Black Magick Ch. 01

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Nick stood outside his sister’s window, watching her suck off some random guy. It was getting to be almost too much. Ever since her birthday party two weeks ago, when the exchange student from Rome had given her that creepy-looking book labeled “Black Magick,” she’d taken to experimenting with any guy she could get a hold of, and with the body she had, Nick knew she could have anyone. Her breasts were large but firm and appeared soft to the touch, with perk little nipples that seemed to scream to be sucked. Looking at her naked in the window now made Nick hornier than he had ever been, but he tried to hide this fact so carefully that even he himself would not realize it. It was his sister Elisabeth, for Christ’s sake! His sister, who he took the bus to school with every day. The sister who he had to wait an hour outside the door of the bathroom for every morning. He wasn’t standing outside her window in order to gawk at her, even though his fly was undone and he couldn’t help stroking his cock through his underwear. He was outside because he was worried about her. It wasn’t healthy to have sex with so many people. He had been pretty sure she was a virgin only a couple of weeks ago. One of the boys at a party had suggested playing a kissing game and she turned bright red and fled the room. Nick found her in her bedroom crying into her pillow. It had taken a lot of work to get her to return to the party.

Elisabeth swirled her tongue around the head of the boy’s cock, gently nibbling on its soft underside, making him moan. He didn’t look very experienced and probably wouldn’t hold out much longer, Nick thought. Nick’s entire hand slipped under the elastic band of his underwear. He rubbed himself quickly, all the time pretending to himself that he would never do such a thing. Elisabeth sat up and her breasts bounced slightly. Nick moaned through his teeth and continued watching. Her pussy came into view for a brief moment, all pink and juicy, like a morning rose, covered in delicate strands of red hair, and then it disappeared again, covered by her leg. Her lips parted and the cock began to slowly disappear into her sweet little mouth. Inch by inch, she took in the whole thing, all the way up to the base, so that the boy’s coarse brown pubic hair rubbed against her angelic little turned-up nose.

Nick whimpered more loudly. He was having difficulty keeping up his pretence under his own desperate urge to cum, and through he told his fingers to stop, they would not obey and continued to mercilessly pleasure him. The more they tried to rob him of his pretext, the more he clung to it, begging his lust-raked brain to think chaste thoughts about his beloved sister, whose head bobbed up and down, her soft pink lips parted, encompassing and expelling the sizable member she was so expertly toying with.

Nick’s cock was on fire. Each touch sent little shocks through his body. He began to twitch and writhe, still standing half-concealed behind the apple tree. Elisabeth bobbed down one more time and then pulled free, cum dripping from the corners of her mouth. She lazily wiped it with her fingers and drew little circles around her nipples with the excess. She swallowed the load with one big gulp and then threw the boy from her room. When he departed, she turned and looked at the apple tree. She was still naked, and the way the light shone on her to emphasize her breasts and the curves of her hips seemed somehow almost demonic.

Her eyes seemed to catch Nick fixed on the spot. Cum issued from his cock as though shot out of a handgun, messing up his clean white underwear. Elisabeth smiled, and covering herself with a small towel, left Nick standing alone in the yard, cum dripping down through the elastic and into his pants.

Nick knew he had no time to sneak into the house and clean up because his father had called him this morning from New York and insisted that he have the lawn mowed before lunch. The whole morning, while Nick mowed the lawn, he though about what had happened. Had Elisabeth really seen him standing outside her window, or had it all been his imagination? Elisabeth wouldn’t understand that he wasn’t interested in her sexually. She’d get confused, maybe hurt. He hadn’t been standing outside her window because he was a pervert, but because he was honestly worried, and no matter what tricks his naughty fingers had played on him, he wasn’t going to forget that he was out to protect his sister.

When the family sat down to lunch, Elisabeth was wearing a little cotton dress that ended three inches below her butt. Nick didn’t know where she had bought it, but it was much shorter and much kinkier than anything Elisabeth had worn to the table yet. It was pink and had ruffles along the neck and sleeves, and was adorned with little pockets that covered Elisabeth’s breasts. It was more like the sort of thing a little girl would wear than a grown woman, and that, rather than anything about the length or the cut, made Escort bayan it look so obscene on his sister’s womanly body.

Their mother, Susan, yelled at Elisabeth that it wasn’t proper clothing for a family lunch, but Elisabeth explained that she would either wear the dress or nothing at all, and so Susan gave in and let her wear the obscene outfit. Nick couldn’t take his eyes off of it. The dress was so short, it gave him the impression that he would see her panties if she ever moved wrong, and yet she didn’t take any special care to keep herself covered up. She sat with her legs spread wide apart, eating her food with apparent satisfaction. She took second and third helpings, oblivious to ideas of watching her waist line. Nick felt his cock swell in his pants. Elisabeth was sitting facing him, and he was desperate for a chance to peer under the table and see what color panties she was wearing. He once had a pair of bright red lacy ones that made him drool to think about. He had stolen them out of the laundry basket a month ago and hid them under his pillow, since he liked looking at them so much. But his mother had found them when she changed his bed sheets, turned redder than the hue of the lace, and grounded him for a week. Nick would never let himself so much as think of it, but the smell of the panties alone had been worth it.

He struggled to focus on his food and not on what was between his sister’s legs. This was hard to do, because every time she opened her mouth to take another helping, he could not help but see her lips parted by the boy’s cock. Every time she shifted her weight, he would remember the way her breasts looked when they moved. It was almost more than he could bear.

“What’s wrong with you?” his mother asked. He shot up in his seat. He couldn’t believe his mother had managed to get behind him. For a horrible moment, he thought for sure she had seen the bulge in his pants and was about to confront him about it, but the moment passed and his mother continued, “you’re hardly touching your food. Look how much your sister is eating, and she’s already finished her growth spurt!” This harmless statement acted to remind Nick of the time when his sister first began to grow breasts, and he blushed deep red and tried hard to concentrate on forking the tomato on his plate. He thrust three times, but each time he missed and the fork hit the enamel. Finally he succeeded, but in his earnestness, he pushed too hard and the tomato erupted with such force that seeds flew across the table and landed on his sister’s face and breasts. He watched in wretched suspense as a large piece of tomato began to roll down Elisabeth’s cheek onto her chin and then drip slowly onto the table.

Elisabeth sat still for a moment as though dazed, her finger slowly rising to touch the spot on the check where the tomato landed. Then, suddenly, all at once, she jumped from her seat and ran to wash her dress in the sink. Nick’s mother rushed off to get a clean rag, and Nick was treated to the sight of his sister bending over the kitchen counter.

With a massive shock, Nick realized that she wasn’t wearing any panties at all, that what was in front of his eyes was his sister’s ass, naked for all the world to see. Seeing her so unguarded, he felt the desperate urge to cover her, to keep her protected against her own childish innocence. But he couldn’t bring himself to do it. His body was glued to his seat by the shock of seeing her bare skin. His mouth hung open. Nick couldn’t subject her to the embarrassment of knowing that he had seen her bare flesh, and he couldn’t stand the feeling that flooded through him when he saw her. He felt like he owned every inch of flesh he could see. There was music in the curve of her buttocks and in the line that so gracefully carved it in two. She shifted her weight a little, and her pussy opened to him like a flower, its juices shining in the artificial light of the kitchen The red hair that was there that morning was gone, leaving the soft shape of her lips bare to his perusal.

Nick felt his cock tense, and his balls unleashed yet another load of hot, sticky cum to humiliate him. He swore that after lunch, he would finally take a shower and change his cum-encrusted underwear. He tried imagining his shower, the hot water flowing over his wracked body, the soap washing all the dirt away, anything to distract himself from thoughts of his younger sister. But to his infinite embarrassment, his cock swelled to hardness again, and he could not tear his eyes off of Elisabeth’s creamy white skin. Oh how he wanted to feel that smoothness with his tongue, to feel it give way to him. He desperately wanted to let his tongue slide along the slit of her pussy, sucking in the warmth and juices that flowed from the soft pink flesh. His cock became impossibly hard, struggling against the fabric of his jeans. He tried to jerk his head away to think about something else, anything Escort else, but it was no use. He was bewitched and his mind and body were no longer his own.

Suddenly, the mother, who had just come back into the room, let out a high-pitched scream and ran to Elisabeth, carrying an old rag that was once Elisabeth’s blue baby blanket. As though possessed, she forcibly wrapped the rag around Elisabeth’s waist, hiding her from Nick’s view. Nick sighed and returned to picking at his food. It was somehow easier to ignore his sister now that their mother was there.

“Elisabeth Maria Stuart, what has happened to your brain?” Susan exclaimed. “Can you be so careless about modesty to display yourself in such a manner in my kitchen? You’re lucky you’ve only exposed yourself to family! No one in this house would dare to think anything shameless about you, but if you managed to behave that way in public, a man would have his hands on you in a second, and it would serve you right for acting like a common slut! Go to your room right this moment and think about what you’ve done! And while you’re in there, change into something more proper and leave that thing you’re wearing in the clothes hamper, I’ll wash it for you. Though honestly, I don’t know why you’d wear such childish clothing. You’re a grown woman and should behave like one.”

Elisabeth turned, glared at her mother with a look that could have melted an iceberg and stomped out of the kitchen. Susan shook her head and began to lecture Nick on how he ought to be looking out for his sister better. Nick blushed profusely and excused himself, explaining that he wanted to take a shower before starting his homework. He kept his hands in front of his crotch as he walked to hide his insatiable erection.

The hall bathroom was between Elisabeth’s and Nick’s bedrooms, and as Nick approached it, he saw his sister open the door to her bedroom. He stopped dead in his tracks. The little pink dress was gone and Elisabeth was walking around completely naked. Even her back was sexy, her skin was so soft and delicate and the muscles underneath appeared to be carved out of marble. The curve of her shoulder blades sinisterly directed his eyes to the indentation in her back which marked her delicate spine and ran its course down her luminous body, parting her round, perfect butt cheeks. Nick gulped nervously, his sweaty hand gripping the metal handle of the bathroom door, unable to move, completely transfixed.

“Enjoy your shower,” Elisabeth said without inflection, closing the door behind her. For a full minute, Nick stood there, his feet stuck to the brown hallway carpet, unable to get the picture of his sister’s naked body out of his head. For a moment, it felt as though his body had turned into stone and he would be destined to stand there, his hand on the doorknob and a supernaturally large lump in his pants, a monument to his sick perversion, but then he heard the back door slam shut. Nick involuntarily jumped and the spell was broken. His hand turned to manipulate the metal in his hand. He stepped into the bathroom, making sure to lock the door behind him.

The little pink dress was in the clothes hamper, and he found himself fingering it affectionately. Then, catching himself, he pulled his hand away as though something had burned him. He fell to the ground in a heap, no longer able to support the weight of his own body.

“What a terrible brother I am!” he thought to himself. This thought was like a hot metal prod, burning a hole in his once proud flesh. “I’m supposed to be protecting my sister, not drooling over her sexy body! What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I have control over my own thoughts? I should be stronger than this! I can’t give in to this wicked temptation! Something horrible is happening to my little sister, and it’s my responsibility to help her!”

The hot prodding subsided and the lump in his pants began to wither down to its more usual size. After a couple of minutes, Nick has regained enough composure to push himself to standing. But as he began removing his clothing and his hands began to move to unbutton his shirt and unzip his pants, the desire swelled again and the cock he pulled free of his white, cum-stained underwear was rock-hard.

“Shit!” he said, turning on the cold water. He stepped under the cold spray, feeling both numb and more sensitive and full of life than he had ever been before. The water dripped off his back, hit the porcelain tub and ran down the drain counterclockwise, but it did nothing to quench the fiery passion that coursed through him. His cock would not go limp and he could find no peace except in the image of his sister’s naked body and soft pink pussy. Nick rubbed the soap into his skin, trying hard not to touch his penis too much as he washed the dried cum from his member, but the moment he felt the gentle tingle of his fingertips, he knew he would surrender the power of his desire. He was hooked Bayan escort on the sensation and his fingers refused to leave the area alone. The soap stung the sensitive head of his penis and his fingers twitched. Nick closed his eyes to feel the sensation better. His hand encircled his cock and he began to pump it. Once, twice, three times. He thought he heard the door open, but it must have been his imagination. He was positive he had remembered to lock it. Four times, five. His cock swelled even larger, he began to feel his balls churn. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the sound had been Elisabeth deciding to join him in the shower? Imagine the water dripping off those perk little nipples, the soap pooling between her breasts, making a soft film over her cleavage. Would she let him wash her back? Would she let him touch her butt? Would she let him drink the little droplets that clung to her nipples? Could he convince her to touch his cock? Oh, it would be heaven to feel her fingers messaging him! He remembered the look of her sweet lips parted around the stranger’s cock this morning, and for just a moment in his mind he replaced the boy’s cock with his own.

Nick couldn’t hold back any longer. His balls tightened and a load of cum shot out of his cock, landing on the blue shower tile above the faucet. He swore quietly and stepped out of the bathtub, opening the counter to grab a spray bottle and a sponge to clean up the mess. His mom would go ballistic if she found sperm in the bathtub, and Nick was sure she was very observant of any stains. He sprayed the cleaning agent on the cum trail and then wiped it up with the wet sponge. He washed the sponge out three times to make sure to get rid of incriminating evidence, and then he decided it was time to dry himself off and start his homework.

His towel was gone! Oh well, he was distracted when he turned on the water, maybe he’d messed up and left his towel in the clothes hamper. But the hamper was gone! Shit! And he’d forgotten to wash out his underwear! He didn’t want his mom to find that! What would she think?! Would she know that he had been fantasizing about his sister? That would be horrible! She’d ground him forever and send him to a psychologist, for sure! And then all his friends at school would find out, and it would be the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to him! He would be branded for his entire life as a pervert, like that one boy who looked a little too intently at another boy’s cock in the bathroom last year. Since then, no one has ever left that boy alone about it. And when Nick thought about it, his perversion was even worse. He had a major case of the hots for his sister, and those sort of feelings were absolutely unforgivable. The very idea would bring shame to his proud family.

But oh, he had even bigger problems! With no towel and no clothing, he had nothing to cover himself with. He was trapped in the bathroom until someone showed up with something to hide his nakedness. His cock began to swell again. Shit, he couldn’t let anyone see him like that. He wouldn’t hide in the bathroom like a little boy playing hide-and-go-seek. He was a grown man, for crying out loud, and he would make a run for it.

Nick opened the bathroom door a crack and looked out. No one was in the hallway, and his bedroom was right next door. If he was quick about it, no one would ever have to know. He pushed the door open in one great motion and darted into the hallway. He fumbled with the door to his room, losing his grip and having to reach out for it again. Finally, he managed to get the door open and was going to close it behind him when he heard a terrible laugh. His sister had stepped into the hallway and was staring at him intently.

“So that’s what your ass looks like,” Elisabeth chuckled ruthlessly. “I’ve been wondering. Why don’t you turn around and give me a better view of your cock? I want to see how it measures up.”

Nick turned and snapped at his sister, “I will do no such thing!” And then, realizing that by turning he had done just that, he covered his crotch with his hands and slammed the door shut.

“I didn’t know you had a hard-on,” Elisabeth said quietly through the door. She sounded like she was blushing. “You don’t have to be so embarrassed, it’s not the first time I’ve seen one, after all,” she added. She laughed and went off to her room.

Nick had a very hard time concentrating on his homework. He would do one problem and then realize that he had made a stupid mistake and have to do it all over again, and worse, his erection wouldn’t subside and he couldn’t get his sister’s voice out of his head. The way she laughed at Nick embarrassed him to the core, and that made him angry, but it also made him very horny. He had trouble admitting it to himself, but he was almost happy his sister had caught him running into his bedroom, and more than a little flattered that she had an interest in his erection. His mind wondered, and he again saw his sister’s lips parted as she took inch after inch of his cock into her hungry mouth. Nick moaned and abandoned his homework. His fingers crept under the elastic band of his fresh pair of underwear and began to toy with the head of his penis.

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