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I open the door, and just seeing you there ignites something inside me. You were coming round to discuss our future, serious things; sex is a bad idea. But I’m pushing your jacket off your shoulders, pulling your tie from round your neck, unbuttoning your shirt. I look up at you through my eyelashes, reaching up on my tiptoes to kiss you, conveying my carnal needs through the urgency of my every move.

You’re telling me no, that this is completely inappropriate, that you don’t have time, that we know how this will end. I continue as if I can’t hear you, raking my nails down your chest as I move to your belt. I can’t hear you, won’t hear you; all I’m focussing on is coveting the feeling we both know and love. Your hands are in my hair, trying to slow me down as I pull your underwear and trousers down in one go.

I push you back towards the bed, pulling my flimsy cami over my head before bending down to pull your trousers away from your feet and fling them away. Still protesting, you say my name, half pleading me to stop before we complicate things again – but now you’re completely naked and your rock hard penis is telling me that I don’t need to stop at all.

I climb up onto the bed with you, straddling you as I lift my chest to your face. I pull your head down closer – you know what I want you to do and your protests falter as my hard nipple brushes your lips. I move my hips in encouragement, pressing down on your cock as I become more forceful. You start to relent, and open your mouth, lightly flicking your tongue over the sensitive bud at your lips. I keep moving my hips, it becoming less about encouragement and more selfish, angling myself to rub my clit over your cock through my shorts.

I pull Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort lightly on your hair, I want more. You open your mouth and I pull your head firmly to me, so you can no longer move away. I tell you to kiss me, pushing my breast into your mouth, wanting to feel your tongue all over me, sucking and sending the most pleasurable sensations down to my increasingly wet pussy.

I let go of your head and reach down under me to take your cock in my hand, and my hand at the base, I start to squeeze over and over. Every so often I stop and I feel you pulsing in my hand, the teasing only making you harder. The vibrations as you moan against me only make what you’re doing to me feel better, and I reward you by starting to pump my hand up and down your shaft, now wet and ready for me too.

We continue like this for what seems like forever, leisurely running my hand up and down your penis and using it to stimulate my clit, your hot, wet mouth taking turns on my sensitive nipples, me refusing to let you stop or to do anything more than tease you. My head starts to relax backwards and I close my eyes, focussing on the inevitable orgasm that’s slowly building.

As I get closer and closer to my peak, I don’t expect it when you grab my arms and push me off you on to the bed. You reach for your discarded tie and move quickly to my wrists – this time it’s me protesting and I try to pull away, but you’re not listening. You roughly pull my wrists together and tie them, much tighter than usual and it hurts a little.

I look up at you and we both know I’ve realised my mistake. You tell me I’ve been a bad girl, and that you’re going to punish me now. I shiver in anticipation and go to manoeuvre myself onto my hands and knees, excited for what I know is now coming. You stop me and push me down on to my back, pulling away my shorts, spreading my legs and pushing my knees up so that my feet are flat on the bed. You sit next to me, wrapping one arm around my left leg and pinning down my right with your own, so that I can’t move at all.

My breathing quickens as you allow the tension to build. You lean forwards and blow softly on my still wet nipples, keeping them sensitive and distracting me from your hand, which you quietly raise into the air and swiftly bring down, spanking my pussy hard. I jump from both surprise and pain, instinctively trying to move my hips away from the assault, but you hold me still. You raise your hand again, and I tense in anticipation of your next move.

You tell me to look at you and to relax, and lower your hand to gently rub my clit, lulling me into a false sense of security. As I start to relax again and close my eyes, you strike me again. This time it’s harder, and I cry out, eyes flying open as you repeatedly bring your hand down. You keep your hand flat, aiming it directly at my most sensitive part, making it throb with pain.

My cries of pain turn into gasps, and I realise I’m raising my hips to meet your hand. The pain has become more pleasurable than I could have imagined, and there’s a small smile on your face as you watch my body betray me by asking for more.

You’re spanking me more slowly now, and start to slide your fingers into my soaking wet pussy each time. I’m whimpering now, begging you to make me cum as you deliberately bring me back towards the edge. You let go of my legs and move up the bed to kiss me, affection returning now I’ve accepted my punishment like your good girl.

I hold up my wrists to you asking to be untied, but you tell me you aren’t done with me yet. Your hand slides under my bum as you forcefully turn me over to lie on my front and I’m unable to move once again. Your hands start to roam across my back, moving slowly lower so I tingle all over, still building our excitement before you take what’s yours. Your fingers start to probe between my legs, between my bum cheeks, making me push my bum into the air as I beg you for more.

Finally, I feel what I’ve been waiting for. I feel you at my entrance, always bigger than I expect. You push into me especially slowly, drawing out the exquisite feeling as you start to fill me and I can’t help but let out a low moan of appreciation. I don’t ever want this feeling to end; your hands on my hips, the heat where our bodies join, the rush of pleasure that encompasses my every nerve ending.

Pulling my hips to yours, you bury yourself in me as deeply as you can, feeling me contract tightly around you. I feel you move your hands up my chest, pulling me up backwards towards you. You kiss my neck, squeeze my breasts and moan in my ear as you slowly move in and out of me, and I feel I’m in ecstasy. You move to a slow, steady tempo, letting our climaxes build together, knowing exactly how to read my body to keep me on the edge until we’re both ready to explode.

You drop your hand between my legs, whispering ‘now’ in my ear as we both let go. I cum a beat after I feel you release inside me, the stimulation to my clit tipping me over the edge as wave after wave of intense orgasm washes over me, my body shuddering in your arms in overwhelming euphoria.

We both collapse forwards, your arms around me tightly as we recover, both breathing heavily as our bodies begin to come down from the high.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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