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Since my first visit to an adult bookstore, I had often masturbated thinking about that experience. Finally, I decided that the memory was not enough. I wanted to go back.

For those of you not following my adventures, my name is Kirsten. I’m twenty-five years old, and I have turned into somewhat of a sexual adventurer. I’m 5’2, weight about 135 pounds dripping wet, and I have reddish hair. Not flaming red, but definitely a redhead. I also blush fairly easily as my skin tends to be somewhat on the pale side. Just a curse of the redhead I guess. Sort of the cute girl next door type, I try to stay in shape as best I can, and my build is generally more athlete than pure sexy.

Back to the story. I had visited the adult bookstore store the first time on a whim. I had gone in the middle of the day not really knowing what to expect or what I was going to do. One thing lead to another, and I ended up sucking off several guys, and being fucked by a couple others before slightly freaking out and ending the whole thing.

That had been over 9 months ago. As I mentioned before, I thought about it often, imagining what it would be like to go again, but in the evening when it was more crowded. My fantasies since that time had also turned more toward being “taken”. Being “forced” to participate. Other adventures since my last bookstore visit had contained elements of being told what to do, of being treated like a slut, of rougher sex, and, I will confess, those types of things really turned me and added to the overall erotic experience. I slowly realized that I am more submissive that I ever cared to admit before I started my sexual explorations.

With all of those thoughts running through my mind, I planned my next visit. I would go to the same bookstore, but on a Saturday night around 11:00 to take advantage of guys being maybe a little more horny and more desperate. I would dress, not as a slut “looking for it”, but more as a shy, young woman, somewhat embarrassed to be checking things out. I would wear jeans, a white tee shirt with a V neck, and sneakers, and a ball cap to provide somewhat of a “disguise”. I know it sounds weird, but I have been told on more than one occasion that I looked “critically cute” in that outfit. That’s what I was shooting for: Cute, innocently sexy, and maybe a little scared/nervous. I also decided to wear the fake wedding rings I had worn when I met Derek (see my story about my first BBC!) to add a little something extra.

I picked a Saturday a couple weeks out, and I worked on getting myself psyched up. The day arrived, and I began getting more nervous and excited as the evening approached. After a light dinner, I showered, made sure I was shaved smooth down there, surfed a little porn to pop up the sexual tension, and then I got dressed. I decided to go without a bra to show off a little more cleavage. Plus I liked the way my nipples could be seen when pressed against the fabric of my tee. I left the apartment about 10:30 pm, and by 11:15 pm I was pulling into the parking lot. My heart started pounding as I saw that the small parking lot was pretty full. I found a space in the back, pulled in, and tried to keep myself from panicking and aborting the whole thing.

After taking a couple deep breaths, I slipped my ID along with a bunch of folded up dollar bills and a credit card into my front pocket, and I slid my purse under the front seat. The car door locked, the key went into my other pocket. I took several deep breaths, pulled on my cap, and pulled my pony tail through the back. I bent down to check out my look in the side view mirror. Critically cute, and just the right look of fear and sexiness!

I entered the building through the other door, pressed the bell to get through the next door, and finally stepped into the main room. The clerk sitting behind the counter looked over and smiled. He was a different person from the first time I had been there, and I blushed and smiled back.

Probably eight to ten guys were milling about checking out the DVD collections along with the toys arranged in different sections on the wall and in the glass counter displays. They were about what I expected. Middle aged, lonely, a little embarrassed to be in an adult bookstore looking at porn, probably married, no where else to go, and no real action waiting for them whenever they got to where they were going. Perfect. I was sure I could work them up and provoke them in to some action. I smiled to myself as I walked in.

Most of them turned when they heard the door open, and I pretended to be to embarrassed to look any of them in the eye. I was nervous and a little bit scared, but I was already getting very turned on. I took a deep breath and thought “No turning back.” I could feel the juices starting to flow, and my clit was already aching. I could tell that just a few strokes would be all that it would take to send me moaning through my first orgasm of the night.

I tried to feign indifference as I walked in front of the glass cases, glancing at the wide variety of toys laid out on the shelves. I could Ankara escort tell the guys in the room were checking me out, and I shivered in anticipation. Getting to the end of the display case, the wall to my right was hung with a wide variety of S&M gear: whips, hand and ankle cuffs, spreader bars, blindfolds, soft rope. As I paused in front of the display, I saw the clerk walking to the end of the case.

“That’s my favorite section there.” He said as I turned my head toward him.

“Yeah?” My voice was soft.

“Yeah. You into that stuff?”

I blushed furiously, but took the plunge, “Sometimes, yeah. Depends.”

A big shit eating grin crossed his face as he asked, “Can I show you anything?”

I tried my best shy, seductive smile, as I bit at my lower lip, “Not right now…later maybe?”

He grinned as I walked away to look at the racks of DVDs.

I walked through the store among the racks of DVDs trying to act a little embarrassed and shy, making fleeting eye contact with the guys in the store. I made sure I was noticed, making a point to linger over the selection of gang bang videos, interracial sex videos, and videos of women being “forced”.

I teased the guys as best I could without being overtly obvious. I bent over at the waist when looking at videos on one aisle showing off my tight ass, and, on another aisle, I got down on my knees to check out the lower shelf, settling back on my heels in what I knew was a very seductive “blow job” position. I could tell they were getting aroused, and I was definitely getting more than a little hot.

Shortly, all the guys in the store were aware of me. No one said anything, but they were watching me, and the atmosphere in the store was electric. The sexual tension was obviously very high, and I was starting to feel a bit like the prey being stalked by predators. That made me a little scared and more that a little nervous, but I was also beyond turned on. My nipples were stiff to the point of being sore. As I knew would be the case, they were easily noticed through the thin material of my tee shirt. My pussy was dripping wet. Even the slightest brush of material on my clit when I walked or bent over was sending little shivers up my spine.

I made my way over to the entrance to the video booths. I could see lights above the doors of occupied booths, and in the dark, I could tell that a number of guys were in the hallway. With the guys in the main part of the store, and the guys in back, I figured that maybe close to 20 guys were in the place overall. I hesitated, not sure if I was really willing to go through with this. To buy some time, I turned away from the video booth area to look again at the S&M display.

“Back already?” The clerk was grinning from ear to ear.

I blushed, nodded, and impulsively picked up a pair of handcuffs with velcro straps and lined with a soft material.

“…maybe these…” My voice was soft and on the point of breaking.

He reached out to take them, “Nice. Anything else?”

I shook my head, looking down at the floor. I was very embarrassed, but so horny I could barely stand being in my own skin. As my purchase was rung up, I dug in my jeans pocket for a credit card. Brushing against the side of my leg near my clit as I dug out out the card caused electricity shoot through my groin. I bit back a moan as I quickly handed over my card.

“This is it.” I thought as I was handed the bag with the cuffs.

I looked up shyly at the clerk, “…um…should I leave this with you…or…um..well…” I looked over to the entrance to the video booths, “…Or well..should I take it with me…?”

His eyebrows raised in what I thought was real surprise. “Either way. I’ll hang onto it for you, but…if you know…WANT to have them with you…that’s cool…”

I bit my lower lip and looked away as I managed a nervous smile, “…ok…”

I was aware of almost every guy in the store watching and listening to our interaction. They knew what I bought, they saw that I held onto the bag, and the look in their eyes was pure animal lust as I walked over to the video entrance. I stood there for a second, the panic starting to build right along side the lust. My mind was hesitating, but my body was on fire and it was screaming “GO!”

“Now or never.” I thought to myself, and I walked into the hall as they guys watching behind me started to move forward also. The prey and the predators had made their move.

The initial hallway was fairly short with four booths lining each side. At the end of the hallway, another corridor branched off the the left and to the right. Lights were on over all eight doorways in the first hall indicating they were occupied. I was sweating now and very nervous. My breathing was shallow thinking about going deeper into the dark hallways, but I continued into the darkness. In front of me, I saw first one, then two, guys moving from the hall on the left to the one on the right. They both turned to look at me, and I almost panicked. I started to turn, and I Escort ankara almost bumped into someone who had come up behind me.

“…Excuse me…” I stammered, my eyes on the ground as he moved around me. Another couple guys entered the video area as I took a couple shallow breaths and turned back toward the intersecting hall. I turned left. Another row of booths stretched down the hall but only on the left side. I counted 5 lights above doors, but I thought there were at least eight booths. Moving quickly, I headed for a door about halfway down with no light on over it. Several guys were just leaning against the wall on the right, and, as I passed, I felt a hand reach out to touch my ass. I could feel goosebumps breaking out as I reached the open booth. I yanked open the door and slipped inside. My body was on fire with a raging yearning and desire that was almost painful. I could not ever remember being so turned on, so needing release.

“…fuck…fuck…fuck” I muttered as I dug a few dollars out of my pocket and tossed the bag with my handcuffs on the seat. I was trembling, breathing hard, hot and horny beyond belief. My nipples strained against my shirt, and my pussy was screaming for relief. I was almost panting as I fumbled with the crumbled bills. With shaking hands I manage to feed several dollars in the machine to start the video.

I tore at the button on my jeans, frantically ripped down the zipper, and jammed my jeans and panties down my hips to my knees. A video started showing a woman on her hands and knees getting fucked by a big black guy. I slumped back against one wall, the video screen on my right, the door to the booth on my left as I slid my left hand up my shirt to squeeze my tits. My right hand went right to my pussy, stroking furiously as I moaned deeply along with the woman on the video. I arched my back, pinching my nipples roughly, rubbing my clit roughly as my long delayed orgasm slammed through my body.

“…Oh god…fuck…fuck…ahhhhh…” I moaned and ground my pelvis into my hand, “…oh god…”

In my hurry to get into a booth and find some relief, I forgot to slide the lock on the door. I was still grinding and shuddering through my first orgasm when the door opened.

“…God damn…”

“…Holy shit…”


I looked over to see several guys looking into the booth, and my knees almost buckled. I could hear other guys moving in the hall as a wide range of feelings swept through my mind. I was scared as I had thought I would somehow control things a bit better. But as I stared back at the guys with a glazed look in my eyes I knew this was it. I was determined to go through with my plans. Felt my cheeks turning beet red as I pretended to be embarrassed at being “caught” while I struggled to pull up my jeans. Two guys moved into the booth and caught my hands as I groaned.

“…Guys…” I whispered.

Hands forced me to my knees. My mind was reeling and my pussy was dripping as the whole thing began to unfold.

I looked up, as one guy fumbled with his zipper. His cock sprung out of his pants and he grinned as he began stroking it. The other guy reached down to to turn my hat around backwards. Desperately sexy I’ve been told. The first guy up stroked his cock, rubbing it against my cheek as I whimpered. The other guy reached down and grabbed the bottom of my tee shirt.

“…Wait…no…close the door…” I pretended to protest looking frantically at the crowd bunched up at the doorway.

They just took my arms and held them up as my shirt was pulled over my head.

I glanced to each side and saw guys staring through the glory holes on either side of the booth as I knelt there, naked from the top up, jeans trapped around my ankles a hard cock pressing against my lips. I opened my mouth and took the first cock as deep as I could on the first stroke. The guy groaned and grabbed my head. The other guy was behind me, and I could feel him taking off my shoes. Other guys pressed further into the entrance and a couple more managed to squeeze into the small space. My jeans were peeled off my legs, and I was totally naked. The feeling of vulnerability being naked while surrounded by clothed men was beyond words. I pulled off the cock in my mouth.

“…Guys…wait a second…” I pretended to protest, “…I don’t think…hold on…”

My mind was a whirl of emotions, and my body was responding to my underlying desire.

My legs were pressed further apart as the guy in front of me forced his cock back into my mouth. I grunted as fingers were roughly thrust into my pussy. Another guy knelt beside me and grabbed a tit, pinching my nipples as he played with himself. I struggled to suck on the dick in my mouth as he picked up the pace and pounded my mouth. The fingers in my pussy were pulled out, and I groaned as my aching cunt was finally filled with a stiff cock.

As the guy started to pound me from behind, the cock in my mouth exploded, catching me by surprise. Cum dripped down the side of my mouth as my head Ankara escort bayan was held tightly in place to keep me from pulling back before he was finished. After a couple smaller spurts, he pulled out and quickly turned and left the booth. Another guy stepped up to take his place, and before I could catch my breath, another cock was fucking my mouth.

The guy groping my tits reached underneath me and found my clit. My whole body clinched as my clit was roughly stimulated. I came hard. My back arched, and I screamed around the cock between my lips. That was enough to make the guy fucking me cum. He slammed into me, holding my hips as he came deep in my cunt. The guy face fucking me flipped off my cap, grabbed my hair, and pulled my head back. He held me there as he shot his load all over my face.

My whole body was shaking as I tried to catch my breath. I was still on my hands and knees, my legs splayed, my head hanging down as guys traded places. Hands grabbed my arms, and pulled me to my feet. My legs felt like jelly, and I could barely stand. I was spun to face one guy as my arms were pulled behind me. I felt a cuff being placed around my wrist.

“…Wait…” I panted, “…guys…wait…no…”

I was riding the razor’s edge between pure fucking lust and panic, and I was not really sure which was going to win out. I tried not to focus on what was actually happening, trying to keep my mind out of it; letting physical sensations take over completely. My tits needed to be grabbed and groped, my pussy need to be fucked, my mouth needed to the taste of cock and cum. I let myself slip over the edge.

The guy behind me just laughed. My other wrist, was cuffed, and the velcro straps pulled tight. Someone used my tee shirt to wipe the cum off my face. I was spun again so that I was facing one of the glory holes. A big black cock jutted out from the hole. I looked behind me as another cock jutted through the second hole.

“Spread your legs slut.” The guy who cuffed me roughly pushed me back against the wall, kicking apart my legs to spread them wide. He held me in place as the cock behind me found the entrance to my pussy. With a quick thrust it was buried in my cunt. My head was pushed down toward the big black cock in front of me,.

“Suck him bitch.”

I started sucking as best I could without being able to use my hands. Trying to keep my balance was awkward with my hands cuffed behind me, but I was helped by cuff guy along with another guy standing on the other side of me mauling my tits. I grunted and moaned as I was fucked front and back. Out of the corner of my eye I could see guys still gathered in the door watching, waiting for a chance to use my body. I was covered in a light sweat, and my mind was reeling. Being totally helpless with my arms cuffed behind me was more erotic than I had ever imagined.

The guy behind me didn’t last long, and I felt his cock swell shooting another load into my pussy. I heard a muffled voice through the hole in front of me saying something as the cock in my mouth started to twitch.

The cuff guy grabbed my head and forced my face up against the wall as the cock erupted in my mouth. I gagged and tried to pull back, but my head was held firmly in place. A second load shot deep into my mouth. I was starting to panic when my head was roughly pulled back. Cum drooled out of my mouth as I gasped for breath.

“Bring her out here!” I heard someone say from the hall.

My face was again wiped clean as I was dragged into the hall. I struggled to stay on my feet looking helplessly at the guys gathered around. Outside I played the role of the reluctant wife, inside I was like a live wire. My nerves were electric, and I shuddered in with pure pleasure as the guys stared at me.

“…Oh god…” I moaned, “…guys…easy…please…easy…”

As I played up the role of the reluctantly used young woman, my body was humming! I was overcome with total animalistic lust. I needed to be fucked. I needed to be used. I needed to cum. I needed to be a total slut. So I played the role that I knew would get the mob stirred up, that would make sure they played their role in my sexual drama.

One guy grabbed me, and I grunted as he slammed me roughly back against the wall. He lifted up one of my legs as he slammed his cock into me. Someone else lifted my other leg, and I wrapped my legs around the waist of the guy fucking me. He held me up as I was slammed against the wall over and over with each stroke. Finally, he jerked and grunted, shooting his cum deep into my cunt. My feet hit the ground as he pulled away, and I slumped against wall trying not to fall all the way to the floor. Before I could struggle back into a standing position, someone took the opportunity to jam his cock into my mouth. He face fucked me as I took him in as deep as I could. He lasted less than a minute before pulling out and cumming on my tits. He quickly turned and left.

I was breathing heavily, and although I lost count of the number of guys that had fucked me, I could tell by the guys still standing around that more than a few were still waiting for a turn. As guys stared at my used body, the lust in their eyes was clear. Someone pulled me up and spun me around to face the wall. My legs were again spread apart, and a hand against my back held me hard in place.

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