And So Their Adventure Begins

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Abi rubbed her eyes as she woke up, the sun streaming through her bedroom window. She stretched and pushed the cover away from her. She then stretched again, enjoying the cooler air playing across her naked body.

She stretched luxuriously, her arms thrown out above her head, her fingers pointing. Her back was arched, her belly taut. Her large breasts were flattened to her body, her dark nipples tightening as the cool air played across them. Her firm ass pushed into the bed, her long, slender legs reaching out to the bottom of the bed.

With a contented sigh she relaxed, feeling more awake now. She glanced across at the clock beside the bed. It was still quite early, but not early enough to stop her wanting to get out of bed and start planning her day. A tingle went through her body. National Nude Day! Ever since she had read about it, Abi had wanted to join in. She wasn’t sure how, but she knew she had to do something.

Abi enjoyed being naked. No, it was more than that. She loved being naked! When she was home, on her own, she loved to walk around the house naked. She was almost always naked in her own room, keeping the heat turned up in winter so that she could enjoy her freedom. At twenty, she had had a few lovers, and to Abi, being naked, and not just sex, was part of all that. She’d even spent a few afternoons on a nudist beach when she’d been on holiday, sneaking away to be on her own.

She climbed out of bed and moved easily across to the window. She threw back the curtains, her breasts bouncing softly high up on her chest. The sun was already shining brightly, promising another hot day. Abi felt that soft tingle again as she stood naked in front of the window, enjoying the warmth of the sun on her body, not really caring in anyone saw her.

Turning, she walked across to the full length mirror that stood in the corner of her room. She looked at herself critically. Abi knew that she looked good, which was perhaps just one of the reasons that she enjoyed being naked. Still looking at herself, Abi reached up and cupped her full breasts in her hands.

Her tanned face was littered with the odd freckle, which she always felt made her look sort of innocent. Her thick, blonde, shoulder length hair was a tangled mass from where she had been sleeping. Despite having just woken up, her blue eyes were bright and alert. Her nose looked quite small, perhaps because her mouth seemed wide, and her lips so sensual – and kissable, she thought, grinning to herself.

She loved the feel of her breasts in her hands, their weight, their shape, their firmness. A shudder went through her as she dragged her thumbs lightly across her nipples, watching and feeling as the dark flesh wrinkled and puckered until her nipples were taut and erect. She turned sideways and gazed at the upward sweep of her breasts, loving how her nipples were perched at the end of them.

As she stood sideways, Abi took in the flat profile of her belly, and – after twisting a little – her firm, shapely bum. She ran a hand over her smooth cheek, enjoying her own touch. She turned back towards the mirror, taking one last look at her tanned body before heading off to the bathroom.

After a quick shower, she was back in front of the mirror, drying herself and then unashamedly looking at her body, at the rise and fall of her breasts, as she reached up to brush her hair. She looked critically at her almost naked mound, at the finely trimmed blonde hair that did little more than mask her pouting lips, and decided that she looked fine to go on the beach in her bikini.

“Looking good,” she told herself, before reaching for something to wear.

Abi dragged a tee shirt over her head, not bothering with a bra. The tee shirt just about covered her ass, and for a moment she was tempted to go downstairs dressed like that. But Matt, her brother, might be up already, so – a little reluctantly – she reached into a draw for some underwear.

As she pulled a pair of white panties up her slender legs, her mind wandered back to the day, to National Nude Day. How could she celebrate? What could she do that was for her a little different? Fortunately, Mum was away until the next morning, which should make things easier. With one last glance in the mirror, she headed downstairs.

Matt looked up from the newspaper he was reading as Abi appeared in the kitchen, throwing him a cheerful “Good morning”. As always, Matt felt guilty as his cock reacted to his sister. He wriggled uncomfortably in his seat, wishing that he’d put more clothes on than just his shorts, which were doing little to hide his growing bulge.

It had been like this ever since Abi had got back from University for the summer. Somehow she’d grown, filled out – and was now looking incredibly sexy. He looked up again, glancing over the top of the newspaper to drink in the swell of her breasts and the outline of her nipples under her tee shirt, the shape of her ass, her long legs.

He dropped his eyes as Abi looked across at him, his face blushing furiously. Abi smiled to herself. doeda She knew that Matt, who was a year or so younger than her, was looking at her, and how he was reacting to her. She had seen the bulges in his jeans, in his shorts – and had, if she was honest with herself, been both flattered by the attention, and impressed with the size of that bulge.

She knew that he had tried to peep at her in the shower, and when she had sunbathed topless in the garden, albeit lying on her front. And she loved it! Slowly, Abi reached up to a wall cupboard to get some breakfast cereal down. She knew that her tee shirt would ride up, showing off her ass in her tight, white panties. She moved slowly, quite deliberately, standing on her tip toes to show off the shape of her legs.

Across the room, Matt groaned softly, his cock throbbing painfully as he watched Abi. Her panties had ridden up on one side, leaving his sister’s creamy buttock naked to his gaze. He licked his lips, as his mouth went dry. As Abi turned back towards him, her tee shirt had caught on her breast, her nipples even more prominent than before.

As she sat down, Abi glanced across at what Matt was reading. It was the headline that caught her eye – “National Nude Day Today” it read.

“What’s that about, then?” she asked innocently.

Matt muttered something, not really wanting to talk to Abi about it, knowing that he would only go red with embarrassment again. He had been reading the article, which was about some of the stunts people had pulled the previous year, just before Abi had come down. If he hadn’t heard the stairs creak, Abi would have caught him rubbing his cock as he read it.

Abi stood back up, and leant over behind Matt to read the article over his shoulder, her breasts very close to him. Matt felt himself getting hot as Abi read slowly, glancing down at her brother, a germ of an idea forming in her mind.

“Let’s go down to the beach for the day,” Abi suggested as they finished breakfast.

“Come on,” she encouraged him, “Mum isn’t due back until tonight.”

Their Mum, Jane, was away on business, but was due back that night. Their Dad had died when they were young.

She saw Matt hesitating. He didn’t normally enjoy the beach, but the thought of being with Abi in her tiny bikini was enough to make him change his mind.

“Okay then,” he told her, hoping his swimming shorts wouldn’t give too much away.

An hour later, they had cleared up after breakfast, got changed, and were ready to go. Matt tried not to stare as he watched Abi come downstairs to join him in the hallway.

She had changed, and was now wearing a tight vest top, under which he could make out the outline of her bikini. Even these did nothing to hide her nipples. The V-neck of the top plunged between her breasts, showing off her tanned cleavage. Her bikini bottoms were hidden by her shorts, which again clung to her, showing off her long legs and firm ass.

Abi watched Matt more openly, knowing that he was watching her – and enjoying it. From behind her sunglasses, she looked him over, admiring his powerful frame, thinking how her “little” brother was growing up. As she reached the bottom of the stairs, she reached up and kissed her slightly taller brother on the cheek, her breasts pressing against his arm.

To Matt’s relief, Abi pulled away quickly, not realising that Abi had suddenly become aware of how her pussy had been throbbing as her lips had brushed against Matt’s face, how much she’d enjoyed the warmth of his arm against her. And now it was Abi who seemed flustered, whose mouth was dry.

They drove in silence for a while, each of them lost in their thoughts – mainly about the other. Abi had let Matt drive, and was now leaning back against the door, partially facing Matt, watching him, thinking about how much he had filled out and grown up. As he drove, Matt tried to concentrate, to keep his mind off Abi, knowing the effect that thinking about her would have on him.

The car park near the beach was still relatively quiet when they arrived. It was still only mid morning, but by lunch time Abi knew that the car park – and the beach – would be packed. They followed the gravel path down onto the beach, and quickly found themselves somewhere to spread out the old blanket Abi had brought from the car.

Matt sat down quickly, trying not to stare as Abi started to undress. She knew that Matt – and others – were watching as she pulled the tight top over her head, her arms outstretched to show off her breasts and body. Matt felt his cock rising as Abi bent over and pushed her shorts down her legs, her gorgeous heart shaped ass so close to him.

As Abi sat down beside him, Matt glanced around, a glow rushing through him as he realised how many people were looking at Abi, thinking that they were together. He pulled his tee shirt over his head, and quickly lay down on his front.

An hour or so later, the beach was getting unbearably crowded. Abi thought through her plan for National Nude Day. eş değiştirmeli porno Would Matt agree? There was only one way to find out.

“Shall we go somewhere quieter?” she asked, “Like that beach Mum used to take us to when we were little?”

Matt looked at her, puzzled, and for a moment Abi thought that Matt knew that the beach had recently been designated as a Nudist beach. Her plan – which was simply to get Matt on a nudist beach with her – relied on him not knowing that.

“What, the one down through the woods?” he asked, still puzzled. Abi nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

“Do you think we could find it again?” Matt continued.

“Yeah, no problem, ” Abi told him, knowing exactly where is was from the hour she’d spent there only a week ago.

Abi stood up, and quickly pulled her top back over her head, not giving Matt a moment to change his mind. When they got back to the car, Abi took the keys, saying that she would drive.

After driving for about ten minutes, Abi pulled the car off the road, and followed a track down to the car park, chatting all the time, trying to distract Matt so that he wouldn’t read the “warning” signs about the nudist beach. She smiled to herself when she saw that there were a couple of dozen cars already parked. Instead of stopping, Abi drove through the car park, and down a narrow track that led into the woods that stretched along the coast between the beach and the road.

She pulled to a stop at the edge of a secluded glade, that was perhaps twenty yards across. There were no other cars around. Abi had found this place on her last visit, and wanted to park there because there was a path that led straight to the beach, and which bypassed more the “warning” signs about the beach being for nudists only. That would still hopefully be her surprise for Matt! Grabbing their stuff out of the car, they headed down to the beach.

Matt followed Abi along the path that led through the woods and down to the beach. As he walked, he had difficulty dragging his eyes way from her ass as it swayed from side to side, barely contained by her tight shorts. As they left the woods, the path dropped down into a sandy hollow, before heading up to a ridge that looked down onto the beach. Matt stopped beside Abi as she gazed down at the beach.

The beach stretched for perhaps two or three hundred yards in each direction. It was quite flat, the pale, fine sand running down to the sea, which glistened in the bright sun. There were patches of people all along the beach, some groups, some individuals, some playing around or swimming, others just laying out, enjoying the sun.

As he looked down on the beach, at first he didn’t realise what was different. But when he did, he simply gasped in shock.

“Abi!!” he eventually exclaimed.

Abi had been waiting for that moment. Instead of replying, she simply headed down onto the beach, daring Matt to follow her. He stumbled after her, his eyes darting around at the naked people all around him. By the time he caught up with Abi, she was spreading their blanket out on the sand.

“We can’t stay here,” he whispered to her, holding her arm as he leant close to her.

“Why not?” she asked, “It’s only a bit of fun – and you did say it was National Nude Day.”

“Yes but …” he started, before it dawned on him.” You knew…… you knew that this was…….”

“Of course I did,” she told him pulling her top over her head, before reaching for the string tie of her bikini top as she added “But don’t worry, I haven’t got anything you haven’t seen.”

Matt blushed furiously as her words sunk in. He stared as Abi tugged the string at the back of her neck. The strings seemed to move in slow motion as they slipped down her front, her breasts seeming to swell outwards as they were released from the confines of her top. The triangles of material that made up her top slipped slowly away from Abi’s breasts, leaving her naked from the waist up as she pulled the tie behind her back.

Matt tried to speak, but no words would come as he watched Abi pull her shorts and bikini bottoms down in one go, her full, firm breasts swinging forward as she reached down. Her ass appeared, her pussy peeping out from between her thighs as she bent over. She stood up and turned around to face her brother, totally naked.

“Don’t stare,” she told Matt with a grin, “It’s rude.”

He tried to speak, again, but his mouth was just too dry, his tongue feeling like it was completely filling his mouth. His eyes drank in his beautiful sister’s nakedness. Her breasts, her ass, her pussy, all seemed simply perfect to him. After a moment, he sat down abruptly, suddenly aware of the huge bulge in his shorts.

Abi joined him.

“Aren’t you going to strip off then?” she asked. “I won’t look – promise.”

Matt sat, hugging his knees, trying not to look around, to look at Abi, but desperately wanting to look at her.

“You might draw more attention to yourself by being genç porno dressed than naked!” she warned him, lying down on her front.

But still he sat. After about ten minutes, Abi sat up and reached into her bag.

“Here,” she told him, handing him some sun tan oil, “you might as well make yourself useful.”

As she lay back down, Matt turned slowly and smeared some oil over the top of her back. He rubbed it in quickly, his cock reacting powerfully to the feel of her skin, to the sight of her naked ass.

“Lower,” she told him, as he felt him lift his hands away.

Reluctantly, he smoothed the oil further down her back. Abi sighed softly to herself, enjoying the feel of Matt’s strong hands running over her back. A shudder went through her. She wondered what Matt would do next. Her plan was just to get him onto the beach to celebrate National Nude Day with her, but now she wanted him to join in. She wanted to see him naked. Another shudder went through her at the thought.

As these thoughts went through her mind, she realised that Matt had stopped rubbing her back. But then she gasped as she felt his hands on her legs, rubbing the warm oil into her calves. Slowly, his hands moved up onto the backs of her thighs. She could feel his eyes burning into her, knowing that he was looking at her. And then his hands were on her ass, spreading the oil quickly over her soft skin.

When Matt finished, a few seconds later, Abi could feel her pussy throbbing. She wriggled a slightly, pressing her mound down hard onto the blanket as she pretended to make herself more comfortable. Matt watched her, watching her ass moving, catching a tantalising glimpse of her tight puckered hole, of her pussy, as she moved. Before he knew what he was doing, he dragged his shorts off, and laid down quickly on his front.

Beside him, Abi kept her eyes shut, not daring to look, but sensing, knowing, that Matt was now naked beside her. For long moments she fought the urge to look towards him, conscious only of Matt beside her – and of the throbbing of her wet pussy. But eventually she couldn’t resist, didn’t want to resist, any longer.

She eased herself over onto her back, enjoying the feel of the hot sun on her face, on her breasts and pussy, hoping that it would dry the dampness on her thighs quickly. She turned her head and looked at Matt.

He was naked, lying on his front, looking towards her. As his eyes raked hungrily over his sister’s naked body, Abi took in the sight of his strong body, of his firm ass. Abi saw the look in his eyes, and felt another surge of need flowing between her breasts and pussy. Their eyes locked as they looked dry mouthed at each other. It was Abi who spoke first.

“Why don’t you roll over,” she asked him. Her voice caught in her throat. “The sun’s lovely.”

In a way, her words sounded so reasonable, so matter of fact, but it was the way they tumbled out that made them both more aware of each other.

“I can’t,” Matt mumbled.

At first, Abi didn’t understand, and asked “Why not?” before telling him not to be silly.

“Because I’m … my cock … it’s …,” he whispered.

Abi stared at him, understanding at last. Her mouth suddenly felt dry, but still she didn’t let him finish as she whispered hoarsely.

“Show me.”

The words were out before she had even thought about them. Matt stared at her, neither of them moving, all sorts of thoughts and emotions rushing through their minds – and bodies. Everything, everyone, around them seemed to have gone quiet as they looked only at each other. Matt felt his cock jerking beneath him despite the weight of his body, while Abi twisted her body to face him, aware only of her brother, and of the dull ache in her pussy.

“Show me,” she repeated, her voice more demanding, her eyes opening wide as Matt started to move beside her.

Matt felt as though his body was moving of its own accord, moving in slow motion. He twisted the top half of his body towards Abi, his head resting on his hand. And then his hips and legs followed, until he was lying on his side, one arm resting on the outside of his thigh.

Abi gasped as Matt moved, as he turned to face her. Her eyes drifted down from his chest, from the short blonde hairs that covered it, to his cock. He was hard, very hard. And long. And thick. Her brother looked huge, his cock hanging straight down to the ground, the shaft a good eight inches long. She stared unashamedly at his hard cock, unable – no, not wanting – to drag her eyes away from it as her tongue flicked over her dry lips.

She felt as though she couldn’t breathe, as though she was gasping for air, as she took in her brothers red, shiny cock head, already slick with pre cum. Her eyes followed the line of his thick shaft, imagining the blood surging through the prominent veins, feeding his erection. And she stared at his heavy balls, held tightly beneath his cock by the taut, puckered skin.

Matt watched his sister closely, watched her wide eyed appraisal of his body, of his cock. He knew he was big, and was in fact a bit intimidated by it. But this was the first time that anyone had looked at him like this. And it felt so good, so right. A pang of guilt shot through him at that thought, but he quickly pushed it away, knowing that he wanted more, that he wanted his sister.

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