Beyond the Pool

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It was Tuesday, a little past three o’clock. George Gregory knew, deep down inside, that his neighbour wouldn’t be coming, but still he waited. After all, she had seemed to enjoy the sex they had in his pool last Thursday. But why would she come back to him, if it was just the sex? Surely, a girl as pretty as she was could get any young sex god to please her. But well, despite his little internet business, his fantasies were all he had.

And, sure enough, he heard a knock on the door. That knock alone aroused him, and he jumped up happily. He opened the door with a swing, and said in a low, husky voice, “I thought you’d never come.”

In front of him stood the mailman, slightly surprised at this welcome yet jolly as ever.

“Of course I came, mister Gregory. Awaiting an important letter?”

He handed him a pile of envelopes, and tapped his hat. “Have a good day, sir!”

“You too, you too…” George sighed, and closed the door behind him.

His expectations stomped into the ground, he put the mail on the coffee table. He’d look at that later, he wasn’t in the mood now. No, he’d make himself a nice cold glass of lemonade now, and then think of what he’d do next.

But as he walked into the kitchen, he couldn’t believe his luck.

There she was, looking ravishing yet very innocent in her faded jeans and white tee-shirt.

“Charlotte!” he cried out in surprise.

“Hello George.” she said, her voice soft and smooth.

“I’d already given up on you. How did you get in?”

“You left the door open, silly.” She said, grinning.

“Oh, all right… Well, shall we go into the garden then, get some sun..?” And maybe have sex in the pool, like last time, he added to that in his mind.

“Oh no, we can’t!” Charlotte said, startled. “I told my dad I was going over to my friend’s house, and he can’t know I’m here!”

Sure, very much something for Charlotte to do, he thought. And why not? How else could she have gotten away unnoticed?

“Okay then,” he said, thinking of how to change his plans with her, “we’ll have to go upstairs then, won’t we?”

Charlotte grinned, and he copied the grin. He felt so horny, so terribly aroused, he didn’t need a swimming pool for lubricant. He’d take her anywhere.

He preceded her up the stairs, and into his bedroom. He had cleaned, just in case, and changed the sheets. When he pulled her after him into the room, she giggled, and pushed him backwards onto the bed.

“Last time you seduced me. This time, I’m gonna make it up to you.” Charlotte said, and closed the door. Then the curtains, and turned on the lights.

George sat back comfortably on the bed, and waited for her next step.

She took off her shoes. Then her pants. Then her shirt.

Underneath this girly attire, she wore a lacy set of lingerie. Black, very see-through, and showing off her beautiful tanned skin. Her dark nipples shone through, and stretched the fabric. Looking at this young beauty beside his bed was enough to make him hard, and George licked his lips.

Charlotte began moving her hips in very sensual circles. She ran her hands down her body, and danced to imaginary music. She turned, twisted, and gave him a long look at her butt, which looked lovely in the lace thong.

Her body wasn’t particularly curvy, but instead held some childish features. Her round face with the big eyes, her brown hair in a messy ponytail, her long legs and flat hips, her flat stomach and small breasts… all of her looked so very young, yet so very mature at the same time.

She danced along, moving to the other side of the bed. She turned around, and began to unhook her bra. Slowly she took it off, her back still turned towards him, and held it out. Eskort Bayan She then flung it onto the ground, and turned around, her hands covering her breasts. Then, still dancing, she inched her fingers away to reveal her perfect, hardened nipples. She licked her lips, and then took away her hands, showing him her breasts in their full glory. She brought a hand to her mouth, and licked her fingers. She ran them over one nipple, making a small circle. Then over the other, pinching it, tugging at it. She winked at him.

She spun around, and slowly, very slowly, her hands running down her legs, she bent over. George had a perfect view of her ass, her panties a little wet already, the ever so slight bulge of her swollen pussy lips through the lace. Through the gap between her legs, he saw her breasts, the nipples erect. She was so beautiful, and not just when bending over. George let out a gasp as she ran a finger over her panties, dragging it towards the edge and pulling it aside. She smiled, and wiggled her ass. George found it very hard to keep himself from touching his swollen cock, but he refrained from doing anything except looking at her. And it paid off.

Charlotte stuck a finger in between her lips, pushing it in to the knuckle. She moved it around for a bit, then pulled out.

She stood back up, and licked the juices off her finger.

“Like what you see?” she asked, cheekily.

“Of course I do, honey.” He said, the bulge in his pants ever growing. His boxers began feeling very tight and restrictive, and as if she sensed that, she came over to him and began tracing her hands down his chest. She sat on the bed, her knees on either side of him, her head slightly above his. He could feel her breath on his face, and savoured the thought of her dripping pussy above his legs.

She ran her hands all the way down to his outstretched legs, to his ankles, and then back up to his crotch. Adding a little pressure, she moved her hands over the bulge, and began to open his zipper with one hand.

He knew his cock was wet with precum now, and he couldn’t wait for her to take it out and do magical things to it. Or to plainly have him fuck her brains out, whichever she preferred. She stuck her hand inside his pants, and felt his cock through his boxers. She kneaded it, and then stopped suddenly.

“Could you please stand up now?” She asked, and he thought she sounded almost embarrassed.

“Of course, honey.” He said, happy to do anything she told him to.

He stood up from the bed, and his pants dropped to his ankles.

Her ass high in the air, she came to the edge of the bed, and sat down. She bent her head towards his crotch, and softly kissed his cock through the grey fabric. Then she gently but directly pulled his boxers down, and his cock sprang free.

Charlotte looked at it for a moment, and felt her mouth get extremely wet. This man was so very huge, and so very fit, she wanted nothing more than to touch him everywhere.

She ran her hands up and down his chest, until her hands grasped his cock at the base. Softly, she moved them towards the tip, which glistened with precum. She hadn’t touched his balls yet, but now she moved one hand back and began to kneed them. George was stupefied by the professional and delicate way she touched his cock, as if she had had years of training. He expected she hadn’t, but didn’t really want these thoughts to take his attention away from the wonderful sensation below his waist. He surrendered himself to her hands.

She touched him and stroked him, never quite touching the head. Then she bent her head down, and kissed it softly.

The next kiss was longer, and he felt her tongue slipping out and touching the head. She licked down the length of the shaft, sucked on his balls. She kissed her way back up to the head, and then took it in her mouth.

Further and further, until he felt her gag. She moved back a little, and the second time she moved a little quicker. Suddenly, he was deep inside her throat, and she was sucking him as best she could.

George knew he was about to come, but wanted this feeling to last. His knees shook, his whole body trembled, and whenever he looked down upon this sweet little face wrapped around his cock, he felt a shiver going down his spine.

Charlotte began moving her head up and down, making him fuck her throat. With her hands, she encouraged him to fuck her. And he did.

He pushed hard, and put one hand on the back of her head. He felt her gagging against his cock, but as much as he had told himself he would not do anything to make her feel uncomfortable, he kept on fucking her throat.

Charlotte gagged intensely now, but made no attempt at pulling away. She knew he really liked this, and she knew it would be over in a minute. She could sense he was very close, and gave everything she had to keep in going. She made him fuck her harder, harder, harder… Until suddenly, he burst out in a huge orgasm. She felt the sperm hitting the back of her throat, and she swallowed all of it. When he had gone almost limp, she pulled her head away, but kept the last inch inside her mouth. She sucked him dry until he had nothing more to give, and then pulled away.

George had never quite had an orgasm like that. She had shot his load into her after fucking her like a madman, and now he had to sit down before his knees gave up on him.

He fell down on the bed, next to Charlotte, whose flushed face revealed how much she had tried not to pull away before he had finished. He appreciated that.

Once he had regained his breath, he said, “That, honey, was truly wonderful. Where did you learn to deep-throat like that?”

“My boyfriend.” Charlotte said, matter-of-factly. She then moved her hand to her still wet pussy in an unconscious move, but George instantly pulled it away.

“No way, girl. You are not going to have to do that yourself, not after what you’ve just done to me.” He said, and he meant it.

He pushed her further up on the bed, and moved his own body down until his head was positioned over her little lace panties.

He pushed her hips up, and with his teeth pulled down the thong. When it slid off her butt, he let her hips down, and pulled off the thong with his hands, and let it fall to the ground. Then, without a moment’s hesitation, he went down on her.

Charlotte moaned. His tongue made circles around her clit, and sucked it. He ran his tongue between her lips, and into her cunt.

She was dripping wet, and his hands stroking her hips made her drip even more. He slurped up some of her juice, and sucked at her clit. Charlotte felt the tension building up inside her, burning her up slowly. Just as he ate away at her pussy lips, the fire ate away her insides.

George could feel she was close, having brought herself almost to the edge when pleasing him. He had to be careful now, not to make her come too quickly.

He moved his head up, and stuck one of his large, rough fingers into her cunt, just a little bit. He teased her with his index finger, and ran the thumb of his other hand over her clit. Then he moved his head down again, and licked around his fingers.

He could feel how she began to shiver under his hands, and began moving faster. He rubbed her clit, moved his fingers deeper inside her cunt, and sucked on her lips. He fucked her with his finger until she was about to come, and then suddenly pulled away.

He looked up at her, grinning, and saw she was disappointed.

But he had every intention of making it up to her.

He had felt his cock begin to grow again, and knew that if he was careful, he might just let her cool down enough to finish it with his cock.

She obviously spotted him grasping his cock to wank it into full strength again, for she grinned at him and slightly shifted over the mattress.

Charlotte knew very well what was about to come. And she knew that their first time by the pool would seem like nothing compared to this. She saw how he jerked away at his cock, and bent her legs a little to give him easier access. She felt her shivers cease, but her cunt was still burning. If he didn’t hurry, she knew she would finish it herself.

But he did hurry.

In less than five minutes after his last orgasm, his cock was already back to full stiffness. He must be very fertile, in addition to being in perfect health.

He moved his body into position, and without warning thrust deep into her.

Charlotte gasped for air, and pushed her hips up into his. He was so deep, she felt herself stretching. He moved out, and pushed back in. His hot breath flowed over her face, but never did they kiss. That just wasn’t their style. This was pure sex, and very much of it.

George pushed in to her tight cunt, stretching her with his ever growing erection. He could feel every bit of her, much more than he would have with a condom. Thank heavens for the pill!

He pushed harder, and moved one hand to her cunt. He rubbed her clit, and she pushed her hips up with his every thrust. She moaned, huffed, and made little cries of pleasure. He pushed faster and harder, and his hand moved in smaller circles with increased pressure. She was so close now, her body shaking with expectation, her face sweaty and flushed, her lips slightly parted.

Then, in one giant explosion, both of them came.

George shot his hot cum into her cunt, as he’d done with her throat not much earlier. Charlotte screamed, and the bed pounded against the wall one last time.

Then George fell down upon her chest, and they lay panting, their salty bodies heaving against each other.

Charlotte was the first to speak up again.

“I can’t believe why I even bother with those boys.”

She said it as if it was a dirty word, some kind of disease that had to be conquered.

“Boys my age are absolutely nothing compared to what you make me feel.”

George shone with pride. He had never been the worst lover, but to hear it from this young, beautiful girl, gave things an extra dimension.

“I’m glad to be of service.” He said, and rolled off her.

Charlotte laughed, and then slowly got up.

“I need to go,” she said, “I promised by dad I’d only be gone for a while. I have to go to my grandmother’s birthday, you know.”

George laughed at that. She was a little girl after all.

“Can I use your shower?” She asked, and pushed herself off the edge off the bed.

“Of course you can,” he said, “it’s just down the hall. Are you sure you don’t want to stay a little longer?”

Charlotte smiled down at him.

“I want to, but I can’t.” She said, and walked out of the room.

A moment later, he heard the shower running.

Knowing there was a hot young girl in his bathroom, rinsing off his sweat and cum, was a very pleasant thought. He’d love to keep her here, fuck her again, clone her and fuck two of her. Possibly three. She made him feel so young, so powerful, as if he could tackle the world. And possibly he could.

When Charlotte carefully slipped out the backdoor fifteen minutes later, they both knew very well that she’d left her underwear on his bedroom floor. He knew it would give her an excuse to come back some time, and he was already looking forward to that day.

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