her bronze eye-shadow and dark mascara gave her a smoldering sensual look.

My eyes drifted down past her tremendous breasts to where the perfectly-fitting corset nipped in nicely at her waist. It pulled in sharply to accentuate her mature hourglass figure before ending where her wide womanly hips started to flare out. Her pussy was barely covered by extremely high-cut black satin panties which snugly cupped the mound of her pussy. Her panties were cut extremely high on her hips and finished with a narrow waistband that was partially hidden by the bottom edge of the corset.

Looking further down, the long ivory columns of her legs were encased in sheer black thigh-highs that hugged her shapely thighs beautifully. They ended high on her thighs in an intricate lacy band about 3″ wide. As my eyes drifted down her long shapely legs, I saw that she was wearing the sexiest shoes I had ever seen. They were black with a long pointy toe, open sides, and then on a 4″ stiletto heel, another piece of leather embraced the back of her foot, with a wide anchoring strap encircling her delicate ankle.

The whole look was incredibly striking and fantastically sexy. I never would have believed this was the same woman that served me breakfast this morning. She looked like a lusty dark-haired buxom pornstar, come to life, right here in this room.

“What do I think?” Sven said as he repeated her question to him. “I think you look amazing. You are absolutely stunning, Claire. And since you look so good, I think you deserve a present.” Sven stood up at the foot of the bed and I saw her eyes roam over his muscular form in anticipation.

“C’mere,” he said as he motioned to her with a crooked finger. In her high heels she stepped sexily over until she stood right in front of him. I was looking at them almost in profile now. He reached up and put his big hands on her supple naked shoulders. “If you want your present, you’re gonna hafta unwrap it.” He pushed down lightly and she got the idea and obediently dropped to her knees before him. It was easy for me to see who was in control here.

I could see the eager look of anticipation on her face as she reached up and undid Sven’s belt and popped open his jeans. With her eyes fixed on his taut muscled stomach, she drew down his zipper as the flaps of his jeans fell open to each side. I could see the thick root of his cock come into view as she grabbed the waistband and shimmied it from side to side as she pulled his jeans down off his hips.

“Oh God!” she said with a groan as his unfurling cock came into view. As it cleared his jeans, the swelling helmet sprang forward towards her pretty face. It arced almost straight out from his body; about half-hard. I felt my own tongue run out around my lips as I thought about how I wished I was in her position right now.

“Is that what you want?” Sven asked as he stepped out of his jeans and she pushed them to the side.

“Yes,” she hissed lustfully as her hands slid up his firm thighs as she never took her eyes off his swelling cock.

“Well, then you’d better suck it,” he said firmly as he reached forward, put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her face into his crotch. I watched as she nuzzled her pretty mouth up against the base of his shaven cock and started kissing and licking. She slowly licked along the stiffening shaft as she made her way towards the massive knob. Sven reached down and swept her hair back from her face on the side facing me. With her eyes and mouth busy on his cock, he looked directly at me and I saw a big smile come over his face. He was in his glory having her service his powerful cock while I watched. Things were working out perfectly according to his plan. She finally made it to the engorged head and by now he was at full erection; all 11″ sticking firmly up in front of her beautiful mature face.

“Oh God, I love your cock,” she said with a low groan as she leaned forward and slipped her lips over the broad flared head. My eyes opened wide as I watched her lips stretch and stretch as she fought to accommodate his monstrous cock in her mouth. I wondered if this was what I looked like when I was doing the same thing. As he held her hair away from her face, I saw him push her head down until the whole cap disappeared totally within her sucking mouth. Once she had the head captured within her hot vacuuming mouth, she started to bob up and down on the enflamed knob.

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