Back to the Bed

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Any all characters involved in any and all sexual acts are over 18 years of age.

Warning, this story deals with alcoholism, death, and grief.

Hello my Literotica peeps, I’m back with the longest single story to date. It’s over fifty thousand words, so it’s rather long. I thought about breaking it up, but I wrote it as one piece, so I wanted to keep it that way. A lot is happening in this story, so I ask that you read the whole story before judging it. While it’s not technically incest, it is more taboo than anything. Still, I poured a lot of time and love into this story so I hope you all like it! As always please Rate, Comment, and Favorite it if you want. It keeps me going!

My head was groggy as I rolled over to look at the time. 6:28. Fuck, two minutes before my alarm was about to go off. I grumbled loudly to my empty bedroom as I reached out and turned off the alarm before swinging my legs over the bed and sitting up. I wiped the sleep crud from my eyes and stretched before rising out of bed and heading to the small bathroom of my apartment. I was thirty years old, worked at a good company, and was a widower. Five years ago my wife Lisa was taken from me, a police chase that the criminals crashed into my wife’s car, killing her on impact.

I remember getting that phone call like it was yesterday, she was out doing errands. Going to the bank first as planned, the assholes who crashed into her had robbed a bank across town. I looked at the wedding ring on the chain around my neck, running my finger across the gold ring…

I slammed my hand into the cheap porcelain sink to shake the thoughts out of my head. I was an orphan growing up, I never had a solid family till I met the woman who would become my wife. Lisa’s family welcomed me with open arms, we were crazy about each other, barely being able to keep our hands off of each other too. After she was murdered we stayed close but I got a job across the country and couldn’t remain nearby. I almost passed on the job, but they all encouraged me to take it, a fresh start. I came back during the holidays to visit but I missed the last year as I came down with terrible flu the day before my flight. I slept through Christmas and Boxing Day, but made some phone calls and sent some gifts back when I was healthier.

I showered and got dressed. I worked hard as the floor supervisor of the biggest machine shop on the west coast. I had been one since I was old enough to join the union and get out of the current shitty foster home I was in at the time. That’s where I met Lisa, she was working with her father’s company and came into the shop with him. I never believed in love at first till I saw her.

I felt the tears start to sting my eyes, I was moodier than usual after Richard’s call the other day. Richard was Lisa’s oldest brother and a good friend to me, his oldest daughter was coming to town to go to college. Fuck, little Brie was growing up, I remember being forced into tea parties with her and playing dress-up whenever we babysat her. I was also miffed that I missed the kid’s last birthdays, hell Brie turned eight-teen while I was stuck in bed, as she was born just before Christmas. Now Richard wanted to know if I could keep an eye on her while she was here. Brie was always painfully shy, thin as a rail, and quiet as a mouse. He told me she had been a late bloomer, getting a solid friend’s circle, and even shocked me to find out that the money I sent her for her birthday she bought some dresses and makeup.

I promised to take some time off to show her the campus and some spots around town, she was coming in this afternoon, so I took off to pick her up. I’d have to work tomorrow for a few hours, but I had the max PTO banked as I’d rather be working than have time off to be alone. I had dated some but no one compared to my Lisa.

I wolfed down some frozen waffles and washed it down with the remains of the whiskey bottle from last night. I caught my reflection in the mirror near the door as I grabbed my keys. I was tall, muscular, shaggy black hair that covered my dark eyes, I had to keep my beard trim for work, and the very visible scar on the right side of my jaw from a motorcycle accident in my younger years. Lisa never complained in bed, and the handful of lovers I’d had after that never complained either. Length and girth was the thing most commented on during and afterward.

That always helped my self-esteem, I smirked at the more dirty thoughts as I got in my truck and rode to work. Chewing a handful of mints before I walked to the time clock outside of the plant manager’s office. I lowered my head as I put on my hard hat and punched in, I didn’t want to deal with the manager today.

“Dex,” I heard the manager call out to me as I started to walk away from the office. “Come in here for a minute please,” I was ordered.

I took a deep breath before ducking into the office, it was nice for an office in a factory, one of the nicest I had ever been in. Clean floor, clean walls, somehow the smell of oil and burning metal hadn’t pierced gaziantep escort reklamları the area, I always wondered about that. “What’s up boss?” I inquired leaning into the room, hanging on the doorframe.

The boss looked up from the papers on her desk. Sasha was a bit tall for a woman, with wavey dark brown hair, large blue eyes, and a tight frame that pushed her fairly large breasts out. “Hey, I see you took some time off, anything I should know about?” Sasha asked leaning back in her chair.

Normally I’d be worried about this conversation, as Sasha had caught me drinking on the job, more than once. That was the angriest I’d ever seen her, but she just sent me home without pay. Commenting on me losing my job would be the worst thing to happen to me, she made me attend some meetings and threatened the next time she caught me, she wouldn’t fire me, I’d be chopped up in our machines by her.

“Yea my niece is coming here for college, so I promised I’d pick her up from the airport and help get her settled,” I replied to her.

Sasha gave me a raised eyebrow and a little smile. “Wow, while I’m happy to hear that. I would be happier if I heard you had checked into a rehab center, but this is a close second.”

There it was, always trying to get me into a program, I had a new handout for the latest treatment center whenever I picked up my check. “Yea, it’s her freshman year, never been away from home and whatnot.”

Sasha nodded her head at me with her little smile. “Well take all the time off you want, I can keep these assholes in line while you spend some time with your family.”

“Assholes?!” Mick called out from the time clock.

“Piss off Mick!” Sasha shouted out and we all shared a chuckle. If you couldn’t take a little abuse around here, you weren’t going to work out here. We were never racial or sexist, hell the handful of women who worked here I was more afraid of than some of the bad eggs I used to tussle with back in the day. “Look you are a good, hard worker, you barely take any time off, even giving away some of your PTO. You take as much time off as you want, I will cover for you.”

“Thank boss, I just need to make sure the order is done tomorrow morning and then Randy can handle the upcoming ones, it’s all simple crap,” I stated to her, Randy was just good enough to cover but not take over for me.

“Alright, well if that’s what you really want, I’ll step in when I need to,” Sasha explained with a shrug. I smiled and made to leave when she spoke up again. “Just come back better than you left Dex. You’re on your last chance here,” she reminded me, her expression going dark. I nodded my head and went to the floor.

What I think I loved about my job was how quickly time can pass, I made sure we were on schedule for the order tomorrow and the lunch whistle rang out over the floor. I razed a few guys to make sure they were working while I was gone and headed out. I wanted to shower before picking up Brie, but there was an accident on the highway, we were bumper to bumper for miles. Lisa’s twisted car flashed into my memory but I shook those thoughts again, I was running late as it was.

I finally passed the accident and the road opened up, I went straight to the airport and pulled over to the arrival section. Looking around, since I was now over an hour late to her touching down, I figured she’d be waiting around for me by now. I parked and got out of the truck, hoping the traffic cops would ignore me till we loaded up and got out of here. I kept my eyes peeled for Brie, Richard had told me she had changed somewhat, but I was still expecting the thin, shy girl with dark red hair.

“Uncle Dex?!” A soft feminine voice shouted out behind me. I turned around to see who the voice belonged too and my jaw dropped. Brie stood before me, but I could barely recognize her. Brie had shot up, her autumn hair was long with the bottom dyed a dark purple and curled cutely around her head. The black tank top she wore showed off the large and amazing set of breasts on her chest, she wore skin-tight jeans that showed off her great-looking hips and legs, with her textbook sneakers on her feet. She had a pair of mirrored sunglasses on, some makeup on her cheeks, and dark green lipstick on. Her form was tight but looked rounded and soft at the same time.

“That can’t be Brie I’m seeing, who is this gorgeous girl and what have you done with my niece?” I asked before she ran into my arms and gave me a tight hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. Pressing her more than ample tits into my chest, I suppressed the blood trying to rush to my cock, this was a girl I watched grow up for crying out loud. I picked her up with a tight squeeze before setting her down.

“Oh it’s so good to see you, we all missed you at Christmas this last year.” She stated with a little pout, I felt my heart melt, I was so screwed.

“I couldn’t travel, I was near death the day I was supposed to get on the plane,” I replied looking around for her bags. “Um,” I only saw gaziantep escort bayan reklamları the purse on her shoulder and backpack on the ground by her, “Is this all you brought?”

Brie giggled cutely before looking around. “Oh no, Dad paid for my bags to be shipped separately and, oh here they are!” She waved at sky captain, and I felt bad for the man, as there were easily half a dozen suitcases on one of those carts, and they looked heavily. Then I remembered that her school wouldn’t let her into the dorms for two weeks and I’d be hauling all of those up three flights of stairs to my apartment, till hauling them down again and then into a dorm, and with my luck on the top floor.

Brie saw the look on my face and without saying anything easily lifted one of the cases off the cart and into the bed of the truck. “See I can handle myself,” Brie commented with a cocky grin. Who was this girl?

Between the three of us, we easily and quickly got the bags loaded and I strapped them down. Not that I needed to since they were all heavy, but I did it just the same. “Do you need all these bags?” I asked after they were loaded and secured.

“Not right away, I was hoping we could keep a few in the garage of your place,” Brie explained as we got into the truck, I moved as the traffic cop was about to come up behind us.

“Oh, yea there’s plenty of space in there since I park in the street,” I replied, all that was in the garage was my old motorcycle and some boxes I took with me but never got around to unpacking. There were a lot of things that reminded me too much of Lisa, I’d rather have them rot in the garage than be constantly reminded of my wife.

We were on the highway in record time from the airport and Brie looked around the city in awe. I know the family tried to travel for vacations but this would be the first time she was on the nice part of this coast. “Oh, can we go to that doughnut place you told me about?” Brie asked with an excited grin.

“It’s three in the afternoon and you want a doughnut?” I asked her with a chuckle.

“Oh I meant for tomorrow, tonight I want you to take me out for a steak,” Brie explained to me with a bright smile. “I remember you talked about a cool steak place near your apartment and I want a big piece of meat.”

It was the predatory grin on her face that made my heart race, I doubt she was trying to get this kind of reaction from me, but either way, she was causing blood to course into my cock. I was never more glad I had to wear jeans under my jumpsuit than at that very moment. “If that’s what you want, we can make that happen,” I replied to her with a smile.

“Good, I want to be full and happy tonight,” Brie stated stretching, pushing those big breasts out. My cock was straining in my pants, but I ignored it as much as I could as I drove the twenty or so minutes to my apartment. With Brie’s help, we sorted the bags and stored them in the garage attached to my building. Brie spotted my motorcycle under the tarp I had it under. “Oh I forgot about your bike,” she stated as she pulled the tarp off of it.

“Oh yea, Besty,” I replied as we looked over the vehicle. Besty was painted on the top of the gas tank with dark blue flames painted on it, Lisa loved that color.

“Why is it named Besty?” Brie asked me as she mounted the bike, taking a hold of the handlebars.

I made a face. “I can’t remember why if I’m being honest,” I was trying to remember. “I think we were high,” I replied with a bit of a laugh.

Brie gave a look of mock shock. “You and Aunt Lisa smoked the Devil’s Lettuce?” Brie asked with a loud hush tone to her voice.

“Yea, believe it or not, I was young once too, smoking grass was a pastime we indulged in from time to time,” I explained with a smirk. “Christ that felt like forever ago,” I grumbled out aloud.

“Aw come on Uncle Dex, you’re not old yet,” Brie told me, her sunglasses sliding down her nose a little to show off her deep green eyes. “In fact, you’re quite handsome and muscular to boot. You’re a catch Uncle Dex, why don’t you have a lovely lady around?” Brie went from teasing me to serious in a second flat with her remarks.

“After your aunt, no one else seems to compare,” I confessed suddenly. I never told anyone that, and I’m sure my face showed that as Brie got off Besty and came up to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down as I was taller than her and hugged me tightly.

“I miss Aunt Lisa too,” she whispered, I could hear the quiver in her voice. I hugged her back, as Brie was Lisa’s favorite and vice versa. I could feel myself choking up but buried it down as I pulled away from Brie.

“Come on, let’s get your things upstairs and clean up for dinner,” I told her. I didn’t bother waiting for her as I grabbed two suitcases and started up the stairs. I opened the apartment door and set the cases down, Brie wasn’t too far behind me. She looked around my place with a critical eye, I suddenly wished I had cleaned up more before escort gaziantep reklamları she came. “It’s not much-.”

“Yea no kidding,” Brie cut me off, setting down another pair of bags. “I figured you’d have a better place, Uncle Dex,” she looked around again, “at least a bigger place for being such a big guy.”

I opened my mouth to speak, but I didn’t have a good excuse other than I was just punishing myself. I just shrugged at her before going back down to grab her last bag and close the garage up. I looked over at Besty, I knew if I wanted to start her, she would fire right up. I kept up the maintenance on her and would fire up the engine to run her so she wouldn’t seize up. I threw the tarp back on the bike and was tempted to kick a box out of the way, but took a breath before heading back upstairs.

I opened the door to find Brie was gone, I mean my apartment was like six hundred feet total, so if she wasn’t in the shared living room kitchen, then she must have left right?

“Brie,” I asked out loud and received my answer when I heard the water running in the bathroom. Ok, she’s in the shower I guess, I sighed loudly as I set down the bag. I would get out of my overalls but the bathroom was connected to the only bedroom in the place. Well maybe at least get out of my work clothes, Lisa was famous for taking forever in the bathroom, I hoped some of that rubbed off on Brie. I quickly darted into my room and took off the overalls, hanging them up in the closest, I would need them tomorrow for the couple of hours I needed to work in the morning.

No sign of Brie coming out soon, I could at least get out of my sweaty clothes, right? I pulled my shirt up and off me before shedding my jeans, I was just in my boxer briefs when the bathroom door opened. Brie walked out in apparently the smallest towel I owned.

Between the towel and my underwear, we were basically seeing each other naked. Brie just smiled when she saw me. “Oh hey, so do you have a bigger towel?” She asked me holding on the towel, but I got a good look at her shapely legs, the smooth skin of her shoulders, the soft-looking tops of her breasts as the towel just covered a little above her nipples.

“Um, on the top shelf of the cabinet,” I informed her finding my mouth very dry.

“Thanks, Uncle Dex, I’ll be out in a few,” Brie thanked me, giving me a once over before flashing a sexy smile and closing the door. Well, the door was opened just a crack.

I wasn’t sure how long I stood there, staring at the door. I could take a peek, what was the harm? I was suddenly aware of the raging hard-on I had, was I hard when Brie saw me? I mean she saw me, maybe a peak to balance out the universe? I crossed the room before my thoughts could catch up with me and I could see the mirror opposite the shower. The shower curtain was mostly see-through, it was a cheap one after all. I watched Brie in the shower, she was turned so that I couldn’t see her breasts or lower, but her amazing ass was front and center.

It was perfect, heart-shaped, rounded so if you slid your hand down her back it was so easy to grab and lift the whole cheek into your hand. I watched her hands slid across her body as she used my soap to lather up her skin. The heat from the shower was quickly fogging up the mirror, but I couldn’t tear my eyes from the scene. My cock was so hard it was about to rip through the cloth of my boxer briefs. I slipped my hand down into my underwear and stroked my cock rapidly.

“Uh fuck!” I growled low in my throat as I was cumming hard in no time, splattering hot jizz across the cloth in no time at all. It covered my hand, dripped across my cock, and I felt some drip down my balls. I braced against the wall as I thought my knees were going to give out on me. I was panting as my orgasm hit me so hard and quickly that it knocked the wind right out of me.

I was suddenly aware of where I was and what I was doing. I panicked quietly as I shed my underwear, and tossed them under my bed, grabbed a fresh pair and some shorts before rushing into my living room. I slipped the boxer briefs on quickly, realizing that my hand was still covered in my cum. There was some on the underwear but it wouldn’t matter once I got my shorts on. I washed my hand off in the kitchen sink, dried it quickly on the hand towel over the stove, and pushed my legs through the shorts. I threw myself on the couch and tried to catch my breath, I brushed the now sweaty hair from my face. I wanted to distract myself, but I was suddenly aware that my phone was still in my room, probably still in my pants on the bottom of the closet.

Fuck, I wasn’t about to brave the bedroom again anytime soon. I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, just flipping through the channels till I found a stupid action movie. I lazily watched the tube and let my mind recover. I tried so hard to push the dirty thoughts out of my head, the naked body of my niece, the sexy smirk on her face…

I hadn’t even noticed the water had turned off till the bedroom door opened, Brie pranced out and in front of me. She was wearing the sexist black dress I’d ever seen, it had a deep cut for cleavage and a long slit along her left leg. Brie wore a simple pair of shiny black heels, her makeup was light, some dark purple eye shadow that complimented her dyed hair. I watch her do a slow spin for me, and that I noticed how thin the dress was as I show her nipples poke a little bit and it almost looked like her nipples were pierced.

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