Best Somali Erotica Ch. 05

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“Let there be peace between you and I, between Muslims and Christians, and between Somalia and Ethiopia,” Laila Samatar said, grinning, as she took her lover Bethlehem Tilahun’s hand in hers. The two young women stood at the overpass entrance leading to the Rideau Shopping Center in downtown Ottawa. Snow was falling rapidly on this cold February afternoon, but things were otherwise peaceful in the Capital. The perfect time for a reconciliation.

“Of course you want peace, Laila, I’m your favorite piece of ass,” Bethlehem said, and with that, the curvy, brown-skinned cutie playfully smacked her lover’s derriere. Laila gasped and blinked awkwardly, and then smiled. Even after all this time, Beth’s wild ways still took Laila by surprise. Hand in hand, the two of them walked into the crowded mall. Covid was still in vogue, what with just about everyone wearing one of those damned masks. Welcome to the new normal…

Last week, Laila and Beth had a big argument about the former flirting with a certain waitress, but apologies were made, and things were on the mend between the two of them. Beth and Laila went to the video game store located across from the always crowded Tim Horton’s, and checked out some of the latest games. Laila, an avid gamer, had heard wonderful things about Resident Evil : Village and wanted to check it out. Beth wasn’t much of a gamer, but wherever Laila went, there she would be. The two of them had been virtually inseparable, except for a brief interlude, for over three years now.

To say that Beth and Laila came from different worlds would be something of an oxymoron. Laila was born in the environs of Ajax, Ontario, to a Somali immigrant father, Sheikh Samatar, and a white Canadian mother, Samantha Crowley. The six-foot-tall, curvy and brown-skinned, hijab-wearing young biracial woman is a proud Muslim, and an outstanding athlete. Laila has set records as a swimmer for the Carleton University women’s swim team. There aren’t a lot of young women of color on varsity swim teams on Canada’s colleges and universities, so Laila has always stood out.

Bethlehem Tilahun was born in the City of Montreal, Quebec, to an Ethiopian immigrant family. Beth’s parents, Gabriel and Mariam Tilahun came to Canada in the 1990s, having fled their hometown of Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, due to socio-political conflicts. Bethlehem grew up to be tall and curvy, and as proud of her Ethiopian background as she is of her Orthodox Christian faith. For a time, Beth felt conflicted about her lesbian identity, but eventually reconciled it with her faith and background. Fortunately for Beth, her parents are fully supportive, something of a rarity in Ethiopian society, which isn’t known for its tolerance of LGBT individuals.

As for Laila, she has never hidden from her family and friends the fact that she is passionate about her Islamic faith…and has a great fondness for the ladies. When Laila’s older brothers Kasim and Ali displayed posters of female celebrities like Tennis champion Serena Williams, actress Lucy Liu and supermodel Estella Warren on their walls, Laila would admire the posters as often as they did. Nothing wrong with that.

After graduating from Cadmus Academy, Laila Samatar applied to Carleton University, instead of Ryerson University, where her parents met, decades ago. Laila wanted to explore life outside of the Greater Toronto Area, and found the City of Ottawa quite charming during her few visits. A lot of people have described Ottawa as a boring government town full of dull bureaucrats and passive aggressive folks, but Laila found it a refreshing change of pace from the wild and outgoing GTA.

On the other side of the country, Bethlehem faced a similar struggle with her family when she opted to study at the University of Ottawa instead of McGill University, her mother Mariam’s alma mater. Gabriel Tilahun, the family patriarch, was also disappointed that his only daughter did not even consider his former school, Concordia University. As far as the Tilahun bursa escort bayan clan was concerned, the best schools in Canada were in Quebec, in terms of tuition price and quality of education. Why go all the way to Ontario?

“Ontario schools are expensive and sub par,” Gabriel Tilahun said, and his wife Mariam nodded. Quietly seated at the dinner table, Bethlehem looked at her parents and sighed, getting ready to stand her ground. College is a big decision, and not one which Bethlehem took lightly. One of the many reasons why Bethlehem wanted to study at the University of Ottawa was to get away from her parents. There’s only so much helicopter parenting any young modern woman can stomach, thank you very much.

“Mom, Dad, I thought about this long and hard, the University of Ottawa has a great criminology program and a good law school,” Beth said cheerfully. She looked right at her father as she spoke, and Gabriel Tilahun grinned. A long time ago, back in Ethiopia, he dreamed of being a lawyer. After moving to Quebec, Gabriel went back to school, and after failing to get into law school, he nevertheless earned an MBA from Concordia University and started his own firm. It warmed his heart that his daughter shared his dream.

“You want to be a lawyer, just like your father,” Mariam said, smiling gently as she looked at her daughter, and Beth nodded, smiling warmly at her parents. Gabriel and Mariam exchanged a look and then nodded. When Beth makes up her mind, there’s no changing it. Fate blessed them with a daughter who is as beautiful as she is stubborn. A few months after graduating from Saint Guillaume Academy in the north end of metropolitan Montreal, Beth enrolled at the University of Ottawa, and thus her journey officially began.

While studying criminology at the University of Ottawa, Beth Tilahun experienced a brand new world, and she also met her first lovers. In her anthropology elective, Beth met a young French woman named Marissa Desmarais. The tall, slender, freckle-faced and green-eyed redhead was smoking hot, and took an immediate liking to Beth, the sharp-tongued, opinionated Ethiopian gal from Montreal. They were together for three months, and then Marissa got back with her boyfriend, a tall, muscular Jamaican dude named Floyd. Beth was crushed, but eventually, she got over it and forgot about Marissa.

Beth’s good friend Anthony, his girlfriend Shari and their pal Christine invited her to the Panda Games, pitting the Carleton University football team against their rivals, the University of Ottawa. While at the game, someone caught Beth’s attention. A tall, astonishingly beautiful young woman who was part black, part white, and apparently made of whatever stuff angels are made of. One look at this beauty, who was none other than Laila Samatar, and Beth was most definitely madly in love.

The University of Ottawa football team got totally creamed by the guys from Carleton University football team, but Beth didn’t care. Football wasn’t really her thing anyways. After the game, Beth excused herself and ditched her friends. After searching through the crowds, Beth approached Laila, and the two of them talked, and exchanged numbers. One look into Laila’s lovely golden brown eyes and Beth knew that they were birds of a feather. Women who love women, whether full lesbians or bisexual women or heteroflexible women, can definitely spot each other. A few awkward but fun dates later, Laila and Beth became a couple.

“Get Gotham Knights,” Beth whispered into Laila’s ear as she saw her lover trying to decide between games. Beth, indecisive as ever, smiled and shrugged. Laila wrapped her arms around Beth’s torso from behind and playfully licked her ear. This apparently upset an old Arab dude walking by, but a trio of young black men checking out gaming consoles nearby smiled appreciatively. Laila has become a master of ignoring unwanted stares, so she held onto Beth, waiting for her decision.

“Hmm, I’ll take Gotham Knights, bursa anal yapan escort Resident Evil : Village and Ghostwire Tokyo,” Laila said, laughing. When in doubt, Laila buys, Beth thought with a sigh, and then they went to the checkout counter. Laila paid for her purchases, and Beth hung onto the receipts, knowing Laila would return or try to trade at least one of the games later that week. Laila is a strong and smart young woman, but she definitely has her flaws. Fortunately, Beth is always there to catch her when she falls.

A few minutes later, the two young women headed to the food court. At this hour, the Rideau Shopping Center was probably the most crowded spot in the City of Ottawa. Walking among the throngs of shoppers, and mall rats, they saw men and women, men and men, women and women, folks of all hues hanging together, all the flavors of Ottawa. The supposedly dull and boring Capital of Canada has really diversified lately.

Seated at a quiet corner of the food court, Beth and Laila dined on some Manchu Wok, and enjoyed each other’s company. Over the past couple of years, they’d come a long way. Beth and Laila were different, yet found common ground. Laila is out and proud, and has been interviewed by reporters from CBC and Radio Canada, since the Canadian public was fascinated by the idea of a minority female swimmer who was also Muslim and lesbian.

Beth doesn’t care for publicity, nor does she care to associate with the lily-white LGBT scene in Ottawa, where she’s experienced her share of passive aggressive racism. Some queer white folks treat queer folks of color with the same contempt that heterosexual white folks treat heterosexual people of color. In Canada the prejudice is there, it is just more hidden, that’s all.

Beth wants to make a difference about the evils of the world. The young Ethiopian-Canadian woman wants to graduate from law school, and become a legendary attorney. Beth could see herself as the Canadian female version of Johnny Cochrane. Who says highly educated women of color can’t shake up the world? Beth is a big fan of American Vice President Kamala Harris. If only Canadian politics were this diverse!

“Where do you see yourself a year from now?” Beth asked Laila, who was about to bite a piece of orange chicken. Laila blinked and smiled nervously. Truth be told, Laila hadn’t been thinking too much about what life would be like once she graduated from Carleton University. Laila wanted to get her business management degree, of course, but she also hoped to make the Canadian Olympic Female Swim Team. Young women from colleges and universities across Canada would try, and only a handful would make it. Laila had always been one of the happy few, but this was next level…

“I want to bring home Olympic gold for my wifey,” Laila said, and with that, she grabbed Beth’s hand and brought it to her lips. Beth grinned, for Laila’s boldness was one of the things she loved the most about her. Laila was bold and sexy, with the kind of body that porn stars would envy, a thick ass that was simply to die for, and the face of an angel. Sometimes Beth had trouble believing that Laila was really hers…

“Good answer,” Beth replied, and after she and Laila finished their meals, they caught an Uber and headed home. Once at their apartment, which overlooked the Saint Laurent Mall, passion grabbed hold of them. Beth slipped out of her clothes, which consisted of a winter coat, long dress, and boots. Laila ditched her headscarf, long-sleeved shirt, and blue track pants, the hijabi sportswoman look, and Beth feasted her eyes on her lovely body.

“Quit staring, you horny bitch,” Laila teased, and Beth went to her, pulling the taller woman into her arms. Beth kissed Laila passionately, and caressed her supple yet muscular body. They tumbled on the living room carpet, and began making love. Laila lay there, as Beth kissed her lips and her breasts, while slipping her hand bursa rus escort between her muscular thighs. Beth grinned as she began fingering Laila’s freshly shaved pussy. Some things never get old…

“You’re one horny freak,” Beth said as she kissed Laila, then proceeded to lick her from her head to her toes. Laila rubbed her erect nipples as Beth made her way to her crotch. Beth inhaled Laila’s scent, and then began eating her pussy. Laila shuddered as Beth began pleasuring her. She could never tire of Beth’s lovemaking. Laila groaned as Beth sucked on her clit and fingered her pussy. Let the good times frigging roll…

As the afternoon rolled on, Laila and Beth continued to explore one another. Beth found herself on all fours, face down and ass up. Laila came up behind her, and playfully smacked her big brown ass. Laila worked two fingers into Beth’s pussy, and then slid her tongue into her ass hole. Beth absolutely loves to have her ass eaten and played with, and since Laila is an ass woman, that’s right up her alley. Beth found herself moaning in sheer delight as Laila gave her ass a tongue bath. Dammit it felt so good…

“You like that, huh?” Laila paused to say, and she resumed eating Beth’s ass like a hungry woman. To really shine Laila on, Beth had her lie down as she straddled her face. Laila grinned, and fingered her pussy as Beth straddled her. Beth’s got a big round booty and Laila loves having that ass on her face. Gripping Beth’s ass with both hands, Laila resumed eating that ass in this position. Like a queen on her throne, Beth sat on Laila’s lovely face and let her lover do her thing. As Laila’s tongue and fingers filled her holes, Beth licked her lips appreciatively and let out some delighted moans. The fun was just beginning…

After hours of steamy, passionate lovemaking, Laila and Beth lay exhausted on their bed. Laila was watching the Space Channel, where there was an episode of Wynonna Earp. Beth prefers shows like Boston Legal, The Black List, House, Hannibal, Breaking Bad and Dexter to the science fiction and horror stuff that Laila simply cannot get enough of. Beth wouldn’t be caught dead watching The Walking Dead, to which Laila is addicted, but she can binge-watch Bones and True Detective for days.

“Something on your mind?” Laila asked, sensing the simmering tension in the room. She lowered the volume on the TV and looked at Beth. With the covers at her navel, her lovely breasts hanging freely, her long dark hair framing her round face, Beth looked lovely without even trying. Laila, always attuned to her lover’s moods, looked carefully at Beth. With a lot of people, silence is the calm before the storm. With Beth, silence indicates the storm beneath the calm…

“Don’t ever let anyone come between us again, Laila,” Beth said firmly, looking right at her, and Laila nodded sagely. Laila dropped the remote, and reached for her lover’s hand. Beth stiffened as Laila’s hand reached hers, and then she relaxed. Laila looked at Beth, silently conveying the love that her words could never truly give voice to. Love isn’t told, it is shown, and it is felt. Laila, who is used to receiving attention from all kinds of women due to her celebrity status, loves only Beth…

“Beth, I love you and only you, sorry I got caught up with my, ahem, fan,” Laila said, and Beth sighed, then nodded. Sincere apology accepted, for the moment. They kissed, and held each other for a long moment. Outside the apartment, it began to snow. Just another mid-winter afternoon in the City of Ottawa. Difficult times await the couple, and the rest of the country, but they’re confident that they will get through it all…

As Laila Samatar, Somali-Canadian Muslim celebrity, famed student-athlete and Olympic hopeful contemplates the future, she is full of doubt. With her school days at Carleton University ending, Laila is at something of a crossroads, which is understandable. Graduating university and entering the real world full time can be a scary thing for a lot of young people. All Laila knows is that she cannot imagine her life without Beth Tilahun, her favorite beautiful, stoic and taciturn, sweetly bossy Ethiopian woman. Laila intends to propose to Beth after graduation, and that is that. Everyone needs to be reminded of what truly matters at the end of the day…

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