Birth of the Ringtaker # 2

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“You got yours, now it’s someone else’s turn”, I spat at her as I turned and stomped down the stairs. I was so angry I could actually hear my pulse throbbing in my ears. My cock began to shrink and soften but my rage only built. I rounded the corner, looked into the kitchen and saw my dad and Uncle Rich still out cold. Then I turned and saw her. My cock twitched as I saw my mother now lying on the couch. “Well fuck her, I’ve gone this far”. I didn’t even recognize my tone. I jerked my mom by her hair and peeled her off the couch. Where I’d been so helpful with Aunt Barbara I was cruel and cold with mom. I drug her up the stairs. Her feet dangled free and bounced on the steps. Her shoes came off somewhere along the way and I didn’t care. I got her to my room. Aunt Barbara lay there, cum and jizz still dribbling from her pussy. I could already see the discolored patch of goo drying on her inner thighs.

I tossed my mom on the bed next to Aunt Barbara. Mom wore a red and white Mrs. Clause dress. I kept trying to figure out how to unbutton it, got pissed and said fuck it. I positioned her so her legs dangled off the bed then flipped her onto her fat stomach. Jerking the skirt over her fat, round ass I seized the waistband of her white panties and pulled them down along with her pantyhose.

“You’re not going to remember this you fucking bitch, but you have this COMING”, I shouted. I crammed my hand between her legs and began stroking. Her fat ass cheeks vibrated with each thrust. My fingers found her clit and began massaging the dark/grey patch of pubic hair.

Mom’s clit and the folds of skin surrounding her vertical slit didn’t have the firmness that Aunt Barbara’s had. That made me angry.

Using my thumb I gouged it into her pussy. Cupping my hand, I teased and played with her clit with my fingers. Her pussy was dry and flabby. I got even more angry.

In and out, over and over again I plowed my thumb into my mom’s snatch.

I can’t tell you how many times I’d overheard my parents in their room. I would hear dad trying to make a move. I would hear mom telling him to stop and could hear her losing her patience by the tone of her voice. I’d always been so much closer to my mom than my dad. Here in this instance I sympathized with my dad like I never had before. It’s messed up, you don’t need to tell me. I only got closer to my dad as I was raping my doped up mom? Whatever…

I could feel a little lube start to work its way around my thumb.

Fuck it. I didn’t feel like waiting.

I grabbed my mom and slid first one pillow, then a 2nd one when that wasn’t enough, under her stomach. I hissed the most hate-filled, vile things one could ever think of as I pressed the head of my shaft against my mother’s dried up prune of a pussy. My hands on the very hips that had born me years ago, I thrust forward and plowed into her pussy. It didn’t feel as good as Aunt Barbara’s. Again, that filled me with rage. I began to thrust harder and deeper. I don’t know what dad had or how long it had been since mom had given him any, but mom’s pussy was dry and the walls strained to accomodate my thick cock. I could hear her groaning and knew I was probably inflicting real pain on her. I didn’t care about that. What I did care about was the fact that I wasn’t getting the enjoyment out of it that I wanted. Even so, I kept hammering away.

Then it happened.

I’d probably been fucking my mom for 10 minutes. I’d known from years of jerking off the first shot doesn’t take much time but after that, each succeeding orgasm from me takes more time.

The first thing that happened was I slapped her fat, cottage cheese like ass. Then mom’s head arched back and she let out a loud, gutteral groan then collapsed her face on my bed. Then I felt it. It was a squirting sensation that struck my shaft. Again, my first thought was my mom had just pissed on me. Not that I cared so I kept fucking. She squirted again and this time I could see a thick sheen coating the base of my cock. The walls of her pussy spasmed around my rod. The saggy opening of her pussy belched a mixture of air, my jizz and her orgasmic juices. I slapped her ass again and fucked harder.

I came deep inside my mom’s snatch.

It didn’t feel like when I’d fucked Aunt Barbara, even now.

I stepped back, let mom’s body collapse on my bed, rolled her onto her side, grabbed one of her legs and draped it over my shoulder and around my neck. Using my hand I bent my erect cock downward and plowed into mom’s spasming twat. The reaction was instantaneous. I’d guessed she’d never been had like this from her drug-muted reaction. I easily slapped her right hand away. Seizing her left I had to twist, turn and pry to get her wedding set off her fat fingers. Tossing her hand aside, my hands slid under mom’s dress and began to grope her sagging titts. Kneading my fingers into the soft, puffy milk sacs I milked her titts in rythm with each thrust into her.

I fucked harder, pouding away at her pussy. “You fucking cunt, WHO’S THE MAN AROUND HERE NOW BITCH”! I slammed away and I guess her pussy had given all it had. My cock was fully lubed but I could tell her pussy was drying out. The problem was I wasn’t through.

Tossing mom’s fat leg back on the bed and leaving her on her stomach, I took my shaft in one hand. With my other I pried her flabby ass cheeks apart. The tip of my shaft probed mom’s tender asshole. The dark brown slit was obscured by her chunky thighs and cheeks. It took work to keep the way open. Finally I was able to press the head of my rod forward enough to puncture her asshole. I heard her stirring and groan and ignored her. My hands back on her hips, I slowly eased forward. The hole was tight. The walls were flabby and soft, unable to stop me from penetrating deeper into her. When I found myself about halfway into her ass, my hips buckled forward. She gave a loud shout with her face buried in my mattress. I had no idea at the time but I’d just passed the anus. Driving forward and jerking back, I plowed into her virgin ass. I hissed and drooled as I forced her tender anus to ride the entire length of my rod. Over and over again I raped my mom’s ass.

Finally I came. To be honest I really didn’t have much cum left. It probably wasn’t much more than a tiny spurt. It was enough. Using my knees I pushed mom up on the bed. I collapsed between my mom and Aunt Barbara. I was going to lie there for a minute, catch my breath then get up and start cleaning up.

That Sex hikayeleri didn’t happen.

I passed out.

All the fucking, cumming, exorcising all the pent up rage, I’d thoroughly exhausted myself. I didn’t know how long I’d been out.


2 for 1

A sound woke me up. It was someone whimpering off to my right. My eyes slowly opened. I had to do a double take, did what I remember actually happen? Yeah, it had. My lips were parched, my mouth dry. I licked my lips. Slowly I reached to the right and left.

And didn’t find anyone there.

My hands quickly felt around but there was no one there.


I arched my neck, my head snapping back and forth. I spotted mom cowering in 1 corner of my room. Aunt Barbara was sitting on the floor next to her.





She didn’t even look at me. SHIT!

“Aunt Barbara”?

She slowly glanced around.

“W-wh-where are we”, mom asked with a gravely voice.

“W-wh-what happened-what happened to me”, Aunt Barbara asked with a hoarse voice.

They were huddled together but neither seemed to be in the greatest of shape. First mom’s head bobbed backward then Aunt Barbara’s head wobbled then rocked forward. They both passed out. This was starting to freak me out. I was too young and horny to wonder about things like allergies and medical conditions. I’d figured if 1 pill got them unconcious, 3 mixed with rum should do a better job. Now I was getting worried. I called the guy I bought the pills from and needed to ask him just what the hell was going on. It was Christmas Eve. He was in the middle of getting his dick sucked by one of the skanky little cunts that traded their bodies for drugs. Needless to say, he was unhappy I’d disturbed him. Still, at the end of the day he was a business man and business always trumped pussy.

When I bought the pills obviously I never told him exactly what I had in mind. I was trying to describe mom and Aunt Barbara’s reactions when he cut me off.

“Dude, just tell me how many pills, what else are they on and how big they are”, he mumbled as I heard him lighting a Marlboro.

“Um, well there’s 2 of them. 3 pills each. They’ve each had a couple of shots of rum and…”

“Dude what the FUCK! THREE FUCKING PILLS! PLUS RUM! HOLY SHIT ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY? How fucking big are these skanks”?

“Well one of them is pretty short, MAYBE 4’11” and 230 lbs”.

“DAMN, she’s a FAT little porker ain’t she”?

I glanced over at my mom’s slumbering body and snorted in agreement.

“The other one is about average height, maybe 5’7″ or so. Figure her to weigh in around 160 lbs”.

“Any medical conditions you know of”?

“Absolutely none”.

“Ok well it’s not THAT bad. Based on what you told me, it sounds like they’re just tripping. Something in the rum reacts with the pills and if you gave them 3 each, yeah that’s probably a SERIOUS trip they’re on”.

“So, what can I expect and is there anything I’d need to worry about”?

Reggie, my contact, filled me in. “The short fat cunt, she’s gonna be in lala land for a good 14 hours. The taller one, should be 10 hours but I’d make it 9 to be safe”. He gave me the rest of the details. Reggie had mixed roofies and acid with other drugs and chemicals and created a hybrid drug. He was quite the little chemist.

The pills had a psychodellic effect along with being a massive downer. Anything you saw would be warped and twisted. It would be akin to living through a nightmare, the most realistic nightmare you could ever imagine, and you couldn’t escape. I stood there and thought about this. An idea began to take shape. I went into my closet and started digging. I found exactly what I was looking for. It was my zombie mask I’d worn for Halloween for the last couple of years. It was pretty damned spooky if you were in your right mind. Given the shape mom and Aunt Barbara were in? This had real possibilities. The mask was a form fitting example of a seriously demented mind. It was a mottled patchwork of pale green, grey and brown with jagged teeth, blackened eye slits with one green and one blood red lens for each eye and horribly misshapen features.

I slipped it on. Mom and Aunt Barbara were still dead to the world. I was completely naked except for my mask. I would start with mom. I picked up her pantyhose then drug her towards my bed. She roused some into a confused state then fell back asleep. Placing her arms above her head, I used her hose to tie her wrists to my headboard. I went to my bathroom, filled a glass with cold water and tossed it in her face. Mom sputtered as she tried to wake up.

“Wh-whu-fffffftt-what’s going on? Where am I”?

From the foot of my bed I tilted my head sideways and overtly gawked at her. In her right mind mom would have recognized my mask, but in her state, well, I would hesitate to know what the drugs were causing her to see. Whatever it was, it was pretty awful. She belted a blood curdling scream. She tried to crawl away from me but could go no where. As an unintended consequence, Aunt Barbara woke up. When she saw me she freaked as well. She stumbled as she tried to get up and run. I grabbed her by her wrist and threw her on the bed next to mom. Both women kicked, weakly flailing their legs with almost no strength or direct purpose.

“…let got of me…”, Aunt Barbara muttered.

“…oh God it’s a monster…”, my mom groaned.

There was just enough of mom’s enormous pantyhose left to bind Aunt Barbara’s wrists to my headboard. The 2 semi-naked women lay next to each other. It was then I got another indication of just how interesting the pills were. Mom and Aunt Barbara recognized each other.

“…b-b-Barbara? W-whu-where are we”?

“…Dot? I-umn-I don’t know. What’s going u-un-on”?

The women lay tilted on my bed, each resting on a hip. One of Aunt Barbara’s full breasts lay on mom’s arm, her thumbtip sized nipple pressed against mom’s tiny nipple. Their faces were mere inches apart.

“…b-b-buh-Barbara, I think there’s a monster here”.


I hissed loudly and gave both my mom and Aunt Barbara a slap on the ass.

“OH DEAR GOD NO”, mom screamed.

I reached for Aunt Barbara. I could only imagine the horror. What were they seeing through their drug addled haze? How gross, how terrifying must Sikiş hikayeleri I have been to them? I touched Aunt Barbara on her bare ass cheek and trailed my fingertip around her hip and reached for her pussy. I touched the squishy goo dribbling from her pussy.

“Oh g-guh-GOD…d-duh-Dot, I think, I think it raped me”.

They must have seen me smile as I reached for my mom’s twat. I swirlled my fingertip in her cum and sweat matted twat hair. I’d slipped my false teeth and fangs in my mouth. I leaned toward them and flicked my tongue like a lizard.

…squiiiiiiiiiiiissshhhh… was the sound my fingers made as I slid a middle finger into each of their pussies.

…sssssssschhhhooocchhh… was the sound made as I pulled my fingers out.

….squuiiiiiiiisssshhhh… sliding them in again as I finger raped my mom and Aunt Barbara.

I angled my hand and slid my thumb into my mom’s puckered asshole.

“…gggggggggggnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooo…”, she whimpered.

I opened my mouth and nibbled at Aunt Barbara’s hip.

“I-I-I-I-I-I-I think it’s going to eat us Dot”, Aunt Barbara whispered.

This was better than I’d thought.

“Oh nopleasenopleasenopleasenogodohgodohgodplease no”, mom whined. “H-huh-he-mfffffffffffmnnnnnn he raped me from behind B-B-Buh-Barbra…”.

I pressed my middle finger and thumbtips together, grinding the tips against the tender layer of flesh that seperated her vaginal and anal cavities and swirlled them around.


…sccchhhhpok… as I jerked my fingers out of my mom’s cunt and anus. I pushed Aunt Barbara over onto her stomach. Climbing behind her, my hands on her hips, I pulled her up onto her knees. I was already hard again. Don’t get me wrong, I was aching and exhausted. I could barely even feel my cock anymore. When I pressed the tip of my shaft against Aunt Barbara’s gash, she yelped and lurched forward. My hands latch onto her hips and jerked her back to me. I gave her ass cheeks 5 hard slaps. She yelped and screamed for help but got the message.


With one thrust of my hips I buried my rod into her pussy.

SSSSSSSCCCCCCCLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOPPPP, was the sound as my thighes slapped against the underside of hers. I had fully embedded my meatstick inside her. I grunted with each thrust as I plowed into Aunt Barbara’s sweet married pussy. I could feel the tender folds of her vaginal walls straining around my shaft. She tried to resist. She tightened her vertical slit in a vain effort to stop this savage rape. It was stupid. All it did was turn me on more and it probably did the same for her. My hands on her hips, I would jerk her back each time I thrust into her then shoved her away as I pulled out.

“…ggggggnnnnnoooooogggggggg…” was all she could manage to say.

I pumped my rod deep into her over and over again. I began to move faster. I could feel that knub deep inside her pussy act as a stopper against the head of my shaft. I’d later find out it was her cervix and find out exactly what it was. Pumping harder and harder, faster and faster, over and over I slammed into her. Sweat and tears mingled and dribbled off her cheeks, staining my bed cover.

“…ohgodohgodohgodnonononopleasegodnonotthat”, she muttered.

Then I felt the sudden rush as she came. I arched my head back, hissed loudly and gave her ass cheeks another slap. The sudden gush of warm lube that coated my shaft drove me crazy. I could feel the warm cum leaking from her twat, down my shaft coating my balls. My cock began to twich and swell inside her.

I couldn’t hold it.

Fireworks exploded in my head.

I hissed and slapped her ass again as I came deep inside Aunt Barbara.

I held my cock deep inside her and let my shaft marinate in her cum and mingle in my jizz.

Slowly I pulled my shaft out. Aunt Barbara’s cum and my cum dribbled from the tip and my balls. I’d been so engrossed in fucking Aunt Barbara that I’d been oblivious to my mom screaming right next to us. Her eyes were flared open wide. Shoving Aunt Barbara aside and pushing her out of the way I crawled towards my mom. Reaching down I smeared my cum-soaked cock around her mouth. Mom was sobbing uncontrollably. I reached down and began milking her soft, saggy teat with my hands. My fingers kneaded into the limp titmeat.

Bringing my hand up, I cupped her chin with my fingers. Locking my fingers at her jawline, I forced her mouth open. She gagged as I crammed my shaft into her soft, puffy lips. My hips began to buck as I raped my own mother’s mouth. I then remembered that not only was she tasting my cum, her cum and Aunt Barbara’s cum, but she was sucking the cock that had violated her virgin asshole. I pumped harder, slamming into her mouth. My balls swaying under my shaft, they slapped mom’s cheek. My fat cock forced her mouth open wide to accomodate it. Knealing beside her, I raped my mom’s mouth over and over. She gagged when I came. Holding my shaft deep inside her, the tip of my cock penetrated the back of her throat and shot my load deep into her gullet. She coughed, choked and gagged then threw up.


Now I’d have to clean that shit up.

“FUCKING BITCH”, I hissed at her.

Just for that I rolled down my bed, forced my mom onto her back and crammed my cock into her pussy. The hot pink lips of her pussy slit were forced apart and made to take the length of my shaft. I slammed into her. Her fat belly was soft beneath me. I had to lean back to get my cock into her because of the size of her gut. Pounding over and over I heard mom groaning for devine help. She prayed then cried.

Soon she stopped making any noise other than an occasional gurggle. Cum and spittle dribbled from the corner of her mouth then down her flabby cheek and mingled with her tears.

I came.

I yanked my cock out of her.

She grunted but made no other sound and she didn’t move.

For her part Aunt Barbara lay on her side in the fetal position. She was catatonic as well. Her body trembled but she didn’t move on her own and made no sound.

I had more time but I was exhausted. I let mom and Aunt Barbara lay in mom’s puke as I took a long hot shower. I dried and slowly began to put them back together. I dressed mom first. As the fattest of the 2, she was going to be the hardest. Her pantyhose were pretty much ruined so I had to find another Erotik hikaye pair. I got a wash wrag, wet it and cleaned her up. A thick, clouded sheen of dried jizz stained her thighs. If I weren’t so exhausted I probably would have been more scared than I was when I cleaned up the blood trial staining her ass cheeks. Her snatch was a mottled mess. She groaned then her head rolled back and her eyes rolled shut. I pulled her Mrs. Santa dress down after I slipped her panties then her hose back on. I put her bra back in place. I lifted her head and brushed her hair out.

Aunt Barbara was easier. I rinsed the wash wrag and ran it under hot water. I dabbed off and cleaned her thighs. When I dabbed at her bush I swear she came again. I had to rinse the wrag out and clean her up all over again. I dressed her then left her in my bed.

I didn’t have any choice. I pulled my mom and draped her over my shoulder. I’m not the biggest or strongest guy in the world and I almost dropped her several times. Finally I got back to the den. Leaning forward I dropped mom on the couch where I’d found her before. I had to lean against the wall and catch my breath.

Heading back upstairs I draped Aunt Barbara over my shoulder the same way I’d done my mom. She wasn’t nearly as heavy or unweildy. I lay her on the couch next to my mom. I grabbed everyone’s glasses, washed away all the evidence of the pills then put them in the dishwasher. Filling a glass for my mom, Aunt Barbara, my dad and Uncle Rich I decided I deserved a break. I pulled one of dad’s beers and surveyed my handywork. I knew I had to put their wedding set’s back on but I was resistant. Walking slowly up the stairs I retreived both wedding sets. Sliding first mom’s on, I turned to Aunt Barbara. I gave her a long, warm kiss with my tongue in her mouth as I slid her rings back on. It was anything but a sophisticated kiss but it served it’s purpose. I stripped my sheets and ran them through the wash and replaced them.

I took another of dad’s beers and looked around.

Yeah, I was the man all right.



Aunt Barbara woke up first. I was playing my video game when I heard her groan. She looked around, smacked her mouth and licked her parched lips.

…”thirsty…”, she said in a hoarse voice.

I turned off my game and brought her a glass of ice water.

“Thanks”, she whispered. She was trying to collect herself. She moved very gingerly as she tried to stand. She fell back on the couch twice. I helped her up. “Thanks again”. She smiled at me. “It’s hot in here. Oh my God I’m sweating. Are you hot”, she asked?

“Kinda, yeah. Porch”, I asked?


We sat on the porch. I’d gotten her a pitcher of water with ice in it. We sat on the patio and talked. Before I knew it I found her holding my hand.

“You know, Stanley we never did get around to that dance, did we”? She raised her eyebrow as she asked.

“Um, no, no we didn’t”.

Aunt Barbara turned and clicked on the radio out on the patio. She stood and offered her hand to me. I was awkward at first, paying special attention to keep a proper amount of distance between us. She pulled me closer.

“Don’t worry, you won’t hurt me”.

I held her hand. It was soft to the touch. Her fingers laced inside mine. I “accidently” fumbled with her wedding set. She laid her head on my shoulder and softly kissed my neck. I got scared, not sure why, then turned to her. Her lips touched mine. They were so soft and warm. She sighed and lay her head back on my shoulder. We danced for what seemed like hours but it was probably just a few minutes. I leaned down and kissed her again. Our tongues mingled. It was a deep, passionate kiss. I opened my hand and softly touched her ample breast.

Suddenly her body stiffened. Her eyes flared and she pulled away. Folding her arms in front of her Aunt Barbara backed away.

“Oh my God, Stan, what are we doing”?

“Um, I, um, I…”, I stammered.

“I am SO sorry Stan. Please forgive me”, Aunt Barbara said as she turned and walked away. She stood on the edge of the patio. I could see her shoulders shudder as she sobbed. I went back in the house stunned and unsure what had just happened.

Soon everyone else came to.

There was lots of joking about having too much to drink and what party animals they all were. Aunt Barbara didn’t laugh of joke. She just wanted to go home.



6 weeks later mom and dad were on the phone. I heard the joy and delight in their voices. What I heard sent a chill down my spine. Life as I knew it had just changed and it was only the start.

Aunt Barbara was pregnant. I was going to be blessed with a new cousin, mom and dad told me with a grin on their faces. Now I might be inexperienced in matters of sex and biology, but I just knew down deep in my heart of hearts this was me. My Aunt Barbara was pregnant with my child.

Waves of guilt began to break in my mind. As a defense mechanism I denied what I knew was the obvious truth. I reasoned that as responsive as she’d been, surely my Uncle Rich was the father, right? It was his. It just HAD to be!



3 weeks later came the news that shattered me. Not only did I have a cousin on the way, now I had a little brother or sister on the way as well. Mom and dad couldn’t hold in their joy and delight.

I couldn’t feel my face.

My mom said she hoped it would be a girl because she always wanted a daughter.

I suddenly couldn’t feel my feet.

Dad said he’d be bragging to all his co-workers.

I made it to the den before I fell. I nearly fainted.

Mom said she’d love this child no matter the gender.

I felt sick.

Mom was on the phone to Aunt Barbara. They were cackling and laughing.

Kill me God. Please just take my life.

I cried myself to sleep that night. I was going to get caught. Somehow, someway, everyone would find out what I’d done. I felt like scum. I hated myself. What the hell has I done? I deserved to die. I was less than scum. Even a junkyard dog wouldn’t violate his own mother. My dreams that night ranged from all the sordid ways I could be caught. Everyone was ashamed of me. I’d be kicked out of the family. They’d throw me out. The entire world would know. I’d walk down the street and people would point and laugh at the scumbag that raped his own mother and aunt. He’d gotten both of them knocked up. My other dreams were ways I could kill myself. It was the best way. That way everyone would feel sorry for me and no one would hate me or turn their backs on me.

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