An Unexpected Massage Ch. 02

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I arrived back to Royal Spa the next day promptly at 6:00pm. I parked and walked through the cold parking lot into the lobby. A cold front had blown in earlier in the day and they expected up to 5 inches of snow that night. I was scheduled to fly home tomorrow, so I was hoping it was a limited weather event.

The same young waif was working behind the mahogany desk as I entered the lobby of the spa. She smiled at me and when I walked over she told me to have a seat. Somebody would be along soon to bring me back to the room. There were a few others in the waiting room today, all of them mid thirties MILF’s in their yoga pants and designer sweaters. One of them caught my eye, she was a blonde with big tits and plumped up lips. I smiled at her and sat down across from her in one of the big comfy leather lounge chairs. She was reading a home design book, well, not reading but flipping through the pages.

I watched as the blonde thumbed through the pages, licking her fat lips every once in a while. I imagined her getting a massage from one of the Asian women and demanding that they lick her pussy. All this going through my head, my dick started to get hard. Her name was called, Mrs. Winston, and she rose from her chair, looked right at me, then down at my hardening dick in my dress slacks, she again licked her lips and smiled at me then walked to the door. Her ass was wide, but not fat, packed into a very velvety set of yoga pants. She was also wearing knee boots that went up past her knees. She looked delicious.

As she was walking away, I heard my pseudonym being called and I stood up and held my coat in front of me, blocking the view of my hardening cock as I followed the blonde to the door to the back rooms. Waiting for me wasn’t Emily, but what must have been her sister, Julie.

They had the same basic build, although Julie was much bigger up top. Julie also looked to be older than Emily by a few years. I followed Julie down the hall while watching the Blonde follow her young Asian masseuse to a room directly across from my own. When I turned into the room, I looked behind me to see the blonde looking at me through both open doors. I smiled and winked at her as both doors closed, it looked like she winked back.

Casually flirting with the blonde had made my dick chub up to a nice size, pushing out the front of my trousers. When Julie had returned from turning on the shower she noticed my pants sticking out and looked at me and said, “Take a shower, I will be back in a minute,” and she reached her hand down to brush the back of it against the front of my pants. “Down big boy,” she said with a laugh as she left the room. Watching her leave the room, I couldn’t help but notice that her ass was much more pronounced than her little sister.

I undressed and hopped in the shower. I took extra care to make sure my dick, balls and ass were clean as a whistle. Soaping my dick up had made it rock hard, sticking out over 7″ and 4″ thick. The girth is what I found that most of the women liked.

I toweled off and laid down face up on the massage table messing with my phone. My dick sticking up at an angle, hard to miss for when Julie and Emily arrived. I had forgone the little blue paper shorts this time.

In a few minutes I heard a knock at the door and put my phone down to watch Julie enter the room, her eyes glued to my cock. “Turn over, turn over,” she said as she entered the room.

She came over and grabbed my phone from me while I turned over and put my face in the hole meant for it. It was uncomfortable to have my dick that hard under me, but I adjusted myself to get comfortable.

I could hear Julie gathering supplies on the table at the head of the bed, so I propped my head up to get a closer look at her ass. Yes, nice and round and wider than her sister.

Julie turned and caught me looking at her ass and smiled, she placed the oil between my legs and started applying oil to the back of my legs from the ankles to the crack of my ass. While she was applying the oil I asked her, “I thought four hand massage today?”

“Yes, yes, you get four hands,” she said in a much harsher Chinese accent than her sister. “Emily is with another customer, she be here soon,” she said as she started rubbing the oil in with a lot more force than Emily used. I laid my head back down and began to enjoy the sensations of her strong hands on my sore hamstrings.

“You tight here,” she said as she was massaging my upper thighs, “you need stretch,” she replied to herself.

With that, she grabbed my ankle and began to stretch my hamstring by bending my leg back. She did this to both of my legs, applying lots of force causing a burn that went all the way to my lower back. “Better I think,” she said as she again went back to massaging my upper left thigh and glute. As she was finishing the left side and moving to the right, we heard a knock at the door and in came Emily. I had propped myself up again so I could see her, and she smiled and come over to me and Antep Bayan Escort rubbed her fingernails from my ankle to my shoulder as she approached. It sent a shiver through my entire body, but especially my cock. She leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Sorry Bob, we are very busy today. I will be back soon to help Julie with your massage, but first I must go across the hall, help with a demanding customer. Hope you understand,” she said as she kissed my cheek, turned around and placed her left hand on my shoulder and did the fingernail trick all over again on the way to the door. At the door, she looked at her sister and said a few words in Chinese, winked at her, then looked at me and winked again and she was gone.

Her fingernail trick had gotten my dick rock hard in an instant. I was struggling to get comfortable as Julie started again with the massage, this time on my right side. However, she didn’t put as much force into this side, more of a sensual stroking of my upper thigh and glute. She would drag her finger over my anus, teasing me with her fingers. This did nothing but made my dick that much harder, causing even more comfort issues. I propped up and looked at her, told her “Hot towel, time to turn over.”

She smiled at me and nodded and walked out the door, to return a few moments later with a basket of hot towels. She proceeded to clean my lower legs, not bothering with my back as we hadn’t even gotten to that yet. I was desperate to turn over and release the pressure on my cock.

As soon as she was done wiping down, I didn’t even give her time to grab a towel to wipe me down, I rolled over, releasing my thick cock from being trapped under me. Julie threw the towel on the floor in the corner and then came over and grabbed my erect cock with her hands and smiled, “Yes, it is big. She told me it was big.”

She needed no coaxing, with a few strokes she bent down and took the head of my thick cock in her mouth, rolling her tongue along the underside. I let out an involuntary moan as she sucked my cock. I reached out my left hand to grab on to her sizeable Asian bottom as she worked over the head of my cock while jacking the shaft. She was very good at sucking cock, better than her sister. I went through the leg slit in her Chinese silk dress and put my hand on her bare ass. It was perfectly smooth, and round. It was also very tight, like she worked out doing squats. Almost hard.

I repeated what I had done with her sister, reaching down between her legs to her surprisingly shaved lips. They were drenched and hot, and her pussy wasn’t near as tight as Emily either, as I was easily able to slip two fingers into her twat as she sucked my cock. I was moaning each time Julie licked the underside of my head of my cock, and she was moaning each time I rubbed on her much smaller clit. In the middle of the moans we heard a knock at the door, Julie scrambled away from my hand and threw a towel over my dick, causing a big tent. Right after I was covered, Emily walked in with a smirk on her face. “Start without me? Bad boy Bob,” she said with a laugh.

She walked up to me using her fingernail trick, this time up the bottom of my shaft and leaned down to kiss me. There was an unmistakable smell when she did. She smelled like pussy.

“Have you been a bad girl Emily?” I asked as I looked into her dark eyes.

“Of course not, I was just taking care of a customers needs, no different than Julie taking care of you,” she remarked with a smile.

“Yes, Julie is a good little cocksucker,” I said as Emily came in closer so I could smell her pussy covered face.

“She’s an even better fuck,” Emily responded as she kissed me, pushing her tongue in my mouth transferring the taste of pussy to me. She broke the kiss and pulled back a few inches, looking me in the eye with a look on her face like she wanted to ask me something. She raised her eyebrows a little and whispered, “Do you remember yesterday when you asked for an interview?” she said with a crooked smile on her face.

Julie was really working over my cock, getting the cum boiling in my balls. I reached my left hand down the pushed her head down on my cock, forcing it to her throat. “Yes, I remember. Did I get the job?,” I asked with a growl in my voice.

“You may not like the duties of your new job Bob,” she whispered as she licked my lips with her tongue.

“Ugh,” I moaned as I got close to coming in her sisters mouth, “If it’s anything like the today, I’ll take it. Do you need me to clean the toilets?” I moaned as I could feel the cum surging up my cock.

Just then Julie clamped down on the base of my cock, not letting me cum. She continued to lightly lick the head. Julie was telling her sister something in Chinese and both of them laughed, it seemed, at my predicament. My hips were elevated off the table, I needed to cum.

“Relax Bob,” whispered Emily, “Julie will let you cum, but first you need to go to work. I need a favor from you.”

“What the fuck,” I nearly yelled out of frustration, Julie was still teasing the head of my swollen cock with her expert tongue.

“Bob, we cater to a very wealthy, demanding clientele. My most important customer is here today, and she requires something I can’t give her. But you can,” Emily was stating to me, kissing and licking my lips and chin. “She needs a big, thick cock,” she said as she reached her right hand down to run her fingers nails on the underside of my cock while her sister kept her vise grip hold of the base while lighting running her tongue over the purple head.

“Want to help me out Bob? I promise to pay you whatever you want,” she hissed at me, “Money, but maybe you’d want your payment some other way,” she said as she kissed me fully on the lips.

“Fuck yes, I’ll fuck her, but you will pay Emily, you and your sister both,” I said with a mean tone to my voice.

Emily immediately stood up straight and smiled, she said something in Chinese to Julie who released my cock from her tight grip and stood up straight and headed to the bathroom. A moment later, as the blood started to go back into my brain I noticed Julie carrying a fluffy white bath robe with her. “Put this on Bob,” she said in her heavy Chinese accent. I stood up on my unsteady legs and put the robe on, tying it in the front leaving it tented from my rock hard dick.

Emily took my right hand in hers and started walking to the door to the hallway. She opened the door a few inches, enough for her head to peak through and check to make sure nobody was in the hall. Seeing the coast was clear, she pulled on my hand and crossed the hall to the room directly opposite. She knocked twice and entered the room quickly pulling me behind her.

The room was lit by 100 candles, it was much larger than the room I was in. It had a massage table on wheels, pushed off to one side and a bathroom off the other. Sitting directly in front of the door was a chair, it looked almost like a barber’s chair, but it had stirrup attachments added to it. Sitting on the chair was the blonde from the waiting room, she had her legs in the stirups and there was a very cute young Asian girl sitting on a stool on her right side, applying purple toe nail polish to her toes. Her feet were tied into the stirrups by little leather laces. The blonde had a robe on, very similar to my own, and she also had on the little blue paper shorts covering her. Her head was laid back and her face covered with a face mask, complete with slices of cucumbers over her eyes. “Is that you Emily?” she asked as Emily closed the door behind us.

“Yes ma’am, I have returned as promised,” Emily stated a little louder than a whisper.

“Did you bring me my present Emily,” the blonde asked as her lips curled into a smile under her applied facemask.

“Yes ma’am. I have brought you what you need,” Emily said as she approached the blonde between her outstretched legs, doing her fingernail trick on the inside of both of her thighs as she approached the blondes midsection. You could see the goose bumps form on the blonds long legs as Emily reached out and tore the blue shorts at the crotch, opening up her shaved, reddened pussy. Emily lightly brushed up against her pussy and whispered, “Don’t I always give what you need Jennifer?”

The blonde’s reaction was very similar as my own when put in this situation, she arched her back and gasped as Emily teased the outside of her cunt with her fingernails while lightly rubbing her clit with her thumb. “Yeeesssss you do,” the blonde responded.

Emily turned and smiled at me and while making the universal symbol to remain quiet, backed from between the blonde’s legs. She reached out to me and grabbed my hand, urging me forward while untying the robe. She lithely moved behind me, pulling the robe from my shoulders and dropping it over the blonde’s outstretched left leg. She reached around me, grabbing my hard cock and urged me forward until I was near her pussy with my cock. She reached over to the armrest on the chair and pushed a button, raising the seat until her pussy was lined up with my cock. She pushed on me from behind until my brain took over and I pushed my cock into the wet pussy of this gorgeous blonde.

Her pussy enveloped my cock inch by inch. She was hot and wet, but not nearly as tight as Emily. In an instant, my thick cock had penetrated her pussy until I was bottomed out. She squeezed my cock with her kegels and I unconsciously untied her robe and put my hands on her magnificent tits, squeezing her big nipples in my hands. They were at least D Cup with huge areola and nearly inch long nipples. Her right nipple was pierced with a dangle type piercing, hanging underneath the nipple were the words “SLUT.” I tugged at the piercing as I started thrusting my thick cock in her pussy, it was then that I noticed her arms, they also were tied to the arms of the chair with leather straps.

I began to piston faster into her pussy while playing with her big nipples, looking down to where our bodies met, I could see Emily’s hand, playing with her clit. Emily’s right hand had wrapped under my body and was playing with my balls. I wasn’t going to last long, and I started punishing the blonde’s pussy as hard as I could, just wanting to get my nut. Sensing this, Emily squeezed my balls, causing a little pain. It broke my rhythm and it pissed me off. I took my right hand and put it under the blonde’s chin, applying pressure to her throat and began to punish her pussy again. The blonde was moaning until I put my hand on her throat, blocking her wind. She opened her eyes for the first time, knocking off the cucumbers and peeling away the applied face mask. She arched her back into me and started to squeeze my cock in her pussy as it convulsed as she came over my cock while she looked into my eyes.

Emily moved her hand from my balls to my anus, where she tickled the rim and then inserted a finger in my ass. The sensation caused me to cum instantly and I flooded the blonde’s pussy with my seed. I stood still for a moment and we all caught our breath.

I slowly pulled my cock from her pussy and watched as my cum dripped out on to the seat of the chair she was bound to. I backed away and looked at her face again, her eyes were closed again as she breathed heavily. Suddenly I felt the robe being held to my shoulders and I put my arms in the holes as Emily reached around me to tie the robe to my body. I turned to her and she smiled and nodded towards the door where Julie was standing. She must have snuck in during our escapade without me hearing her. She smiled at me, took my hand in hers and peaked into the hallway. Seeing nobody there she pulled me out of the room towards the original. On my way out, I turned to look back one more time and saw Emily kneeling before the blonde and licking the cum that was pooling out of her pussy. Seeing such a sight, my tired dick twitched under the robe.

Upon getting back to the original room, Julie shut the door and immediately went to turn on the shower. I followed her into the bathroom, and once she had the shower adjusted to the right temperature, she turned to me and untied the robe and pushed it off my shoulders where I let it fall to the floor. She moved back from the shower entrance I and entered under the warm spray letting my head feel the water flow over my tired body. I stood there just thinking back on the last hour for a bit and then felt a hand on my chest. Julie was naked, standing in front of me and started to apply soap to my chest, then down to my balls and cock.

She looked like an angel as her body was getting wet under the spray of the shower. Her tits were large B cup and her stomach was smooth and her pussy bare. I reached out for one of her plump pink nipples and she pushed my hand away, “Just relax, need to wash you so you can leave. It is snowing very hard and we are closing so everybody can go home,” she said in her heavily accented English.

She pushed on my body inferring for me to turn around and as I rinsed off my cock and balls she lathered up my ass and inserted a finger. I moaned at the intrusion but as soon as I was feeling pleasure, she had removed it and was washing my back. She again pushed on my hip so I turned around to watch her scrub her body with the soap as I rinsed. Taking the cue, I stepped out of the shower to allow her to rinse while I toweled off. In a few seconds she was done, she grabbed another towel from the shelf and dried herself as well. She stepped to me and pulled me down for a quick kiss, “I wish we had more time,” she whispered as she turned and grabbed her clothes. We both stood in the massage room and dressed, she went to go check herself in the mirror and I did as well, running my hands through my wet hair as there wasn’t a comb in sight. She saw my predicament and pulled a comb in a plastic package and a hair dryer out of the vanity and began to blow dry my hair and combing it out. Within three minutes we were finished and headed towards the door. I reached into my pocked and pulled out my wallet, took out two brand new hundred dollar bills and handed them to Julie who took them from me with a smile.

She grabbed my hand, searched the hallway for traffic and escorted me to the front desk. She told me the massage was free, that I should hurry to my hotel before the snow got too bad. The front waiting room was empty and dark except for the light on the desk. I turned to her and told her, “Will you give me your Emily’s WeChat?”

She smiled and reached into the top desk drawer and pulled out an iPhone, one of those huge ones with a pink case. She opened up the APP and pulled up her QR code and I scanned it with my phone. A kiss on the cheek and I was out into the winter wonderland. The wind was blowing 20 mph and the snow was big heavy flakes. There was already 2″ on the window of my rental car, but it didn’t overpower the wipers when I turned them on to clear the snow. While waiting for the car to warm up, I opened the chat app and saw where Julie had accepted my friend request. She had also sent me Emily’s contact card so I swiped on that and sent a friend request to her.

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