Bad Girl Taught a Lesson

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Brittany was in deep trouble, and she knew it. She just hoped that her principal wouldn’t be too graphic on the phone to her dad. Walking into the living room, however, there he stood, tall and irate, glaring at her from across the room. Her Pappy sat on the sofa, ignorant of what had transpired.

It wasn’t until her dad hung up the phone that all became clear.

“Brittany, is this true? Were you SUSPENDED for sucking cock in the gym equipment room?!”

“What?!” Pappy said, his hand angrily slapping his knee. “She did what, now?”

“That was her principal,” his son replied. “A teacher caught them as she was sucking the dick of some boy at school! Well, what do you have to say for yourself?”

Brittany pouted and shrugged her shoulder. She would be off to college in just a few months, so who cared what she did now? She always got away with murder, and her parents never seemed to punish her about anything. Of course, that was before Pappy moved in…

“You answer your daddy, you little hussy!” Pappy bellowed.

“It’s just Bobby, my boyfriend. It’s not like I was giving head to the whole football team,” she replied nonchalantly.

“Well,” her father replied, still angry, “I am VERY disappointed in you, young lady. VERY.”

But Pappy was baffled. “Is that it? She can act like a hussy and all she gets for punishment is that? Well boy, it’s no wonder she’s a hussy, when you let her do whatever the hell she wants to!”

“Well, what am I supposed to do, Dad? We ground her and she still sneaks out and does God knows what…”

“I’LL show you how to punish bad girls. I set your sister straight, didn’t I?”

“I guess so,” her Dad replied.

“Come here, hussy girl!” Pappy ordered, and tugged hard on her arm. She stumbled toward him and before she knew it, she lay straight across his lap.

“What the fuck?!” Brittany said indignantly. “You’re going to SPANK me? Are you for REAL?”

“A good spankin’ on the hiney is what you DESERVE, you little hussy,” Pappy replied, at once pulling up her short kilt revealing her tight white cotton panties. “Here now, boy. You pull these panties off. She won’t need ’em no more.”

“WHAT?!” Brittany replied, struggling, but his arms were like iron and he had her tight on his lap.

Obeying his father, Brittany’s dad tugged on both sides of the panties, and pulled them down her milky white legs until off they came.

“She’s got herself a good hiney, that’s for dang sure,” Pappy said, and stroked her smooth bottom.

All of a sudden, WHACK, he brought his hand down hard on one cheek and Brittany let out a little shriek.

He rubbed the red spot he had made, and a stray finger stroked her pink pussy lips that were peeking out from between her legs.

Brittany couldn’t tell if the touch had been done by purpose or accident. “Let me go!” she bellowed, thrashing around, but he held onto her fast.

“Quit fightin’,” Pappy ordered, and down came his hand again, this time on the other sweet cheek. “You deserve punishment, girl.”

And that’s how it continued. üvey kız kardeş porno Smack, rub, stroke for a good ten minutes. By now her ass was a bright crimson, and her pussy had quite betrayed her. All those delicate strokes had made all her juices start flowing, and Brittany knew she was getting wet as October. Of course, she didn’t tell her Pappy that.

He sat her up, and quick as a flash, had his pants undone and was pulling out his giant old cock. Brittany was aghast, for it was literally twice the size of Bobby’s cock, but that still didn’t necessarily mean she wanted to suck it.

“Uh, Dad,” Brittany’s father said, equally confused as his daughter. “What are you doin’?”

“I’m givin’ her the same punishment I gave your sister when she was caught suckin’ around town. Now, here’s the rule, girl. You get caught suckin’ cock, you suck cock at home. That’s your punishment.”

“No way, and there’s nothing you can say that will make me,” Brittany said defiantly, but her Pappy would not be so easily cast aside. He reached up and yanked hard on her hair. She yelped out loud, and while her mouth was still wide open in indignation, he pulled her head down and right on top of his rock hard cock.

“There you go,” Pappy said and he guided her head up and down with his strong hand. “Now, you suck that cock, little hussy.” She could not help but move her pouty cherry lips up and down over the throbbing hard cock, and not wanting to anger him again, each time she got near the tip, her tongue did a little dance. She knew she was doing well when he started to moan, but he let her straighten up at last, and he had a big smile on his face. “Hot damn, boy. Our Brittany sure knows how to suck some cock! Alright. Now it’s your turn.”

“What?!” Brittany said, shocked. She had thought her punishment was done.

“I dunno, Dad,” his son said.

But Pappy was adamant. “Boy, I ain’t gunna live forever! You need to teach our girl here who the boss of this house is!”

His courage building, off came his buckle, and down to his ankles his pants went. His cock was already hard and excited, the tip wet with anticipation. Moving up toward Brittany he said, “You get caught sucking cock, you suck cock at home. That’s the rule.”

“But, Daddy…” Brittany began, but couldn’t finish, for the next moment he grabbed her head and brought her sweet, wet mouth down on his cock.

His daddy had sure been right. She really did know how to suck cock, certainly much better than her mother ever did. Perhaps because she was sitting up this time, she was able to speed up, and go faster and faster, now also squeezing and stroking his dick with her hand.

He pulled out, his cock protesting, because it sure as hell wanted more.

“Alrighty, now,” Pappy said moving in close beside Brittany. “Inspection time.”

“What’s that?” Brittany asked, confused. She was sure she had been punished enough.

“Now we check you over and make sure you’re growin’ properly. Or, have you been to the doctor recently to xnxx porno get all your parts checked?”

“No, but…”

“That’s what I thought,” Pappy said. “Let’s start with those cute titties of yours. Don’t be shy, girl. You unbutton your blouse there for Pappy. Let me have a look-see.”

Brittany looked up at her daddy, who still had his hard dick in his hand. “You just mind what your Pappy says now, girl.”

Biting her lip, she slowly unbuttoned her white uniform blouse. Pappy pulled the sides back and down her arms, revealing her sweet, round, perky breasts. He smiled as she wasn’t wearing a bra, but knew she should’ve been. So, that’s why her boobies always jiggled when she walked…

He brought his warm hand over her right titty, and stroked her round nipple with his old thumb, noticing that it was the color of young peaches. “Very nice, girl. Your titties are comin’ in perfectly. Sit down, boy. You have a feel, too.”

It wasn’t too bad, Brittany thought as they sat there, one on either side of her, stroking squeezing, sucking, and licking.

When suddenly, Pappy slid down to the floor and turned to look at her. “Now, let’s check out your cunny.”

“No way!” Brittany protested, and squeezed her legs together as hard as she could, but her Pappy’s old, strong hands easily pried them apart. “Pappy just wants a look-see. Don’t be shy now, girl! You show Pappy your pussy.”

Her daddy was still massaging and gently pinching her nipple as her Pappy leaned in close to her pussy, like he wanted to get a good look. “Hmmm… Let’s see what we got, here,” he said as he stroked it with his finger. It was already wet and juicy, and he smiled to see it ready and aroused. “This here working properly, girl?” he asked while expertly rubbing her clit in a circle.

Brittany gasped, and was filled with pleasure, but didn’t want to show it. Her mouth simply hung open, but he could read her perfectly.

“Good,” he said, and without delay, leaned down and kissed it with his lips. Her pussy was soft and smooth, and his tongue explored from her clit down to her pussy hole. She gasped again, and she couldn’t help but look down helplessly as his tongue swirled and twirled all over her hungry cunt.

“Mmmm,” he said, kissing and licking some more. “Tastes just like ripe honeydew.”

Brittany’s breathing had become heavy, especially each time his tongue passed over her clit, and she had struggled to not release one moan, no matter how good it felt. She didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of knowing her punishment felt sexy.

“Now, let’s check out that cunny hole o’ yours…” Pappy said, inserting a finger into the deep, pink folds of her pussy and pushing it in as far as it could go.

Brittany gasped again, this time locking eyes with her Pappy. The smile faded from his face, and he looked sharply at her, eagle eyed. “This here ain’t no virgin cunny. This here cunny has been fucked. Quite a lot, I would say. Don’t deny it, girl! Pappy can tell!”

“What’s this?” her daddy demanded, pinching her zenci porno nipple rather hard.

“Just Bobby!” Brittany professed as her Pappy fingered her pussy, in and out, in and out it went.

But her father evidently didn’t believe her, for he roughly pinched her nipple again.

She let out a little shriek. “And another boy! My boyfriend before Bobby! Kevin was his name.”

“Lies,” Pappy said, now inserting two fingers in and moving them deftly back and forth.

This time, her daddy bit her nipple.

“Alright!” Brittany confessed. “My first was the next door neighbor boy, Danny. But, that’s it! I swear!”

Pappy felt satisfied she was telling the truth, but he inserted a third finger anyway, spreading her pussy hole open even wider. “You ever fuck this Bobby boy at school, girl? You tell the truth to your Pappy now! He’ll know if you’re fibbin’ him!”

“Three times,” she confessed, her pussy getting wetter and more aroused the stronger he fingered her. By now, her daddy had both hands on her titties, rubbing her peachy nipples in between his fingers. “Once in a janitor’s closet, and twice in the gym equipment room.”

“Well, girlie,” Pappy said, shaking his head and pulling out his fingers, “you know the rules.” He straightened himself up and moved closer to her. “You fuck a cock at school, you fuck a cock at home.”

Before she could even think to protest, in he slipped his fat cock into the velvety folds of her young pussy.

Moans and gasps could not help but escape from her, as she helplessly felt him penetrate her deeper and deeper until the giant head of his cock was rubbing deep against her g-spot.

“Ooh yeah, girl. That’s some tight cunny you got there.”

But Brittany could only watch in disbelief as his long cock disappeared inside her, only to come out again, and be pushed back in.

“I’m an old man,” Pappy said after a while, pulling out at last and standing up. “Let’s see how your pussy feels from behind now, girl.”

With that, he yanked her up and spun her around, once again, bending her over. Now, however, her face was met with her daddy’s cock. He didn’t take long to put the two together, and was once again enjoying the pouty lips move up and down his big shaft.

Pappy, however, pulled up her skirt again, revealing her still-pink ass from the spanking she’d received. He spread her sweet cheeks apart, and his cock found the jar of honey that was her sweet pussy. Holding onto her thighs, he drilled his old cock into her like a master pro, pounding happily away, going faster and faster until he could feel the cum start to rise up.

Pulling out, he sprayed all over her pink ass, and even went so far as to rub it in with the budging head of his cock. One last squirt, and he was done, a pleased man who had set a bad girl straight.

Her daddy, however, was truly disappointed in her, and so would not pull out. Like an explosion, his cum shot in the back of her mouth in several bursts, filling her mouth, and leaking out like drool. Like a good girl she swallowed, wiping away the excess with the back of her hand.

“Now, my hussy,” Pappy said, pulling her upright and turning her around. “What have you learned?”

“To be a good girl, or else I get punished,” Brittany said.

“That’s right, girlie,” Pappy said, adoringly patting her on her sweet ass cheek. “That’s right.”

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