An Unexpected Wake-Up Call

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“What the fuck?!” I uttered aloud upon waking up to a 3 a.m. knock on my door. “Who the heck could that be?”

I shot out of bed and headed for the door, but had to stop and return to my room because I had forgotten that I was still nude. I went back to retrieve a pair of track pants and a t-shirt, then made my way once again to my door, which endured a few more knocks during this time.

As I sped down the stairs and opened the door, I was shocked to see her. “What’s wrong?” was the only thing I thought to say.

“Well, hello to you too,” she said slyly as she

entered into my house, walking right past me.

It was all so confusing. Two minutes ago I was sound asleep, probably having an erotic dream, now I’m at my door and she has just walked in at 3 a.m. for reasons I have not yet been able to grasp. But a few seconds later, I developed a sense as to what this was all about.

It was completely by accident actually, it wasn’t exactly detective work or even gut-feeling. She just walked right into the house. My grogginess had me focus on something strange. She always removed her shoes upon entering my house, this time she did not. Not required by any means, but common courtesy all the same.

That’s when I saw her shoes…

Let me tell you a bit about Ally:

I met her online a few weeks earlier. A number of very nice romantic dates eventually led to incredibly intense, erotic sex.

She’s a terrific girl with a great sense of humour and has long blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a gorgeous face. She kind of resembles pornstar Sunrise Adams. Oh, and by the way, she has great tits and a delicious pussy that I could bury my face in for hours.

The best thing about her though, is her openness to try different things. Admittedly, I can be a bit kinky, maybe I’d even be called perverted by some, but I am open to trying many fetishes that most men would not, or at least not admit to. Nothing too outrageous, at least not in my own opinion, but certainly not conventional by any means. The good news is that Ally has matched my kinky side every step.

Back to this morning:

Seeing her outfit opened my eyes — both

figuratively and literally as I was still half

asleep until that point.

Aside from the incredibly hot white

stripper-style platform heels I had bought her, she had white fishnet stockings that were visible up to slightly above her knees. From there-up was the black coat she was wearing, which at the top revealed much more neckline than usual… not to mention some very noticeable cleavage.

Her long blond hair seemed to flow, even as she

stood perfectly still. Those loop earrings that always seem to drive me wild when I see them on a hot girl, adorned her ears. Her perfume, whatever it was, was intoxicating.

“Like what you see?” Ally asked. “I know I do.”

I saw her staring at my crotch and realized that I was sporting a raging hard-on, clearly visible through the thin fabric of my nylon tear-aways, and especially with nothing underneath.

She took my hand and let me to my living room. The fog in my head seemed to have lifted when my cock did. I was now fully aware that this was going to be a very exciting next few hours.

She had me sit in my ‘Lazy Boy’-style chair, she put down the bag she had brought with her, removed a CD, then popped it into my stereo. As the music began to play, Ally lit a few candles she had brought with her and strategically Bayan Escort Gaziantep placed them around the room so that the mood she wanted to create was set.

The time it took for all this had brought the first track of the CD near its end. Ally stood there looking into my eyes until the song came to an end. I wanted to say something, but quite frankly, I was frozen.

As the next song began, one that had a faster beat than the first, she began her seductive dance.

My hard-on, which I thought was already at its

hardest, seemed to stiffen even more and threatened to rip right through my pants.

Noticing this, Ally bent towards me and brought her hands to my hips, grabbing handfuls of the fabric of my pants and pulling suddenly. The tear-away pants lived up to the name and broke open, exposing my rigid cock.

“Stroke it slowly for me, hun,” she told me. I

happily obliged, gripping my shaft and slowly sliding my hand up and down.

Ally continued her sexy dance and began unbuttoning her coat, letting it fall to the floor.

I felt my breath being taken away. She looked stunning wearing a white, lacy — not to mention very revealing — push-up bra, along with a white and equally lacy and equally revealing pair of panties. White lacy garters held up the white, thigh-high fishnet stockings I mentioned before.

It was a delicious contrast: the innocence

associated to the colour white, yet the incredible eroticism of her outfit. It was more than I can handle and as a result, my hand moved faster up and down the length of my cock.

“Slow it down, there’s lots more to come,” Ally instructed.

The sexy way in which she emphasized the word “come”, I should probably instead spell it “there’s lots more to CUM”. That seemed to be the way she meant it.

The next song was a bit slower, yet still not a

sappy love song either. As a result, her dancing

slowed to match, but the closeness and sensuality of her dance picked up even more.

She sat in my lap, with her back to me, leaning back towards me, but never impeding my masturbating. I watched her hands unhook her lacy bra exposing her gorgeous breasts, then slide up and down her body, coming back to her breasts which she slowly massaged and squeezed together. Ally brought her lips to mine and we locked in a passionate kiss.

We continued in this position for the next couple of minutes, kissing and stroking through to the end of the song.

As the next song began, the very sensual ‘Building A Mystery’ by Sarah McLaughlin, she turned so that she was now facing me. Ally pushed my hand away from my

throbbing cock and brought both my hands to the band of her panties. I slowly pulled them down as she undid and removed the garters. She then hung my arms over the armrests and continued her lap-dance facing me, grinding her naked body against mine.

I felt my stiff cock — the head covered in precum — rubbing against her dripping wet pussy up her belly then between her tits. I was happy to see by her wetness that she was enjoying this just as much as I was. She ran her finger across the tip of my cock then tasted my precum.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned before scooping

more with her finger, except that this time she

brought her finger to MY mouth, where I licked and sucked at her precum-covered finger.

She then slowly and methodically hugged my cock with her breasts which she squeezed together and slid up and down my shaft. As I tit-fucked her, I could see the purple head of my manhood play hide & seek between her beautiful breasts, disappearing between them, then poking up when her tits reached the base. I thought my cock would burst at the sight. Sensing my impending release, she brought her face to my hardness and took me into her mouth.

My head rocked back in ecstasy as I felt her warm, wet tongue dance around the head, and my whole upper body jolted forward when I felt her lips slide down my length as she deep-throated my cock.

She heightened her pace to keep up with the rhythm of my breathing and moaning. I gripped onto the armrest with all my strength as I felt my cock explode into Ally’s mouth, pumping my hot cum down her throat.

Ally continued her sucking until I was forced to push her head away when the intensity became too much to handle. She then brought her face to mine. I saw her lips glistening with my cum, and though tasting my own jizz was never something I wanted to try, there was nothing that was going to stop me from kissing her.

Our tongues locked and I could taste my own juices in her mouth and in fact, I licked what was still on her lips and what had slid down her chin, then kissed her again, our tongues swirling the cum around for both of us.

She then lay back on the floor with her legs spread. I took this as my invitation to return the oral favour. I first kissed her some more, before letting my tongue snake its way across her neck, then onto her nipples, where my tongue flickered across, feeling them become harder. I grabbed a mouthful and sucked hard while my finger made its way down to her wetness, all the while my cock was beginning to stir again.

“Lick me, please,” she begged. Upon her request, my tongue slid down her stomach and towards her shaved pussy.

My tongue lightly slid along the sides of Ally’s lips. Her breathing indicated she wanted me to dive right in, and believe me, it was near impossible to resist, but somehow I did. I wanted to tease her as long as either of us could hold out.

I continued to paint her beautiful sex with my tongue, light brushing her lips and her clit again and again. Her body was quivering, anticipating the feel of tongue penetrating her. I finally couldn’t resist any longer and slid my tongue inside her.

She greeted my licking with a loud, “Ohhhh, yes!” My tongue lapped at her furiously and she was clearly losing her mind over it, judging by the goosebumps covering her naked body and the squirming her body was doing in response.

After some time, she wanted to once again satisfy my rock-hard cock, so we shifted into the

’69’ position, with her on top.

As she straddled my face and I devoured her pussy, she stroked my hardness with one hand while her other emptied out the contents of the bag she brought in with her. I couldn’t see what she was looking for but I felt her slide her open fingers over my cock, then felt something choking the base of my shaft and wrap around my balls. I stopped licking and looked down and

saw she had placed a cockring on me, causing my cock to bulge that much more than it did naturally.

She continued to maneuver around the items that had been in her goodie bag before dropping her hot mouth down on to my cock once again. I soon found out what else she had been doing with her goodie bag items as I felt her lubed finger slide between my butt cheeks and rub in small circular motion at my tight opening.

The tremendous pleasure of her finger made me lick and suck at her pussy more aggressively and she matched my pace with her sucking. I spread my legs out to allow her finger easier penetration of my asshole. Her finger slid in and out, moving faster and deeper with each stroke.

While this was a tremendous feeling for me, it

seemed to bring her to a whole other level as her

moans increased in both frequency and in volume,

signaling her oncoming orgasm. My tongue continued to explore her wetness when she stopped everything, becoming momentarily paralyzed by the intense orgasm that crashed through her body, flooding my tongue and

mouth with her delicious juices.

As my tongue continued to lick her throughout, Ally slid her finger out of my ass… cause for a slight disappointment, however it was short-lived. I then felt her slowly and gently slide something else into me. Certainly bigger and thicker than her finger, I quickly came to the realization she had slid a dildo up my ass. I was no virgin to either her finger or the

buttplug she used on me sometimes, but this was easily the biggest penetration of my tight, male ass.

It was I who now became immobile, just lying there feeling the jelly dong stretch my ass open. How I didn’t immediately cum will remain a mystery to me always, but I somehow held on. I lay perfectly still for the next few minutes feeling Ally fuck my ass with her new toy, the intensity so overwhelming I thought it would kill me, yet I couldn’t stop her.

Even though I was no longer doing anything to her, the eroticism and enjoyment she was receiving from violating my ass with her dildo caused her to feel another orgasm approaching.

Ally quickly brought her right hand to her clit where she brought herself to cum again, her left hand ramming the dildo into my ass throughout.

As she composed herself once again, Ally removed the dildo and replaced it with another new toy: a buttplug, longer and thicker than the one we normally used. Evidently, she had gone on quite the shopping spree at the local sex shop.

As my ass enveloped the new plug, she turned to face me and brought my hard cock to her hungry pussy, straddling me as I slid into her easily, lubricated by her juices.

She brought her face to mine and we kissed, my cock thrusting into her. We were past the point of a slow buildup, both of us just desperately in need of some good, hard, nasty fucking.

Neither of us would be able to endure very much

though, before the next orgasm would overtake each of us. My hips moved quickly as my cock pounded into Ally like a jackhammer, our tongues still wrestling, and the buttplug in my ass hitting my prostate.

I felt myself nearing my peak and she encouraged it by matching my thrusts so that our bodies were crashing into each other in unison. Ally’s moans turned into screams and just as she began to feel the rush of her third orgasm hit her, I felt her pussy convulse around my cock and it was more than I could take.

The cum gushed out of my cock and flooded her pussy, and despite the exhausting impact it had on each of us, we somehow managed to continue our thrusts into one another.

We lay there kissing, my cock still inside her. The combination of our juices slowly leaking out of her and onto my shaved balls. My hand made it’s way down to remove the plug, the intensity of it too strong in my heightened post-orgasm sensitivity.

Day was breaking, but Ally’s slow grinding onto my still-hard cock meant this was only just the beginning.

To be continued…

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