Babysitter No More Pt. 01

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Part 01: How an Unexpected Reunion Changed Everything


A short multi-part story of how a man meets a figure from his past and how it impacts every aspect of his life.


A Surprise Meeting

As I looked back at my trip to Phoenix, I had to ask myself, how did I get into these situations. Basically, you couldn’t make this shit up. I was pulling a good trip, for once, for my boss. Usually it seemed I got the crappy regional jets to crappy mid-sized markets for pointless reasons.

Late February early March, getting out of Chicago for the Valley of the Sun, was always good. This trip was specifically to a resort in Scottsdale for a three-day conference on emerging tech in our field. I don’t know what I did to not piss the boss off and get this trip, but didn’t ask any questions.

The conference was actually Tuesday through Wednesday, with only a half day on Thursday, so I had plans for golf on Thursday afternoon and Friday, delaying my return to the snow and greyness of Chicago till Saturday.

And since I really had no reason to get back to home, all the better. My life had kind of imploded lately, and even though my job wasn’t anything earth-shattering, it was all I had at this point. So, this was a good, paid chance, to learn something and recharge my batteries.

Since Thursday was only half a day, hell half the seats at the conference would probably be empty, I decided to hit some of the more fun places on Wednesday night to see some naked women. I went with four guys I knew from various work encounters, so not to be too pervy.

It turns out that Phoenix has a fairly large number of clubs, but not in one district, so some driving between beers and boobs. The names were a hoot too. One place invoked Alaska, odd as it was the exact opposite of Phoenix. It was so-so and we soon went to another that called itself Bourbon Street.

That one was much better, but very dark. The girls were hot, and I even got a couple of dances, very hands on. But I got all turned off when I realized each of the two dancers, tall willowy blondes were very close to my cheating ex-spouse. I wanted to get out of there at that point.

We had slowly dropped guys, so by the last place, it was just two of us. This place was called the Hiliter, and I was pretty much done with strip clubs for the night. Maybe it would be different, but my hopes weren’t high.

It wasn’t that big, but crowded with customers and hot girls, especially for a Thursday night. The place was deceptive, in a pretty quiet neighborhood, and not all that large. However, inside it had a very energetic vibe.

We hit the place only because of a recommendation. One of the guys, who had actually bailed on us, had insisted it was high quality with super-hot strippers. He claimed the girls had a reputation for not having any rules in the back rooms. I really didn’t care one way or another, but the other guys made sure we had it on our list.

The girls were actually pretty hot. They were a mix of sizes and body types, but all hot. Of course, being Phoenix there were a lot of very hot Latinas. They seemed to dance a lot to Latin dance music I had never heard before. But boy could they move those beautiful bodies to that dance beat. It looked like sex on a stage.

I was feeling the beers and the late hour when we paid our cover. I had the feeling like I was good for only about thirty minutes, but my last partner was clearly not going to leave with me. I figured fitting end for a frustrating night…whatever.

I was thinking of getting out of there when a new dancer caught my eye. She wasn’t like my ex-wife at all, and wasn’t one of those super-hot Latina dancers either. But for some reason, she just hypnotized me.

It was a young short blonde. But boy was she hot. In just her first song she got a crowd, and by the second I could barely Gaziantep Anal Escort see her through all the guys surrounding her stage.

This hot young blonde was absolutely strutting around the stage. She was playing with some kind of purple and black stretchy top, as she pulled it off and on, teasing the crowd around her stage. As it was the second song the top came off. She had been announced as Jezebel, and the name fit.

She was moving like a pro, and had some crazy hot moves on the platform and using the pole. Her outfit was also a wild two piece latex outfit, but her body was so hot she had nothing to fear from that ultra-tight material. Now that I could see them those tits weren’t huge, but were firm, with great nipples.

The blonde was my type, tanned and fit, with some nice curves. She also wasn’t like most of the girls, with their massive fake tits spilling out of their bras. It didn’t hurt, that like all the strippers, she was working it in at least six-inch heels. But she still didn’t tower over anyone.

I realized she was pretty short, although with a very tight sexy body. Since I liked shorter girls, I was attracted to her for all sorts of reasons. As she danced like a sexy gymnast, I realized she was almost a body builder. She looked like she could crush my head between her young thighs.

She was staring in the mirror behind the stage, and I may be vain and self-centered, but it seemed like she was staring at me, with her mouth wide open. An odd look for a stripper, so I just decided it had to be my beer brain talking to me.

But anyway, I decided I had too many issues going on to waste any more time on naked boobs and babes wearing butt floss as panties. Even though that blonde was uber hot, I decided I was done for the night.

As I was getting ready to go, and down to only about four singles, I just half watched that last rotation of dancers while I hit my phone to figure out the way back east to the resort. I hadn’t even paid attention when the DJ announced a new set of dancers, the last three-song set was done.

My head was down picking the nearest Uber and noting his ETA. I was deciding whether I had time to pee before the driver showed up, and feeling a good bit of self-pity.

I figured I’d just take off. The guy I was with had disappeared for what seemed like an extended set of lap dances and my fun meter was pegged out. It was a mark of how mixed up I was with all my life changes to even focus on some hot all-American T&A.

I mean I should have felt free and clear, I was now almost thirty days past the formal date for my divorce from the woman I had planned my whole life with. Beyond us sharing joint custody of a pair of five-year-old twins, and dealing with her ass of an attorney and her bitchiness, why wasn’t I feeling on top of the world?

And to make it worse, she had turned into the total bitch wife, when we broke up. And it was her fault too! I mean I found her in our bed fucking her boss one Thursday afternoon. Really!

I had come home really not feeling well, hoping it was a bad head cold and not the flu. I had heard odd noises from the master bedroom, and like a bad movie, there they were. My wife was riding a guy, who I quickly realized was her boss from work. I would rather have had the flu.

And amazingly, Janet claimed it was nothing, only doing it so she could still believe she was sexy…I was so done. At least my slut of a wife had stayed local in the Evanston area, so I could see my girls.

Anyway, not the right mindset for a strip club, that was now obvious. So, I was just about to get up and go out to wait for the Uber when I was interrupted. I heard a voice in my ear and felt a soft hand rub my neck, as the classic lap dance sell routine began,

“mind if I join you? I’d love to keep you company.”

Before I could turn around and say no, the hot blond from the stage was perched on my left thigh. She was feather light, and as easy on the eyes up close as she was on the stage. I could feel her lips about an inch from my neck right below my ear, her breath was warm and soft, but my Uber was on the way!

Now it started to get weird. I was ready for some pretty standard stripper bullshit, about how she was hot for me and wanted to play with me. And then I’d have to beg off with the Uber being on the way.

But the blonde leaned over and stroked my chin, pulling me around so she could look at me. She smelled so nice, and her face was just perfection, and not just her big blue eyes. But suddenly she gasped and I distinctly heard,

“no way, I was sure I was wrong. This is too weird, what are the odds?”

I had not been in strip clubs in about six years, just about as long as we had been married, but had never heard an opening line like that before. I was just guessing, but it didn’t seem like a good sign. This chick might be hot, but she seemed a bit crazy too.

It really didn’t sound like she was trying to sell me on some crotch grinding. Instead it was starting to look like she was some kind of head job. Though I knew that some dancers had real issues, I had never personally never had to deal with any crazy dancers.

My face was clearly blank, kind of what an Aussie friend called the ‘stunned mullet’ look. She recovered and got really close to me, our noses were almost touching and looked at me directly, staring right into my eyes.

“You have no idea who I am, do you?”

I nodded, not having any quick comeback; I never seemed to have those.

She looked at my mystified face and clearly decided to prove this wasn’t just some random goofy stripper shit. The girl was smiling as she looked at me, she was crazy I thought, but not acting it. She then commenced to tell me all these very personal details, of my life!

She started with,

“Baby, you’re a long way from Chicago. I mean what would your wife Janet think if she knew you were here?”

I laughed, a bit bitterly and held up my ring-less left hand. She gasped and said,

“I’m so sorry, that’s terrible.”

“What is terrible is that I have no idea what the fuck is going on.” I told her.

The blonde laughed again and with a big smile continued in the same vein,

“really, my feelings are so hurt. I mean you trusted me with the girls from the time they were six months old. They seemed to really bond with me. I thought I was a little more memorable. I kind of thought you liked me.”

My brain, which sad to say had not had a whole lot of beer to account for its fogginess, cleared up. I had to admit, this was not who I expected, but I knew suddenly who it was,

“Amber, is that you? No way, no fucking way!”

To say I was shocked would be a total understatement. She wrapped her other arm around me and nodded. Then it got really interesting.

Amber or Jezebel leaned over and gave me a big kiss, and not in a brother to sister kiss mode. Her tongue was long and hot. God it had been way too long since a woman had kissed me like that. She pulled away, still with a big smile,

“Yeah Jim, its Amber, we both have had quite a few changes, as you can see.”

She wasn’t kidding. Amber had been our eighteen-year-old babysitter for our newborn kids, five years ago. We had started using her long before the twins could even walk. We had always trusted her. I mean this girl defined studious and serious.

She was already eighteen, had her CPR certificates, and had taken several babysitting courses. She never gave us cause to worry, pretty much buried in school books as soon as the girls were asleep, till we got home. I never would have dreamed of finding her in a place like the Hiliter.

Amber had been cute in a high school manner, so focused on AP courses and getting a good SAT score. I don’t even recall ever seeing or hearing about boyfriends. I vaguely remembered the pretty face, long brown hair, and tight body as she sat out to watch the girls in our backyard on weekends.

I guess the fact that I had looked on her in that way reinforced that I was the faithful spouse in our marriage. And this wasn’t that girl in so many ways, for sure Amber was now a woman.

Amber had only helped us out for year, she was determined to escape Illinois and its nasty weather and find the sun. She told us in May that she had been accepted at ASU in Tempe and was never going to experience a Chicago winter again.

After she left, we never heard from her again. I had always assumed she had graduated on time and was moving on with a very successful life. That seemed to be what she was destined for. But finding her here, five years later, probably meant that wasn’t what had happened.

And now she had planted a second, very adult kiss, on my lips, and I not only kissed her back, but immediately got hard as a rock. I mean I was almost thirty and she was maybe twenty-two or twenty-three, not a good idea.

Then I paused, this was not even going to raise eyebrows. We really weren’t that far apart in age, I was in a strip club, and no one was even paying attention. They all probably figured that she was giving me a very strong sales pitch.

But what was I going to do? And how had Amber become Jezebel, looking so very different?

I was more than a bit puzzled, what had happened to innocent Amber that she was working in a strip club and didn’t look at all like the cute coed who had left us five years before. I also had an Uber that was no more than five minutes away.

I told her that I was pretty surprised and confused, and worse had been about to leave, my Uber was going to be out front in just a few minutes. Amber hugged me and told me that she really couldn’t catchup here in a latex bra and thong set wearing stripper heels anyway. I nodded, what else could I say.

But Amber told me she’d love to get some coffee and lunch with me on Thursday, she had a long story to tell. She told me she had morning classes and I had that last day of the conference. We exchanged texts, so we were linked, and I now knew I wouldn’t be teeing off tomorrow. Somehow, I wasn’t upset.

Amber turned to me and gave me a big hug, wow her boobs felt nice. She leaned in and put another very adult lip lock on me, pushing her tongue deep in my mouth and dueling with mine for what felt like two minutes, but was probably fifteen seconds.

She told me that I didn’t want to waste my money on dances, that I needed to get a good night’s sleep. That was an odd comment, but based on everything that I was trying to process, I didn’t dwell on it. Amber then stood up in a sexy, fluid manner, managing to rub my hard dick as she did it,

“Till tomorrow Jim. I think we are going to have a lot of fun together.”

I had no idea what that meant, but felt better suddenly, for the first time since the day I opened the bedroom door to see my wife riding her boss’ cock in our bed. At first, I just explained it away as this was the first woman I had been near since that horrible day, but that didn’t seem totally true.

I never did see my remaining companion again, so grabbed that Uber back to the resort and crashed.

I did attend the Thursday sessions, and I had been right. The room was no more than half full and I half paid attention as I tried to imagine if Amber would even text me and what the hell had happened.

As I sat in the last session, I got my first answer. I got a text around 11 from Amber, giving me an address for a Starbucks near her place over in Tempe. It wasn’t actually that far from Scottsdale I realized.

We agreed to meet at about one PM. I was going to find out if last night was all some odd hallucination. I was sure this was Amber, but was also sure I had no possible idea about what had gone on the last five years.

Part II is coming soon. The adventure continues as Jim gets to know an older and wiser Amber…

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