Birthday Gift

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Birthday Gift


I came home from work today, my birthday, to an empty house. I called out for my wife Laura, and when there was no answer, I walked up stairs and into our bedroom to take off my coat and tie, and there it sat in the center of our bed. My birthday gift, a pink box, maybe ten inches across, bound with a gold bow. I felt a jolt of adrenaline, dread, and excitement when I noticed the crumpled sheets had been tossed to the floor. There were stains, like puddles, all over the bed spread. And mounted on a tripod, facing the bed, maybe six feet from the foot, was my video camera. The room reeked of sex.

I picked up the gift, opened the envelope attached and read the card: “Darling, Sam and I worked up quite an appetite this afternoon making your birthday present, and decided to go out for dinner to give you time to enjoy it. We’ll be back by 8:30. Your loving wife, Laura.” I tore open the package, and threw the box lid across the room. Inside the box was a single VHS video tape.

Laura is every man’s sexual fantasy. She’s always been mine, that’s for certain. Thirty-eight years old, a body of womanly curves, full breasts, flat stomach that flares into wide hips and tapers down into legs long enough to drive you wild. Her skin tone is even, a natural tan, a face of defined features, white, even teeth, jade-green eyes and thick shoulder-length licorice- black hair. We met early in college, married, and led the typical life married couples live. Sexually, she was always wild, not unlike myself; there isn’t much two people could do with and to one another that we haven’t done: bondage, sneaking out to fuck in public, costumes, masks, etc. And it has always helped that despite her sweet disposition, she has the needs of a nymph and does dirty-talk better than a $10,000 whore. But you have a son, you both have jobs, make some money, and all of those dark urges just kind of bury themselves.

We were together for fifteen years before I fucked around on her for the first time. I was a professor at a university (excuse me for not telling you which one) and one of my former students slipped me her number in the hall one day. Cute little thing, blonde hair, tight ass. Her body wasn’t as good as Laura’s, but I went for it. We met at a bar. She got drunk and told me to take her to my car. I ushered her into the back seat, pulled her skirt over her head, and took her. Laura never found out about her. She found a condom in my pocket a year later, and since she’s on birth control, she confronted me. I told her the truth, that I had been with three other women. She cried. And threw things. And they hit me.

“Am I not enough for you?” She said, collapsing on the sofa after raging at me for ten minutes or so. “The sex is still good between us. I would do anything you ask, anything. Why is that not enough?”

I love my wife, I do. And at the moment I couldn’t explain why I had cheated. The truth is that it was just a make thing, fresh pussy was offered, I took it. But that’s not what I said next. What I said was, “No you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t do anything”

She looked up at me through red eyes. “Yes, Doug, I would.”

“Would you fuck someone else and let me watch?” I asked.

She stared at me, mouth open for a moment, and then said “You would want that?”

This was one of those moments of truth. Men are complicated. I can be jealous of my wife. At the same time, the idea of watching her fucking another man, doing everything for him I like her to do for me, and teasing me while she does it… well, I have to admit, that has been my sexual fantasy for quite a while.

I sat down beside her. “It’s hard telling you the things I really fantasize about because I love you. But I admit that when I fantasize about you… I’m not the one fucking you, Laura. Some young guy is, and you, you know, kind of tease me….”

She stood up and walked across the room. She was wearing an apple-red top and tight dark jeans. Her ass is spectacular. “A younger man?” She asked.

“Well, yeah,” I said, scratching my head.

She turned and faced me, her breasts swaying. “That would make you happy with me?” She said.

“I’m happy with you now honey. I screwed up. I don’t even know how we got on this topic.”

Just then we heard the rattle of keys in the door, it opened, and in walked Sam, our son. Tall, handsome, with blond hair and his mother’s eyes. Football player. Looks like a young Captain America. “Hi guys.” he said walking in. He must have felt the tension in the room, because his next question was “Everything all right?”

“Could you give me and your father some time alone, honey?” Laura asked. They’ve always been close.

“Sure Mom,” he said, and ran upstairs.

Laura and I argued some more, but she agreed not to leave me. The next couple of months were tough. We didn’t talk much, and I’m pretty sure she drank on the quiet. But then one day she seemed happier than I had seen her in years, and the moment I came through the Onwin door she took me up to our bedroom and we made love. To my surprise she had bought a full-length mirror and placed it across the room from the bed. She had me fuck her from behind, facing the mirror; for that very reason I didn’t last long. Laura is so incredibly sexy to watch. Especially when she’s cumming.

We lay in bed afterwards, and I asked, “So what’s with the mirror?”

She grinned. “You said you wanted to watch me being fucked, so there you go.”

“I have to admit, you are an incredible sight.”

Laura said something then that I didn’t understand until today. “Well honey, you ain’t seen nothing yet.” That was a six months ago.


It was ten after six when I pushed the video into our old VCR and sat down across from our big screen TV, kicking my shoes off. I didn’t know what I was about to see, but my mind was racing with possibilities. They made me want to throw up, and they made me want to jerk off. Complicated, I know.

There was static on the tube at first, and then a close up image of a woman’s dainty feet in white stiletto heels. The camera panned back, moving up long legs with white thigh-highs attached to a matching garter belt, and trimmed bush covered pink satin panties. I already knew who I was looking at; the wide hips and flat midriff gave Laura away. The camera was still moving up her body: She wore a white coset laced with pink ribbon, which barely held in the fullness of her breasts. I bought her that outfit, and she had worn it for me a few times, before we began having trouble.

And then the camera moved back to take in the full picture. I almost didn’t recognize Laura then, because when I left this morning her hair had been shoulder length, and now it was shorter, that very feminine cut that so many women have these days, long bangs over her eyes, but cut close in back. She wore enough make-up to give her a high-price call girl appearance, big silver hoop ear rings, and pearl choker, and sexiest of all, white satin gloves that reached up to her elbows. There was something about her look that was absolutely feline.

“Happy birthday, darling.” She said, looking into the camera with a curled lip that gave me a hard-on. “Do you like what you see? You should, since you picked this outfit.” She cocked her hip to one side and placed a fist on it. “I have a confession to make, Doug, honey. Are you ready to hear it?” She grinned and made a dramatic pause. Then her tone got gleeful, childish. “I was so angry at you, Doug, for what you did, finding a younger woman. I admit I was jealous. And I did a bad thing to get back at you, Doug…” she started sauntering towards the camera, hips swaying. “I did a very bad thing. About a hundred times, I did it, probably. I did the bad thing on our bed. In the back seat of your sports car. I did it in our shower, in a public bathroom at a restaurant with my miniskirt bunched up around my ass and my panties at my ankles….” Laura put her finger to her lips, as if she was trying to remember one detail from a thousand, and then her face brightened. “Oh yes And I did it once bent over your kitchen table while you were taking a shower.”

My mouth was wide open and I was sweating, but I had already started stroking my cock through my suit pants. On the TV, Laura grinned devilishly. “The first time was the day I had you fuck me in front of the mirror. I did the bad thing earlier that day on that same bed, darling, Wearing nothing but one of your workshirts. I had to throw it away afterwards, of course, because the buttons were ripped off. It was such a kick to have you take me that afternoon, knowing that a younger stud had fucked my brains out four times on the same spot.” Laura cocked her head to the side. “You didn’t think I bought that mirror just to watch you fuck me, did you?”

So my wife had been fucking another guy. All right. And I gathered that same guy was the one doing the recording. What shocked the hell out of me was who that younger guy was. The camera followed Laura as she sat down on the bed and crossed her legs in a way that made my balls ache. “I know I could get any man, Doug. I know that. But you never knew I had my own dark fantasies, did you? At the time they didn’t involve you watching me with another man, though they do now. But what the fantasies did involve was one particular man, a man doing everything to me that you have done over the years….” Then she looked up over the camera at whoever was holding it and said “Why don’t you show him honey?”

The camera whirled and faced the mirror, and in that mirror I saw the reflection of the man holding it. Our 19 year old son, Sam. “Hi Dad,” he grinned. “Happy birthday.” in the reflection of the mirror I saw Laura stand up, walk up behind Sam, reach around and squeeze his cock though his boxers. He was wearing nothing else, and his cock was already a huge bulge. The kid was hung.

He turned the camera back to Laura, and she was unbuttoning Onwin giriş the front of her corset. “I’d wanted him since he turned sixteen, Doug, since he grew taller than you. Since he started hitting the gym and got so chiseled. It wasn’t hard seducing him either, “She slid the corset down to the floor. “I figured you were chasing your fantasies, why not chase mine. No drama. I knew Sam would be home early that afternoon from football practice, so I made sure I was home. Already had the mirror set up. When he was in the shower I walked in naked, opened the door and asked if I could join him. He was apprehensive at first, in fact down right scared, but he changed his tune once I knelt down and slid his cock down my throat, didn’t you honey?”

“Yes, maam, I did,” Sam said from behind the camera.

“I teased him to the point that he was about to cum, then stood up and stepped out of the shower. He was like a madman, dragged me into the bedroom you and I share, with me spurring him on. We got there and I twisted away from him and locked myself in the bathroom. Bet you thought I had changed my mind, didn’t you, Sam? But no, I stepped out of that bathroom dressed in these same heels and wearing a crisp white shirt that belongs to you, Doug.” That was when I noticed that Laura’s arm seemed to be moving, back and forth, off camera, and Sam was groaning. “I wanted Sam to take me Doug, and he did. Like a fucking animal, he took me. On your bed. He held me down while he shoved his cock in my pussy and ripped open your shirt so he could suck my tits while we came together. And then he fucked me again. And again. And again.

“But I’m not angry anymore, darling. Really I’m not.” Laura continued. “In fact, today is about you. Today, I’m going to make your darkest fantasy come true. Well, Sam and I are, at any rate.”

Suddenly the camera pointed down, and I saw Laura’s gloved hand jerking off Sam’s exposed cock, rubbing the tip of it against her belly button. She slowly slid to her knees, eyes smiling up at the camera the whole time, her hand still working my son. “Would you like to hear some of the other things Sam has done to me, Doug?” She asked. “He fucks me like I was his whore, for one. I mean hard, honey. He rides me like I was his own personal bitch. And I love every second of it. And he can do it for as long as I want, as many times as I want.” She tilted her head back, still jerking him. That kid’s cock just kept getting bigger while she did it. “I bet you’re wondering where I let him cum, aren’t you honey? Well, I make him wear a rubber, and sometimes he cums in that. I love feeling his cock throb when he blows, jerking inside me. Sometimes he pulls out and blows on my ass. That’s always messy, because Sam cums so much, don’t you Sam? In fucking quarts. It always drips down the crack of my ass, down my thighs…but there were other times…. Once I wore my bridal veil, and jerked him off onto it… sort of like a facial…. then he loves to cum on my tits…. I even jerked him off onto one of our wedding photos….”

Then Laura leaned forward and closed her eyes, her lips slipping over the head of Sam’s cock. Both he and I gasped as she engulfed him, her eyes opening and burning into the camera. Then she started to move up and down his knob, nostrils flaring, her lips working him. “Mom… Mom slow down…” Sam said just as she deepthroated him, her nose buried into his stomach, cock down her throat. “Oh god Mom… I’m about to…”

And then Laura pulled off, gasping for air and laughing, her hand reaching back up to stroke his cock. “I bet you are wondering if I’ve ever swallowed Sam’s cum, aren’t you Doug?” That wicked grin of hers answered that question before she did. “You know how much I love cum, Doug. So you should know the answer. Oh yes, I’ve swallowed Sam’s cum, god knows how many times. Dozens maybe. I let him shoot it in one of your shot glasses once, and drank it all down. Several mornings I set my alarm early and sneaked down the hall while you were still asleep. I climbed in bed with Sam and sucked his cock. I watched him grip the sheets and arch his back when he came in my mouth, then I swallowed it all down for him and came back to bed with you… All those mornings I let you fuck me? I’d already sucked Sam off…” Now she had a sexy snarl on her lips, looking up at the cam, jerking him off, and I knew what was coming next. “But I think that’s enough talk. I think now you need a demonstration….” And with that Laura leaned forward and started sucking our son’s cock again.

Her eyes never left the camera, she bobbed her head up and down, he ran his fingers through her hair, and I knew he couldn’t last long. No man could have. “Mom… Oh god mom…. Get ready ”

Suddenly Laura grabbed Sam’s cock, pulled it out of her mouth, and started jerking it, hard, “Yeah baby, cum on mommy’s face Cum all over my fucking face you big fucking stud…. YES “A thick, white rope of cum splattered across Laura’s face, into her hair, matting it. She then stuffed the head of his cock back into her mouth and formed a tight seal with her lips, eyes burning green fire at the camera lens. Her left hand still worked the base of Sam’s cock, and I couldn’t imagine how those sating gloves felt in him. Laura was kind of smiling around Sam’s girth. I knew that every big twitch Sam’s cock made represented a huge load of cum spurting into my wife’s mouth. And she worked it and worked it, for every drop. Then Sam’s breathing seemed to slow down, and I could tell Laura was satisfied with herself; her eyes seemed to be laughing at me as she slowly eased her lips off of Sam’s throbbing cock and opened her mouth for the camera.

Her tongue was coated in white, she swirled it around a bit, then laughed as she gargled. And with one huge gulp, swallowed every drop. She opened her mouth, clean and empty now.

“Was that everything you wanted it to be honey?” She asked.

“Yes maam, it was” Sam replied.

“Sam darling,” Laura said grinning, and wiping the splatter of cum away from her cheek. “I wasn’t talking to you.”


I was shocked that the camera changed scenes, then. Sam must have turned it off and mounted it back to the tripod, because the next thing I saw was my wife on her back across the bed, Sam naked and on top of her. They were kissing passionately, and I thought at first they were fucking; Laura had those long legs wrapped around his waist. But he was only teasing her with his cock as their tongues danced.

Sam slid down his mother’s body, licking down her throat, then suckling on first one breast, then another. Laura has always loved to have her nipples teased. Sam kissed down her belly, and situated himself on his knees on the floor between her legs, throwing a thigh over each shoulder. “Oh god, baby….” Laura said. “Please eat my pussy. Please eat mommy’s pussy… yyyeesssss…”

I saw Sam’s tongue darting and swirling along her clit, and Laura was arching her back and gripping the sheets, looking into the lens, moaning. “Put your fingers inside me baby… I’m so fucking hot it won’t take long to make me cum…” Sam reached his right hand up to Laura’s mouth, she sucked two of his fingers between her lips, moistening them, and when he brought t hem back down and eased them into her pussy, she cried out like the roof was falling in. “FUUUCCCKKK YEEESSSS Do it Finger fuck Mommy Finger fuck me, you big hung bastard Yes “

Sam worked her over pretty good, his two fingers sawing away at his mother’s cunt while his tongue flicked away at her clit. The Laura pushed up on one elbow and grabbed his head with her other hand, pushing it deeper into her slit. “Oh Sam honey… Oh Sam you’re gonna make mommy cum, baby. Yes. Yes, oh fuck…. YEEEEESSSS NOW LET DADDY SEE HOW YOU MAKE MOMMY CUUUUUMMMMM ” She began kicking and bucking her legs, and I watched Sam’s hand moving inside her.

Laura has ejaculatory orgasms. Sometimes. When she’s really hot and the she’s being worked well. And I watched her spurt as much cum on Sam’s face as he had spurted on hers.

“Jesus God ” Laura laughed as Sam looked up at her, grinning and glistening from her orgasm. “Oh honey, you deserved a special treat for that Come here…” Sam stood up and Laura slinked off the bed, onto the floor between his legs, and began sucking his cock again, which was already rock hard for the second time. She had to pull it down, as it pointed up toward his belly button the way mine did when I was his age.

Laura stood up, and they were face to face, kissing while she stroked his cock. Then Laura reached over to the night stand, ripped open a squar package, and produced a condom. “Lie down on the bed.” Laura commanded. Sam hopped on his back with a grin as Laura placed the tip of the condom in her teeth, knelt down over Sam, and slid it onto his cock with her mouth. She straddled Sam, holding his cock between her legs, and I watched as my wife eased her drenched pussy down onto my son’s sheathed cock.

“Well Sam, why don’t we start by showing Daddy how much your mom loves to fuck you…” Laura said, placing a hand on either side of Sam’s head and bucking her crotch against his. Sam clapped his hands on her ass, and pulled her against him.

What followed was five minutes of the most intense fucking I’ve ever seen, and you’re listening to a man who has watched a lot of porn. Laura swivelled her hips against Sam’s crotch as her breasts swayed in his face, and he became something like an animal underneath her, grunting, pounding his cock up an into her “Ride it Ride it you hot little bitch ” Sam said, then shoved Laura’s left breast into his mouth.

Laura put her gloved hands onto his chest, and began making shorter sharper strokes with her ass, shutting her eyes. “Oh god baby… Oh honey… Your about to make me….” And then she arched her back, threw back her head, and cried out, “FUCK I’M CUMMING BABY YES OOOOHHHH MY CHRIIIIIIIST YEEEEEEEEES ” She gave him two more thrusts, and then with a smile slowly slid down until she was lying atop him. She kissed Sam tenderly and said, “the only thing better than fucking your son is fucking your son while your husband watches.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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