Aunt Lucy Takes Jason in Hand Ch. 01

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Jason thought that he had just landed in heaven. It was the last Monday before he was to start university, and he had arrived the previous night to stay with his aunt Lucy and his cousin, Lily. Jason’s mother had managed to convince his aunt that having Jason stay with her while he attended his first year at school might be helpful psychologically, since Jason had always been a rather shy an introverted teenager. Physically, he was not imposing, standing only an inch taller than his 5′ 5″ mother. This was several inches shorter than his aunt, and even his cousin, Lily.

Jason had almost feminine eyelashes, with hair a bit longer than was in fashion. He was slim and a bit dreamy looking, as though off in another space.

In reality, his febrile mind was constantly working out his own special fantasies. These fantasies, as it turned out, included the use of women’s underwear as sex aids to his ceaseless acts of masturbation. While his mother was a plain white conservative underwear type, his aunt and cousin were not. He had discovered a few years back on one of his infrequent visits. He had found an opportunity to visit the laundry room and sort through the hamper. It was a gold mine of black, red and assorted colour panties and bras. In a few scant moments, he had liberated his modest sized penis, and wrapped a pair of his aunt’s soiled black panties around it. It took no more than a dozen hard pulls to garner a full wad of spunk, that he quickly washed down the sink. He reluctantly returned the panties to the hamper, afraid to steal them.

Now, he would have endless hours alone in the house as his schedule and Lily’s would be different, and his aunt would be at work most days. The thought of hours of masturbation with the full range of exotic underwear, especially augmented with that special female aroma was mind numbing for the budding university student.

Although this week would offer few opportunities to explore, he knew that once school started, he would be in wonderland. Even the thought of it had yielded the familiar surge of blood into his cock.

His cousin, Lily was a closet Goth, or so he thought. If it wasn’t for his aunt’s very strict rules for her, she would have been dressed in the bleak black and deathly pale colours of that equally bleak time. She was moody and seldom spent any time with Jason, who was only mildly interested in her, anyway. He had determined that she wore liseli porno only black panties, but some were more sexy than others. He idly wondered if she was sexually involved with anyone. Knowing his aunt, he doubted it. The rumours were that his aunt regularly spanked Lily, although he had never witnessed nor heard this happening. But then again, he had only visited a few times, since his father was Lucy’s sister, and he had split with the family a number of years ago, it had cooled the relationship.

As the week drew to a close, Jason had established timing and frequency for his masturbation. He decided to use the washroom and ensure the evidence was flushed quickly and thoroughly. He had developed this program because his mother was a stickler for cleanliness and monitored his clothing, suspicious of teenage male habits. He had never been caught, although there were some close calls. He wasn’t sure if he was afraid, or wanted to be caught. He sometimes fantasized about being caught beating off and being punished. Fantasy or not, he had decided to avoid the situation, and had been successful. His cousin had been late coming home. It was Friday, and the last weekend before school. Jason had gone to his room, planning to beat off at least once before going to sleep. He heard the door open, and Lily crept in. Moments later he heard his aunt’s voice.

“Lily. I want to see you in my room this instant.!”

Lily’s answer was a whisper he couldn’t hear.

“Jason has gone to bed, and I don’t care if he hears. Now get moving.”

He heard the sound of footsteps slowly coming upstairs. Jason had been give the spare room furthest away from his aunt’s master suite. Next the door opened and closed. A few muffled voices were all he could make out until he got out of bed and opened his door a crack.

“You were told to be home by 8:00.”

“But mom, it’s only 11 and I’m 19. And it’s the last weekend before school. We didn’t do anything.”

“I don’t’ care how old you are or whether it’s the end of the summer or the beginning of winter, when you’re living in my house, you follow my rules. Understood?”

It didn’t seem like a question to Jason. For some reason, Jason was wildly aroused listening to the conversation.

“Bring me the strap, Lily, right now. And strip.”

“Mom, please!!” It was a sibilant whisper.

“Now, young lady. One more word mobil porno and the twenty will be doubled.”

Jason thought he heard some sniffing.

There wasn’t another sound until a loud Crack! broke the silence.

“Oh, mom, that hurts.”

“Good. I meant it to. Now then, bend a bit more, I want you to learn this lesson one more time. Yes, that’s it. Now open your legs. More!”

Another lighter Crack! sounded. This was followed by several more one after another.

Lily howled after the next six or seven. Jason was rigid as never before. His nuts were squeezed into a tight wrinkled package, and he was stroking his cock furiously. It took tremendous control to hold off shooting his load. He wanted to wait and listen to the entire session.

Crack! Smack! Smack! Crack! followed, and Lily’s sobs filled the air as aunt Lucy strapped with a will.

“Six more, young lady, and stay in place.”

Smack! Crack! Crack! Lily wailed.

“Get up! Now.” Crack! Crack! Crack! “And those don’t count.

“Please mom, no more. I can’t stand it.”

There was a moment of silence, then three louder Smacks!

Lily wailed and whimpered.

“Oh don’t carry on, girl. I’ve whipped you harder than that. Now go to your room and think about doing what I tell you.”

Jason closed the door to a bare crack and was rewarded by the sight of his cousin hurrying to her room totally naked with her clothes clutched to her body. He carefully eased the door shut and finished beating his meat. It took but a few fast stokes and he gobbed wad after wad into the tissue. He had been surprised by the pale nudity of the girl and her surprisingly well shaped body. Although he wasn’t able to get a good look at her well whipped ass as she quickly dashed to her room, he visualized the red welts on her very white naked ass.

As his heart rate began to subside, Jason thought long about what he had just heard and seen. The sound of the whipping, and the sight of the naked girl were mind boggling images. He stiffened again as the images and sounds replayed in his mind. He knew he wouldn’t rest until he had discharged another load. With that in mind, he gripped himself with his usual hand action and began to work his circumcised member up and down. He pulled the skin back tightly and held it, then gave it several quick strokes and repeated the tight grip. Having öğrenci porno just shot, it would take a bit longer to bring it off, but he was a deft hand at this. And, after 15 minutes of intermittent stroking, Jason pulled another load out of his throbbing organ. He carefully got out of bed and concealed the glutinous mess of tissue and prostate fluid in a plastic bag for careful disposal in the morning.

In another room, Lily lay sobbing on he bed. Her ass was blazing hot, but the heat was slowly suffusing across her whole pelvic girdle and a familiar tingle was growing in her genital area. Almost reluctantly, she let her slender index finger find its way to her shaven pussy. If her mother had known what she had been doing, her ass would have been even redder, and the whipping might even yet be continuing. Earlier that evening, Lily and her best friend, Sonia had spent a few quiet hours doing what they loved best.

Sonia was fascinated by Lily’s large clitoris. It wasn’t small penis size, but it was quite a bit larger than most. Sonia’s was quite small, though she got full satisfaction from fondling it, and the contrast always enthralled her. She pleaded with Lily to sit, naked below the waist, on a chair with her legs spread wide. Sonia would sit cross legged in front of her while she masturbated looking at Lily’s pudenda. She would lean forward and lick it from time to time as she stroked herself, while Lily watched her. As she got close to orgasm, Sonia would lean in and eat Lily so that they could achieve orgasms together. Most nights it didn’t work out exactly right, but tonight had been special. After they had finished, Sonia dozed off with her face right in Lily’s pussy. This was the reason for Lily’s late arrival and subsequent strapping.

Lucy was not immune to the strapping. She, too, found the need to satisfy herself after whipping her daughter. Although she was no longer sexually active with males, Lucy had several female companions with whom she sought sexual release. However, this evening she had to content herself with manual stimulation, followed by a good work out with her favourite dildo. After giving herself a good pounding, she let the plastic prick slide out of her swollen pussy.

As she lay in her bed, she wondered again if letting her nephew, Jason, stay here was a good idea. She knew little about him although he had been fairly docile this week. In fact, she was surprised that he offered to help with dishes, laundry, and other chores. That fact alone might make it a good deal, since she was not the classic mother and homemaker. It was those thoughts that occupied her as she drifted off to sleep.

And Jason, . . . his minded churned on what might be ahead.

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