At the Villa Ch. 31

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Irene became a natural. Her sexual instincts were good and she learned very quickly.

By Tuesday of the second week, both contenders were ready. They practised what they had learned, especially George. He had worked very hard learning the way of how to massage between the legs of a woman. It was the most important part on how to pleasure a woman. Learning the way of how to massage those pouty lips, the clitories and the G-spot is an art in itself. The most important moment is, when the recipient arrives at that level when she becomes overtaken by very strong orgasms. That will be the pinnacle one can reach when the most important parts of the female are properly massaged.

Padme was becoming very sexually excited. George’s fingers were working very hard on her G-spot, simultaneously with her clitori. With Padme lying on her back crying, stop; stop; George did not retaliate. She tried to close her legs as she was aggressively taken over by one orgasm after another. George bent over Padme’s body and stuck his hardness into her vagina. It was nirvana. George, very excited, immediately exploded inside her too hot vagina. Their orgasms were so intense that they forgot they were two human beings. They cried and moaned as they become one body. Their single body, not only shook, but trembled. Both were lost in heavenly bliss.

As the heat from their orgasms started to subside, they looked into each other’s eyes. Their eyes were shinning satisfied with their achievement while they were still lost as they started to come back from the height of their massive orgasms; their bodies could not stop trembling. They did not stop touching and playing with each other’s erogenous zones. They could not yet accept what they had been through, during those moments when they were experimenting on each other’s sexual areas. They could not understand what had happened during the last hour. What they knew for sure was; what they had been through during those last lessons before George will get ready to meet the unknown bride. George sure will never forget those fascinating moments having his whole body massaged which also included his manhood. He also had the pleasure of fucking Padme as part of practising what he had learned.

‘That was fantastic George. I haven’t enjoyed such an orgasm in the last so many months.’ Padme complimented. ‘During the next days you have to keep your prick ready. We have to decline from any sex, but we have to concentrate totally, practising the body to body massage. The erotic massage is the most important part of pleasuring the body; but there are some sacrifices, as you had already mastered.

‘You have achieved a very high level in what it is accepted in the art of pleasuring each other’s bodies. With those achievements you can enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, anytime you like, depending on your partner. Starting slowly, working on your partner’s body, it will quickly lead you to intensive orgasms. You have to remember that you have to continue working on your PC muscle. It is very important to make sure, that you will not ejaculate too quickly. You have to feel your partner’s body, see how close she will be, and then decide the moment you let go.

‘Women are different than men.’ Padme started to explain. ‘They need time and once you learned how to pleasure a woman, by giving her an erotic massage, the rest is easy. You only have to relax while using your hands. There are different types of oils one can use on the skin which makes the hands more flexible while massaging the body, even the intimate parts. Remember, while you are enjoying the joys of using your hands delicately on her body, you have to control yourself and not to cum. Always try to save it for that moment when both of you had reached a certain point, before you are ready to explode. I congratulate you that you are more than ready. You had passed all the tests. We do some more work tomorrow without any sex, and then you can join your friends for a drink.’

But Padme continued explaining. ‘On Friday, sometime after midday, Athina will pick you up. Probably it will be about two in the afternoon. You should be ready with your luggage in which you should have packed all your needs. As Sam may have already explained, he has arranged nearly everything, including the flight tickets as also the moment and place where you will be introduced to your expected bride; or maybe… your future wife. You will be briefed again on your arrival at the airport. I think Sam already have a copy of your ID card and the ticket. Remember, if you like each other and go together, you have to consummate your love for each other. You have to do so as soon as you close the door of where you will be spending your first days together. Good luck and I really wish you a happy future together.’ Padme concluded.

Irene was going through the same type of conversation. She was very excited, rather much more than George himself. She was waiting excitedly for the next day, the day; hopefully to be, her Gaziantep Fetiş Escort most memorable day. That evening, she went out with Athina. They went to a local restaurant together with Padme. They ate, drank some wine and they even danced along with some life music.

Preparations for the big day started around mid-morning. Their flight was scheduled for early afternoon. Sam arrived first, accompanied by Irene. After they parked Sam’s car, both of them walked into the departure’s lounge were, Irene was whisked away through all the different departments, until she was about to board the aircraft. She was very excited. Sitting in the departures area she started to wonder, what was going to happen. Was it a prepared fantasy? Will it be a ‘yes’ or it would be a ‘no’?

Irene’s hopes were high; will it be love at first sight. Her heart was beating hard, waiting, second after second; minute after minute… she saw no male that was good looking. She saw no males who seemed that were searching for a woman. Is he coming? Who is he? They were questions which Irene had been asking herself since the moment she arrived at the airport. In her heart and even between her legs, there was some anxiety. She felt tingles and became scarred. She felt her gusset, becoming wet. Her clitories, she felt like a little button getting slightly harder.

The passengers for the next flight to Athens were asked to go through the embarkation gate. From there they walked towards the waiting aircraft. As Irene started going up the half-dozen steps of the rather small aircraft, she continued to wonder. She was the first out of about some 60 passengers ready to board. That was about the maximum number of passengers such type of aircraft can approximately load, for the 45 minute flight. She looked back towards the terminal for the last time, before she entered inside the aircraft itself. Before she entered, she scanned the area. She was hoping to see somebody searching for a woman. She was very curious. A last real last look, but there were none of the type, she was dreaming about. She was wondering and dreaming. She was high on the alert; what happened; who is he? She could not stop asking herself, more questions.

The flight attendant showed Irene the seat where she had to sit. It was at the very end; a window seat on the last row. There were only two seats on eider side of middle isle.

Before she sat down she noticed, that there was a photographer accompanied by another person. Both of them were standing behind the last row, talking and chatting with the flight attendant. She wondered what they were doing. By that moment all the passengers had settled in their seats, waiting for the doors to close and the engines to start.

The flight attendant who was at the back smiled, while she looked at Irene; ‘How do you feel; excited? We have the champagne ready; waiting in the cooler. If it will be a yes, we will pop the corks.’ The flight attendant couldn’t hide that smile. There was a lot of tension inside the aircraft. The word had gone through the grapevine, while the passengers were still embarking.

Irene was shocked. It was at that moment when she wondered why the photographer and probably a correspondent were there. She even thought that it could be Sam himself who organised it. But sure it wasn’t him, she again thought.

At last she noticed that the passengers on the left hand side were all looking through the small windows. There was a lot of talk. All eyes were focused on the left side, watching every step which the unknown, expected groom was making. There were passengers wondering, what was going to happen. There were other’s who heard, what was going to happen, while they wondered if it was going to be, a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’.

It was a total Babel. Everybody was talking at the same time. Everybody was saying this and saying that. Most; had no idea what all that grumbling was about. It only stopped when another gentleman who probably was the last one to set foot inside the cabin, walked in. Total silence fell inside the aircraft. All the grumbling mouths became tight shut. Nobody said another word.

‘George welcome. Shall I wish you luck?’ The head flight attendant asked while she was being heard on the cabin’s sound system. ‘The lady is anxiously waiting to evaluate; whether she likes you or if you like her. It’s a decision you have to make as I accompany you, to your seat. Another decision you have to take is; if you don’t like what you see or if she refuses you; you have to sit next to her at least until you arrive in Athens.’ The air hostess stressed her point.

‘I don’t think I have the right to force her to do something, she doesn’t want. The worst… hopefully we will become friends. We will spend the time we have, enjoying a holiday, go on sightseeing tours and enjoy visiting Athens together.’ Some of the passengers gave George an ovation, while Irene was hiding behind the seat infront of her.

‘Where is my prospective bride?’ George cried.

‘Let me guide you to where she is seated; but I need a yes from both of you or a no from only one.’ The flight attendant explained.

The flight attendant started walking towards the back. George followed her with some passengers wishing him luck. The story was out. It became a sensation.

When George was about half way with the attendant reaching the last seats, she asked Irene to stand up. He stopped, focused his eyes on her beautiful face, before he continued walking towards the last row.

‘If you are the one… you look very beautiful. What more do I need, sorry ladies and gentlemen… I have no words to describe such beauty.’ George honoured her.

George’s eyes were still focused on her face. It was then that he noticed that the lady by the name of Irene walked out of her seat, down the aisle until she took him in her arms. She hugged none other than her future companion; maybe in a few weeks he will become her husband.

The inside of the cabin became one cry. Pictures were taken, questions were being asked and the champagne corks were popped.

Sam, Athina and Padme were still waiting at the airport. They immediately received the expected news.

Champagne had to be presented in plastic cups. Some people stood up to congratulate the couple. Unfortunately it was time for the aeroplane to get on its way, towards Athens. Everybody was called to get to their respective seats. The doors were closed, the photographer and the correspondent done their job and were on their way back to the terminal. The captain just gave the orders to start the propeller engines.

George and Irene could never get enough of each other. They were hugging and kissing. They were like two teens discovering each other for the first time. It was love from the heart. Their eyes never stopped staring at each other. They could not believe what had happened; how it happened. All they knew was; that both of them had worked very hard, during the past two weeks.

The hard work was over; but the best, was yet to come. They couldn’t wait to get to their destination. They were sure that they will find everything as they expect it. Many times they dreamed about love at first sight. The dreams they dreamed during the last two weeks had passed. Both of them had dreamed, especially in the evening, when they lay down alone in their beds. After the last two weeks they both started hoping that after those two weeks they will be rewarded. They both were hoping that they will share the ready prepared bed; followed by wedding bells.

The forty five minute flight was nearly over. The Captain announced that they had started their descent into Athens airport. Irene and George looked in each other’s eyes. There were tears of satisfaction. Was it a dream that had become a reality? Yes; a happy smile was on their faces. They kissed each other while they pushed their bodies as close as they could get them, together. But they were still wondering, if their individual dreams had become a reality. Yes, it definitely was true.

A limousine was waiting at the steps where the aeroplane parked. It was there waiting to take the fresh lovers to the arrivals area. Their luggage followed. As they walked into the arrivals area, a number of photographers, cameramen and journalists pushed them in a closed area. All types of questions were asked. They even heard about the individual preparations, that they went through.

Until that moment when they boarded the flight, they had never set eyes on each other. Maybe they knew each other. They lived on a small island, a small community. Many questions were asked. It took them about twenty minutes before they could take a taxi, to go to Kifisja.

Lydia was waiting for them with the keys. Sam had offered them his apartment in Kifisja. She even wondered how long it was taking them, to arrive. She was waiting for that call from George. She was waiting to give the taxi driver the co-ordinates of where the apartment was. She had already heard the news from Athina, that it was a yes. What Athina didn’t know, was, that Sam had chatted with some journalist.

It took sometime before George called Lydia that they were about to arrive. George passed the phone to the driver to be given the exact details to where the apartment was. When Lydia saw them in the news on television; she was shocked. She could not believe herself. News spread like wild fire.

As they arrived at their destination, Lydia waited for them with a bouquet of Red Roses. She introduced herself and instructed them on how to enter, when they arrived at their apartment.

‘George and Irene were welcomed by Lydia, to Kifisja. I must congratulate you for loving each other on first sight. I know that Uncle Sam had always been a naughty boy, but I never thought that he was going to impose such an adventure on your good selves. I hope that you will love each other for many years to come’. Lydia said a few words of encouragement.

‘I know we do. We couldn’t believe how quickly we fell in love.’ George said while he hugged Irene. Excited as she was tears had not stopped running from her eyes.

‘Well, I know that you are anxious to consummate your friendship. There is more than enough food, wine and other drinks. You can stay in tonight, getting to know each other better. I congratulate you for falling in love so quickly. All you have to do now, is enjoy what you had not enjoyed for so many years, or what you may even dreamed about. It’s not late to fall in love, as you seem to have already done.’ Lydia hugged them while she welcomed the couple.

Before Lydia left, she showed them around, indicating where the food and drinks were stored. She gave them the keys and explained to where they belonged. They already knew Lydia’s mobile number and after giving them both a kiss, Irene walked with her to the door. ‘Is it true that you are still a virgin? Lydia curiously whispered.

‘Yes.’ Irene answered.

‘Enjoy it. It only happens once.’ Lydia congratulated her while she slipped quietly out of the door.

As soon as Lydia left the fresh lovers alone, George and Irene starred at each other, both lost in thought. They still could not make out what had happened that had changed their lives in just less than two weeks. In the last ten or fewer hours, from the moment they met as they boarded the flight to Athens, it seemed that their lives changed. They never knew each other or better, they had never met.

Irene looked at George with a smile, a smile of desire; a smile which meant a lot, a lot of love. There was no sound, there was no talk; no words were uttered.

George was watching Irene for any movement. He walked the little distance that there was between the two. As he closed in on her, he took her in his arms, kissed every part of her face until their lips met. They glued together. Their tongues danced inside their mouths as they pressed their bodies against each other. They were both hot. They both wanted each other. Irene’s eyes were flooded with tears; loving tears; she was full of love. She was so happy she started to cry, even though she could not. With her lips still stuck against George’s, his hands were holding her tight against his body. Their love for each other was evidently there.

Between Irene’s legs, the fire of love had not only started but blood flowing in her veins became hotter and hotter. Liquids had started to leak, wetting her panties. She became drenched and more was on its way as George lifted her in his arms. She put her hands around his neck and continued to kiss him. He walked with her in his arms towards the bedroom, holding her tight, while they continued to kiss. As soon as he laid her on the bed he slowly stripped her of her clothes, until what was left, was her panty and her half cup bra which lifted her right sized breasts to perfection. It fitted perfectly, exposing the upper part of her nicely shaped breasts. Her hard nipples were overflowing.

He looked at her. ‘My love… you look so innocent, so beautiful. Are you ready to open your legs for me?’ George very kindly asked.

Irene said nothing. She pulled her legs towards her body as she opened them slowly until they were wide open. Her pussy was still covered as her drenched panties had not yet been taken off.

‘You look so beautiful my love. Do I have permission to touch you?’ George asked as he continued to learn more about his future wife. His eyes never changed direction. George focused his eyes on that special area between her legs, attentively watching her… opening her legs slowly; exposing that part of her body which she had never showed to mail before. She had done so only once; on that day when Sam went to visit her, with his proposal.

George knew the answer; which came not by word of mouth but by his look into her eyes. He moved towards the side of the bed where he had laid her down. Then he put the palm of one hand on the inner side of her knee. From there he started to move it slowly, just scraping along her inner leg. From her knee he continued moving slowly towards her still covered pussy.

She was watching and feeling every detail. As soon as he arrived close enough to touch her sexy panty covered pussy, she stopped him. ‘Please George, you know I can’t wait. I’m too hot. Too hot I am, my love. Please, can you unhook my bra?’

Without waiting for an answer, Irene turned on her side with her back towards him. As he unhooked her bra she moved enough to let him have enough space to take it off. Then, she turned on her back giving George a good view of her pair of fine tits, with which she felt so proud.

George was as hot. His cock was as hard as steel waiting to break the front. He moved slowly, lowering his face until his lips were close to her’s; they kissed. A very loving kiss they had enjoyed, which triggered a strong movement of blood within their veins. They moaned and cried as George pressed the palm of one hand between her legs; pressing the drenched gusset inside her wet leaking pussy.

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