Andrea’s Hotel Stay Ch. 02

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Andrea could hear Phil sliding the balcony door open just as she’d finished washing his cum off her cheek. She wanted to keep him company, but needed to properly freshen up first. She quickly ran a hair brush through her messy hair, letting it fall back into its natural waves. Andrea realized that her makeup hadn’t been waterproof, so she must have accidentally washed some of it off when wiping away Phil’s jizz. Fortunately, she’d left all of her makeup kit out and quickly added some foundation and bronzer. Andrea touched up on her mascara and applied just a little perfume to her neck before deeming herself to be presentable enough to head out to Phil.

When she stepped out onto the balcony, Phil had already made himself comfortable on one of the two sunbeds. Neither of them had put any clothes on, but there were walls separating Andrea’s balcony from her neighbors’.

“Mind lighting me one?” Andrea asked, as seductively as she could manage.

She didn’t really smoke, but she could enjoy a cigarette every once in a while when she thought it could improve her sex appeal. That was certainly the case here; how hot wouldn’t it be if the two of them were sitting naked next to each other, having a smoke?

“What’s wrong with sharing?” Phil responded, before handing Andrea his already lit, half-smoked cigarette.

“Even better,” she purred back and took it out of his hand.

Andrea tried to look as sexy as possible while smoking. She crossed her legs while bringing Phil’s cigarette to her mouth, hoping to show off her thighs to him. She closed her eyes while blowing out the smoke she’d gathered in her mouth.

“Thanks, baby,” she said.

Before handing the cigarette back to Phil, she leaned over to give him a kiss on the mouth. He kissed her back with passion, slowly taking the smoke out of her hand.

Andrea walked over to the balcony railing and rested her elbows on it. The island was just starting to wake up – but the sun was high in the sky, shining right onto the hotel facade. A few more hotel buildings and a small road were standing between her balcony and the city, but the fact that somebody could technically be watching her still got Andrea just a little horny. She just couldn’t keep her left hand from wandering down between her legs and down to her clit.

Andrea had almost forgotten to show her body off to Phil. She carefully moved her legs back together until her thighs were pushing against each other. She knew just how wide her ass looked from Phil’s angle now – as usual, thanks to her notebook dedicated to perfecting the art of fucking.

As she began rubbing her clit, she could hear Phil standing up and walking over to her. He started caressing her ass and hips as if he was horny too. Her suspicion was only confirmed when she felt what could only be his hard cock resting on her back.

Wanting to check if they were on the same page, Andrea spread her legs as a playful invite. She hoped he’d maybe kneel down and eat her out, or at the very least stick a finger or two inside her.

Andrea suddenly felt Phil’s cock being lifted from her back. Just before she realized what was about to happen, it started pushing against her spread pussy. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to fuck him again – Antep Bayan Escort this just felt a bit of a risky place to do it in.

“Shouldn’t we go inside?” Andrea whispered as she felt Phil spreading her ass cheeks.

“Don’t worry,” he told her before sliding inside.

Andrea couldn’t keep herself from letting out a deep moan as he filled her up yet again. Phil noticed and quickly placed a hand over her mouth to keep her from making too much noise. Andrea looked around to make sure nobody was watching them, but found it hard to focus while having a hard cock rubbing against her G-spot at the same time. By this point, she had let go of her clit and was bracing herself against the balcony railing.

It wasn’t that Andrea hadn’t been fucked in compromising positions before – no, she’d done it all. You name a place, she’d been fucked there; a hotel pool that happened to be empty because everyone was out having lunch, the men’s room of a local bar, a number of both parked and driving cars – she’d even taken a dick up her ass on an empty beach in the middle of the night once. Her issue was that she was completely exposed here. It was just the perfect weather and time of day for people to be spending time outside. It would just be a matter of time before one of her neighbors decided to get a bit of tanning done, or some family would be out playing tennis in the court just below them. But Phil seemed to think this was a good idea, so Andrea decided to put her trust in him.

Phil had changed his technique quite a bit compared to how he’d fucked her in bed. He was more gentle now, seemingly making sure he never slammed his hips onto her ass to keep quiet. He just kept panting, and still covered Andrea’s mouth to keep her quiet. She was trying her best to hold her moans back and had started resorting to heavy breathing and the occasional whimper when he hit the right spots.

Just as she’d realized how careful Phil was being, he suddenly began fucking her harder. He drove his cock all the way inside her, making Andrea gasp in surprise. She could only hope nobody would hear the sound of their bodies smashing against each other. Phil probably trusted she’d keep quiet from now on, and moved his hand from her mouth onto her ass.

Now that she wasn’t getting much support from her legs, Andrea felt that she was on the verge of falling over each time Phil rammed into her. She’d have to get her steadiness from something else. Keeping that in mind, she scooted forward a little until her stomach was resting on the railing. She took a look around to make sure her neighbors wouldn’t be able to see her in case they went out to their balconies – which they couldn’t; and that nobody was now watching her from below – which they weren’t.

With her hands now free, Andrea saw an opportunity to make herself look even sexier for Phil. She placed them on each of her thighs dug into them with her long fingernails. The slight pain just made everything feel better for her, and she knew it would have Phil thinking her ass was even bigger than it really was.

For the first time in a while, she looked over her shoulder toward Phil. He wasn’t very concerned with her face but was instead staring down at her ass. It shook with each thrust, and Andrea couldn’t help but giggle a little. He seemed to be enjoying the view from back there, and it looked like he wanted to give Andrea something in return. He moved one of his hands from her ass, wrapped it around her and began fumbling around above her pussy. She guessed he was looking for her clit and decided to help him out. She grabbed his hand, and pulled it onto her clit.

The moment he began rubbing it, Andrea felt her entire body tremble in pleasure. He kept up an insane speed – faster than she would ever have managed on her own. It took a ton of effort on her own part to keep her moans quiet. And with Phil driving her toward orgasm at an insane rate like this, that would soon turn into an issue.

“Phil, baby,” she whispered. “Let’s go inside.”

Like the gentleman he seemed to be, Phil immediately stopped thrusting and pulled out.

“Alright,” he whispered in response before taking Andrea’s hand.

She got up, gave Phil a seductive smile, and led him back into the apartment. The slight breeze outside had turned Andrea’s nipples rock hard, so walking back to the air-conditioned bedroom felt extra good.

Andrea immediately laid down on the bed – this time on her stomach. She leaned on one shoulder just enough to be able to look Phil in the eye, while placing a hand on her ass cheek. It was sticking up a lot from the rest of her petite body. Andrea knew how to make her ass stand out in bed, and this was easily her favorite way.

Phil immediately caught her drift and joined her in bed. He placed one knee on each side of her ass before spreading her ass cheeks apart. The moment her pussy was exposed, he slid inside.

Since they were back inside, he started fucking her as hard as he could manage. Andrea didn’t hold back either – had they been outside, her moans would have echoed across the entire city. She could see her ass jiggling as Phil kept fucking her.

After a few minutes, Andrea turned onto her side while still keeping her legs together. Her ass still looked massive – just in a different way. Phil’s new angle into her pussy was perfect as well, and Andrea could feel herself closing in on the orgasm she’d been so close to outside.

Just as she’d suspected, her orgasm came. It was even bigger than the last one and Andrea felt the world around her disappear. The only thing that existed was, as far as she was concerned, Phil’s hard cock hammering her tight pussy. She threw her head back, arched her back, and let out a loud “Fuuuuuck!” as the orgasm shook her. She might have squirted a little as well, judging by the sudden change in sound from Phil’s fucking. But Andrea was too busy cumming to care, and didn’t think any more about it.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum again,” Phil suddenly exclaimed. “Let me cover your face!”

Shit. Andrea was still cumming, and Phil was about to cum too. She’d have to rely on her instincts for a while.

“Spray my face, baby!” she moaned. “I wanna taste your cum one more time.”

A facial could never go wrong. It was the ultimate messy ending to any kind of sex – whether it had lasted for ten minutes, an hour, or it had just been a blowjob. Nevertheless, Andrea instinctively wiped her hair off her face in preparation.

Just as Andrea regained her senses after her orgasm, Phil pulled out. Andrea quickly turned herself around so that her face was right below his cock. She wanted to let him do the aiming this time, and paint her face in any way he liked. He started cumming the very moment Andrea had placed a hand behind his back to pull him closer, stuck her tongue out and squeezed her eyes shut.

His load didn’t feel as big as the one she’d taken in her mouth just a little while ago. His first couple of shots landed straight across her face stretching from cheek to cheek. The ones after that landed on her chin, and his last few dribbles went right onto her tongue. When she deemed it safe to look without getting jizz in her eyes, Andrea opened them again. She wrapped a hand around his cock, pulled it into her mouth and licked up whatever was left.

Phil ran his hands through her hair as Andrea began licking around her mouth. The whole situation was quite romantic, really – which wasn’t at all what Andrea had been after. She’d have to cut this off quite quickly, since she’d probably bring home at least one other guy before the day was over.

Just as Andrea was about to ask Phil to leave, she heard the front door swing open. Her first reaction was to place a hand on her boobs to cover them up. She looked over to see what was going on. There was a hallway from the front door to the bedroom, letting both Andrea and Phil see all the way to the door.

Andrea looked over to see a tiny lady – room service, if she were to guess – standing in the doorway. Both Andrea and the lady must have realized what a compromising position she was in, because Andrea was just about to scream.The lady looked absolutely shocked, leaving and slamming the door shut.

It took Andrea a moment to realize just what had happened. She’d been laying naked in bed when room service had come to her room – for some reason. She hadn’t just been entirely naked, mind you, but also covered in cum from a dick that was still resting in her mouth. As soon as the bizarreness of the whole situation dawned upon her, she started laughing hysterically. Phil began laughing as well, and she realized this had probably been just as embarrassing for him as it was for her.

When Andrea heard Phil’s laugh, she remembered what she had been thinking about before the little… incident. He had to leave before he got any ideas about staying the night, or even worse, asking for her number.

“Phil, baby,” she whispered while calming her laughter down just enough to be able to begin scooping up cum from her face. “I think you should leave.”

“Yeah,” he said, disappointed, as his laughter trailed off. “Just gotta get my stuff.”

“Uh-huh,” Andrea managed to get out while licking cum off her fingers.

She kept cleaning herself up as Phil hurried out to the balcony to grab his pack of smokes.

“Bye, Andrea,” he panted while rushing to put on his swimming trunks. “See you around, I guess.”

“Bye,” she yelled as he passed her on his way to the door.

She didn’t have time to say any more before he’d left. It almost seemed like she’d made him angry somehow. She was a little sorry to throw him out so quickly, but she was getting tired. The last hour had been absolutely amazing – but this was just the start of her day. All she needed now was a nap, and she’d be ready to keep on having fun.

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