An Unexpected Surprise

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Ariana Grande

“Is she still there,” Jimmy whispers in my ear as his cucumber sized dick continues to slowly slide in and out of my vagina.

The trembling of my thighs and the pounding of my heart as I picture in my mind what our nineteen year-old daughter is looking at now has me on the verge of hysterics, and I suspect Jimmy feels just like I do too. Isn’t it every couple’s greatest fear that they might be caught making love by their children, and yet, as my pussy slowly slides up and down my husband’s nearly eleven inch cock, fear is the last thing that is on my mind. I’m excited to the point where I don’t know how long I can carry on this charade any longer, and I would bet money that Rachael is getting tired of it too.

When she came home from college last weekend I could tell there was a pronounced difference in her, and as she walked around the house in a t-shirt that obviously was way too short, I couldn’t help but marvel how much being away for her freshman year had impacted her. Gone was the shy skinny little mouse that always covered her body as though she was ashamed of it, and in its place was a confident young woman who appeared more like a Victoria’s Secret model strutting around the house as though we were her selected audience taking in every bit of her sultry young body.

It was very apparent Jimmy was anyway, and every night as I peeled the sheets back, guess who was waiting for me with his dick hard as a rock. The fact it didn’t bother me that the reason he was so turned on was because of our daughter certainly wasn’t lost on either one of us. The truth is we’ve been fucking every night since she’s been home, and I can’t believe that we’re the only parents who have benefited from the sight of their supple young daughter’s parading around the house virtually naked, but I wonder just how many have taken it to the level we’re at now.

But the reality is that we’re not the ones who are responsible for her standing behind us now, she is, and as I struggle to keep this slow laborious pace that Jimmy is keeping as his cock splits me wide open again and again for our daughter’s benefit, I’m reaching the point where this little show we’re putting on for her is becoming unbearable. For two nights now she’s entered into our carnal world uninvited, and daughter or not, my need to get not only Jimmy off but also myself is becoming almost painful. Last night when I caught her reflection in the mirror as I rode Jimmy’s face with my vagina full of his semen, I didn’t know how long she had been standing there, but tonight she’s been standing there since the very beginning.

I’ll admit that I’ve always had a voyeuristic streak in me, and all the young maids who have walked in on me and Jimmy fucking can certainly attest to it, but this is different, and the fact all three of us are completely captivated by what’s happening just makes it all the more erotic. I guess it’s the aspect of forbidden desires that just aren’t supposed to be indulged that makes it all the more stimulating, after all, I’m sure a lot of men would love to have their daughter’s standing where Rachael is now.

The feeling of Jimmy’s powerful hands literally spreading my ass wide open sends a tremor throughout my entire body, and as I have to deal with the vulnerability of being so exposed in front of another woman, the thought that all those years of dieting and exercise has kept me looking closer to Rachael’s age than my own. But every woman still has those nagging fears about losing their figure, and as my vagina is slowly being impaled stroke after stroke, I feel my confidence soaring as Jimmy starts to acquire the familiar rhythm that will make him cum inside me.

“C’mon baby, I want some cream,” I say as though her presence isn’t even an issue now.

I’m just too excited now to care about her anymore, and it’s not like we’re doing anything wrong either, she’s the one who has chosen to watch us fuck, but of course the fact we’re both enjoying it so much hasn’t been lost on her either. A part of me wonders if it’s the size of her father’s penis that has her eyes riveted to what we’re doing, after all, I’m sure there aren’t many boys she’s ever come across that could match him for length and girth. I know the first time I saw his dick I was absolutely scared to death, and even as he tried his best to talk me into letting him slide it into me, all he got was hand jobs and my pussy rubbing against him for the first few months. But eventually I caved, and so did my pussy, I still remember that fear that he was going to bottom out like it was yesterday.

“You’re just so fucking tight,” Jimmy says totally uncaring now that we have a spectator enjoying our most intimate interlude now.

The sensation of his finger rubbing my ass-hole nearly makes me want to faint, and the fact that she’s the one who has intruded on us is quickly becoming very liberating for me. I still remember that young Spanish maid who just stared in amazement as Jimmy’s cock fucked me for ten minutes straight, and then I so Casibom casually lifted myself off of him and sucked him until he shot all his sticky cream down my throat. I guess the two of us have always had a kinky side to us, and there are a lot of young maids out there that wouldn’t argue that statement either.

“Pump me baby,” I moan as his finger slips inside my ass-hole.

This is how I like to fuck, a finger in my ass and a giant dick stretching my pussy, and all as my daughter is taking in every salacious moment too. She’s just like all those young girls that could only watch in awe as we put a show on for them, and the look on their faces as their own excitement overtook their young bodies was just such a thrill in itself. I think we had a reputation after a while as the thirty something couple who liked an audience, not that we did it that often, but it was truly such a rush when we did do it.

He’s not going to be able to last long now, and twenty years of meticulously draining him has taught me all the signs that he’s about to ejaculate. But now the question is whether or not I want it in my mouth or pussy, but I doubt even if I wanted to get off of him that I’d be able to do it, and truthfully, I want her to see just how much semen her father is capable of shooting inside me. All the times I’ve strained my neck looking in the mirror as his sperm smeared organ slowly slid out of me is what she’s going to witness in just a minute or two, and I wonder exactly how it’s going to affect her. There was that one time where this gorgeous young black maid simply stripped out of her clothes as my pussy hemorrhaged semen in front of her, and before I knew it, she was sucking Jimmy’s cum out of me like a starving kitten.

“I can’t last much longer,” is all he says as he buries himself all the way inside me.

Rachael has to be soaking wet by now, and as all she see is her father’s balls as proof of what we’ve been doing, I can’t help but wonder where this is all going to lead. As kinky as we are we’re certainly not promiscuous, and that one and only time where I let Jimmy fuck that Nubian princess because of the pleasure she gave me has been the extent of our erotic adventures. The truth is we both like to fuck in front of young girls, Jimmy for the obvious reason of teasing them with his big dick, but for me, I’m still not quite sure why it turns me on so much.

“She still there,” Jimmy whispers in my ear like a child who got caught doing something naughty as his organ unleashes its torrent of cream deep inside my womb.

I think of all the things we do sexually together this is actually one of my favorites, and since we’ve discovered the advantage of using a camera mounted on the computer, the sight that is filling Rachael’s eyes is one that I never get tired of seeing. How could I? It’s what I call the afterbirth of our lovemaking, and as many movies that I have ever seen, our home made videos are by far much more erotic than the faked cum leaking out of some young girl’s pussy or ass. There’s just something that’s so erotic too, and the fact more adult sites like xart are now trying to capture this magical moment tells me we’ve been years ahead of everyone else.

“Oh my God,” I hear Rachael say so softly as the full extent of just how much semen her father pumped into me suddenly makes itself apparent to her awe struck eyes.

Jimmy’s always been able to ejaculate a shot glass worth’s of semen out of his giant dick, and those first few times as my hands became lathered with his cum both shocked me as well as ungluing me too. Of course now I always expect a full dose of my baby’s cream whenever his monster starts squirting, and I’m sure Rachael’s fingers are no doubt rubbing her tiny knob as her disbelieving eyes watch cool whip clumps of semen leaking out of me. I’ll just slowly let Jimmy’s cock slip out of me as the cavernous wound his enormous organ has inflicted on my poor vagina becomes apparent to this skinny little slut standing behind me now. She’s the one who’s ventured into our domain, and just like all those teenage maids in Florida who I teased mercilessly, the fact she’s my own daughter doesn’t matter anymore. I’m just too turned on now to consider anything other than getting off, and I have a suspicion she’s in the same predicament as I am.

“That was a good one baby,” I say as Rachael and I make eye contact for the first time.

I can’t be the only mother that’s had her daughter walk in on her while she’s fucking her husband, and the fact Rachael didn’t just walk in just ads to the eroticism of this moment too. But of course most girls would flee in embarrassment as their eyes revealed to them something that isn’t supposed to be seen, but not Rachael, and I have a feeling she’s goanna be staying for the whole show. The look in her eyes and her panties wrapped around her ankles tells me she’s just too enthralled with what’s happening to leave even if she wanted too.

“My turn,” is all I say as I slowly start sliding Casibom Giriş up Jimmy’s chest with my coochie full of his cream.

I still remember so vividly the first time Jimmy lapped my pussy filled with semen, and even though I blackmailed him into it by not letting him fuck me again until he met my demand, he’s become addicted to the taste of semen and pussy juice mixed together so exquisitely deep inside my vagina. The truth is we’ve both become enchanted by the allure of that salty cocktail, and his ability to shoot such massive amounts of semen just keeps us coming back for more. I doubt most men capable of doing what is probably thought of as a homosexual act, but Jimmy’s certainly not gay, and twenty years of riding me can attest to it too.

The low moans my ears pick up from behind me tell me that another young girl has fallen under the spell of what we’ve offered too her eyes, and as I lower myself down onto the waiting lips of my lover, I know my orgasm won’t be far behind either. I can’t explain why, but as I turn and look at my own daughter furiously rubbing her tiny knob, I have a feeling this is just the beginning of something wonderful.


I still can’t believe what happened last night, and if it wasn’t for the fact Jimmy was there too, I would have thought it was just some kind of erotic dream. But it wasn’t a dream, and as my trembling hands react to the sight of the person responsible for what happened to us, my eyes can’t help but look at her as more a potential lover than my own daughter. At 5’7 she’s nearly a clone to me physically in so many ways, we’re both nearly flat-chested too, and I’ve often wondered if my near adolescent body is one of the things that drives Jimmy wild as he grows older. After all, all he has to do is imagine some skinny teenage tart is sucking his dick as my mouth drains him of his cream.

I’d be lying to myself though if I didn’t acknowledge just how drawn I am too her young nubile body, and her long thin legs and tiny hips make her look just like the girls Jimmy masturbates to on his computer. I’m sure most wives would never allow their husbands to engage in such an act, but I guess I’ve never been threatened by all the sultry young girls spreading themselves wide open for the camera. The truth is it excites me to see him jerking off, and even though he’s now escalated his viewing habits to include full-fledged fucking scenes with those young girls, I have to admit that I’m just as drawn to them as he is.

“Good morning,” is all I can say as I watch her walk around the kitchen in her tiny t-shirt.

It’s so apparent that I’m looking at her much differently now, and the stirrings between my legs merely confirm it too. That time Jimmy and I ravaged that beautiful young girl together is a memory that is playing over and over again as my eyes feast on this gorgeous young creature in front of me. The fact she’s my own daughter doesn’t matter now either, and the reality is that she’s the one who let the Jeannie out of the bottle, not me. Whatever the reason was for her intruding on our Island of carnal delights, she had to know the possible consequences of what might happen if she was discovered.

“Where’s Daddy,” is all she replies as the fact she’s not wearing any panties becomes evident.

She’s so bold, and even her tiny tits are standing at attention, I wonder what exactly happened to her to make her come out of her shell the way she has. Truthfully, I don’t want to know either, but that’s just the mother in me talking, but this is who she is now, and I might as well take advantage of it. Too bad Jimmy isn’t here, I have a feeling that big cock would be fully erect too, and who knows what might happen if the three of us were to lose control together.

“He’s at the shop,” is all I can utter as I’m feeling myself being helplessly seduced by this skinny Lolita standing in front of me.

I think that both Jimmy and I so thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with that young black goddess a few years ago, but the fear of STD’s and Aids always kept us from duplicating that magnificent moment again. Surprisingly, I loved the taste of another woman’s vagina, and after Jimmy filled it with semen, I shamelessly sucked it all out of her too. But that’s the problem with anything carnal, once you’ve tasted it, the need for more of the same just keeps building inside you. At least Jimmy has the release of jerking off to images of the young girls he’d like to be fucking, while all I can do is deny cravings within me that just keep building inside me day after day.

“How’d you sleep last night,” she asks as she slowly peels the plastic covering on the yogurt container.

The thick white creamy like substance instantly resonates between my legs, and as I watch disbelievingly as this young vixens tongue licks every morsel off the spoon, all I can think of now is watching her do the same thing to her father’s penis. God forgive me for what’s going through my head now, but the truth is I’m Casibom Güncel Giriş not the one orchestrating what’s happening now, even though I’m certainly not objecting to it either, but I’m sure that fact isn’t lost on her.

“Blissfully,” is all I can think to reply.

“Me too,” is all she says as I continue to watch her mouth give a blowjob to the surrogate object that both of us are fully aware of what is going on between us now.

“There’s nothing like the taste of thick salty cream sliding down your throat,” I say as it’s becomes apparent that we’re both enjoying this sultry moment together in a way a mother and daughter aren’t supposed to.

I wonder why that is too; wouldn’t you think that maternal instincts would include teaching your daughter about the pleasures of your body? Perhaps thousands of years ago when families lived together in such tight quarters it wasn’t an issue like it is now, and the sight of a couple making love was accepted as something that is just a part of everyday life. I think the Catholic Church has played a major role in portraying what I think is a beautiful union of two loving people into something dirty and obscene. How can anyone say what Jimmy and I did last night was anything other than an act of beauty?

“This must be the wrong type of cream, it isn’t salty,” she says as she dips her fingers into the container and draws them out slowly and licks each digit as though it were a dick smeared with cum.

“If you’re interested, I think I know where you get some,” I say as the trembling of my hands reveals to both of us just how affected I am by what’s going on between us.

“I’m interested,” is all she replies as she continues to lick her fingers so seductively.


“What’s going on,” Jimmy asks me as the sight of Rachael walking around the house in a tiny top and thong that makes it apparent to him that there’s obviously been a major shift in her behavior since he’s been gone.

I can’t exactly explain what happened as she and I sat together this morning, but we started talking to each other more like two girlfriends than mother and daughter. The transition was just so incredible too, and I guess when I heard her use Jimmy’s name in place of Daddy when she said how she couldn’t believe how big his dick is, all I could picture was that young black girl licking me between my legs as she brought me an orgasm I’ll never forget.

“We went shopping for some new clothes, that old t-shirt she wears just has seen better days,” I say as I know his pants are already getting very tight with what his eyes are showing him.

It truly was incredible how quickly the chemistry developed between her and me as we picked out tiny thongs and tops that would drive her father wild. And of course all the questions about what it feels like to be impaled on such a large organ bonded us in a way only but a few women could ever understand. The fact I’m willing to share my husband with another vagina makes me feel vulnerable, but since it’s my own daughter’s coochie Jimmy will be sliding into, that fear of him choosing another over me is easily negated. After all, every man dreams about being with two women, and for me, this is the perfect solution.

“She’s almost naked,” he whispers in my ear.

He’s right about that, the small top that barely covers her tiny tits is only accented by the black micro-sized thong that makes her look like one of those girls he likes jerking off too. I’ll admit that her 115 pound frame intimidates me a little, and at 41 I struggle to stay under 130, but that’s just the difference between a young girl’s body and a mature woman’s. But the truth is I am very intrigued by the thought of seeing her tiny cheeks spread wide apart as Jimmy’s eel slides inside her, and so is she.

“Look at this way, at least you don’t have to jerk off any more sitting at the computer,” I say totally shocking him with what I just said.

This has to be every father of a teenage girl’s dream come true, and although it’s never mentioned in polite society, every woman whose being pumped like I’ve been for the last week knows full well where the new found amorous behavior of her husband has originated from. I’m certain many do, but I doubt if only but a few will be able to accept the gift their daughters give them. There’s just that fine line that divides moral and immoral behavior in most people’s minds, and luckily for me and Jimmy that’s not going to be an issue with Rachael. The look in his eyes now says it all as far as I’m concerned, and the erect nipples on her tiny breasts betray her attitude as well.

“Why don’t you go take a shower,” Rachael says as she bends over and retrieves the yogurt container from the refrigerator.

The look on Jimmy’s face as she dips her finger into the creamy substance and then shamelessly uses her tongue to lick the semen like morsel off her finger is one that mirrored my own just a few short hours ago. How could she possibly have transformed herself into such a short time from the shy little girl to the sultry creature standing in front of us? I can only hope she didn’t screw every boy at school, and if she did, once Jimmy slides his monster inside her she’ll know the difference between a boy and a man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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