Bike Ride Pt. 01

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She was bouncing a little in the saddle to get more power to the pedals. Her butt cheeks were working from side to side as she was straining against the headwind. The muscles on her thighs and calfs were rippling, eyes on the road, panting slightly. It was not a steep hill, but more than we had encountered so far today.

The road was clear far ahead, so I advanced up to ride beside her. She turned to me with a radiant smile, her little ponytail swishing. “God, I love this. Why haven’t I done a trip like this before?” The trees provided mottled shade for a while until we came into the open.

The weather was dreamy. Intense blue skies with a few fluffy clouds. A slow breeze that took the sting out of the sun. It was warm but not hot; the perfect temperature to stay outside with little to no clothes on.

We cycled the empty, undulating country road in silence. The hum of tyres and the clicking of gears mingled with the light breeze as we drifted along. The endless golden fields guided us along, inviting and forbidding at the same time. After a while, sweat starting to drip from our foreheads, we spotted a dirt road leading off ahead.

“Let’s take a break. I need a drink.”

By the humble road we shared a sip from a water bottle and Molly lifted her ponytail to air her neck.

“You wanna go down here?” She said, slightly out of breath. It sounded like a question but felt more like an invitation. Her eyes were so blue.

“Sure. I have a feeling there’s something special down there that we don’t wanna miss”, I said with a smile. “Perhaps some relic that people have been looking for since the middle ages.” She gave me a glance but I pretended not to notice. I think she noticed my red face though.

We started up again, going leisurely down the dusty road. On the horizon we could only see a few small farms, a wood, and the sea, quite far away. We had no idea where the road was going, only forward.

“I meant to ask you earlier, but you must be dying in those jeans on a day like today. What were you thinking? Don’t you have shorts in your pack?”

I bursa eskort could feel I was blushing. Embarrassment is such a funny concept.

“Well, it’s not ideal, I’m realizing. I just thought it would be, you know, good for later. When it get’s chilly and that…” My god, I sounded like an idiot. I was really sweating in my jeans too.

“They do feel kind of sticky.” Jesus, I was not making it any better.

My discombobulation had slowed me down, so Molly was now some feet in front of me. She stopped and looked back at me, “So take them off, you dork”. I halted slowly, next to her. She looked into my eyes with an intention I couldn’t gauge. She was intent on me.

Thoughts were racing through my head. I didn’t have shorts in my pack. And I did not have any underwear on… She looked at me with a crooked smile, as if she knew this. But I don’t think she did.

“You’re right. This is silly. Hold on.” I got off my bike and slid my pack off. Shoes went off, then socks. I turned towards Molly, blustering, and unbuttoned my jeans, fixing my eyes on hers. As I slid my trousers down, I noticed a flicker from her. She was leaned on her bike, observing me.

I stood there for a second or two, stark naked from the waist down, then bent down and stuffed all my discarded clothes into my pack. I felt her eyes on my ass.

“Much better! Why didn’t I think of this back home?” I said with a little too much breeziness, as I put my pack back on. Molly stared at me, and not just at my face. Acutely self-aware, I moved rather stiffly to my bike and put my hand on the saddle, not knowing what else to do.

She suddenly burst out in a smile. “That’s a brilliant idea!” Then she was off her bike, slipping her own pack to the ground. First, steadying herself by her saddle, she took of her sneakers and her socks. Then, she put her fingers onto her hips and slid her shorts and panties off down to her thighs, letting them fall. She had a natural triangle of downy light brown hair that accentuated her hip lines beautifully.

Suddenly, the bursa merkez escort bike against my thigh felt very cold. My hands gripped the handle bars so tight that I thought I would bend the metal. Molly’s arms went weirdly crooked as she tried to unclasp her bra, soon realizing that it was impossible through her yellow t-shirt.

“Help me out here”.

She backed over to me, and I surprisingly managed to unclasp the strap right away. She wriggled her bra free from under her shirt and stuffed it in her pack. As she bent down, fumbling around for socks and what-not, I caught a glimpse of her pussy lips and imagined them being slightly open.

I was gawping, as Molly – in a t-shirt and nothing else – was swinging her tanned leg across her bike and getting ready to go. My bike suddenly felt very warm against my skin and I knew I had to perform the same maneuver right away in order to hide my rising boner.

She was speeding ahead before my head cleared. I was quick to follow but was not particularly interested in catching her up as I had a first row seat to her cherry ass working that lucky saddle. As she rose a little now and then to get more speed, I instinctively followed suit. The way her hips gyrated rhythmically as her legs went up and down on the pedals was mesmerizing. Once in a while, when the road was very bumpy, she sat down firmly in her saddle and coasted along, while my instinct was to stand up and let the bike take the shocks.

The sensation of riding naked as I pumped the pedals was indescribable. The wind was caressing my ass and thighs, my legs were working as best they could, my dick and balls were just happy to be along for the ride. Molly was not far ahead but I wanted speed now! She looked over her shoulder as I caught her up, grinning like a sunburst.

We raced the lane a few hundred meters until slowing down with a laugh. Up ahead, a small house was situated at a bend in the road. It looked deserted but it was hard to tell. No cars that we could see. It was do-or-die, so we raced on, dust breaking bursa sınırsız escort from the road.

We came to the beach. Half a mile wide because the tide was out. We saw a few people far away, tiny as ants, their cars parked near them. The high dunes were rustling with their sparse, stiff grass. We threw our bikes and packs on a dune and started wandering to the sea, far away. Molly released her ponytail and shook her hair in the wind. Across the wet sand, avoiding the sharp shells, splashing through tide pools, holding hands.

We ran into the surf, the nearest people at least a mile away. The shock of the wild ocean was thrilling and we jumped around to fight the chill, laughing. Molly’s t-shirt was clinging to her breasts. I grabbed her and she held on to me fiercely. We kissed long and hard with the sea lapping at our thighs.

The sea was not yet warm and we had to get out. We spotted people walking toward us and we knew we had better move on. It wasn’t a nudist beach and, though we didn’t expect anything more than glares and stares, it was more exposure than we would like. Laughing, we ran back across the long sand to our bikes.

Instead of going back down the track we came from, we hauled our bikes up into the dunes and followed a narrow foot trail instead. Seeing Molly’s near-naked body struggling with the bike was like a glimpse into heaven; this must be how Adam felt before the fall. The ridge of her spine outlined by her clingy, wet, t-shirt, before it gave way to the naked curves of her hips and those perfect buttocks, was infinitely more sexy than if she had been completely naked. She was so happy and free and un-self conscious, as we worked our way over the empty dunes.

I guess we were 15 minutes into the dunes before we realized that we didn’t have our backpacks. Thinking back, they weren’t near the bikes, so someone must have stolen them! Should we go back to look? Would it be worth it by now?

“My phone was in there but it was old anyway. Do you still have yours?” I was sorry to say that mine was in my pack. It was new-ish and I felt bad for losing it.

She held my face and kissed me, “Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be fine”. She was right, of course.

“The major thing is that we don’t have our pants, though…” What a ridiculous predicament to be in! The sun was still high in the sky and we had our bikes. It was not a problem, yet.

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