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She was sitting in her chair blankly staring at the board like she always did when her teacher was around but not teaching. She’d had a huge crush on him since they walked into the classroom together on the first day of class. He looked young so she thought he was just another student but later she found out he was closer to 40 than her 19.

He was setting up for the next period’s lab and stood up from his desk to walk back to the storage room. His sudden movement caused her to wake up from her daydream. She had been fantasizing about him, as usual, and had come back into reality at a good time, considering she was in class. She turned a deep shade of red as he walked past her on his way to the storage room and she thought she saw a slight smile from him. Praying he hadn’t noticed, she looked down just in time to see him drop a small paper as he pulled out his phone. He didn’t seem to notice and didn’t pick it up on his way back to the front of the room so she decided to pick it up as she left. She was going to hand it to him until she realized it said her name very faintly in the corner. She stared at the paper for a second before sticking it in her pocket and running out of the classroom. She thought she saw him smile again out of the corner of her eye.

She looked at the paper as soon as she got away from her friends, she had a feeling it was going to be something she wanted to keep to herself and she was right. The note was the address of a small park and a time to meet there later that night. It was all she could do to keep from screaming.

After school she rushed home to shower Onwin and shave even though she wasn’t totally sure what to expect at the park later. After her shower she stood in front of her closet, already wet just thinking about the possibilities of what could happen that night and she started drifting off into a fantasy.

He was on a horse, shirtless as he rode in to save her from an oncoming train. As he helped her onto the horse… Her phone buzzed bringing her out of her fantasy. She looked at her phone while she worked to calm her rapidly beating heart and was irritated to find that it was just an acquaintance going on and on about nonsense on a group chat she didn’t even want to be in but felt it would be rude to leave. She sat on her bed still contemplating what to wear that night when she saw his post work workout selfie on Facebook and her entire body flushed and her heart started fluttering again. She thought about taking care of her needs right then but decided to wait since she’d already taken her shower.

Standing back up and going to her closet again she decided she’d go for sexy but practical, that way she would be dressed for whatever came her way. She chose her only pair of matching underwear, a blue bra with the Starfleet symbol on the left cup and black underwear. She would have been a little embarrassed that her best underwear was so nerdy if she didn’t know he was a major nerd, too. Over that she went with snug jeans and a low-cut t-shirt.

When it was time for her to leave she had to sit in her car for a minute and control her thoughts before she could leave Onwin giriş her house. Her hands were shaking and her heart was racing on the drive to the park. She kept worrying that she was going to wake up and be in class or that he wasn’t going to be at the park but was pleasantly surprised when she pulled into the parking lot and saw him sitting on a swing, looking down at his phone. He looked up with a nervous but hopeful look on his face and he broke into a huge smile when he saw her sitting in her car, calming her nerves. He started walking towards her and was almost at her door when she stepped out into the cool night air, which did more to calm her than everything she tried in her car.

Before she could say a word he grabbed her hands and pulled her into a kiss. Breathless, she lost her balance and stumbled backwards against her car. He moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her. Caught up in her lust for him her hands moved to his belt and she paused when she felt how hard his cock was. He pushed her hands away and said “not here, follow me” and handed her another piece of paper with an address on it. They both got into their cars and she followed him to a cute little green house with an even greener garden behind it.

They walked into his house together and as soon as the door was closed he had her against the wall and had his hand under her shirt as he kissed her even harder than he had at the park. She pulled her shirt off then reached for his belt again. This time he let her undo it and she unbuttoned his pants. He put his arms around her again and pulled her to him, amazed that someone as beautiful and smart as she was (she had the top grade in the class even though she was always staring off into space) would be willing to be with him.

He pulled her into the bedroom and pushed her onto the bed and pulled her pants off. He pulled his own pants and underwear off in the same motion and she got her first view of his cock. He was already rock hard and she hadn’t expected there to be so much of it. He laid down on the bed beside her, putting his hand on the Starfleet emblem on her chest and kissed her again.

She stood up and he sat up on the bed, about to question her action. She got on her knees and took his entire cock in her mouth causing him to moan in surprise and pleasure. She giggled a little with him in her mouth and started playing with his cock with her tongue. He put his hands in her hair and when he almost couldn’t stand it anymore he pulled her mouth off of him and gently guided her back onto the bed.

He pulled her panties and bra off as he kissed her deeply, and moved his hand to her soaked pussy. He teased her clit and sucked on her nipples making her moan loudly. Her moans kept getting louder until he stopped and kissed his way from her clit to her mouth. He rubbed his cock on her pussy, teasing her before putting his thick cock into her tight pussy. He slowly started thrusting in and out of her, both of them moaning with every thrust. He started fucking her harder and faster and her hips were matching his movements. He felt her tensing as she was about to cum and he slowed down for a second before thrusting hard and deep and sending her over the edge as he came with her. He laid down beside her and kissed her as he pulled her to him and they fell asleep holding each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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