Aunt Is His…Finally!

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It all started with the washing. Doing laundry was never something he enjoyed…but recently he had discovered a very compelling reason to be interested in it’s finer points. His aunt, a widow at the tender age of 31 and looking every bit as beautiful when she married his mother’s brother 5 years back was giving him laundry lessons. Although there was an efficient washing machine at home, his aunt told him it was always better to take care of delicate fabric by washing them by hand. During these lessons, every time she bent down he could see her prominent boobs catch the sun’s light and glow like globes of pleasure they were. He would watch fascinated, wondering if he would ever work up the courage to do something about getting a hand and a mouth to those luscious mountains. Then one day, the opportunity presented itself, he sneaked up behind her and held her and before she could react he started to play with her boobs a little violently, getting a good squeeze and a tweak of the nipple even before she knew what was happening.

She squealed in surprise.

“What are you doing?”

“I have wanted to do that for the longest time” he replied

“Really? What else have you wanted to do?”

He couldn’t believe his ears. he had expected to be reprimanded…maybe even smacked across the face…but this rather libertine enquiry was the last thing he expected still not sure he reached for her boobs again she moved away quickly

“No! Not so easy…you’ll have to earn these beauties”


“You go wait in your room ensest porno and I’ll join you soon enough for you to find out. Go on I have to get the washing done or your mother will be cross”

I hurried into the house and waited in my room with a raging hard on for company.

She came into the room ten minutes later sending my pulse soaring.

“So you have something you want to show or do you want to just see?”

“Can i also touch?”

“Let’s see about that”

She came closer and i could smell the sickly sweet smell of detergent. Reaching out she rubbed his dick from the outside… not long enough but couple of gentle tugs that promised a lot. He was ready to explode at the briefest of contact

She leaned forward on the bed and whispered into his ear, “shall I take off my clothes or will you rip them off me?”

He didn’t answer her but reached out and yanked her blouse off…the beauties were revealed…he immediately reached out for them

“No! Not yet…remember I told you’ll have to earn them?

“Yeah,” so what do i have to do?” he was ready to do almost anything. The fact that he was tantalizingly close to getting access to the body he had been fantasizing for the last three years of his life was worth reckless subjugation”

“Get all my clothes off first” she knew she had the power to get her way, but she also wanted this and the sight of his excited and greedy face was getting her juices flowing too.

He agreed readily and removed her sari till escort porno she was down to only her panties…he pulled it tight around her pussy and fingered the clit from the outside


He grabbed both the ends and tore the flimsy piece of clothing off her.Her pubic hair all scraggly was covering a slightly wet pussy. He dived in head first and lapped up the flowing juices…paying vigorous attention to her clit with his tongue


She pulled him up…he reached up and kissed her still dripping of her cum…asking him to kneel above her head she moved him into position…she pulled his briefs down and his dick fell out and up, sitting up partially she pulled forward and licked the edge of his dick.

It started twitching in anticipation. But there was nothing hurried about what was about to happen…she put her tongue out and touched the very tip with it…he was tempted to hold her still and shove it in but he held back

She caressed his balls and looked up with a smile…”like it?”

He was about to explode at the titillation…”ah yeah!”

She suddenly moved forward and took a huge gulp with almost half his dick disappearing into the warm wet insides of her mouth.

Still smiling she moved gently back and forth and gently tugged at his right testicle…the opposite forces were tearing him apart.

He reached down and grabbed her boobs and squeezed them as roughly as he could this resulted in her taking more of his dick into her mouth. He pushed gizli çekim porno her on to the bed and climbed in between her boobs and placed his dick in them. The soft cushy feel on either side almost made him squirt.

He stood up an on his knees directed his dick to her mouth…she pulled it in hungrily and slurped noisily

He wanted to get inside her now

He slid down and pointed his dick at the forbidden entrance of his aunt’s cunt.

Trrrrrrrng…the door bell jarred them out of their lusty ambitions…

She jumped and ran to her room and put on clothes hurriedly and rushed to the washing.

He did the same and went to answer the door…his mom was back early from shopping…he desperately tried to hide his hard on as he helped her unpack the groceries

“Where is your aunt?” she asked

Oh! She was washing clothes sometime back.

His mom went looking for her and found that my aunt was taking a shower, as his mother went into the storeroom behind the kitchen he quickly stole away and reached the bath room

“Auntie”…he shout whispered

“What is it?” she replied

“Open the door”


“I have to give you something”

“What is it?”


“Your mom?”

“She’s busy”

The door was unlatched…he quickly jumped inside…his aunt was covered in soap and looked very inviting…”What are you doing?”

“Please make me cum”…he pleaded with her

“Your mom might hear us or come into the adjoining room anytime!”


She took his dick out and with her soapy hands started to pull on it…increasing the tempo quickly, fearing discovery, she made him catch his breath as he shot into the air with a shuddering of the body

He kissed her on the lips…”Thank You!”

More soon… Mail me feedback.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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