Becoming Theirs Pt. 04: The Game

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“Okay so i have a dice app here in my phone.”

Jessica addressed Elyn and I while we were taking off our clothes at Kimmy’s house (she was out working but we had her keys lol), getting down for fun.

“The game is like this: we each will be assigned 2 numbers. When we tap the screen to roll the dice, whoever’s number is rolled will sit on the couch, and the other 2 must make the person cum within the time limit, lets say one minute. When time is up, we roll the dice again. This goes on until whoever cums first, who loses.”

“What happens to the loser?” Elyn asked, removing her blouse to reveal a cream-coloured plain bra. I eyed her chest hungrily. Even though her rack wasn’t as voluptuous as Jessica’s, they still had a sensuality to them which stirred up the beast within me.

“Ummm… lets have the loser become the slave of the other 2? Must obey the others and do whatever they want.”

“Only if its sex-related” I clarified.

“Yup. So yall game?”

Elyn and I nodded, already naked. I was already hard.

“C’mon, get naked” I told Jessica. I reached over and pulled her shorts down as she took off her top.

“Hey! Dont be too excited” she laughed as i used my teeth to pull down her panties.

“If you lose, im going to make your ass sore” Elyn told me, staring at my rear.

“You be careful” I warned her. “Same for you.”

And so, we were all naked and ready for the game. Jessica tapped the phone screen first, and rolled her own number 4.

“Shit” she said, before sitting down on the couch. Elyn and I moved in on her immediately. Of course, we both knew to make her cum immediately within 1 minute was impossible, but we were going to get her as turned on as possible.

Elyn went straight for Jessica’s pussy, while I went for her supple breasts.

Jessica’s breasts were amazing, and I rubbed every inch of them with my hands, rolling them around with my fingers, and gently squeezing them, as if i were testing their durability. Elyn was doing the most work, eating away at Jessica, and Jessica was clearly doing her best to not enjoy it. She had her eyes open and was staring in front of her, probably trying to distract herself.

Attempting to break her chain of though, i lightly pulled on her nipples. A soft moan escaped her lips and she quickly turned her head at me, giving me a frown. But i knew she’d liked it. I leaned down and began sucking on her mammaries, keeping an irregular rate of suction so that Jessica wouldn’t get used to it.

But it was very long before the timer rang (on my phone).

Jessica quickly tapped my phone screen to reset the timer, as Elyn looked up from between her legs. I tapped the dice app, and it rolled out a 6.

My turn.

I changed places with Jessica and as i sat my butt down, i tapped the timer. 1 minute.

Jessica wasted no time and spat on her hands, before rubbing them against my hard cock, making em frothy. Bubbles quickly grew as Jessica moved her hands up and down on me. It felt good, but i wanted to win. I looked over to Elyn and saw that she was at somewhat of a loss of what to do, since i didnt have boobs to tease.

“Move over!” she told Jessica, as she quickly bounded over her and got on my other side, where she widened my legs and, spitting on her hand, began fondling my balls.

Crap. This felt amazing. Two hot girls were stroking my dick and massaging my balls. I would’ve loved to cum like this.

I began thinking about non-sexy things in my head to distract myself from the pleasure.

Could a lightsaber cut through Captain America’s shield?

Suddenly, the timer rang. I snapped back to reality and quickly tapped the dice app.

1. Jessica!

Jessica groaned at her luck and i bounced off the couch, pleased with myself.

“Let me eat her this time” I told Elyn, who agreed.

I went down on Jessica, breathing in her scent, and used my saliva to moisten up the skin surrounding her sacred cavity. With my tongue i spread my saliva all around her inner crotch, before slowly and teasingly moving it along her slit.

“Oh shit” I heard Jessica gasp, and i tilted my head up to see Jessica had her eyes tight-shut, while Elyn sucked on her nipples.

I smiled. If we could make Jessica our slave…

No, i had to steady myself again. sikiş izle If i got too excited now, it would be bad for me when my turn came round.

Then the timer went off. Jessica quickly tapped the dice app.

2. Elyn!

“Finally!” Jessica exclaimed, as Elyn replaced her spot on the couch.

I repeated what i’d did on Jessica on Elyn, using my tongue to lubricate her pussy’s surrounding area first before diving in for the real deal. I tried not to look at Jessica nibbling away at Elyn’s perky tits.

Elyn was clearly enjoying it however, and she was noticeably noisier than Jessica and I had been.

The timer rang, and Elyn tapped the dice app. But another 2 came out.

“What??” Elyn exclaimed as Jessica and I resumed our sexual assault on her. Jessica actually leaned in and kissed Elyn, while using her hands to pull on her nipples. I watched them make out from between Elyn’s legs, my cock throbbing hard. I could hear Jessica making as much noise as possible, to turn Elyn on further. I too did my best to use my tongue to stimulate every nook and cranny of her shaved pussy.

The timer rang, and the next number was a 3. My turn.

Replacing Elyn on the couch, Jessica went down on me and sucked me off while Elyn repeated what Jessica had done, putting her lips on mine and playing with my nipples. Elyn’s tongue seemed to have a mind of its own as it played around inside my mouth. It was almost impossible to pull my mind away from what was happening to me in that moment. Even though i couldnt see Jessica, her warm mouth on my cock was undeniable, and it took every ounce of stamina i had to hold back from cumming.

“He’s liking this” I heard Jessica say, and Elyn giggled while our mouths were still locked.

Jessica began running her thumb against my cock frenulum, and i moaned in Elyn’s face, startling her slightly.

“C’mon and cum for me, big boy” I heard Jessica purr from behind Elyn. Elyn continued eating my face and teasing my nipples, and I could feel my defenses breaking down.

And then the timer went off.

My eyes flew open and my hand quickly reached out, tapping the dice app.

A 5!

I literally grabbed Elyn who had her legs straddled on me, picked her up, turned around, and deposited her onto the couch.

“Woah my gosh” she said, laughing.

This time, Jessica went in between Elyn’s legs, while I nibbled on her cute breasts.

“Your breasts are adorable” I said, rubbing one of them against my face. The other breast i rubbed in a circular motion with my hand.

“I know they’re not big” Elyn said.

“Doesnt matter” i replied, pulling on her nip gently. “All breasts are great.”

“And when you become our slave” I said, now pulling on both nipples. “I’m going to tease your nipples until you cum from them.”

I cupped her tits with my palms and gently pushed them upwards, making Elyn moan. Her face was red and her eyes were distant, implying she was losing control.

“I’m going to make your nipples red and sore, and you’ll beg me to stop, but I’ll just keep going and going and going.”

Elyn’s hands were gripping the couch, pulling hard.

“Oh shit!” I head Elyn suddenly yelp, and I looked down to see Jessica had inserted a finger up Elyn’s asshole, grinning cheekily.

The timer went off, and Elyn quickly tapped the dice, but it rolled out a 2.

“Oh God” she moaned, as Jessica and I resumed our advances.

“I’m going to make you my bitch” I said softly, tugging slightly harder on her nipples. But Elyn just seemed to get more turned on, her mouth wide open in ecstasy, breathing hard. Her body began to shake.

“And i’ll make sure I cum all over your face, like the little slut you are, and make you lick my cock clean while i tug on your leash.”

And then she lost it.

Elyn eyes and mouth sort of opened even wider as the orgasmic wave crashed over her. She arced her back into the air and began shaking on the couch, her hands still gripping the couch tightly. I continued to pull on her nipples as the orgasm overtook her, and it was almost a full minute before she began to calm down.

Elyn relaxed herself onto the couch, breathing heavily. I sat up right beside her and Jessica moved over to me, now using her hand to lightly stroke me off. Now that there was brazzers no pressure of cumming too quickly, i welcomed Jessica’s touch.

“Looks like we win” I said to Jessica. She smiled at me, pleased with our achievement.

“Oh my god” Elyn breathed, her slender body glistening from sweat. She rolled over on the couch and fell onto her side, giving me a nice view of her ass and pussy.

“Hey, dont get tired” I said, my cock still wanting more, even with Jessica’s hand on it. “Now it’s our turn.”

Elyn sat up and gave Jessica and I a sour look.

“Yall have no mercy” she pouted, falling back down onto the couch.

Jessica then stood up. “Ima grab Kimmy’s toys, brb.”

She went into the rooms while i went to grab water from the kitchen. I returned to the couch and nudged her with a glass of water. She sat up and gratefully took the glass from me, taking a big gulp.

“What are you going to do to me?” She asked. I looked over and she looked back with a tentative look in her eyes.

“Nervous?” I asked, smiling.

“No” she said defensively. “Just asking.”

I put down my glass and moved over beside her.

“What do you want me to do to you?” I asked in a lowered voice.

Elyn seemed at a lost for words, but before she could reply Jessica returned.

“Alright Elyn, hope youre ready.”

Elyn looked down sort of regretfully at the box of sex toys Jessica had brought out.

“Wow, Kimmy really has lots of kinky stuff” I said, pulling out a strap-on.

“That looks bigger than you” Elyn remarked.

I threw her a shady look. “You watch out”

Elyn’s face fell. “WAIT WHAT”

Then i spotted something among the pile of stuff in the box. I looked at Elyn, smiling.

“Turn around.”

“What, why?”

“Do it. Youre out slave now.”

Rolling her eyes, Elyn turned. I walked over to her, and without a word slipped the collar i’d found around her neck. She seemed startled at first, but remained still as i tightened the collar.

“Tell me if its too tight” I said, and began to tighten it. She was silent for a while, before going “okok tight tight tight.”

I loosened the collar slightly before strapping it down, latching the provided leash on, and turning Elyn around. I observed her as she stood before me, her fringe down over her face and naked except for the collar around her neck.

“Wonderful” i said, admiring the view before me.

Without a word, Jessica pushed herself against my back, and reached out from behind me to grab and stroke my cock. I could feel her tits against me as she slowly rubbed me up and down.

“So, what do you wanna do with her first?” She asked me in a sexy voice.

I already knew. I gently tugged on the leash and Elyn, guided by my tugging, came forward. She had a nervous look in her eyes. With my free hand i touched the side of her face, tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, and went up to behind her head. With gentle force i pushed her head down, and realising what i wanted Elyn knelt down and faced my erect cock.


Without a word, Elyn put my cock in her mouth and began sucking.

I kept my hand on the back of Elyn’s head as she bobbed up and down on my rod, and it felt incredible. It was like i had full control over the pleasure she was providing me.

Jessica watched this go down from behind me. Since she wasnt tall enough to watch over my shoulder, she watched from beside my shoulder.

I then saw her move out from behind me and place her hand on the back of Elyn’s head. I saw Elyn’s eye glance left to see what Jessica was doing, and without warning Jessica suddenly pushed Elyn’s head down onto my dick.

I felt my cock hit the back of Elyn’s throat, and i let out a “woah” in surprise. Elyn, however, hadnt responded as positively, and was choking on me. Jessica quickly released her and Elyn quickly drew back out from me, coughing.

“Oh god” she groaned, coughing still. Saliva was dripping from her mouth.

“You okay babe?” Jessica asked. Elyn wiped her mouth, took a few sniffles, and nodded.

“How was that, James?” Jessica asked me.

“That was pretty cool” I said. I’d have loved for Elyn to do that again, but i didnt want to hurt her either.

“Hey” Jessica said. I looked at her.

“Elyn fake taxi porno is our slave now. YOUR slave. We wont treat her wrong, or cause her harm, but dont pity her either. We all agreed to this.”

Jess must’ve guessed what was on my mind.

“James” Elyn called out to me.

“Dont worry about me. Jessica is right. I’m your slave now. Do what you want to me. I’ll take it.”

Elyn flashed me a smile. Reassured, I put my hand back behind her head.

“Safeword is broccoli” I told her, before aligning my cock against her lips and pushing her head down onto me once more.

This time, I used my hand to control the movement of Elyn’s head as she went down on me. It was exhilarating, and felt really good.

“Lemme try something else” i said, before stopping Elyn’s head. Then, using my hand to keep her head in place, i began thrusting my hip forwards and back.

I was facefucking her mouth.

“Shit” Jessica breathed beside me, watching this go down. Elyn took it like a champ and kept her tongue moving inside of her mouth.

And then i jammed my cock down her throat hard.

Elyn gagged on me and began coughing, but i kept her head there for a few seconds before releasing her head. She drew back, coughing, but i wasnt done. I pumped her face again, and again she gagged and cough. Saliva began to leak out of her mouth in large drops of drool, and her gagging sounds got louder. It was a turn on.

Finally i came right down her throat, and I watched as Elyn’s eyes went wide when she realised I was shooting off inside of her. I jammed my cock right into her mouth as I came, and Elyn kept coughing on me, but it felt too good to let go just yet. Finally, I moved off of her entirely and she released my cock from her mouth, coughing.

“You okay?” I asked, worried i’d been too rough. But Elyn nodded, coughing a bit more, before looking up and smiling at me with teary eyes. She was so cute.

Jessica gave her a glass of water, which she drank from slowly.

“Phew, amazing” I said.

“What do you wanna do?” I asked Jessica.

She grinned at me, and simply said “watch this.”

And so i watched as Jessica clamped Elyn’s nipples together with 2 clothes pins attached to a string of rope. Jessica pulled on the rope lightly, making Elyn grunt from the pressure on her nips.

Jessica also had me strap Elyn’s legs to a leg-spreader, as well as her wrists to her ankles, such that she was bent over and had her rear end exposed for us.

“Yeaaaaa now you our bitch!”

Elyn’s movements had been totally restrained by the device.

As i recovered from my first orgasm, Jessica used her fingers and vibrator to tease Elyn, making her moan, groan, and even scream a bit.

I was very impressed by how skilled Jessica was at this, and it wasnt long before my cock was standing at attention again.

I came over and undid Elyn’s wrist binds, releasing her from her humiliating scrunched-over form. Jessica went over to sit in front of Elyn, opening her legs and inviting her for a meal, while I positioned myself behind Elyn and aligned my cock with her pussy.

And like that, we formed a sort of pleasure, train, with Jessica getting eaten out by Elyn and Elyn getting pounded doggystyle by me.

“ELYN!!” I yelled out her name as I shoot my cum all over Elyn’s ass, shortly after Jessica came from Elyn’s tongue.

I was pooped out after that, but Jessica was far from done.

For the next hour or so, Jessica and I tied Elyn up in various ways, going a bit rougher and rougher each time. We were both pleasantly surprised to find Elyn loving it more and more, and she was really getting into the sub character, begging for us to let her cum, and obeying everything we asked her to do.

Finally, after we’d tortured her with 3 simultaneous orgasms back to back, we untied Elyn and ended the session there.

“Wow, she’s a lot more into being a sub than i thought” I remarked to Jessica. Elyn laid on the floor of Kimmy’s room, sweaty and very tired.

“Yea, i think she actually likes being like that” Jessica said. We were both in the kitchen, naked and getting a drink for Elyn. It was sexy how we were both naked doing something so casual, but my cock was already worn out and couldn’t cum again even if it tried.

When we returned to Elyn we found her sleep on the floor. We decided to leave her there and we watched a movie until Kimmy came back home, after which Jessica and I made Kimmy cum (to keep her from pestering us anymore) before we woke Elyn up and left together.

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