At the Cinema with Neena

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We settled into our seats about fifteen minutes ahead of the show. The lights in the theatre were still on and the crowd coming in. I had booked us the last row at the back and corner seats at that. I had already planned the seating arrangements. I sat at the corner seat, Neena next to me, then Rishi followed by his dad and then his brother.

The drive to the theater had been kind of odd for me. I sat at the back of the car with Rishi and his brother. Not caring much about what Rishi thought anymore I spent much of the journey staring at Neena from the back, occasionally making eye contact in the rear-view mirror.

The last couple of days had been weird to say the least. First Rishi had caught me and his mom making out at his house. Somehow Neena and I continued to make love and I had ended up fucking her twice that evening. The second time had been an extra long session in her bedroom. Perhaps it was the unbelievable madness of the situation – her son’s acquiscence of the situation and nearby presence – but she was extremely noisy, her moans louder than usual. As I finally climaxed, I collapsed on top of her, crushing her under my weight as my mouth captured hers for a long and protracted kiss. She continued to hold me in a tight embrace.

“Are you all doing anything on Saturday?” I asked in between our kisses.

“Nothing planned” she replied. “Why?”

“Well, I was thinking of what I just said to Rishi a little while ago. You know, us all going to Chanakya for the Bond movie. We could have some fun.”

“Fun? You must be crazy!” she said with apprehension and a little bit of fear in her voice.

“Neena, it will be dark. You can sit between me and Rishi and he will be in between us and the others. Don’t worry, we’ll be careful. It is just that we always have these real quick encounters that are indoors. Now that Rishi knows and will not talk about it, let us use it to enjoy ourselves a bit.”

I could sense that she was not fully in favor and was going to object. However just then, we heard Rishi’s voice saying “I heard dad’s car below”. He was being good in his role of the alarm boy. I quickly got up and rushed to the living room to pick up my clothes and put them on. Neena got up and went to the bathroom to tidy herself up.

The next few minutes were a bit strained – Rishi and I waiting for his dad and without any clear conversational topic. When his dad walked in, we made some small chitchat. Neena came out looking quite normal in her saree. I hung around for a few minutes and then as I headed towards the door to leave, I asked Uncle if he and the family would like to see Octopussy on Saturday. I knew he was a big James Bond fan. I could see Neena’s expression of disapproval as I spoke but before she could say anything, he accepted as I expected him to.

“What about your parents?”, he asked. I replied that they were not movie buffs as he knew and had no interest at all in coming to the theater.

It was only around 6:30pm in the evening. I had luckily spotted the 640 bus coming in. I jumped and reached Chanakya in a short while and booked us the tickets.

That evening I jacked off thrice reliving the experiences of the afternoon. I had fucked Neena in front of Rishi and it looked like I could keep doing it again and again for the foreseeable future. The very thought kept me horny and erect.

The next day (Friday) at school, I announced the movie plans while with a group of other classmates. Rishi was there as well and this way I avoided having to inform him of this in person and in private. I saw Neena only briefly at school and said a respectful hello as we passed each other in the corridor. I met Rishi’s brother as well and told him about the movie tickets for the next day. That evening I had to head out from school straight to the house of a cousin who was having her 7th birthday party. This meant that I had no way of seeing Neena that day and would have to wait till Saturday to see her.

And now here we all were, sitting in the nice cool air conditioned environs of the theater. As an FYI, Chanakya was one of the posh cinema houses in Delhi in the 70s and 80s. It screened only English movies (usually released 2-3 years late in India) and I have no idea whether it still survives. The crowd was usually on the snobby side. The James Bond movies though usually attracted a larger breadth of audience as many of the crowd came to see the Bond girls and the various semi-nude lovemaking scenes of 007.

I had booked the 3:30pm show (the only ones for which I could get tickets) and the theater was quite packed. Neena was wearing a nice saree but I was disappointed to see that she was wearing a sleeved-blouse depriving the world a view of her smooth arms. As ever, she looked lovely and completely fuckable. I still wasn’t sure what all we were going to be able to do clandestinely in the theater.

As the lights in the theater darkened to start the ads, I casually brought my left hand over hers and locked our fingers together. We remained like this for a while. I bursa suriyeli escort escort bent and took a glance to my left. I noticed Rishi looking at us – he had definitely seen our interlocked fingers. Beside him, his dad and brother were looking ahead. I realized that in the dark I couldn’t see them very clearly and figured it would work the same way for them if they were to turn around to look at me.

A few minutes later, I released my hand and quietly took it over her back and shoulders leaving it hanging loose on her left arm. My right hand moved up to touch her left arm. I waited a few seconds to see if there was any reaction from Rishi. Neena had drawn in a deep breath when I did this but she essentially remained still. For several minutes after that I caressed both her arms gently with my fingers moving my hands up and down. Her body felt soft and cuddly as usual. I moved my body to the left to be closer to her.

A little later I turned my head and moved it towards her hair. Neena, as with many Indian women in those days, had long black hair that came down to the just above her waist. Maintaining such long hair not easy but Neena always managed to have that lustrous glow in her hair giving it a fresh clean look that enhanced her overall attractiveness. I moved my left arm back up and started running my fingers through her hair, giving her head a gentle massage. I knew she liked this and a few minutes later I felt her body wriggle a little closer to the right and towards myself. I bent my head down and gently licked the top of her ear.

She gasped in surprise. We both froze for a few seconds. Rishi was still staring at us. I waited a few seconds to make sure we weren’t attracting any attention and started nibbling her ear lobe with my lips. My left hand moved back around her neck again and this time started caressing her face and her cheek and then her neck. Her skin felt soft and nice. My fingers traced lines across her chin, over her lips and that little gap below her nose as I kept attacking away at her ear. Her body had started to relax and I sensed she was less fearful now as she realized no one was watching. It helped of course that Maud Adams kept appearing on the screen looking gorgeous and semi-naked every so often. Rishi’s dad and brother were too busy engrossed in the parade of beauties that appeared through the movie to take any notice of us.

I used my hand to cup her face from the side and push it towards me. I turned my face against hers and started kissing the right side of her face. Rishi could make out what we were doing since he had been following our actions from the beginning but I doubt his father would have suspected anything had he turned around at us then. I kept placing soft, wet kisses on the right side of her face while at the same time moving my forefinger along her lips and slipping it in and out of her mouth. The next step was to lean her backwards so her face would remain somewhat hidden from her husband and turn it towards me so that I could kiss her on the lips. We exchanged a series of kisses, each longer than the other and with more tongue action each time. I then moved my left arm down towards her elbow and inserted my hand under the pallu of her saree to touch her left breast.

I could sense her body tense up at this sudden invasion. Her pallu hid most of my left hand so I felt somewhat safe in doing so. As my lips covered hers, I took my right hand and cupped her other breast. At the beginning, I just simply cupped both her breasts, feeling their heaviness. After I while I started gently squeezing them and kneading them. She turned back to watch the screen as I continued to squeeze and crush her breasts with my fingers hidden under the pallu of her saree. She was starting to breathe more heavily now and squirm on the seat every few seconds. I could feel outline of her hardened nipples under her blouse. I was really enjoying teasing her breasts like this. After a few minutes of doing so, I freed my hands out and went back to first caressing her arms like before. Then, I used my left hand to push her upper back and move her body slightly forward and force it to remain slightly bent. Within a few seconds, I had both my hands underneath the backside of her blouse and was unstrapping her bra underneath.

She turned to look at me with a look of astonishment on her face. I used my left hand to push her shoulder back, getting her to recline against the seat once again. My hands found their way back under her pallu and over her breasts once again. With my fingers I slipped her blouse up over her breasts exposing them under the saree. With the bra unstrapped and loose, this was easy to do. I could feel the smooth skin of her full, heavy breasts on my fingers. I must have spent nearly fifteen minutes or so after that, caressing, squeezing and mauling her breasts. My fingers moved lazily around her breasts, in the valley between and the bottom portion of her breast below the sag where they were beginning to touch her upper belly. bursa ucuz escort Later on she told me she had never experienced such a complete loving of her bosom and it was like I had touched every pore on her skin. Every now and then I’d pinch and tweak her erect nipples. At some point, I lifted the side of the pallu nearest to me, exposing her right breast completely. She looked so incredibly sexy sitting there, mostly clothed in her saree and showing one exposed breast partially covered by cloth.

It is a good thing that James Bond movies feature non-stop action and entertainment. Nobody was giving us a second glance except Rishi. I sensed he was getting agitated on the side. He had tried a few times to remove my hand from over his mother’s arms but I had either held firm or at other times allowed him to do so only to bring it back in position again. Now, here I was mauling his mother’s breasts in the theater. I was sure he couldn’t see it all clearly but doubtless from our actions it would have been clear to him that his mom’s boobies were exposed. Neena however maintained wonderful composure throughout – no noises or anything to attract attention to what was happening to her. I slid down my seat to move my body to lower position and turned my head to kiss the side of her exposed right breast. My left hand continued to attack away at her other nipple. I took my time to plant slow kisses on as much of the breast as I could eventually cupping her right nipple and placing it in my mouth. Neena arched her body in pleasure as soon as I did this. I spent the next several minutes pleasuring her breast. When the position became a bit uncomfortable for me, I moved back up and we resumed our discreet kissing while my hands continued to attack her breasts.

Neena was always extremely sensitive around her breasts. The whole illicitness and danger of the situation coupled with my constant mauling of her bosom had aroused her to unimaginable levels. She told me later that she felt her whole body was on the verge of some kind of massive explosion and she was in panic of losing physical control in that public setting.

We continued with our necking and groping for several more minutes when we heard Rishi make a comment that was unintelligible to us. I am not sure whether he was trying to distract us, draw attention to us or if it was simply a spontaneous reaction to the scene in the movie. Neena and I froze and immediately turned to look at him and towards her husband and elder son. While Uncle was still glued to the screen, Rishi was now staring at his mother. It hit me also that it was the first time all evening since the movie started that Neena had actually taken notice of his presence or that of the rest of her family. My hands remained in place cupping her breasts and I resumed tweaking her nipples.

She told me later that she simply lost control but not entire;y in the way she feared. The fact that she and her son were staring at each other while she was making out and getting fondled and that too in a cinema theater was too much for her to bear. Her arousal state had reached a point of no return.

I felt her body suddenly buck on the seat. In panic my quickly removed my hands from her breasts.I was sure her husband would turn around and notice. Luckily Neena had more common sense than I. She immediately stood up, her body shaking a little and her right hand holding on to the armrest of her seat for balance. Her husband immediately whispered “What happened?”. I was in fear at this stage, not knowing what was going to happen. Neena simply stood for a few seconds, and sat down on the seat again. Thankfully, her conservative style of saree dressing with a thick pallu hid her exposed breasts quite well. She leaned to her left and whispered back that she was feeling a bit woozy and that was it. It took a few seconds for me to comprehend that she had just had an orgasm. In the past, she had climaxed so many times with me either in my mouth or with me inside of her and I had gotten to recognize her body signals as she’d do so. But this one was different and completely unexpected.

All through this time I had been in a state of painful arousal myself. Having a rock-hard penis for the better part of and hour can be torturous. I had kept twitching in my pants with a classic tentpole inside my underwear straining and clearly visible to anyone who would have cared to look. At the time of Neena’s orgasm my erection subsided in a jiffy due to the panic. Once things settled down and as I realized that Neena had climaxed and that we hadn’t been caught, my state of arousal came back.

Everyone settled back to watching the movie. For several minutes we did nothing. I tried to keep my eyes and focus on the movie screen. When I thought it was safe, I turned to look at her. She looked back at me with a naughty smile on her face. The experience had been scary but unbelievably exciting. She confessed to me later that it was one of the most intense orgasms she had ever experienced and that it bursa üniversiteli escort took all her self-control not to make any noise and to keep her body still. I moved my left hand and place it over over hers and till the intermission we just sat there watching the film. But, now that the danger had passed, my mind was already imagining other possibilities.

The intermission in those days was a good 10-15 mins depending on the theater. The idea was to allow the audience to take a break, use the toilets, buy some more refreshments etc. etc. As the intermission sign flashed, Rishi’s dad and brother got up to make their way out for the break. Neena and I continued to sit in our seats. Rishi was undecided – I think he wanted to go but at the same time didn’t want to leave his mom alone with me. As his dad passed by safe hearing distance, I turned to Neena and whispered into her ear “Take off your bra and panty during the break”. She gave me another of those surprised looks. I continued to insist ” Do it now, before the break is over and oh by the way, keep your shawl handy”. The month being January temperatures in Delhi could get quite low. In those days, the favorite garment of warmth for women used to be woollen shawls that they would wrap around their upper body and over the saree. I knew Neena had gotten one with her that day but had kept it folded and unused till then. I pulled her up with my hand knowing that only Rishi would be seeing this and walked towards the exit. Neena got up and we walked out together and headed our separate ways. When we got back to our seats, the intermission hadn’t finished yet.

I gave Neena a questioning look and she nodded as if to say that she’d done what I’d asked her to – a shy but mischievous smile on her face. As the lights dimmed for the second half to begin, I casually moved my hand and took her handbag from her lap. I unzipped it and stuck my hand inside and pulled out a bra and a panty. Obviously in her state of arousal, she had been wet for a long time and her panty was soaked. I placed the handbag to my side and lifted the bra to sniff the insides. I next took her panty and wiped it all over my face, taking in the aroma of her juices. Neena was watching all this with a mix of apprehension, amusement and pride.

I took my left hand and bought it down to her lower thighs. After waiting a few seconds to make sure no one (i.e. her husband or elder son) was watching, I took a bit of the cloth in my fingers and pulled upwards. Her saree and petticoat slid up as a result. After a few minutes of patient work and some cooperative wriggling from Neena, she had her saree complete bunched up above her knees exposing her legs and thighs. I pointed to her shawl and she understood. She unwrapped the shawl and draped it over herself covering her body from shoulders down to her legs. It was now a quick repeat my actions from earlier in order to use my hands to lift up her blouse and expose her breasts. Under the shawl, my hands now had free movement over her body.

I spent the next several minutes caressing different parts of her body. I spent time on her breasts and her nipples. My left hand moved over her belly and tickled her belly button gently. My right hand moved to her thighs and caressed the silky skin in slow, lazy movement while spreading her thighs apart. Eventually my fingers reached her pelvic region which was smooth and hair-free. My fingers went up down in a light feather-like motion tickling the outerfolds of her vagina and the top of her clitoris. Neena positioned her body to give me better access. Pretty soon, I had my forefinger rubbing against her clitoris. Now I had one hand hand squeezing and loving her breasts while the other was pleasuring her below. I managed to enter one of my fingers up into her vagina and move it in and out. The angle and position wasn’t the most comfortable but it worked. She was sopping wet and I became worried that her petticoat and saree would get stained wet. I moved my finger out, back to my lap where I had her panty and placed it in between her thighs to act as a towel. It was still quite moist but better than nothing.

I now renewed my assault on her breasts and her pussy. I alternated my fingers in and out of her vagina for a minute or so followed by a minute or two of rubbing her clitoris. My fingers were soaked with her juices. Every now and then I’d bring my fingers out and lick them clean in my mouth and start again. In between I’d take them and place them inside Neena’s mouth having her taste her own cum. Whenever I felt her body starting to shiver a little in anticipation of an orgasm, I’d slow down the pace or stop my hands from moving and simply kiss her on the face or neck for a few minutes. Neena’s face was pointed at the screen through much of this looking like any other normal member of a cinema audience. She had her eyes half closed and a look of intense pleasure on her face as I continued my ministrations. After around 20-25 mins of this I decided to stop the torment that I knew she was undergoing and decided to allow her to orgasm. Her climax this time took longer to subside but was better controlled. For one I could sense it coming myself and had my left hand pressed against her abdomen to keep her body still. Secondly she was more aware herself and tried to keep her body still. She also took the precaution of keeping her hand over her mouth to prevent any noise.

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