Bewitching Mother

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It began the night before Halloween when I offered my twenty year old Son Michael a simple choice: Trick or Treat? I knew my Son couldn’t resist a challenge and so he chose trick. I raised my eyebrows at him after he chose and then grinned at him, before he headed out of the door to college.

I had been having a special relationship with my Son for around six months now. I had discovered a list of escort agencies in his drawer and out of parental curiosity went online to find what exactly it was he was looking for. They were all for mainly older women, specialising in fetishes of one type or another – spanking, bondage, domination and control. It was then that I admit my interest strayed beyond parental responsibility and I found myself masturbating at the prospect that my Son would find such things a turn on.

For a few weeks I experimented. I showed more leg when I dressed up around him. Took extra care to wear stockings and high heels, made sure that around the house he got a good look. And look he did! I admit it was very naughty of me, but I loved knowing that he was going to be hard thinking about my legs and the way I dressed. My skirts go shorter and my heels higher. Friday nights I would do my best to look very slutty indeed with a tight black pencil skirt and black stilettos so that before he went out to see his mates, he’d already be hard. Then, one Friday night, he just didn’t go out, he stayed in and spent the entire evening stealing glimpses of my legs. I was ecstatic and that night fell into my bed and came hard as I flicked and rubbed myself to an orgasm.

After this came the discussion. Guilt gnawed deep in me over this amusing, erotic game I was playing with my own Son and so I sat him down to discuss what had been going on. He seemed a little shocked at first, claimed he didn’t know why my mode of dress had changed, simply that he had ‘enjoyed the view’. I told him that was OK, but I really did not want him visiting any escorts. I didn’t want my boy getting ill or spending his well-earned money on whores. It was then I offered to let him watch me as he masturbated. It was a bold move, I understood the risk that I could lose him forever, but I wanted it and needed to know if it could happen.

To my delight he agreed and later that evening, in our darkened living room, Michael sat down dressed only in his dressing gown, while I stood in front of him in my tiniest black skirt, blouse wide open to give a more than generous view of my cleavage, seamed black stockings and high heeled black sandals. I walked up and down the room for him, I leaned over in front of him and pouted, I sat on the chair opposite and crossed my legs with a fine *SWISHHHH* sound. And then he reached inside his gown and pulled out that young cock to start wanking.

I’lll admit I was in heaven as I watched him pull on his thick prick, mesmerised by the bulbous head and dazed look in his eyes. I loved the look on his face even better as he came, cum dribbling down his fingers as his cock spasmed with intensity. I remember walking in front of him, leaning over once more, my 36D boobs hanging right in front of his nose and with a tissue I mopped up the cum from around his dick in the most maternal and gentle way. I held his head tight to my bosom as fatigue overcame him and he drifted into sleep. I knew there and then that what I had done was right for us both.

So the months went by as we played variations on this game, but never had he penetrated me or in fact touched me in any way he seemed to content to use me as his one hundred percent real pornography and I loved the way he stared at me. Recently I had begin to masturbate in front of him too and he loved watching me cum, head thrown back, fingers between my thighs, sprawled on the living room floor. How long could we keep this game up, I wondered?

Then Halloween arrived, a night for mischief and I was in a mischievious mood. I told Michael that he was to come to my bedroom in his robe. With so many families out trick or treating, the living room wouldn’t be the best idea, so we should stay upstairs. Besides it would be the right place for his ‘trick’. Before he arrived I had enough time to come home from work and don my costume. It was a simple choice really, an easy one to make. I had decided I was going to be a witch. I dyed my usual brown bob a few shades darker to near black earlier that week and after a shower I painted my nails and toes a deep blood red. Dark mascara and liner masked my eyes and my lips became blood-stained Casibom too. I decided on a black satin half-cup bra that would neatly push my cleavage into that valley where men dared to stare. My suspender belt was also black and that kept the black lace stockings I was wearing in place. Each stockingtop was embroidered with a small cat motif – perfect for keeping the witches theme and proof that I was a naughty pussy too. No panties. The black dress itself travelled down to the floor with a low cut top that would have held its own against Elvira’s wardrobe. The bottom half had a split that showed my leg just above the knee when I walked, however a discreet clip held the skirt section together and with a quick *snap* the dress’s split would suddenly travel all the way up to my upper thigh. On my feet were a pair of black court shoes that I wore for work, a modest heel, at least to start with.

I could hear Michael coming up the stairs as I adjusted the hat on my head and then sat back on the bed. My Son knocked on my bedroom door.

“Enter…” I said in a voice that I hoped was mysterious. The door opened slowly and Michael stepped inside his face lighting up with surprise at my witch’s outfit. *SWISHHHHH* I crossed my legs and smiled at my Son.

“Well what do you think?”

“You look… bewitching, Mum!”

I laughed and beckoned him into the room, making him shut the door. He walked in front of me, eyes fixed on my legs and bosom as he did, before declaring that he was ‘Here for his trick’.

Resting my hands on my nyloned knee, I smiled up at him and said “Well, Michael… tonight you are going to be in a Witch’s Power, do you understand? If you are in a Witch’s Power you cannot refuse anything the witch says. Do you agree?”

My Son must have thought about it for a second before nodding eagerly.

“Excellent, Michael, excellent… Why don’t you take off that robe?”

His hands couldn’t move fast enough down to his cord and the robe dropped to the floor. It was my turn to ogle now, my Son’s fit, handsome body. His cock already erect and waiting, framed by his neatly trimmed pubic hair. He held his hands behind his back.

“Good boy. Now remember in whose power are you, Son?”

“A witch’s, Mum.”

“Good. Now kneel down for Mummy.”

Slowly my Son dropped onto his knees and looked up at me expectantly. He knew this was all part of a game, but he seemed to be enjoying it. I looked down at him affectionately.

“Now, Michael we are going to have a lot of fun tonight and you mustn’t be afraid. I will protect you on Halloween, Son.”

He nodded once more and I stood up, circling him. He stared at my stockinged legs as they drifted in and out of the long black satin dress. I stood behind him, my red finger nails stroking through his hair in a calming motion.

“I really hope you’re ready for tonight, Michael I really do…”

And with one swift movement – *CLICK!* – I trapped both my Son’s wrists in a pair of handcuffs.

Michael was as shocked as I was exhilarated, his mouth fell open in amazement before loudly exclaiming “What?!”.

Moving quickly in front of him I knelt down in front of my Son and put my finger to his cheek.

“Now, darling, remember, you are in a Witch’s Power and that means you will have to do what the Witch wants won’t you?”

Swallowing once he quickly nodded again. I stood up again and looked down at my boy in bondage. I was about to tell him what I wanted doing first when-


The doorbell interrupted me. “Oh, Michael those must be trick or treaters! I’d better go and see to them…”

I went to move past my Son to the door when a thought occurred to me.

“Well, Son, I don’t want you going anywhere, do I?”

And with that, I pushed the sole of my high heel into my Son’s shoulder and sent him tumbling to the ground on to his side! I giggled as I saw him floundering helpless on the floor and gingerly stepped over to him to answer the front door.

The first of the evening’s raiding parties had arrived. I had a bowl of chocolate bars set up on the hall table and opened the front door to see Mr Sinclair with his two lads from over the road all pretending to Werewolves. As the boys eagerly helped themselves to the chocolate, Mr Sinclair had awful trouble removing his line of sight from my cleavage. He stammered through our chit-chat about how cold it was and how hyperactive his kids would be with all the E numbers, while all the time Casibom Giriş staring at my breasts with lascivious intent. As I shut the front door once more, I felt sorry for Mr Sinclair, his wife was not overly blessed with breast and so the poor man probably couldn’t help it.

Eagerly I trotted back up the stairs to see that Michael had managed to flip over to face the doorway. Michael asked if that had been the Sinclairs.

“Yes and poor Mr Sinclair couldn’t keep his eyes off your Mother’s breasts! I suspect he wanted to rub his face in them, kiss them and suck them!”

By now I could see that all the talk about our neighbour perving at my delicious boobs had given my Son quite the erection. Standing over him, I prodded underneath his cock and on his ball sack with the toe of my court shoe.

“Oh I see my Son likes it when his Witch Mother does that!”

“Oh god yessss!”

Enjoying watching my Son writhe as I pleasured him, I took it in turns to toe his balls and cock with my shoes on either foot and he moaned with delight. My pussy was tingling too as I stood over Michael, did I really enjoying dominating him that much? Evidently I did.

“Do you want Mummy to take those handcuffs off?”

“Oh yes please!”

“Tough!” I giggled as his face fell again. This was fun! “So what are you going to do to cum tonight then?”

Michael looked very surprised, I had never asked such a direct question before, this outfit was making me a different person!

I stepped towards his face, he craned it up from the floor to look at me.

“Would you kiss Mummy’s shoes, Michael?”

He nodded and leaned towards me to plant little kisses on the toes of my black heels. Putting my hands on my hips I smiled as I held each shoe to his mouth for him to worship, I made a mental note to play this game with all my high heels, he clearly loved it and it would keep them clean!


“Oh my, there goes the bell again you stay there.” I tapped his cock hard with my shoe before stepping over him, quickly checking my dress and witch’s hat, I hurried down the stairs.

I opened the front door expecting more kids trick or treating but instead was confronted with three young men.

“Oh, hello Mrs Richards, is Michael in?”

I recognised Gavin, Michael’s best friend, with two of his mates from college.

“I, um, well, I…”

“I see you’re dressed for Halloween, Mrs Richards. Having a party?” asked Gavin.

“Well yes, actually…” My mind was drifting as the three twenty year old guys took in my body, their eyes were darting from my legs to my bosom and back again. The feeling in my pussy grew even more intense as I realised these boys were lusting after my Witchy good looks. Cocking my hand on my hip I leaned on the front door and realised that the cold air was making my nipples stand on end… get a good look, boys, I thought.

“Well, gents, I’m afraid Michael is out buying supplies for the party, I’ve got him on barman duties, but if I decide to, um, relieve him, I’ll send him in your direction…”

“Ah, ok, M-Mrs Richards, we’ll be in the Crown…” Poor Gavin was stammering, his companions were beginning to blush themselves, it delighted me to know I was making all that young cock hard.

“Bye, boys, take care now.” I gave the three lads a cheeky wave and closed the door. I paused to turn out the porch light. No more visitors tonight, I decided. I ran my hands over my breasts, my nipples were standing out and my pussy wet. Time to go back upstairs to my captive.

Michael’s face was a deep red when I returned to the bedroom. He must have heard every word.

“Aww, diddums,” I said as I stepped over my naked Son and sat on the bed. “Did you want to go out with your friends?”

My Son shook his head as I unclipped the dress, allowing him full sight of my stocking-clad thighs all the way to the lacy tops. I then kicked off the court shoes in front of his face and moved my stocking toe towards his mouth.

“Suck them,” I commanded. Michael began to eagerly suck on my nylon covered toes. “Mummy is soo glad you decided to stay home with her tonight, such a good boy…” I pressed my free foot against his cheek and chest, pressing down on him. It gave me this utterly unique feeling of possession. This was no longer just my Son. He was my toy, my plaything AND my Son. This feeling made me moan aloud.

“Hmm, I want you on your back now,” I purred. Stepping back over him, I knelt down and Casibom Yeni Giriş pulled the handcuff key from my bosom where I’d hidden it earlier. I unlocked the cuffs.

“Stay where you are! Now… hands above your head!”

He did as I ordered and moved his hands above his head. I squealed with delight at his submission and quickly cuffed him again, with his arms now up, allowing him to lay on his back. His cock now stood upright, pointing straight at the ceiling. I smiled at him and leaning down over him, planted a long kiss on his lips.

“Do you believe in magic?” I asked him, as I straightened up again. I took off the witch’s hat and left it on the dressing table and then walked over to the wardrobe and withdrew a new pair of heels. These were black, shiny, with four inch heels with a peep hole toe. There were shoes for fucking in. I slipped them on and positioned myself, in front of his groin where Michael could see them.

“See, Son, shoes fit for a witch… and a bitch!” And with that I delivered a small kick to my Son’s balls.

“Yess!” he cried out. I’ll admit I was a little surprised, did he like pain that much? Maybe a little. I walked up to his chest and gingerly put the heel on to his breastbone.

“Mmm, I can see you like Mummy’s shoes. Why don’t you suck the heel now?” I moved the shoe over his mouth and let his lips begin to suck on my high heel. Looking down at his chest I noticed the indentation my shoe had made. Like I had branded him mine, my toy, my slave. I didn’t just like this idea, I loved it.

Taking a deep breath, I removed the heel from his mouth and wriggled out of my dress. Michael looked up with amazement as I shook my body out the dress and let it drop to the floor. I then stood either side of shoulders, so that Michael could look up at his Mother dressed only in her black bra, suspender belt, stockings, heels and a very bare, naked pussy.

“You’re still in this Witch’s Power, Michael and you WILL eat my pussy!”

I dropped down to my knees and slowly dropped my soaking-wet pussy on to my Son’s face. I gasped with pleasure as his lips found my other lips and his tongue began to lap at my clit. I let my heels dig into his body, I wanted him to be marked as mine, I wanted him to find the marks in the shower the next morning and remember who he belonged to. I began to slowly undulate my body as my Son’s mouth grazed hungrily on the vagina that had bore him. I pressed my thighs against his ears letting the nylon of the stockings rub all over the sides of his face. I knew he loved my stockings and I loved wearing them for him.

“AHhhhhh!” I moaned as his tongue flicked left and right over my swollen clit. God, my son was a natural born pussy eater, he worked his mouth better than any sex toy I owned. I then realised he WAS a sex toy I owned. “OHHHHH!” I couldn’t keep this up, I need to be filled, I needed his cock inside me. My Son’s cock.

Urging him to slow down and eventually stop, I got on all fours and moved down his body, planting kisses on his heel-marked chest as I went, my hand reached down and I grabbed his cock.

“We’re going to fuck, Son, I need you, on Halloween, a witch needs to fuck…”

He urgently nodded as I squeezed his prick, moving my pussy directly over it. Then in one second of mad, lust-blinded moment, I impaled my hot cunt on my Son’s thick cock.

We both cried out aloud as Mother and Son joined. I didn’t waste any time. I began to move back and forth as my thighs gripped the hips of his lithe body. My hands pressed down on to his shoulders, my lips were on his, my tongue dancing with his tongue, I was fucking my Son and I loved it. His groin began to buck up against mine, the cum I’d been building up in his balls must have been dying for release. The thought of his spunk made me quicken my pace. I wanted to have it all, I wanted all his cum, over me and inside me. I was a bad, bad woman. Evil. A witch! I banged hard against my Son’s body and began to cry out “Yes! Yes!” as his shouts merged with my own. His cuffed hands were twisting above his body, I pressed harder against him, yes, yes, Michael, give me it all!

“YEESSSS!” His cum erupted into my aching cunt with incredible force. As he sprayed his warm seed, my own orgasm rattled through my body, sending my head back and my cries of ecstasy echoing throughout the house.

My Son’s lips found mine and he kissed me deeply. As our lips parted once more we panted in our wonderful post-orgasmic glow.

“So, what do you think of your Witch Mother?”

“Oh I believe in magic, Mum… and you’re not going to be a witch just once a year, are you?”

“No… I think it will be a lot more often than that!” and I dragged my deep red nails down the sheen of his naked chest.

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