Anal Alice

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Preface – PLEASE READ!:

This is the FIRST part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest are MAJOR themes of this story.

This is not as dirty as my popular (still on-going) series, Daddy’s Dirty Buttslut. There will be less to zero scatological content. But that does not mean it will not be obscene!

You may want to not read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, extreme sodomy, objectification and degradation, and semi-nonconsensual/reluctance themes.

All characters involved are 18 or older.

Again, I am thankful for all my readers, patient fans, and especially comments, ratings and emails. Hopefully one day, with your help, I may get one of my stories rated high enough to be ‘Hot’. Very close but no cigar!

P.S. The fantasy is everything.


Alice curled up in the bed and tried to sleep. She was finding it hard, knowing that her brother would soon be in to share the bed. This was the first night of the new sleeping arrangements. Money problems had caused them to downsize their trailer into a smaller one. Previously they’d had three beds — a double for her parents, a single for her and a single for her older brother Mike. Her other brother Dan, also older, slept at his girlfriend’s, also in the trailer park. If he needed some space he slept on their couch, and he was often around in the daytime.

The new trailer only had two bedrooms, one for her parents and a single for her to share with her brother. There was barely a sofa to speak of, not one wide enough to comfortably sleep on.

Alice lay there wishing that it was at least a double bed. A single was going to be awfully cramped. It wasn’t just that though. She knew how inappropriate her brother, both her brothers were with her. They were always grabbing her ass and breasts and squeezing them whenever they felt like it. She often squirmed and tried to get away but sometimes just sighed and let them, complaining mildly until they moved on. Telling them off never worked, and she wasn’t really assertive enough for that anyway. They didn’t do it too much when one or both of her parents were around, who didn’t really stop either of them from some light fondling of their little sister. Occasionally if one of them got a bit too hands-on and she complained her dad might laugh and tell him to ‘leave your sister alone’. Nobody really thought it was a big deal, and she didn’t really either.

She knew it was hardly appropriate but then they’d never been an appropriate family. She was well used to being played with. Her brothers were a lot of fun and she liked them a lot, and looked up to them a great deal, even if they were a bit too hands-on with her sometimes. She used to flush a little whenever they complimented her, like telling she had really sexy big tits for her age, or a completely fuckable round ass. She was kinda used to it now, but as she was a little insecure they still often left her a bit wrongfooted, even if it was nice of her brothers to say.

She thought her ass was too big and fat, not fitting in any of her clothes properly and always sticking out, but the constant compliments and excitable stares of her brothers on her rear made her feel a bit better, even if she didn’t tell them this. She wondered if they just said it to make fun of her, or alternatively were just trying to be nice and boost her self-esteem.

Sometimes they’d tell her that she’d be a great fuck and if she was in a good mood and having fun with Casibom them she waved the compliment away smiling, slightly abashed, telling them they were silly. Otherwise she’d frown and pout and try and tell them not to say such things to their little sister, but that would never work. She was too meek and they were too assertive for their own good. They’d just laugh and poke and slap her ass and sometimes tickle her, and using the distraction to very unsubtly feel her up. She always squirmed away though and they’d go back to normal, however normal things ever were in their family.

Her brother Mike finally came in, after what seemed like an hour of wakefulness. He stripped off completely and climbed into bed beside her. She’d hoped he’d keep his boxers on but she knew her brothers stuck to their habits. It was also a very hot night. Alice was already sweating and she knew both their body heat together would make for a very sticky and uncomfortable night. She was wearing her pyjamas which were feeling very unwanted.

Mike put his arms around her and seemed surprised at her pyjamas. ‘You must be crazy,’ he said. ‘It’s boiling tonight and there’s two of us. Take it off.’

‘I’m fine, honest.’

‘No you’re not. C’mon take it off. You’ll never sleep otherwise.’

She didn’t say anything and he took this as a sign to pull her pyjama bottoms down over her ass. Although she knew she shouldn’t really be naked in bed with her brother, she also knew he was right. The heat was too much to sleep in clothes.

‘Oi!’ she said, as she felt Mike take the opportunity of slowly pulling her pyjamas down to feel up her bottom. ‘I can feel that!’

‘Feel what?’ joked Mike, squeezing her buttocks. ‘Fuck sis, if you don’t have the sexiest fucking ass I’ve ever seen or laid hands on.’

She smiled in the darkness. ‘Don’t be silly Mike.’

‘Who’s being silly? Someday this ass is gonna make someone very happy. God, imagine what it’d be like to fuck!’

She shushed him. ‘Go to sleeeep.’

‘Alright, alright’. He finished pulling her bottoms off and she kicked them away. He settled and she realised he was only interested in pulling off her bottoms, and not her top. It was her ass he was really interested in, not in her sleeping, she realised, rolling her eyes. Boys will be boys.

There was no space to move about and were up close against each other. He shifted from his back onto his side, spooning her. She felt a large hard object pressing in-between her buttcheeks.

‘Um, what’s that?’

‘Sorry sis, can’t help it. Not when it’s this close to your butt.’

She was a little confused and reached behind her to grasp the object. It was thick and roughly cylindrical and warm. She gave a small start. ‘Mike, is that your — your penis?!’ She gasped.

‘Sure is. Feel free to keep holding my cock sis.’

She jerked her hand away, stammering and blushing, although he couldn’t see in the darkness. ‘I’m sorry!’ She knew her brothers bragged about the size of their dicks, and she had felt their bulges pressed up against her a number of times, but to touch it bare, feeling it hot and naked in her hand, was another matter.

‘No need to be sorry. Your hand felt nice.’

She shushed him again. ‘Stop messing aroouund,’ she whined. She tried to shift away but with her brother stretched out as he was she nearly fell off the side of the bed. He put his arm around her, just above her midriff, and cupped her boobs, squeezing them slightly.

‘What’s the matter? I need to sleep on my side. You’re comfortable aren’t you?’

‘Well, your hand is okay I suppose,’ she said. ‘But your… penis is poking me in the bum.’

‘It’s got Casibom Giriş nowhere else to go.’

‘Can’t you think of baseball or something?’

‘Nope.’ He pushed forward while holding her tight, and his shaft forced itself between her cheeks until she felt the head touch her asshole!

‘Hey!’ she cried out.

It was his turn to shush her. ‘Keep it down, or mom and dad will hear.’

‘What do you think you’re doing?’ she said in an annoyed and slightly nervous whisper.

‘I’m just getting comfortable. A big hard thing needs a big soft thing to sleep in.’

She frowned. This definitely didn’t seem right. But if it staying so close kept him quiet then maybe it’d let her sleep. She breathed out heavily, indicating her grudging acceptance for now. She closed her eyes and for a few minutes she almost managed to push her brother’s huge penis lodged between her buttocks out her mind.

Then she felt another movement. He was pulling her a little closer, insistently, causing his enlarged cockhead to push against her butthole. It also felt a little wet.

‘I thought you were going to go to sleep then,’ she said. ‘I think you should sleep on the couch.’

‘No way,’ he said. ‘It’s tiny. I’m sleeping here.’

‘Except you’re not sleeping.’

‘Stop making a fuss,’ he said. He tickled behind her ear like a cat and she couldn’t help herself, she flinched and laughed a little. ‘Eeee!’ she said, and while she was this distracted, distracted by her teasing, tickling brother in this cramped trailer bed on this hot, sweaty night, her brother pulled her against him harder and his cockhead and an extra inch slipped into her ring.

She gasped and he had to put a hand over her mouth for a second to stop her crying out. She couldn’t believe it had gone in. She hadn’t really thought to herself that a pre-cum leaking cockhead, a slowly insistent force and an asshole relaxed to the onset of sleep and moist from sweat could only have one eventuality.

‘Oh my god!’ She managed to keep her voice down to a whisper, not wanting to wake her parents up. ‘I can’t believe you did that!’

‘Nor me,’ he laughed, flexing his cock inside her. ‘It just went right in, didn’t it? I only meant to tease you.’

She wasn’t sure if he was telling the truth or not but she decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. ‘Well, you should take it out now.’

‘Don’t be silly,’ he said. ‘If my dick is all the way in your sexy ass, then we can lie closer together. Besides, it can’t do any harm in there and we can both relax, and it’ll go soft in a minute.’

She was too tired to argue. He might be right again, anyway. ‘You’re not even properly in, though.’

‘You’re right.’ He pushed forward and held her close and she felt the very weird and rather discomforting sensation of the rest of her brother’s large member make its way up her asshole. She took a deep breath and she almost saw stars. ‘Is it all in yet?!’ she said breathlessly.

‘A few more inches.’

She groaned as he stuffed himself deeper, until finally he stopped. She wriggled, breathing slow and hard, trying to get used to the mammoth feeling of something so large shoved up her bottom. ‘I’m not sure I’ll sleep like this, you know. Are you going to go soft soon?’

Mike moved out a little bit and in a little bit, as if getting accustomed, as if flexing his hand inside a new glove to see how well it fit.

‘Well?’ she asked again. ‘You feel just as hard to me.’

‘I guess,’ he admitted. ‘You know, I’m probably going to have to release myself in order to get rid of this thing, so we can both get to sleep.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I might have to cum Casibom Güncel Giriş in your ass.’

‘You are already in my ass.’

‘No, cum. C. U. M. It means ejaculate. Orgasm. You know, how a guy makes babies.’

‘Oh.’ She frowned. ‘A guy can do that inside an ass too?’

‘Of course. It’s just some white stuff that comes out the end. It’s no big deal.’

‘I suppose it doesn’t sound so bad. You sure it will help?’

‘Definitely,’ he said. ‘I’ll be out like a light after, and won’t disturb your sexy ass again.’

‘Okay then. Do what you need to do.’ She figured things had got this far, the best thing for everyone concerned was to get it over with and have him finish. If she didn’t he’d probably just keep on bothering her with his hard penis and more groping.

‘Awesome. I’ve wanted to do this for ages.’ He started moving in and out properly, in long, slow, deep strokes.

As he did so the discomfort inside, while not exactly went away, coupled itself, entwined itself with a feeling of pleasure. A strange, physical bodily pleasure to which she had never felt before. She had never had an orgasm before, never played with herself before, and she was a virgin, so she did not even know the pleasures her pussy could bring her. This was the first feeling of this manner she had ever known and she squirmed and breathed harder as the weird pleasure in her bottom and pussy built.

‘You’re such a good little sister, you know,’ Mike said. ‘Not all sisters would let their brothers do this.’


Mike squeezed her breasts and picked up the speed, slapping his balls against her as he buried himself in her bottom. ‘How does it feel sis? How does it feel to get fucked in your ass?’

‘Uhhh — it feels — it feels so weird, kinda good I guess, yeah,’ she mumbled. ‘I suppose you can keep going, but only this time.’ She found herself backing her ass into him to meet his thrusts. ‘I never knew a girl could actually take it in the bottom. I thought stuff about that was, I dunno, joking or something. Is this, uh, normal?’

‘To some, not most people I think. But you’ve got such a fuckable ass that it’s only right that it gets some big cock action. And why not from your brothers?’

Alice remembered her other brother. ‘Oh, don’t tell Dan about this! It’s too weird!’

‘Don’t worry about it,’ he soothed.

She heard his breathing get harder as he pounded her bottom. She felt her sweaty hot backdoor hole open up to his shaft, widening around it as it plunged in. She heard the noise, sounding sticky and wet. She smelt an exotic, erotic, earthy smell that made her pussy quiver. She realised it was wet and leaking and she didn’t fully understand.

‘Are you going to orgasm in my bottom?’ she asked.

‘Yep, your big brother’s going to cum deep in your sexy round ass, you little slut.’

She was too wrapped up in the moment to think to admonish him for the namecalling. She felt his dick pulsate inside her and he shuddered behind her and she felt spurts of something in her anus, something coating her insides with thick, gooey liquid.

She groaned and pushed back so he was up to the hilt and he groaned too and finished inside her, gripping her large breasts fiercely.

He pulled out and unceremoniously wiped his cock around her brown ring. She clenched and willed the semen to go further up and not leak out. She ran through in her head what had happened and it all seemed too bizarre for words. She knew what they’d done was wrong and it made her feel rather uncomfortable but she also knew her brother had good intentions and wanted only the best for her. He was older than her too and knew a lot more about this sort of thing. She was much more naïve in comparison.

She was thinking through all this when she heard heavy breathing from next to her and realised Mike was asleep.

‘Finally,’ she muttered, and lay back herself, despite feeling hotter than ever.

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