Angel in the Night 04

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This is part of a series. It should make sense by itself, but the preceding Angel stories will help. Please enjoy; as always your comments are welcome.

It seemed as if Thien had had enough sex, and just wanted to talk. I was happy to talk, happy to be part of whatever game she thought of. But I thought I knew what I wanted…

We went to all the local cafés and chatted. We shared stories, sometimes the same story from different angles, sometimes totally different, out of our respective cultures. I was introduced to Mr and Mrs Phuong, who were very polite but didn’t talk much. Not at all really. Mrs Phuong moved gracefully and I could see where her daughter got her beautiful moves from. Coming into the house and down the corridor after my last visit – nude, behind Thien’s glorious naked rear – was a challenge. Thien deliberately catching my eye did not make it easier.

I introduced Thien to my parents, who offered us cold drinks on the veranda. And we talked. We talked about everything and nothing. Growing up, friends, family. Hopes and expectations, movies and music. It was slightly odd to hear of myself as “the neighbour”, as if I was being observed; which I was.

“Being Vietnamese in an Anglo town, is not that easy,” Thien said one day. We happened to be in the same café where I heard about Talaya and their sexual awakenings. “Many many people, they’re not hostile to us, but not friendly. People would sometimes stare, which is very bad manners to us. I always remember your parents: your mum was very kind. I remember you! You were so polite, you didn’t look up at all. I thought what a nice boy you were, especially for an Anglo. It was years and years later, I realised you were just shy!” That musical laugh again. Thanks, Thien.

“I don’t remember that at all. Are you sure it happened?”

“Of course! That’s when I used to listen for you in the back yard. You would always help with the washing and the heavy lifting. So then I knew you were a nice boy.” Now I’m glad mum made me help all those times.

“I was always in the back yard. I loved the outdoors. Loved the sun. It’s funny, my school friends hated it. My uni friends ignore it. But I feel good when I’m in nature. And that’s where you were: always outdoors.” True, that.

“You know, I used to sunbake topless? Only when my parents were still at work. Sometimes when you were just over the fence!”

Oh the agony! If I’d only thought to have a look! “Thien, you torture me!”

“I haven’t started! I found a tiny gap in the fence palings. I was curious about how much you used the hose. You were washing surfboards and wetsuits… and you remember what else?”

“Did you see me- “

“Oh yes! A Escort bayan few times! I know the system: you came in carrying the board, with the wetsuit hung over it. Your towel was round your neck. You put the board on the grass and the towel and the wetsuit on the washing line, on opposite sides.” She had studied this. I started to blush.

“You hosed down the board, the wetsuit, then, you stripped and hosed yourself! Naked in your yard!”

“It seemed easier than having a shower inside. If I’d known- “

“You had a nice body, lean, good arms, but a funny tan. Your bottom was white! And under your arms. What I really noticed was how natural you were. Kind of, not sexy, just natural, with your funny dangling dick, drying yourself off, humming badly.”

“I was going to thank you for the compliment, till that last bit.”

“You’ll get over it! I dunno what I as thinking, but I wasn’t thinking sexy. I didn’t. I’d turned it off years and years ago, after that little girl got spanked at the playground. I just liked being outdoors. I liked the feel of the air on my skin, that’s why I was topless – or later on, after seeing you…”

“Thien! Don’t say it, please, I’m begging you!”

“Nothing at all on! Naked, on a towel! Next door! In the sunshine! You just had to look over the fence! Oh Nick, you look like you’re going to cry!” She put her little hand on my cheek. You are in so much trouble, ‘angel’. Something stirred in me, a sense of purpose.

“You encourage me a lot. To feel free. I noticed you pleasuring yourself one night – you Anglos, you hardly ever notice other people! I was shocked a little bit. But you were so natural, and you had nice arms, I saw it was pleasure for you. Then it was so nice to watch you, you and your dick, through our bedroom windows. After that I’d look out for you. Watching you gave me funny feelings. It seemed to encourage me. Then Talaya started something! Now here I am, I’m going to- ” she stopped herself.

We were lost in our thoughts. The same event, with two completely different viewpoints and consequences. It was a lot to think about. Thien sipped her tea.

“I’m teasing. If I heard you coming into your yard, I usually covered up. It didn’t happen often. I wish maybe more, now.”

I wished too. Wished I’d not been an awkward shy boy, with this amazing girl next door. Next door! But if I’d been louder, brasher, would she have liked me? Don’t all girls love the bad-boy rock stars? Or do they? I’ve no idea, really. What do I wish? I wish… suddenly I had a plan. Now I know why I put thongs on instead of my usual sandals.

I silently slipped off the thongs. I had to do this perfectly, I only had one chance. If something Escort on my face gave me away, I wouldn’t even have one chance. I lifted my leg, noting where the table legs were. It was crucial that nothing gave away my surprise attack. I extended my leg, I judged I must be past her knees now, this is gonna be good…

Thien knew nothing until my toe brushed her inner thigh. Her short summer skirt gave her no defence. My sneak attack was almost at the target already. Her eyes went round, her jaw dropped, her thighs clamped onto my foot, preventing me from withdrawing.

She glared at me. Those eyes! So much emotion in them! But I had the advantage. I was the one laughing this time.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“As far as I can see, I’m having a cup of tea with an attractive neighbour.” I tried hard not to smirk. I wriggled my toes slightly, and got a response.

“Nick, you’d better not…” But she could see it was inconsistent if she could do it to me and not me to her. She still glared furiously, but her thighs were telling a different story. She was not in control, and it rattled her. “When did you last wash your feet?”

“Showered this morning. In the shower.” Each little wriggle was answered by her thighs parting slightly. I very gently eased in. I was imagining them under the table, in their short skirt. Did she have white panties? I hoped so. “I’m sitting with my attractive, gorgeous neighbour. I’m the envy of every man in the cafe. I’m sitting opposite my own piece of Vietnamese poetry.” I can lay it on thick if I need to. My foot kept stroking her soft skin.

Thien finally smiled. She might even have slid forward on the seat slightly, as suddenly I had reached her precious cleft. I gently rustled her pubic hairs through the cotton. I could just sense a few that were outside the fabric, against my toes. She closed her eyes, her mouth hung open slightly. She opened her thighs more.

“You’re a dog, you know that?” Her voice was husky.

As an answer I wriggled my big toe between her pussy lips. They were growing bigger and softer with my caresses. I could feel her heat and the start of some dampness. I brushed up and down her slit, up and down.

“Open wider. I want more of you. I want your clit. I’m going to rub your clit, rub you to the edge.”

Her eyes narrowed, but she obeyed.

“Your thighs want it. Your lips want it. Your clit wants it. I’m going to give it to you, right here.” Who the hell was speaking? Me? But it felt good. It felt great. In command.

“Fucking dog,” was all Thien could manage. Her head was down now, her breathing heavy. She started to squirm against my toe, buried now in her slit. I could just feel the hard button Bayan escort of her clit through the damp fabric. I brushed my nail against it and she gasped.

“You’re so aroused, you’re hot, you’re ready. Are you ready? Ready to come? Right here?” I was giving orders rather than asking her.

“Oh yes, Nick, I need to come. I need you. But please not here, take me somewhere, take me.” She was nearly whimpering. Her scent came to me.

Outdoors. She loved the outdoors. I loved her enough not to humiliate her. I suddenly stopped, stood up, took her hand and led her out. As I paid she stood in silence with her head down, hair a curtain around her face. We hurried out and into the lane where she had kissed me so tenderly. This was the place, I realised.

A little further along was a yard with a wire mesh fence. There was a gate with a step up to it. I pulled her there. “Up on the step. Face the gate.” Was this me talking?

Thien readily agreed. She spread her arms and clutched the wire mesh. I came up behind her and grabbed her hard. The extra height put her slim body at exactly the right level. One arm was around her middle, one hand was snaking under her dress. My hard cock was pressed against her buttocks.

“Can you feel that? Feel my cock, feel my hands? My hands going inside you?” I pulled her panties aside and felt the wet folds of her pussy.

“Dog. You dog. Oh, fuck.” She leant hard against me. Luckily I have some strength in my legs or we would have gone down.

As my fingers found their way between her pussy lips I kissed and bit her neck. She tossed her head but my arm had her pinned. I tucked a finger in her vagina as I rubbed her clit. She was panting and her legs seemed to weaken against my thighs. She was so wet my fingers moved easily.

She didn’t last long. As I dragged my teeth down her neck I felt her shudder and heard the gasp I knew so well. “Oh, oh, Nick… oh fuck, oh Nick, in me! Fuck… I’m…” She panted as she came.

She said my name as she came. A rush of tender feeling came over me as I relaxed my grip on her. She was still gripping the wire, scoring her hands with it. She turned around. She looked astonished. Her hair was a mess.

“OHHH, Nick! Nick, my love! Thank you! Oh, thank you for being so good.” She hugged me tight, face buried in my neck. Was she sobbing? I noticed I had torn her t-shirt when I had bitten it.

We stood there, her arms tightly round my neck, my arms gently round her waist. She is so slim. Her breathing slowed, calmed. As if on cue, a little old lady appeared in the lane, pulling a little wheeled basket. As she passed us she smiled at the two young lovers, demurely embracing. Can I thank you ma’am, for not turning up one minute earlier.

Thien looked up. She had been crying. “Thank you Nick. Thank you.” I kissed her wet cheeks, only slightly puzzled by all the thank you’s. It was simply not the time to ask. We stood. We embraced.

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