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It is every man’s dream to meet an uninhibited, gorgeously attractive woman who is so hot you need gloves to handle her, a woman that would do anything to satisfy her man from simple sex to getting screwed by every male in Wembley stadium on cup final day. Very few manage to meet this dream woman, but I did, I was eighteen and she was thirty-eight, she was everything a man could wish for, gorgeous beyond belief with a body to die for and a face that made the infamous Helen of Troy seem like an ugly old hag, bright, witty, intelligent with a great sense of humour and so randy that you needed to take vitamins every hour on the hour just to keep up with her. This woman took my virginity and went on to make my life absolute bliss, there were two very minor drawbacks in all this, first, she was blind, but this didn’t really matter at all and second, she was my mother.

It all started when my father decided to bugger off to pastures new, I’d just turned eighteen and all my life I had thought that my parents were happy together, mum had been blind when dad had married her so I knew that this wasn’t the reason for his departure. I also knew that my parents had a good and plentiful sex life, unlike most kids I was aware of sex from an early age, I had to be, I kept tripping over them having it away in some of the oddest places you could think of, so I didn’t even think of that being the problem.

Of course being aware of sex at an early age also meant that I grew interested in girls earlier than most as well, but my luck in this respect was definitely all bad, mind you I never lost an opportunity to watch my mother padding around the house in the nude and some of the clothes she wore left little if not nothing to the imagination. Of course one side effect of ogling my mother was a permanent erection and I very quickly puzzled out wanking, I don’t think a day went by when I didn’t send up a prayer of thanks that my mother couldn’t see the boners I got from watching her. Unable to figure out why dad had left I asked my mother, she smiled sadly before answering.

“It’s all my fault,” mum sighed, “your father finally got fed up of my demands and, well, other things.”

“Demands?” I mused “Other things? What do you mean mum?”

“He called me a nymphomaniac,” mum grinned “the other things were mainly me flaunting my body, or so he said anyway, but I can’t help wanting to feel sexy.”

The penny dropped and I quickly reviewed the past few years in my mind, to me there seemed nothing out of the ordinary about them, as far as sex was concerned mum had enjoyed a daily portion, hell I had wanked more times a day than that, I couldn’t see what the problem was. As for ‘flaunting’ herself my mother dressed to please herself not anyone else, well not unless it was in play, had she been able to see the effect she had on the men she came in contact with I think mum might have really flaunted herself, but then I liked seeing my mother in the barest minimum so I would be the last to complain. It struck me as odd that dad could walk out just because of my mother’s sexiness especially after all the years they’d been married, as far back as I could remember my mother had been the same, so what had changed.

“Don’t worry about it Mark,” mum smiled “I’ve been sort of expecting it for a long time, something went out of our marriage years ago.”

I was surprised that I had never noticed a thing out of the ordinary, but then again it was possible that the something my mother was referring to was only obvious under certain intimate circumstances so I wouldn’t have noticed. At least my mother wasn’t crying her eyes out, but I could see that she felt sad about dad’s leaving and I did what I could to try and keep her cheerful. What came as no surprise was that I was not upset in the least by my father’s departure, he and I had never been close, at times I had felt that he almost resented me being around so all my time had been spent with my mother, I could never talk to my father about anything, but I talked to my mother about everything, no I was not going to miss him. Then I suddenly realised that there was one thing that I would miss, my father’s money, without his wages coming in things would be getting pretty tight around here, in fact I would probably have to leave school and get a job just to keep a roof over our heads. Which raised another point, the house, would dad want us to move out, frowning I tried to figure out what to do, not that I could see many options open to us.

“I said not to worry Mark,” mum said “things will work out just fine.”

Although blind my mother had this uncanny knack of sensing the feelings of those around her, though I admired her optimism there were a few realities that she had to know and I quietly put my thoughts into words. When I finally wound down my mother laughed, it was not at all what I had been expecting and I was more than a little puzzled by her reaction.

“First we won’t have to move,” mum laughed “this house is mine, I had it before I ever met your father, how do you think I get around it so well? Second, we won’t have to worry about money, your father’s wages never went towards the upkeep of the house or anything else for that matter, it was his pocket money if you like.”

Though she didn’t enlighten me as to where the money we lived on came gerçek porno from I breathed a sigh of relief at her reply, mum laughed then reached out to put her hand on my shoulder.

“Now,” she said brightly “what shall we do next? I know, let’s go and get a book from the library.”

My mother could read Braille without any trouble, but she also liked to have me read to her and I liked doing it, it had been a few weeks since we had returned her last book and I gave my agreement to her idea immediately. It was a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon so neither of us wore a coat, it was very pleasant walking along with my mother holding my arm as I guided her to the library, mum could have had a guide dog only dad had been allergic to animals, or so he had claimed, I didn’t mind acting the part though.

“I think I’ll apply for a guide dog.” mum said as though reading my mind.

A few minutes later we reached the library, inside I led my mother to the fiction section, looking at the shelves I wondered what my mother was in the mood for.

“What do you fancy then mum?” I asked “Murder mystery, romance, thriller or historical?”

“A nice juicy murder mystery sounds good.” she grinned.

Looking at the murder mystery books I ran through the titles for my mother, I’d gone through about twenty titles when mum suddenly had me stop.

“That last one.” she said.

“What, See It Again Sam?” I replied reaching for the book.

“That’s the one.” she grinned.

I read the precise to her and she grinned, Sam was a blind woman involved in a murder, it appealed to my mother so we headed for the desk to book it out. Outside once again with the book stuffed in mum’s handbag I set our path towards home, we walked slowly, enjoying the sunshine and the warmth it provided, I was surprised when my mother started to hum quietly. Glancing at her I smiled, she looked happy and carefree, her long black hair hung loose down her back and I wondered what she did with her hair when she was having sex, it reached right down to her bum and I imagined that it would tickle if she left it loose.

“You’re quiet all of a sudden.” mum grinned, “We must be following a nubile young lady.”

“Wrong,” I laughed, “I was just thinking.”

“Care to share your thoughts?” she asked brightly.

“Nope.” I responded as we reached home.

Mum laughed as we went indoors, she headed straight for the kitchen and put the kettle on while I took a quick pee, by the time I joined her in the kitchen the kettle was just coming to the boil. Watching my mother make coffee was always fascinating to me, I tried to do it with my eyes closed once and nearly scalded myself, grinning I waited for her to finish making the coffee then stepped forward to carry the cups into the living room. Sitting side by side on the couch I took the book from my mother, opened it and started reading out loud, it wasn’t a bad yarn and I was getting quite into the thing when things went pornographic. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, so engrossed had I become that I hadn’t realised that I was no longer reading aloud.

“Come on Mark,” mum said “don’t skip the juicy bits.”

Flicking back to where I’d gone gob-smacked I started to read aloud again, mum grinned as I read out the graphic details of the hero and the blind female having sex, about the only detail missing from the section was the diameter of the guys cock, they’d merrily given the reader his length.

“Now that was an interesting interlude.” mum laughed as the plot returned to the murder.

“I wonder if anyone in the library realises how hot this book is.” I replied with a grin.

“Well I’m not telling them.” mum grinned “I might want to borrow the book again. You know I feel quite turned on by that, hurry on let’s get to the next sexy bit.”

Shaking my head and smiling I started reading once more, my mother didn’t have long to wait for the next ‘sexy’ bit because the plot seemed to go out of the window in favour of gratuitous sex, not that we minded. We both got so engrossed with the book that I kept on reading until it was finished, towards the end I had been straining a little to read the words and my stomach was making some funny noises. Closing the book I looked up and wondered why it was so dark, a quick glance at the clock told me why, it was well after eight in the evening.

“Wow,” mum smiled “that was some book, we must read it again before we take it back.”

“The whole thing or just the naughty bits?” I asked cheekily.

“The whole thing you cheeky bugger.” she laughed “By the way, what time is it?”

When I told her mum laughed and stood up, putting the book on the coffee table I got to my feet and took our empty coffee cups out to the kitchen, mum stood by the work-surface and sighed.

“I really don’t fancy cooking,” she declared “be a dear and phone that Chinese delivery place, order a meal for two.”

Using the kitchen phone I called the Chinkies and placed the order while mum took a bottle of wine from the fridge and opened it, I smiled at the size of the bottle, a full litre and a half, usually three of us drank that amount and usually we all got half cut.

“It’ll be here in about half an hour.” I told my mother as I hung up the phone.

“Good.” she gay porno grinned “Think you can manage half a bottle of wine?”

“I’ll give it a go.” I grinned, “What size glasses do you want?”

“Sod glasses,” she laughed, “we’ll use tumblers.”

She poured two tumblers of wine and held one out to me, I took a sip and sighed, raising an eyebrow as she lowered her glass my mother turned in my direction.

“That was a big sigh,” she commented “anything wrong?”

“No,” I replied, “just thinking is all.”

“That’s twice in one day,” she laughed “you’ll be getting a headache. Want to tell your old ma about it?”

“It’s nothing mum,” I grinned, “anyway, how can I tell old ma, she’s not here.”

“Me you idiot.” mum laughed loudly.

“Oh, but you aren’t old.” I laughed.

“Ooh I like you.” she crooned then became serious “Something’s bothering you Mark, what is it? Still worrying about your father leaving?”

“Not at all,” I sighed “it’s just…well, I was just wondering…I was wondering why I never seem to get anywhere with girls.”

It had been the racy parts of the book that had brought my mind onto the subject of girls, the character in the book had made it all seem so easy yet real life was a damned sight less co-operative.

“Ah,” mum nodded sagely and smiling “girl trouble.”

“Lack of girl trouble.” I stated “Its not that I haven’t tried.”

“Maybe you’ve been trying too hard,” mum said seriously “you’ll get your chance sooner or later, though I know you want it to be sooner.”

“A lot sooner.” I laughed “Like sometime in my lifetime. I…”

I was interrupted by the doorbell ringing, it was our meal, paying the delivery boy I took the food into the kitchen and helped my mother to dish up then sat down with her at the kitchen table to polish off the fare. By the time we had bloated ourselves the wine was half gone, I did the washing up and mum poured us both some more wine, carrying the full glasses through to the living room I deposited them on the coffee table then went and closed the curtains and turned on the light. My mother had brought the wine bottle in with her and it was sitting on the coffee table as I joined her on the couch. For a while we sat and drank in silence, I knew that there was nothing worth turning the telly on for and it seemed like too much effort to get up and put a tape or CD on.

“I know,” mum laughed as she leant forward to put her empty tumbler on the table “let’s get smashed.”

“Sounds like fun,” I grinned refilling her glass and putting it in her hand “I’d better get another bottle of wine out though, this one has just about had it.”

“Blow the wine,” mum grinned, “let’s have something stronger.”

“Vodka or gin?” I asked.

“Tonight is a vodka night.” mum declared “There’s a bottle of real rough Polish stuff at the back of the drinks cabinet this seems like the ideal time to drink it.”

I had to dig a little, but eventually I found the bottle of vodka mum had been on about, when I read the label I grinned, the stuff was a hundred and ten proofs. On my way back to the couch I put a CD on, something soft, slow and smoochy, it was the first one that came to hand and as sweet music filled the room I settled down on the couch again and opened the vodka. Mum’s wine was gone and she held out her tumbler for me to fill it, pouring her half a tumbler of the spirit I drained my own wine and poured myself some of the stuff, when I took a sip from my glass I felt fire burning down my throat, God was that stuff rough.

“Whew,” mum said lowering her glass “that really is rough, but it hits the spot quite nicely. This is nice you know, soft music, booze and a nice young man at my side, I could get quite used to this.”

I laughed and took another sip of the fiery brew, my throat had been anaesthetised by the first swallow so the second went down quite smoothly, tapping my foot to the music I drained my glass and put it on the table then leant back in my seat. Half of a bottle of wine and half a tumbler of a hundred and ten proof vodka caught up with me damned fast, one moment I was feeling fine the next I was out on cloud nine and giggling. Beside me my mother was giggling too as she reached for the vodka bottle, after a couple of attempts to pour vodka into her glass she gave up and took a couple of swigs straight from the bottle. Waving the bottle in my general direction my mother laughed for no reason at all, I took the bottle and put it on the table without taking a drink, I felt high enough already, any more and I’d be out like a light.

“You never did finish what you were saying out in the kitchen.” mum giggled.

Casting my mind back I remembered our conversation with difficulty, for no reason at all my cock went hard as I tried to remember what I had been going to say before the food had arrived.

“Oh, yeah,” I grinned “I was going to say that I wished it was as easy as that book made it sound.”

“There are always compil…complications in real life.” mum giggled slurring her words a little “Oops, I think your mummy is pissed.”

“She’s not the only one.” I giggled back as her head came to rest on my shoulder.

“I wonder who else is pissed?” she laughed poking me in the chest with a finger then dropping her hand evli porno into my lap “Ooh a stiffy!”

Her hand had landed right on my erect cock sending a sudden thrill running through me, laughing I reached down and moved her hand off my cock.

“Spoilsport.” she pouted moving her hand back again.

I suppose I should have been shocked at her action or at least a little surprised, I can only blame the booze for my feeling nothing but excited by the pressure of her hand on my cock, it became even more exciting when she began to stroke me over my clothes.

“There’s a good little cocky wocky,” mum crooned down at my groin “all perked up and nothing to poke, poor Mark.”

“Story of my life.” I sighed.

“Aw, is mummies not so little boy all wandy den.” she grinned up at me in a little girl voice “Never mind, mummy fix.”

I laughed at her comment then gulped as she opened my flies and shoved her hand into my trousers, I gulped again when her hand wormed its way into my underpants and closed around my cock. Of course my reaction should have been a yell of horror and to pull her hand from my trousers, instead I groaned and touched her tits, my mother sighed as I squeezed her more than ample mounds.

“This is nice.” she breathed as I pushed my hand into the top of her dress.

I quickly discovered that my mother wasn’t wearing a bra; the feel of her warm, soft boobs with their hard sensitive nipples made my heart beat faster as I played with her. Mind you the movement of her hand up and down on my cock was getting to me as well, leaning over I kissed my mother passionately, without a moments hesitation she was returning my kiss and boy could my mother kiss, she made my toes curl. Then mum pulled her hand out of my trousers, grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand off her boob and parted our lips, I felt disappointed and breathless as I leant back and took a deep shuddering breath. Beside me my mother was moving, standing up she almost ripped her clothes off revealing more and more of her body to my drunk and excited gaze, a moment later I was tearing at my own clothes almost getting naked at the same time as my mother. Sighing wistfully I looked at my mother, my eyes roving up and down her body as I memorised the sight of her, whatever I should have been feeling all I really felt was randy, the sight of her bare tits and her shaven pussy sent my lust soaring.

“Let me see you.” my mother breathed.

Taking a step closer to her I took her hands and placed them on my shoulders, for the blind their hands are their eyes and though my mother had ‘seen’ my face many times it had never excited me the way her touch did now. It might have been seeing for my mother, but her hands moving over my body were a thrill beyond imagination and when she traced my cock and balls I gave a groan of sheer pleasure. Putting my hands on my mother’s shoulders I closed my eyes and emulated her actions, the feel of her silky soft, warm skin sliding under my palms added immeasurably to the pleasure I was feeling and must have excited my mother as well for she gave a low moan and trembled. After a few minutes my mother pressed against me and kissed me, the feel of her lips on mine as her hands ran up and down my back made my whole body tingle with delight and when I returned her caresses my mother sighed into my mouth and seemed to melt in my arms. Had I become instantly sober there was no way that I could or would have stopped what was happening, the sheer bliss that ran through me only made me hungry for more and more. Lowering myself to the couch I pulled my mother down onto my lap and explored her body with my hands, cupping her heavy tits then squeezing them until she gasped, then teasing her big dark nipples with one hand while stroking my way down to her pussy with the other. My mother wasn’t idle though, her hand touched my chest then rubbed over my nipples, I had never realised how sensitive a man’s nipples could be until my mother began to tease mine with her fingers while my fingers brushed lightly over my mothers pussy.

“Take me upstairs.” mum breathed parting our lips.

It took only a minute to take my mother up to her bedroom, she lay on the bed and held a hand up to me in an invitation only a fool or an idiot could have refused, I was neither and in an instant I was at her side. Once again my hands explored her body, once again hers explored mine and once again we kissed passionately, all the while my excitement just seemed to grow and grow inside me. When I found and teased my mother’s clit she parted our lips and let out a cry as her body began to shudder, leaning over I took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked on it, virgin I may have been, but I’d read all the right books. Sliding my now free hand down her body I pressed my fingers to my mother’s clit, with a cry she started to shake and I grinned as I increased the pressure of my fingers as I rubbed her sensitive little button, after a few moments I slid my fingers down to her pussy, God was she wet, my fingers were soaked in her juices within an instant as I fingered her to another climax. The one thing the books never told me was to expect to get jumped on once I’d excited a woman beyond a certain point, my mother had passed that point and was suddenly like a woman possessed, she tore my hand from her pussy, pushed me onto my back and leapt astride me, her pussy engulfing my cock as she crashed down on me. Barely had my cock been swallowed by her pussy than my mother began to shake and cry out on top of me, her pussy tightening around my cock like a vice making me groan loudly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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