Aunt Fills The Gap Of Girlfriend

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Recently I viewed a video clip showing how a teenage daughter slipped into her parent’s bedroom in the middle of the night and seduced her father to fuck her. The fact that they tried out a number of positions and continued to do this on the same bed where her mother was sleeping, without waking her up, seemed far-fetched.

This video reminded me about my own experience when I was about 20 yrs old. Our town did not have a post-graduate college so I moved to the nearby city and stayed with my younger uncle who was an executive in an industrial house. He stayed with his 30-year-old wife. They had no children. I was most of the time busy till late in the evening in classes, project work and preparation of presentations.

I lost my virginity only here, as the environment in my smaller town was not that free for dating. My first experience of sex was with a classmate. Recently she got married and had to cease her studies here to accompany her husband to UK. While we did not have time and freedom to have sex frequently, now that she was not there made me hungry for meeting my biological need. I do not very much relish masturbation as my idea of sex is companionship of the opposite sex, necking, foreplay and then sex if possible in the given circumstances.

With this mental state of sexual hunger, I came across this video on the Internet. I browsed many other clips but this particular clip stayed in front of my eyes. For a few days I repeatedly saw this video along with other videos. This increased my desire further to have sex. I recalled many instances when my aunt had shown affection that was a bit abnormal. She would bent down to serve meals and show a major part of her breasts. On the slightest pretext she would move her hand over my face to see if I was running temperature. A few times she asked me from the bathroom to hand over Ankara bayan escort the bath towel showing a part of her naked body at least in the mirror.

Suddenly an idea struck me. It was very risky but I was desperate. So around midnight I tiptoed into my uncle’s bedroom. My uncle had returned from a tiring visit and he also had a habit of snoring. I could here his snore and was assured that he was fast sleep. I moved to the aunt’s side of the bed and knelt by the side of the bed. Due to warm weather she was not having any cover and was sleeping in her thin nightdress. It was rather dark but I could make out details in reflected lights. Taking courage I moved my hand and just placed over her panties on top of her pussy. After observing its impact when no movement occurred, I started to caress her pussy through the top thin material of her panties. After a few strokes I saw that she has placed her hand over mine and pressed it, probably thinking that it was her husband’s hand.

I continued to move my hand and also played with her clit, again over the panty. Suddenly she got up and looked towards uncle who was fast sleep. With panic in her eyes she looked sideways to see who the intruder was. She immediately recognized me and whispered ‘What are you doing?’ I had disregarded her question and continued to move my hand over her pussy. She sighed and again whispered that uncle would get up. This convinced me that she did not dislike it but was afraid of uncle. I blew a kiss to her and continued to move my hand more vigorously. She bent forward and said in my ear that we will meet some time tomorrow and I should leave now. I told her that I would not wake up the uncle, she should just lie down and I will not try to fuck her but just play with her pussy and breasts. She sighed and told me to be careful and lied down keeping her hand all Escort bayan Ankara the time over my hand on her pussy.

I became bold and uncovered her breasts. I played with them and bent over to suck the nipples. She pressed my head to her breasts confirming her surrender to my sexual attack. I kissed her on the mouth while pressing my hand over her breasts and pussy. I then moved down my kisses to her stomach and below until I was sucking her clit and moving my tongue inside her pussy. I carried on and on until she climaxed with a suppressed cry. I moved my body up so that my erect cock, that was already out as I was not wearing any underwear, was at the level of her mouth. Aunt lost no time and started to suck on my cock holding the testicles with one hand. I had bent in such a way that I could also kiss her pussy that was already uncovered by her. At this moment I observed some movement on uncles side. I quickly bent down by the side of the bed. Uncle got up from bed and went into the bathroom. I decided not to create problems for both of us and after kissing her pussy and lips and pressing her breasts one last time I moved out of the room.

Next day I had to go to the college rather early and returned only around 8 pm. As I entered the house my aunt came running and embraced me. I enquired with my eyes about this sudden expression of affection. She smiled and said that uncle has gone for a party and would be back rather late. Telling her to prepare a cup of tea, I vanished into my room, had a bath and finally returned wearing loose clothes. The tea was ready but before that I tasted her ripe lips making her sit in my lap. She told me as to how she has been dreaming of making love to me form the day I had arrived from town. I also told her that I had many occasions of seeing her almost naked, without her coming to know, as she was Bayan escort Ankara dressing up in her bedroom. After sipping tea she led me to her bedroom.

Saying that I would like to remove her clothes, I pulled out her sari, unbuttoned the blouse and pulled down her petticoat. I then kissed her lips long and hard while playing with her breasts and clit from the top of bra and panty. I took out my shirt and unhooked her bra to release her beautiful breasts. I had seen them only partially in the light so I spent some time closely surveying them, handling them and kissing the nipples. The next to go was her panty. I move my lips to her clit and pussy and sucked and played with them, while pressing her breasts and pinching her nipples, until she cried out getting her first climax through mouth fuck.

She pulled down my pajamas and sat down to suck my already engorged cock. She sucked and moved her lips on the side and even took in the full cock in her mouth like an expert in the art. She almost came to the verge of my climax when I pulled her up and made her bent on the side of the bed face down. I spread her buttocks wide and thrust my hungry cock slowly in her smooth cunt in the doggy style. With every in motion she cried out commenting that my cock is thicker than uncle’s. I moved it in steps until I hit the bottom of her cunt pit. I moved in and out and increased the tempo till she got her next climax. I then asked her to face me and I entered her in the missionary position. I fucked her hard making her cry out in sweet pain. My hands were busy all the time with her breasts, her bums or her clit. Eventually I called out that I could not hold any more. She responded by asking me to fill up her cunt with my cum. I waited for no further invitation and filled her beautiful red pussy to the brim with cum with a loud cry of pain and relief.

My entire stay with my uncle turned out to be a sweet long dream with both of us finding time and opportunities to have sex in every possible way. Sometimes, I got a vague feeling that my uncle was aware of this and even seem to encourage us!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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